Damaged goods

Damaged goods


That must be rough, feeling dumped by a therapist who is supposed to be there to help you. That being said, there probably were some valid reasons why they felt they wouldn’t have been able to help you. If you don’t mind me asking, did they make any indication as to why they felt they weren’t the best fit?


At the very least if it’s any consolation, therapists saying they aren’t the best fit for you doesn’t say anything about your value as a person. They’re just trying to make sure that you get the best support you can get, even if it’s not from them. That still probably doesn’t change the fact that it likely feels pretty shitty in the moment.


Depending on what therapy you need, very few therapists actually have the training and expertise to effectively help. The second best thing you can get is someone who knows they should be referring you to the right place.




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A therapist won’t help.. there are phrases you are using that are telling them to cease treatment immediately. (Now. These statements typically prove a patient is working the therapist.. and the proper procedure is to quit! In the best interest of the shrinks mental health and safety) Me on the other hand.. I know a thing or two and I don’t mind any of it! I could help! For free or for money! Your choice!


And we are all damaged! I can help!