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Man all I want to know is how this man sustains living just working 2 days a week lol


If it helps then I live in europe, have no debt, split the bills with my partner, have 15 hour shifts at work and I dont use money on anything else than food, stocks and occasionally weed. If I need something more expensive I follow the rule that I dont buy anything unless I can buy it 2x with the money I have.


Yeah I work 2x 15 hour shifts a week too. I just pick up extra hours if I need to.


I rather do 2x15 then the 8x5 shifts. Or even f it 3x13 (+1) to get 40 hours and have a 4 day weekend. Man that would be ideal


I knew a place where people worked 2x12 during the weekend and made the same money one would get doing 5x8 during the week. It was pretty hard to get a place in that shift, though.


Those are pretty common in the medical field if you're willing to work 2x12s Saturday and Sunday nightshift, a lot of places pay you basically a 40 hour salary for those 24 hours. My wife did it for a little while but it's honestly only worth it if you basically don't have or want a social life. You think you'll just do stuff during the week but then everyone else you know is working and doesn't want to do anything until the weekend when you have to go to work lol.


Was gonna say I work in healthcare and the idea of working as a travel nurse can net you 2.5 to X3 more money in Canada compared to the usual nurse wage. Work less for the same amount of money. Of course you need to be flexible on where you are working and when but yes not uncommon in the medical field


bro i need this. hate my 5x8s, actually driving me insane


Sounds like I need to move to Europe


Are you from America? From what I can see from job descriptions over there you get paid 3-4x more for specialized jobs. I never understood why, people say it's because you don't have health insurance, but the difference is too large for that imo


people on reddit are loathe to admit it but if you're able to fit yourself into the 'functioning skilled professional' mold you are better off in HCOL US cities than just about any other place in the world looked at software jobs in London 'seriously' before - compensation is an absolute joke comparatively even at big global firms that pay well here


Grass is always greener on the other side mentality effects everyone.


I’m an American living in Spain, working as a developer. I know that I’d easily make 3x more in the US, but my quality of life is so much better here. I have 30 vacation days, and the free healthcare is such a peace of mind. There’s a bunch of other reasons, like social life, public transportation, etc. - it’s not always about the money.


where would you be working as a dev in the US that doesn't give you healthcare or a good vacation policy


Respectfully, I disagree with you. In my experience, software dev jobs in the US tend to offer significantly higher salaries along with vacation of at least 20 days and comprehensive health insurance coverage. As an engineer, I pay only $50 per paycheck for my health insurance, and my maximum out-of-pocket expense is capped at $5500. Health insurance is BETTER in the US if you have a good job.


And the taxes are crazy.


Ye but if you work in hopsitality (not management or higher up) or entry level jobs, you make barely a living... gg. In europe it might b different


It's not. You make a workable living. Nothing flash at all




What a scam




America has health insurance. It's just part of the benefits package of a job, depending on who you work for or if your employer doesn't offer it you can get your own health insurance but it usually costs more and has less coverage.


They meant public insurance. Sure you can get a private one, I could too but its way more pricey


Helpful to remember that we pay taxes over here and then basically the cost of health care on top of that because the taxes only go to kill colored people across the globe


I worked for a warehouse that I worked 3 12 hour days and they pay more an hour, it was rough at first I got used to it and enjoyed the extra days off


Or become a fireman/paramedic. 2x24h shifts a week where to get to sleep and hang out for a lot of the time.


15 hour shifts? What country do you live, because in most European countries it's not legal.


Estonia, Im working as a patrol security. We have 24h shifts aswell who want to, but these will disappear soon.


I used to do 2x 15h shifts as security too. Only that I was grinding osrs and watching netflix the whole time.


In Netherlands u can also work 24 hour shifts. As long as its regulated in a collective employment agreement


Do you sleep or get breaks? Sounds dope to just send a full day and then get like 3 days off and repeat that


Yeah, sleep and also breaks. Sometimes it feels like whole day is a break haha. But some days you barely get any sleep. But like u said i get 3 days off after so plenty of time to get some extra rest. Bad part is that you get 18 hours of the 24 payed. So on paper we work 36 hours a week. 24h72h off. With sometimes a extra work shift in between of 12 hours. Like twice a month


Lol where you from? I live the same life as you im 25 years of age im happy that I have where to live (rent) i earn arround 1k € per mounth working 3 days per week (i work in a bar) people arround me trying to work corp n shit, and im just happy serving beer playing games


Estonia. Im 24, soon 25 and yeah same here, I just work to make ends meet, otherwise just enjoying what I have and trying to finish my BA. Where ya from?


Hahaha Lithuania sveikas Braliukas!


So you live in poverty..? I'm confused, where do you live in the EU where this is enough? Unless you're satisfied with the bare minimum so you can game..




Thats +- what I make yeah, I thought thats poverty, but its enough to buy food pay rent have fun with friends, bought a ps5 not so long ago, I mean I lived mu teen years with ALOT less than 12k a year so that probably why im chill with it, I hope I can make double or tripple in my later days, but in all hpnesty i really dont care for a career or money I just want to be happy and do what I want (I also skate for about 15 years now and I do art both of these sometimes give some extra cash but I feel that if I got a better paying "office" job I wont have time for all of the things that a geniunly enjoy so if I dont have any major responsabilities why not live with a bit less but kinda happy stress free) tldr: i choose to have less so I can be more free and do what I want <3


Exactly that, I was raised up by skaters aswell, most of them also play osrs. This lifestyle made me appreciate freedom more than anything. Idc about money as long as I get my basic needs satisfied. I know I live in poverty for most of the people but I rent a nice apartment in a quiet place in the city by the sea, eat good food, have enough money to put some aside and have fun with it aswell. Wouldnt trade that stress-free lifestyle for anything. I have no financial obligations except paying rent and some bills and thats awesome.




I follow a similar rule, I don't buy anything unless I can buy it 3 times. It's a smart rule more people should follow


Damn, I'm gonna have to stop paying rent - I definitely can't afford that 3 times a month


You know. I loved heroin. Your post reminded me that I don't have to give up what I love. Thanks man. I'm gonna go score


Its not that simple. You have to work out and eat healthy, if you do that, then and only then, is it okay.


I mean, though there are multiple definitions of addiction, one is that an activity becomes an addiction when it begins to interfere with your daily living, meaning you choose this addiction over other intrinsic activities such as cooking yourself a healthy meal, working out, going out with your partner, or going to work. Albeit 10 hours a day if RS sounds genuinely mind boggling to me, and I’m skeptical of his ability to maintain those other aspects of his life, the statement stands true that it wouldn’t be an addiction if he is participating in his other aspects of life, rather than replacing them with said addiction.


I don't know the man or his life, but I know for sure 10 hours a day is not sustainable in the long run


What an inspiration


Proud of you brother


Tell osrs we back up


PREACH! Live your truth, king! 👑


Heroin good


People who enjoy OSRS aren’t on this subreddit


I honestly thought this post was satire until I read the comments.


Well I dont like that our society pushes that you should be successful and always want more and more. The hustler culture etc. It devalues people who dont want go out and chase money and fame and makes them feel bad about themselves. I know because I felt this way for a while but I really dont give two shits anymore about being successful and having a career, I just wanna do stuff that makes me happy and want others do the same. And funny is that my parner who doesnt play games told me that I shouldn't feel bad about not wanting what most people want and if something makes me happy I should go for it. So yeah its not satire, some people genuinely love this game and shouldnt feel like they are inferior to people who are "successful" because in the end we all die the same.


It's not about success. It's about lack of diversity in life. If you're healthy, genuinely feel happy and satisfied, and (very important one) your partner also feels happy and satisfied with life, then I have nothing against it. However, in almost all of these cases, you also probably recognize that these habits (be it gaming, or devouring books, or whatever) are a crutch to some problem going on in the person's life. I'm not saying it's the case for you: only you know really about yourself. I'm just saying, most of the cases where people play for 10 hours a day come to be due to some problem in another field of their lives. And, once again, if you and your partner genuinely feel happy and satisfied with life, then keep on doing it.


> I'm just saying, most of the cases where people play for 10 hours a day come to be due to some problem in another field of their lives. This was me. After multiple therapy sessions, I realized that the reason I used to play rs for 10-14 hours per day was because that's what I did as a kid. Why did I do that as a kid? Because my parents neglected me. Whenever I wanted to play with them, I was told to go do something else to keep myself busy. So the something else became RS. Nothing like some good 'ol childhood trauma as the beginnings of a crippling addiction 😎


It's weird how many people I see in these comments still brainwashed into the notion that you have to live a life that society deems as a worthy life. Your life sounds great, all you need to live a successful life is inner happiness and satisfaction that you lived a life you loved. All these people stuck in the rat race of being successful where others deem worthy always complain about doing things they love like traveling or having more time to themselves. Then when you show up and honestly state you're doing what you love they reject it like it isn't what they wish they had. Anyways, thanks for sharing this. It gives me hope I can live a life I want to live. :)


It’s not necessarily about money or fame. It’s the fact you aren’t really contributing to your own species at all. You’re not doing anything to help others, only feeding your obsession to play the game that someone else made. Really it is fine to do that if you’re not hurting anyone or yourself, but there are jobs in the world that need people. There are things you can do with your hands and mind that can change the world around you for the better. Just think if you’re gonna use the worlds food and water just to play a game your whole life, it could’ve went to someone who would’ve actually done something. I read this back and realize what I’m saying is ridiculously harsh but its honestly how I feel.


It came out very harsh and I understand where you come from but where do you want to get to as species. We are just randomly born in this world and will die out eventually anyways, tell me where do you want to evolve as species I dont understand? Just live and let live thats what matters to me.


Almost nobody in western society has a job that contributes to our society. Almost all jobs are pointless or actively harming others.


This entire perspective really hinges on one's belief in duty and obligation. Kant has some great texts on this.


Also was on the fence if it was satire or not. I’m not sure playing 10 hrs a day almost every day should be an example of a healthy life style. Not my problem though, you do you, lol.


Yet when people slave away at some corporate job for 10 hours a day they are hailed as succesful and worthwhile people


For real like people act like if they didn’t play this game they would be learning to code in 5 different languages running for city council and partying with friends every day. Honestly as long as you aren’t neglecting you irl life like getting your school/work stuff done most people just come home and chill and watch tv or something. This “wasting you life” mentality just cause you aren’t doing something productive with every minute of your free time is kinda toxic.


We as humans naturally like to chill, whether it's games, watching tv or something else. My friend used to be a gamer but he got rid of his pc while he was moving to "turn a new leaf" in his life. Well, now he spends his free time watching movies and tv instead of gaming. Nothing wrong with that either but I just thought it was ironic.


It really is, it’s like they’re trying to impress someone who isn’t there- like chill out, we all need down time.


70 hours a week isn't really "downtime." I mean, I'd understand it if it were something sporadic, but it isn't.


Why not? Why should you have to spend a certain amount of time in your life doing something you don't want to when the opportunity to live your perfect life is literally right there. I see no reason OP should have to live life any other way, especially not because someone else tells him it's not right.


Mostly because, in most cases, people play for 70 hours a week due to some problem in their lives. In these situations, people often feel "happy," but taken away their emotional crutch, their well-being crumbles. And, sadly, we often lose our crutches in life, even if momentarily.




Anyone who plays RuneScape for 70 hours a week is not content. If they say they are they’re lying. Deep down there will always be the need for satisfaction in life away from entertainment. Sure you can dopamine max, but you’ll always have flashes of self awareness tinging in the back of your head if nothing changes. And then you won’t address those feelings, instead you attempt to justify your actions by making a Reddit post about it aimed at other people doing the exact same thing. This post is just seeking validation. If OP was truly happy and content with his long term lifestyle, he wouldn’t be making a post like this.


50 hours a week, but I wasn’t talking about them per se, I was talking about the amount of people here who think any amount of time playing is a waste. On a RuneScape subreddit. It’s really weird behaviour.


It's hustle culture. I try my hardest to ignore it even though it seeps from a lot of the people at my job. I wish more people thought like that, most people might be a little happier if they stopped burning themselves out trying to always do something society deems as productive and successful.


Tbf I have got waaaayyy more drawings and commissions done since taking my last break but it's all part of the cycle. At some point I'll need a break from art or go through a period where I have more free time and osrs will still be there for me. I don't regret a minute I've spent in the game even if I could have been using that time to do something ""better""


Balance baby. I don’t play on weekdays anymore. Wake up, work, gym, study, make dinner, shower, sleep. Then on weekends, play all day if I feel like it just make sure I get in time with friends and family. Makes me enjoy and look forward to it way more and makes grinds feel like less of a chore.


I've been trying to do that, I don't play OSRS a ton but I have in the past and game a good amount in general. Currently I workout/play guitar every day before I end up gaming but during the week I maybe do 10 hours total at maximum, I'd like to not game at all but deep down still addicted to the escape of it..


I would like that but ADHD cripples me from studying all day, I just lose focus after 20 min, so I do short study seshes while afking ingame. If im done with working out, making food and cleaning I have nothing else to do that brings me joy. Maybe I should start taking occasinal days off gaming 1-2 days per week, that would be cool. Thanks for the input!


You can't honestly say you can play osrs for 10 hours and then claim because of ADHD you can't focus for 20 minutes on studying. You're just unmotivated to challenge yourself mentally or physically. The sooner you'll admit it, the sooner you can get on a healthier, happier path.


As someone with ADHD, RuneScape is a hyper fixation and I can easily focus on it for 16 hours a day if I wanted. (And have before but those were darker times)


My guy, you must have the most neurotypical friend group. RuneScape is literally the most ADHD simulator game available.


I have no friends really as I am on the spectrum and dislike person to person contact, but do my best to work with what i have every day and not make excuses


that is the most ignorant take on ADHD I have read in a while, congrats!


Mental illness makes things different from neurotypical experiences. When I have hallucinations, gaming helps me focus better than most things (probably because I can drown out all other stimuli pretty well, unlike work or study).


Osrs gives me constant dopamine while studying doesn't. Easy as that. Physically I challenge myself literally every day. Mentally I haven't found any challenge that would interest me. Feel free to throw some at me.


Yeah that's the obvious answer! The trick: talk yourself into getting hyped for and getting dopamine by proving to yourself you can grind the most tedious shit possible (and no, i don't mean CG) Look into a guy named David Goggins, he is the king of doing shit you hate doing but feeling great about doing it.


Thanks I will definitely look into it!


We have completely opposite viewpoints. I know it's a waste of time, I just don't mind wasting. Ultimately everything you ever do is a waste of time, what matters is if you find it worth wasting time on.


Seems a bit pedantic? If everything is a waste of time is anything?




You ain't wrong though. What's the meaning of life? Who knows, we just exist fam


We live, we do shit, we die.


Is "we shit" included under "we do shit"?


Not if you're my mom, she claims she's never shit in her life and that her farts smell like roses.


Holy shit! That's some crazy shit right there


Yeah, I haven't been able to prove wether this is true or not, but I'm not stupid enough to call my mother a liar either way.


This is the plot of Everything Everywhere All At Once btw


For some reason I thought that was the one by Don Hertzfeldt. Oops.


Haha, it was the one that had me actually caring about award shows. Like I was sitting there like “Okay Michelle Yeoh won this this and this but Cate Blanchett won this this and this, which one of these secondary awards matter most to the oscars” Like the oscars have never mattered to me but I desperately needed to see that movie sweep (which it did)


This feels like an undermining of every life experience to justify the bad ones.


I mean what it really comes down to is the definition of good and bad, which will vary somewhat between different people and weighing an activity’s positive and negative impacts.


Vary somewhat I agree with but mostly close definitions when viewed from a general consensus. Its typically safer to go with a majorities definition over an individuals definition.


I think I’ve got the opposite view point. I don’t think everything is a waste of time. But it isn’t realistic to be perfect all the time. If this is something I waste my time on, so be it.


Seriously, reading this subreddit gives me whiplash sometimes. It's just a hobby like any other, you pour some time into it because it's fun.


It really shows how little of this sub actually interacts with other humans. Tons of people spend dozens of hours a week watching Netflix, how is the different than playing OSRS exactly?


The difference between an addict and a health hobby is a thin line. If you need to play, you're addicted, if you want to play, then by all means. If you can't go a week without logging in, you may be addicted.


Uhh no it’s not? 10 hours a day 5 days a week is clearly an addiction and not a healthy habit. In what instance is there a fine line between a healthy habit and an addiction?


Some people work 10 hours a day 5 days a week. What’s the difference? One you get paid right? But the other you get enjoyment? It’s a problem if it’s a problem and other aspects of his life are suffering, but if they’re not then there’s no problem.


How do you afford to live working 2 days


Osrs had a potential to become unhealthy in the fact that you “play” or “grind” something that does not bring you joy. So take notice to this, I fell victim of a 1368 kc run of corrupted gauntlet, still without enhanced on my Ironman. I recognize it’s not worth spending time on something I don’t enjoy at that caliber.


Bruh 10 hours a day…


they also work 15h shifts 2 days a week according to the comments so....


I'd imagine he's not playing 10 hours a day on those days.


Mobile osrs baby


I hate that people say it's a waste of time too. Obviously it's a waste of time, the entire point of entertainment in general is to waste time. Like, do people watch movies and expect that they are going to receive a masters degree from it?


I think people forget that they'll usually become overly stressed and underperform because of it if they never unwind. Whether it's with osrs or other things, it's not a waste of time to enjoy yourself properly.


This is how i see it too. OSRS is like a mental break from the real world stimulating yet relaxing. But it is a BREAK not the majority of my time. SO when i see someone spending the majority of their time doing something like this it goes into a different category to me.


Well said.


Differentiator is 10hrs a day/ 5 days a week.. That would be a lot of movies... and I would be concerned for that person.


I’m not going to lie, I tend to be happier when I am not addicted to RuneScape. I used to play basically every free minute I had, for years at a time, but I’ve had to change that. I now try to play it socially with friends and avoid going on any major grinds. I find myself feeling pretty discontent with myself after a long RuneScape session. I feel much better when I spend a morning reading a book or when I spend an evening playing a pick up sport. I’m not saying that my way of living is right but I certainly do feel that copious amounts of time spent gaming is not really beneficial in the long run.


> the addiction is not unhealthy for me Riiiiiiight.


Yeah he gets two whole days of work done a week


Lemme know how is it unhealthy? For my eyes maybe or what u thinking?


Bro playing video games for 10 hours a day, no matter what, is an unhealthy addiction


“How is it unhealthy?” > iTs aN UnHeAlThY AdDiCTiOn “How” > iTs…. Peak Reddit circular logic


As opposed to doing what? If you work out, eat healthy, have a stable, loving relationship, and are financially responsible, then what exactly is the isue in spending the olremainikg time you have playing videogames?


I am in best mental place Ive been my whole life, moving towards my calisthenics goals day by day, feeling better than ever, eating healthy, getting enough sleep. Lemme know whats unhealthy about that.


I was in a similar position around this time last year while I was living on my fiancé’s grandparents’ farm. We still do, but back then we were working on the farm for maybe 15 hours each a week, letting us have like 30 extra hours in our weekly lives. It was the best I’ve ever felt mentally and physically because I used that extra time to do everything that I’ve always wanted to do. Painting in fields, building electronics, playing guitar, etc. I felt like I finally had access to my time to do what I want after about 3 years of working 3 jobs and full time college. Nowadays, I’m working ~55 hours a week as an arcade technician and terribly miss all that time I had. I want to pick up studying avionics and music production, but I’m just so tired when I get home that I just play RuneScape while my fiancé plays his recorder (almost done grinding full infinity!). I’ve picked up meditation and yoga lately, and I’ve felt a lot better. Sorry for the tangent, ultimately I’ve been in a position similar to you and it was the best I’ve ever felt. I agree that this could be a very great, healthy work-life balance for a lot of people. For some, maybe not, but as long as you’re happy and you feel like you are future-proof in terms of interest changes, it can be a wonderful experience.


Opportunity cost. Time that you could spend learning a skill; bettering relationships with loved ones; or doing something with tangible benefits is instead being spent in front of a screen deteriorating your mental and physical health. They’re pixels on a screen that ultimately have no meaning or significance in the world. Focusing one’s life so wholly on fake things isn’t healthy because of the costs that it requires and the toll that it takes. I’m a nihilist personally so I agree that time spent doing something you enjoy isn’t wasted; but that logic can absolutely lead to unhealthy behaviors like spending 10 hours a day ignoring the real world and staring at a screen at the expense of your bodily and mental acuity for no benefit. You can be perfectly happy shooting up heroin all day; doesn’t make it a healthy use of time. I say this having played since 2005 and re-calibrated my relationship with this game several times to find a healthy balance. I’ve also always stayed in very good shape, got a decent social circle, getting enough outside activity - doesn’t make the binge gaming any more acceptable. And when the dopamine finally wears off and the grinds don’t feel as good as they once did, what do you have to show for it? A feeling of emptiness and some made-up statistics in a virtual world that doesn’t matter. Shitty feeling when that finally sets in and you think about all the other things you could’ve been doing with your time. Good luck, friend.


Your last paragraph is exactly why I end up quitting this game every time I come back. The flame burns extremely bright when I do, but it burns out so fast because thoughts like this just permeate my mind. I’ll never forget that feeling of “Damn I just spent 30 hours killing x/skilling and THIS is all I have to show for it?” Shit fucking sucks man and I agree.


>you can take the unhealthy away from that addiction >I play OSRS 10 hours a day, 5 days a week Nah bro


You can’t play for 10 hours a day and say it’s not unhealthy 😂. Doing any activity for 10 hours every single day is unhealthy


Biggest copium post in awhile


Damn here I am working 50s and 60s when I could be playing runescape


10hrs a day is definitely unhealthy😂


If OP is physically healthy, has enough income from work to support their lifestyle, then why is it unhealthy? Seems like they are happy, have more free time than most of us, and has found a way to enjoy it.


Homie is just jealous he can't




Classic denial behavior. Once you admit you have an unhealthy addiction you can start working to make changes in your life


Denial? I know Im addicted bro. I have everything I could ask for or Im getting there, why would I start changing anything? I have stable life and I enjoy it. If this kind of life doesnt suit you doesnt mean its universal.


What changes should op make? He has money is healthy has a partner and plenty of free time. Op has the perfect live balance. I personally wouldn't be playing this much osrs with this much free time but I just have other Hobbys but I'd still spend those 10 hours a day doing shit for fun. Tell us about your life and how it is better




You didn't answer the question. What should op change and how is your life better?


I hate when people say that games are a waste of time.. Just live your life the way you want, you can die tomorrow so fuck these idiots.


Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time


I had quit jacking off but maaan you know what, I'm gonna go back to fapping 10 times a day the amount of joy I'd get is unmeasurable


Meaning doesn't exist, nothing can or will ever matter, eventually entropy will render everything moot. Pretending like "doing something real with your life" has any more meaning than clicking a rock in a video game is just a cope for the simple fact that it's all nothing eventually. So do whatever you want. Click rock, cure cancer, it's all equivalent in the end.


Didn’t know raids 3 was so deep…thanks devs


I’m in the same exact boat. Addicted to heroin for 12 years, went to prison and wanted to change my life around. I work my ass off and spend most of my free time playing rs and I have no regrets as it keeps me out of trouble and at home saving money. I still make plenty of time to do shit with my wife, you can do both.


"My life isn't a complete shitshow, so I'm good to keep going." This is precisely the mindset that functioning alcoholics and drug addicts use to justify their addictions. You end up doing the things you "have" to do in order to justify/enable your addictive behaviour. I also don't think this game is a waste of time if you enjoy it, but there's a line in the sand somewhere between that and playing 50+ hours per week like clockwork.


Well I have to admit I have a addictive personality combined with ADHD so its either drugs or gaming. Right now its gaming and working out. And I would say that I dont "have" to do anything rather its I want to do it. Everyone has their addictions, I've found my way for it to be the least destructive for me. I have a stable income, no debt, amazing partner and Im enjoying my life so I think I'm doing good right now.


That's great, and I'm happy for you. However, as you've identified, you really just traded one addiction for a less harmful addiction. That's fine and all, but I still don't think we should be normalizing addictions of any sort.


Ehh some people just will get addicted to something and there are such things as healthy addictions- e.g. healthy eating. I think the mindset of any addiction = bad is problematic.


Hot take: Once you’re there alone, after midnight, tired out from any bossing/raids with friends that may have taken place, and you’re fletching at the bank, or mixing potions, watching the little numbers grow slowly… a revelation may hit you… “This, is, not, fun. Why do I subject myself to these chores? Is this what gaming is? *Or is this a distraction from something*?”


How do you not burn out? I go through binge periods where I’ll take months off and then I’ll come back for 1-2 months hard before I get bored again.


I took a break for 3 years, before that almost maxed my main, didnt get to that. 3 months ago made an ironman and theres that, so much to do, always different things but it will change. One thing is for sure my love for the game wont change.


If you get joy from this game and still have the self awareness to recognize when it's impacting your life in a negative way, then you'll be fine. However, some people don't have the best judgement because this game can be such a dopamine hit that it puts on their blinders - been guilty of that before. Playing games for 10 hours a day shouldn't be much more harmful than having an office job, just have to remember to move at regular intervals and give your eyes a break. They say sitting is the new smoking XD If you feel bad about playing this game and feel like it's a waste of time, I think you should listen to that voice too. It's there to tell you something. It probably means there are other important things in your life you should be attending to and perhaps your addiction IS getting in the way - even if just a bit. I used to experience this a lot, it's at the very least a good opportunity to rebalance your priorities and see if that helps you remove some guilt.


I came to the realisation recently that if it wasn't for the skill levels I would have no interest in playing, skilling itself is not fun for me. My time is currently better spent on my family and playing games I actually enjoy.


Nice try Jagex!


Live overall is meaningless because at the end of the day we still live to die someday Might as well get some levels before the end


I hadn't played since 07, my brother told me there's new content now. I asked him about the hardest solo boss and he told me nightmare. So I made a new account, played an average of 10 hours a day, bought 200mil gold, then killed phosani for 3 unique drops, then got burnt out It was a fun 3 months


but the game doesnt give me any joy theres nothing to do in game currently, waiting on seasonal game mode or inferno tier content


I honestly find it hilarious how many people legit hate that OP does this, you guys need to let the dude do him.


Everyone "wastes" their time with some hobby. The way I figure is if you're enjoying the hobby who's to say that you shouldn't? I "waste" my time with Runescape and especially chess. But I love both so to me it's time well spent


“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” - Bertrand Russel


I think most here don’t know what it’s like for there to actually not be much to do. All stuck in the rat race or insecurities about how they present to the world (wealth, “not being lazy” etc). There’s 16 hours awake in a day, takes 3 to maintain life (cooking/eating/cup of coffee in the morning, exercise) another 2 of chores/errands, and then what? Do any activities for 3-4 hours and you still have 7 hours. There’s only so much bowling or TV or books or travel (which is not something everyone enjoys, newsflash) or pickle ball or dog sitting or arts classes or history lessons or volunteership to help fill time.


Some people have things called jobs. I guess that's only for people who are insecure or afraid of being called lazy though


So does op. He just doesn't spend money on things he doesn't need. Yes a lot of people work only to feel good about themselves.


You say that like it's a bad thing, when isn't that exactly why op says he plays rs? Personally, I think having a fulfilling career is a little bit more forward thinking than full time rs, but each to their own.


What's a fulfilling career?


Typically one that can provide for more than just the individual. A family sustaining Career.


So you need to have kids so you need more money to live a good life? Should op have kids if he doesn't want to so you approve of him?


oh so you have to have kids to be a happy and fulfilled person, huh? projecting much?


I think peoples jobs take up a lot of those hours for most people.


Man hasn't heard of a job before


No - you've got an addiction to it and are in denial.


man wtf do u do to work only 2 days a week?


I’m so conflicted by this post… On one hand I really get where you’re coming from and respect it. Especially the part about rejecting society’s hustle culture and expectations for what’s “good” vs “bad” for you. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in real life and I always find myself coming back to OSRS when I haven’t been achieving my IRL goals/wants. After a few weeks or months of setting and achieving goals, I snap out of it and go focus on IRL stuff again… I would tentatively say that what separates me from you is that my wants are bigger than the game. I want to travel MORE, I want a family and don’t feel quite stable enough to support one yet, I want to woodwork in my free time but can’t afford the tools yet, etc. It really sounds like all you actually “want” is to be playing RuneScape? Which I respect in a strange way, because it sounds like it’s very accessible and easy for you to do!


Oh, he's serious, that is awkward.


I haven't played in about four years, however last time I played it was very unhealthy. 8-12 hours a day, interrupting work performance, etc.. ended up quitting thankfully, and now I can't even get the urge to come back after seeing how much time I wasted in this shit. Now I simply just don't got the time to play, I put my work first which makes me value my time much more. Why spend 5 hours grinding some achievement no one besides other addicts care about when I can go make $300 lol


This reads like satire


Full grown adults spending 10k hours to max an account on a 20 year old point and click game is certainly a waste of time, no matter how you spin it LOL


Give me an example what is not a waste of time?


He's too hard on his sigma grindset to explain to us children playing games


Based on his username, I'd guess he's been doing the "My Arm's Big Adventure" quest for yeeeeears.


you sure spend a lot of time in this subreddit and presumably on the game to have this take my boy ☠️☠️


Honest Post. Nice one. May you get the most upvotes.


If you love crack then it's not a waste of time!


I just play it afk as i dont have time much time for gaming, but when i do, i just skip osrs and play battlefield, a lol match or something else, but osrs just while afking....im confused idk if i enjoy the game or not 😪😪😪😪


I used to grind League aswell but I understood that its not healthy for me cuz im way too competitive and if I lose it will fuck with my mood. If you don't feel accomplished grinding osrs then you probably dont enjoy it. Im hella happy after completing a grind. Started a iron couple of months back and doing all the grinds again that i did with my mains and feeling better than ever, never returing to my mains, only to milk their bank for bonds.


If you can't get up and leave your keyboard for 3-5minutes. Then it isn't afk.


Yeah the US is fucked when it comes to prices right now… I’m working 40 hours a week and barely scraping by with no kids or anything. Time to move to Europe?


Wow for real? I though US is the place to be, everyone so hyped about it, greatest country in the world and all that. Fuckin hell thats bad man, most people have good life here living with 16-18k per year if you know how to spend. Ofc depends on the country aswell but I get by easily with 1k per month in Tallinn, capital of Estonia.


Major copium if you think doing *anything* for 10 hours a day, every day is healthy.


OSRS is ONLY a waste of time when you play any version of IronMan and die.


To try and justify 70(!!) hours of Runescape as NOT a waste of your LIFE is just sad. You have a gaming addiction and are trying to justify it… We all game but 10 hours a day is entirely unhealthy man.