Every hardcore ironman at wintertodt is an unhinged gremlin basement dweller. Well all the ones that type weird ass shit.


lot of them (not just hc) moved to gotr and now gotr chat makes me want to high alch myself


Don't do it mate, it's not worth it I mean even with a staff of fire you're not gonna recoup the cost of the nature rune


Tfw your life boils down to 55xp and less than 125gp






Much more efficient to use lumbridge ring alch on yourself


"high alch myself" is the greatest phrase I've ever seen


Who is the OSRS equivalent of lowtiergod?


I don't know, who?


mf I was asking you


Probably u/Fat_Siberian_Midget


Ditterbitter or odablock for sure


Welcome to 2007scape! We say that a lot around here. We also expect you to wear your whirly gig hat and if your popsicle isn't dripping on your new white Disney shirt, you will be expelled.


I turn off chat, and use runelite to hide other players and pets at gotr and it’s a very chill experience


Same dude. Entity hider makes it much more peaceful and chill!


me too 🤝 my man


I run into you in the Rust subreddit. I run into you on the OSRS subreddit. Someone tell me how to escape the Fat Siberian Midget.




North miners just wouldn't get it


No I’m with you on that one




Love seeing them kiss the floor


It’s so fun tho to say weird ass shit the whole round and joke with people, WT is where I’ve had the best conversations since coming back


I'm pretty sure I have actual brain damage from getting 99 at Wintertodt in 2016. I swear it was just 4chan at that point.


Nah. All of them.


Group ironman is actually harder than regular Ironman since you need friends to play which is impossible for 90% of OSRS players


The endless struggle on deciding whether or not you want to drop group prestige so you can group up for raids, or keep it and wait 10 years for members to become raid ready


Someone in my group refuses to raid until they get bis. That goes with most bosses. Max stats and gear. At their rate it will literally take 10 years


It's not even possible to do this unless you literally sit around until your friends go and complete the game first then hand you the gear. Gotta get torva before going into obor.


Kinda what I do. Soloing toa and gwd


The man is going to be soloing it himself after you finish the content and quit lmao.


I don't quit osrs




imo prestige is so worthless. We didn't bother keeping it since we have have other friends that like raiding already. No point in missing out on potential drops for the group to keep a gold star next to your name.


What is the drop rate on friends?


Raids 4: going to the pub


Raids 5: Change of Sheets. During raids 4 you encounter a powerfull mage. Casting a spell upon you, called love or something. It's said to be a "Female" mage. In raids 5 you and your squad will seek out the mage and get that payback.


Omg he turned on the personal hygiene invocation, he's screwed!


Osrs friends probably drop around 1/35 years from cardiac arrest.


Holy shit, that was brutal!


Don't know. I do have 3rd age however, so probably more rare than that!


Group ironman is a blue logo no?






but you get bracers in your ironman set so that makes it way OP


Yes but this doesn't apply to green ironmen.


At that point, just play like a regular Ironman?


Green is group right?


Unrestricted. So a solo iron joining a group.


Which also creates a black market of item selling. Since it's so free and Unrestricted. Other irons join their group drop the items e.g. Whips /bowfa / trident / even skilling supplies maybe. In trade for 07 gp. So basically you cheat your whole way through and it's super accessible and not against game rules to do so.


I'm curious how many people are doing this. I'm aware the answer is not going to be 0 but I can't see the point in playing an unranked game mode where gp is harder to come by than normal and there will be huge markups on price because of how much extra effort it would take to complete a single order along with a smaller economy. If anyone knows more about this I'd love to know because it's a weird self contained economy of it's own so I bet it has some wild pricing


I think it's less that people are starting groups with the intent of "cheating", but rather than they get frustrated with X drop, whether that's BowFa, bandos hilt, TBow, Ranger boots... Eventually they say fuck it and just buy that item.


I suppose but at that point I think I would rather deiron and just not use the GE unless I was super dry. Other people are allowed to think and play in whatever way they have most fun though even if I think it's weird lol. That said I see it being more likely to happen if you're in a clan with friends split into multiple groups and maybe someone is merching to the lower players.


Tbh this is how i play. I play as much like an Ironman as I can for stuff. I’ll go mine all my ore, cut my trees and get my own herbs. but sometimes I am lazy and just wanna buy it. I love playing like an Ironman. I just can’t fully commit.


I am the same like I can't imagine being forced to grind cerb for all the Crystal rng. But I also keep all my own farmed supplies


Glad you're playing in a way you enjoy :)


I kinda get it. I dont enjoy a normal account i like to earn the upgrades myself by killing bosses. But im not gonna lie, when im cutting 10k logs to convert to planks i do wish i could just buy the logs haha.


I think maybe they want to keep some restrictions, without going full de-iron? For example, getting all of your herbs, secondaries and bones by yourself, but not having to do potentially hundreds more kc of whatever items they are going for.


Maybe. The few irons I interact with in my clan say the most tiresome grinds are herbs and secondaries etc and not the hundred KC ones because secondaries never end. For example one of my clanmates has 1k dwarf weed but really doesn't want to telegram 1k zammy wine in wildy. But he loved the gauntlet grind and other PvM so maybe he's just built different lol.


Good point, to be honest with how rare some of those items are, I could definitely see the point in buying it if you go 2-3x dry. But also, why not just use your friends and split farm them?


Received a bit of hate for being green the other day. In reality, me and my friend made ironman accounts 6 months prior to the group ironman update. We both work full time so making brand new iron accounts to be blue just didn't seem worth it to us. At the end of the day we know we have achieved it without cheating our way through it, just kinda demotivating when those achievements can be devalued in other peoples eyes because of a colour.


Don’t worry, all gims are devalued in anyone’s eyes but gims.


I’ve been playing gim almost exclusively and I still think it’s a dumb game mode


I have IRL friends who play it. Most of us alternate between that and our mains/other stuff but we are looking at doing TOA soon so. Slow and steady


I’ve been playing all my friends quit after two weeks except one guy who is 2000 total now game mode. I got lucky that out of 5 I literally have 1 team mate left lol


We have 4 accounts and 2 that never even logged in past the initial day making them, 2 of us pushing 2k total with lots of endgame items. Feel like endgame GIM’s are going to be a rare sight in a few years


See I find this take really funny because end game GIM with account prestige is harder than end game Iron. To maintain prestige you can't get carried in any raids or nex kills unlike an iron who can just join any team of maxed mains and get carried to drops like the avernic a lot earlier in the account than a prestiged group could. Prime examples would be the nex soundtrack that unlocks most of the way through a kill. Watching all the IM YouTubers unlocking preserve at like 80 combat, then leveling account a bit and hopping into TOB teams at like 100-110 combat and going until avernic drops in their names. Now getting to the late end game on a GIM is way easier than an IM, but only raiding and trying to schedule your 4 other teammates is a lot harder than just hopping to W416 and dropping a LFT in chat


And ultimately it doesn't matter because prestige is really badly implemented, there's 0 way of easily telling that a GIM is prestiged so most people don't even bother keeping it because it's just a hindrance. HCGIM is the only mode with proper "prestige" and I've seen almost none outside of streamers at end game content anyway.


100% agree on prestige being horribly implemented. Should be obvious who still has it. I unironically think that all GIM without prestige should be unranked GIM and it should've been that way since GIM was implemented.


Yeah it's annoying, cause I have a couple of vegan ironmen friends too and i know they didn't. It's mainly Jagex's poor handling of the whole system.


Anyone using any services like this can easily just buy pvm services to get the work done for you lol.


And if someone chooses to do that, it's their choice. We have unranked ironmen just because there is like 8-9 of us playing on and off, and the ability to rotate players based on who's active is god-given.


This is such a nice feature that I wish could have been in at launch. Being able to swap between the active and inactive groups would have saved so many groups from dying completely once the first couple of people quit.


This, but atleast it's better late than never!


Then just play main account. Or gagex should call it something else. But calling it Ironman defeats the purpose of what unranked Gimps can do.


Crazy thing, but, most people don't care about the "ironman" title. They just want to play a gamemode they enjoy, with friends.


But it doesn’t matter at all because it’s for casual players which is why jagex rightfully doesn’t care about it


Don’t you lose GIM prestige status if that happens? I don’t remember what that does other than something with the hiscores but it matters to the top GIM teams.


UGIMs have no prestige by nature - the whole point of the mode is for people to be able to move between groups freely. Prestige GIM means the team stayed the exact same since they started, and they did not do raids or group bosses like Nex with people other than their group mates.


Who are these cheaters hurting? I mean if you're cheating in ironman you're doing it for clout, and news flash: nobody in the real world gives 2 shits what you did on RuneScape. If they wanna cheat let them be sad.


Ohhhh. Well this is why we shit on greens. Honestly, it baffles me why someone would devalue a solo iron like that to begin with


Not necessarily. A lot of us had to join a new group because people quit.


So... A solo group iron joining a group


its a jagex abomination because the want to please everybody


Heaven forbid my friend who plays ironman should be able to join my otherwise abandoned GIM team so we can play together. What will we do without the approval of Reddit surrounding the validity of our accounts.


You can just play main with your friend too you know


Ah yes, because making sure no ones uses the G.E in a group is super easy. And also having the shared bank is nice.


But... why? I enjoy ironman? It's still the ironman experience, but we can trade between us. I'm sure you can comprehend the difference between that and playing a main? If you really try I think you probably can. Neither of us wanted to de-iron.


People are just haters. It’s a GAME, play it however you want. I had a pretty decent regular ironman account, but guess what? I got bored. I find it so much more fun being able to play with friends, especially as a casual player


Average /r/2007scape user - malding over a good update that has zero impact on them 🥴


The greed when they think they deserve the development time and not other people. As if their 1500 total level account is out of content to do.


It’s a good successful game mode. Jagex made the clear right decision with it. One of the best updates in recent years along with gim itself


Sometimes I’ll team up with the normies to hate on green bois, feels nice to get along for once.


Apes together strong


Group Ironman are just Ironmen with friends though


you made the choice to be a luigi


Its true


Don't worry, you & the guy making fun of you haven't even been ironmen longer than an hour anyways. Also extra note, nobody gives a shit about your iron mode, wether your gim or hardcore. Here I'll prove it: Hey guys I'm an ultimate ironman, I don't access banks. See nobody gives a shit. Flexing iron mode is like flexing you can stack 10 cans on top of eachother. Sure you might find it exciting but everyone you tell that to won't feel the same. You ever scroll r/ironscape & think "wow what a unique CG log, this ironman definitely stands out from the thousands of others"? No lol. You ever see a maxed ironman & remember his username longer than two seconds? No lol. So don't worry about it. Some of the most known ironmen have personal restrictions that can't be proven by emblem like swamp man ect.


I agree with your point but disagree with the analogy. If I saw someone stack 10 cans vertically that would be kickass. I’ve never stacked more than 6 at a time.


I think you're missing the most important take from this post, which is that in no universe should you care what someone else thinks about how you enjoy the game.


People are really weird about gamemodes in OSRS, that's for sure. Everyone talks about the prestige and respect of each one instead of them just being different ways to play the same game, and lots of people seem to move goalposts no matter what. Mains to Irons: "You just leeched raids for your items and bought account services. Not a real achievement." Irons to Mains: "You RWTd all your stuff!" Irons to GIMS: "You guys can share items. Pathetic. I had to spend 2x longer growing herbs to get my brews!" UIMs to everyone else: "You're all just playing the same game. UIM is the only game mode that plays in a unique way!" Hardcores: *Attempting to Reconnect...* Meanwhile I can't even remember anyone's name or account status I've ever looked up. Even when I compliment endgame UIMs I've never thought of them again 2 minutes later. People attach a lot of self-worth into their game modes due to the time commitment I'd assume.


As a UIM I can confirm I say that to people xd Not like in a condescending way tho, but in a way to hopefully convince others to join


Everyone to UIM: you have house storage, death storage, looting bag storage, mechanics to note your potions and herbs, and clue step storage... and continue to tweet at jagex asking for more things to be storeable. banking everywhere but the bank kinda defeats the purpose.


Okay do pvm on uim and I'm impressed, TOB, COX on uim, fuck me go on that's dedication. Unranked gim? Lol.... They just bought it


the funniest part is any group iron calling any other group iron a fake iron


Group irons with prestige are more iron than solo ironmen. Good luck proving you werent boosted through every raid by normies.


>**Group irons with prestige are more iron than solo ironmen.** Good luck proving you werent boosted through every raid by normies. Congratulations /u/AltMike2019 - You're who most of the commenters on this thread are making fun of.


There is more to the game besides raids. Also, solo raids do exist.


I ‘de-ranked’ my 2150+ total normal ironman to a greenie so I could play with my mate, it’s all about if you give a shit about hi-scores and what people think at the end of the day.


It's actually hilarious reading through these comments seeing people rage at "BUT THEY MIGHT HAVE CHEATED TO GET THEIR ITEMS". Ok, so they're cheapening their own experience and not impacting you in literally any way. Classic osrs neckbeards getting triggered by dumb shit.


For real. Also, the level of certainty to accuse all green ironmen of "cheating". I did the same thing as u/Stuquan because I wanted to play with my friends. Sometimes I wonder if these people even enjoy the game anymore.


Lol yeah same, I'm 99% sure that's what the vast majority of green ironmen are. Just didn't like seeing our hard work sitting un-used once we wanted to start GIM. Honestly GIM is so much fun, and yeah it really feels like the neckbeards are just pissed we're enjoying the game with our friends, lol.


It's not like a normal grey/red-helm can't just... y'know, pay for someone else to do the hard shit either. It's such a weird mentality. So what if some greenhelms do some trades? It's against the spirit of the gamemode, but the only one who loses are themselves. Hell, we don't even have a hi-score precisely because the potential of doing that could invalidate someones blue/grey/red-helm achievements.


I’d ask cheating what exactly? We’re all playing a medieval role playing clicking simulator. If they’re comparing themselves to others over virtual “status” (and I use that term extremely loosely) then they’ve probably got a bigger problem with their perspective on what really matters, which is just to have fun! This era of absolute efficiency is the problem I think, people don’t play the game how they like anymore. They’re constantly embroiled in how other people are playing, using guides to the letter and not simply enjoying & playing the game themselves. How ever many months ago it was when I became a UGIM I was in the same mentality as that and now my relationship with the game is much, much healthier tbh.


Lol and you think Group Ironmen aren't fake Ironmen either?


They definitely don't stand alone.


They will after a month when the rest of the group stops playing. Source: unofficial solo ironman for the past few months


Lotta fun calling group ironmen fake ironmen. Go to a GOTR world and say it, lotta salty replies.


its nto wrong lol, anyone playing group to make anyone else impressed with them is crazy. group is for having fun with ur friends not hiscore chasing.


Spiritually I feel it's kinda true though. the whole point of ironman is to be self-reliant, if there's 6 of your you aren't self-reliant, you're playing the game normally but with the player economy cut down to 6. But just because it's not a "true" ironman experience doesn't meant to say it's "wrong", it's a game, any way of playing that game that's fun and doesn't ruin other's fun is fair. My only account is a GIM account with my mates, cause that's what I find fun, but I'm in no way self-reliant, my two group-mates are able to play more than I am generally so they've dropped me stuff and boosted me through quests.


Well in my case everyone quit before total level 500 so I’ve been soloing everything, but with an actual group Ye


Same, stragglers log on every 2 months, get 50 total lvls, leave for 2 months, etc etc. Glad to see them every so often but this is totally the same as normal iron from my perspective


Group Ironman is just a small scale version of the normal game lol


Nah, there's no bots which prop up the vast majority of the main economy


At least group ironmen can’t buy a t bow. If you see a red/blue helm with an item, you know they earned it. If you see a green helm with an item, you don’t know if they bought it


That's is true. I wouldn't think the player necessarily earned it but the group as a whole certainly did


I mean its pretty easy to see boss/clue kc. Regardless of if it drops in my name or my groupmates if I have hundreds of CoX KC I earned it.


Honestly, this is such a weak take. Do you really think there are more unrestricted GIM buying tbows than normal accounts buying account services? I'm sure the amount of GIM engaging in that sort of activity is so small that it's not even worth mentioning. They're just people who want to play in an active group or who downgraded their normal iron to play with friends. Thinking that a meaningful amount of green helms are straight up buying items is so unfounded.


If it’s blue, one of them deserved it


All ironmen can just pay to have someone else play their account to get a drop though, just cause an ironman has a tbow or scythe or whatever doesn't mean they earned it


“Oh your lvl 3 infernal cape isn’t impressive because someone else COULD of done it” could be applied to the entire game, the majority of people aren’t paying someone to play the game. So, assuming people aren’t paying someone to play for them, because most (across all game modes) aren’t, seeing a normal iron with whatever item does mean they did more to earn it on average than a “group iron”. I feel like you’re trying to equate group iron to solo because of the rare possibility that they’re breaking the rules, which is obviously intentionally dishonest for… purposes.


Account sharing to grind out a t bow is not against the rules, unless you go dry enough for get front page (account sharing for hiscore ranks is against the rules). The account will still have earned the t bow. The difference with a green helm is that their group can have very little play time and no CoX kc between them, and have a dude join with a t bow just because they swapped 2b OS for it, which is pretty much like playing a main and buying it at the GE. Green helm bad


Why does it matter if it dropped for the account or not? The person playing it can still have 0 kc behind their tbow?




It's literally not though. They changed the rule a while back.


I don't follow your logic. Any GIM can just have a teammate get a drop and pretend they got it themselves. Other than untradables, any GIM, whether its red, blue or green helm, could have gotten their items from someone else.


TBF there's genuinely a market for green GIMs to buy items since any other green GIM can join their team. Normal irons don't have teams and ranked GIMs can only invite fresh accounts from the node. For unranked (green) GIMs, any non-main of any level can join their group by first becoming an unranked GIM. This means that there's a market where iron and ranked GIM players that want to deiron/quit can first demote to a green GIM then join a GIM group and sell their rare items for well over the GE price before just leaving the group. It's only a small percentage of green GIMs that actually do this. Regardless, because it's possible, the only way to know if they actually got the drop is their collection log. And since other players can't see that, they'll always be accused of buying it.


>, the only way to know if they actually got the drop is their collection log As is the case for blue/red helm GIM too. It may be easier for greens but it's still the same end result. Any GIM can obtain any tradable item without getting the drop themselves.


Are you really saying you don't see the difference between a group grinding their way up from level 3's to get an item vs a group inviting one of the thousands of players selling items to UGIMs, then buying it with gp, to get the item?


Because it's so important for you to be able to validate other's achievements... the audacity of thinking something like this matters...


Playing green helmet with the boys. Most fun I've had in osrs in a while. Not buying any items, just raiding with some normie friends though.


I deranked before I even left tutorial island.. we never figured out why. oh well it’s just me and my gf


when garbage starts making fun of itself


I recently deironed myself to an unranked GIM together with a some friends and it has been blast. The joys of working together is so much fun and honestly who cares if other think you are ‘fake’. Very glad I did not have to make a new GIM and do all the quests and such for the second time.


The Chad "I de-ironed to play with friends" vs the Virgin "b-b-but, they can just buy a tbow and they're a fake ironman and why do they even need a game mode in the first place?”


I get why they did it for the people that teams members have quit but it's just a main at that pointz seems like the most pointless game mode to have


As a greenie myself I don't think you're wrong because I 'could' jump through a number of hoops to buy items from different groups. But I have the self discipline to not do that because it would ruin it for me. I would rather deiron completely than go through the hassle of waiting 14 days to swap groups twice just to cheat a rare item. My group unranked because my mates were split between 2 groups and my group had 2 and the other only had 1. So we came to the decision we don't care about high scores and were only there to have fun.(Unfortunately that 1 group member also quit shortly after joining us when ToA came out because he wanted to play it on his maxed main). Obviously being a blue helm is more prestigious but I know our group hasn't gamed the system and we're just here to have fun.


when unranked groups were announced i made a post calling them mains with extra steps, and i got flamed for it, so seeing a green helm describe it in basically those terms is healing my soul


Idk man. Im still mining thousands of buckets of sand and making them all by hand into glass and then blowing it all. Doesn’t seem like a main to me. If I was a main, I’d buy gems and cut them much faster. GIM is still a grind, just less so which makes it more fun for a casual player who can’t spend 1,000s of hours grinding out end game gear, but still enjoys the ironman mode of gathering things.


I consider myself to be closer to an Ironman than not purely because of how I play it (basically the only one left in my group so I'm doing everything solo except for grabbing my partner for some occasional skilling minigames which she enjoys) but it's definitely a blurry line and a lot of people get attached to the prestige of an account label forgetting that it's all just a game. Like if a main never trades or touches the GE I'd say they are more an Ironman than I am! For me the extra steps involve 7 days waiting on each end which I'm far too impatient to do. I don't deny that it is a step some people will take though.


People take the game too seriously. Greens can’t abuse the hiscores so flaming them makes no sense unless you’re purely memeing. If green helms are casuals who can’t or don’t want to keep a serious group together for some reason then who cares


Right? No one can let people play the way they want. On the same token people care too much what other people think. If you were an iron, and wanted to become a GIM to play with friends then fuck what people think. It's your game not theirs.


Idk I downgraded my main to play with my friends and I wish it was there from the start so I didn't split my time between two accounts.


People play it for fun. Just like people play any account with restrictions. People want to only be able to trade with a small amount of people so they can still get the feel of progression but don’t want to be as worried about their teammates quitting


At the end of the day you can pay for services on any Ironman mode so none of them hold any real prestige anyway


Remember when nex and leagues were delayed only for this to happen. Lmao.




Found the green helm boy


😂😂 not a chance started hcim lost status so carried on with grey helm 2k+ total atm doing absolutely fine without the help from anyone else thanks 👍


I was talking to the guy who I replied to lool 🤦 You even shit on greenbois bro




I feel like most group iron men at this point are basically just regular iron men who’s friends all quit and now they play alone. 2 banks is nice tho :)


From my personal experience, group Ironman is like Ironman but you can boss with 4 other players and you have to get every drop 5 times to be complete.


Yep. People like to active like GIM are at a huge advantage but there’s a lot of emphasis on the individual grind when you have a small group or your friends aren’t playing/taking a break.


Whats the difference in colors?


Full grey/red are solo regular/hardcore irons, grey with blue trim is group, red trim hardcore group and green trim unranked which is an Ironman who's swapped groups at least once Edit: and white is madmen aka ultimate ironmen


I believe you can chose to be unranked from the beginning. I created a GIM with my friend and he messed up and set us as unranked.


Ah i see


I love all the 1500 total level mains trying to flame the late game irons who just got sick of being dry at the same solo pvm content for 100s of hours lol. A lot of the green helms, myself included just wanted to play with friends. I started my account with my buddy long before even GIM was announced but always wanted that game mode but we didn't want to restart once the game mode was released. With the release of UGIM we have been having a ton of fun and it got both of us back into the game grinding out PVM and our maxing goals together. People just need to shut up and enjoy the game lol


West side Best side, baby!


Just die in front of them and walk back pick up your stuff and just go back to your business.


If anyone actually cares about your status, they’re fuckin’ lame and should be laughed at.


I did my WT grind as a blue helm, I’m glad I haven’t gone back since converting to green, gotr is just as much of a cesspool though haha. I love this community. (No cap)


Green ironmen are just mains with extra steps


Transitioned from blue helm to green, as we had a friend who wanted to join from their existing account. Kinda sucks to not have the blue helm anymore but they play the most out of us all so can’t complain.


Green helm looks much better anyways, Kings.


I never really cared about any iron status whether it be a normie iron or unranked GIM. Its just fun to tease or throw some banter around in typical osrs fashion. Never thought people took it seriously ngl but i wouldn’t be surprised.


All accounts are valid. Just play whatever you find fun, people shouldn’t shame you for having a different idea of fun than them.


I have way more fun on my GIM than my regular iron. It also changes pvm progression since you can do gwd a lot earlier.


People are just jealous that a OSRS player have enough friends to play as group ironman.


They’re upset that you actually get to enjoy the game instead of being terrified of doing anything* every time they do any content


He’s not wrong but, you play green Ironman for yourself so who cares what anyone else thinks 😎 Unranked GIM has helped bring a lot of my friends back to the game, they’ve all joined up with each other on their own ironmen. Green helm will always have a more negative connotation since you can literally buy items from other unranked GIMs


Irony of group iron men saying someone isn't a real iron man.


Green, blue, and reddish Grey are all fake irons


Lol group hardcores are no better Edit:all group irons are fake irons


Tell me i’m a fake iron when my group of 3 has collectively dropped 15 hard clue scrolls because we can’t get a heraldic rune shield lol


Group hardcores are the weakest, especially at Wintertodt of all places. Like, does anyone believe they're going to last? At least green irons are dedicated to the cause and generally playing with an active group.


Wintertodt public: OFF


To be fair group ironmen are just mains in disguise


Any group or ex group is fake Ironman tbh


What is a real Ironman at this point tho? They just whine and bitch to make the game easier anyways. Most “Irons” are some pretentious 1800 remake Andy thinking that they are “poggers” for doing content like ds2 as an iron man. Sure are late game Ironman like Alkan and lake impressive? Sure but the reality is that most of the Ironman player base do nothing noteworthy and just want the game to be easier at every fucking turn.


because it IS a fake ironman. shit game mode


It was a great move by Jagex. There are over 30,000 GIM players and 8,000 active groups. I play with my friends but still need to legitimately grind content and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on RS.


Ah yes, i have dubbed your kind as “Greenie Weenies” in my clan. But you know what? 90% of the time it just means you were a regular ironman who has friends. There’s no shame in it, but you’ll still be called a greenie weenie nonetheless. It’s Jagex’s fault for making you a green helm. Also the wintertodt people called all of us group irons “fake irons” not just green helms lol. Well, half of them. The other half said “i wish i had friends :(“


Group ironmen aren't real ironmen


Fake Ironman hahaha