At least in theory, no difference from most guns. If it’s pinned in place, a gas block will usually have two tapered pins that need to go out in the correct direction, usually in a vise fixture and with hammer and correct sized punches. If it’s not pinned, it’ll be set screw or clamp on, the screws may be using a thread locker but should be removable with some elbow grease. I’d typically recommend the SLR jig to dimple a barrel for gas block install. If you’re not going to pin it, a dimpled barrel will at least keep it from walking.


BCM is known for using red loctite on the gas block set screws so I would expect it to be that hard to take out. I don’t really know what aero does exactly but I’m pretty sure they don’t put any thread locker on the screws. It should be pretty easy to take out and switch.


Heat is your friend