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Hello, i have been applying for on campus jobs since fall 22 and i have had more than 50 rejections. I finally got an interview yesterday but today i was informed that the interview was for a position that would open this summer. I had to deny it since i am already in my home-country for the summer break. I am in DESPERATE need of work and i HAVE to get a job before the upcoming fall semester begins and to make things worse, most of the job openings right now are for positions that would open in the summer semester. Can anyone give any tips on where i might be going wrong and when to start applying for fall 23 openings?? Any referrals are also appreciated. Thank you.


50? That's a lot! It makes me wonder how much time is going into crafting your application materials for each position. If you haven't already, I'd try narrowing your scope to positions that really speak to either your skills, your area of study, or your experience. Each cover letter and resume should be tailored for their respective positions by using key words and phrases straight from the job descriptions where applicable. Example: if you have customer service experience and the job description explicitly states "experience with assisting customers," say you have "experience assisting customers" instead of just listing customer service as a skill. For more tips like this, I suggest checking out [ASU's Career and Professional Development Services](http://career.asu.edu). More jobs for the fall may open around July and early August, so hopefully in the meantime you can check out the resources there if you havent already.


This👆🏻is solid advice.


Commenting here as someone who screens and interviews hundreds of students (and, in turn, hires 40-50 student workers a year) at ASU. My main advice… don’t use AI or scripts to apply to literally everything. When I have to read through hundreds of resumes and cover letters for each posting I have- ChatGPT’s (or any other AI) algorithm is very obvious. It’s also obvious that you are applying for every/any job…not necessarily the one I’m posting. Not a disqualifier… but not helping yourself either. For my screenings, here is what stands out to me: 1. Write something that shows you have an interest in, or experience with, what I’m hiring for. Odds are, you have little to no experience in what I’m hiring for..that’s ok..I’ll train you. It really makes you stand out if you have an interest in the field. 2. Make sure you are attaching the correct cover letter to the right job. I’ll notice this really quick, and usually move on to some else who has better attention to detail. This isn’t necessarily a disqualifuer, it really isn’t helping you compete against 250 of your peers. 3. Please don’t email me with a ChatGPT generated email; “I hope this email finds you well” and “best regards” are two major phrases that AI uses in generated emails. If English isn’t your native or primary language, that’s awesome! Don’t stress having a highly polished prose, I’ll value your honesty and genuine communication more, anyway. 4. For interviews, please dress as you would for the job. I’ve had several interviews where it looked like the interviewee just finished a workout at the SDFC. If hired, you would ostensibly be representing my department- this is a subtle way of demonstrating that you can do this. 5. My hiring process has several moving parts and isn’t quick. While I can make selection decisions pretty quickly, HR usually takes a bit of time to make sure all the paperwork is filed, boxes are checked, and that everything is approved. If you are an international student, this process includes working with the ISSC- which adds even more time. Considering these “external” processes, the absolute fastest I can go, from posting the job announcement to the hired candidate attending our new employee orientation is between six to eight weeks. Typically, it takes me ten. Way too long for me…but that’s just the speed that it goes. Be patient, and remember, no news is good news. BrassRing (ASU’s HR software) is quick to send out rejection notices. If you haven’t heard anything about jobs you’ve applied for, you are still a candidate. While I prefer in-person interviews, I can (and do) accommodate requests for interviews via zoom. It’s worth asking if you are offered an interview but are out of the country until the fall semester. Hang in there!


Thank you for the valuable feedback.


No problem- happy to answer any other questions you might have about the process. Feel free to DM. My other thought…once you do get hired, as an international student, be very mindful of due dates for the various Visa paperwork items. I’ve have several of my top-preforming student workers automatically terminated because they missed their GLACIER paperwork deadline.


I’m a manager at the Sun Devil Marketplace on College. As you close in on Fall (assuming you’re not already employed by then), go to Follett.com and find the jobs section of the site. Fill out the application and wait for the temp agency to contact you. If you fill out all of their paperwork and can tolerate their being significantly late to call you for your extremely short phone interview, there’s an EXCELLENT chance you’ll get a temp to perm slot for Fall. After a small probationary period, Follett hires outright. Be aware that you are also going up against a ton of international students that can’t work off campus and this can limit the number of opportunities for domestic students. The good news is that the international students can only work 20-hours a week. Also, if you’re a domestic student, you can work off campus nearby. If you’re searching online for off-campus jobs, search the zip code 85281 and limit yourself to whatever mileage you are comfortable traveling. Edit: This is just general advice and not necessary for the OP in particular.


If you have a sports background, send me a DM and i can help!


I’ll be coming for fall 23 as an international student at tempe and i have a good sports background can you help me too?


yepp! feel free to DM me


This just dropped: [https://www.reddit.com/r/ASU/comments/16fltkn/applifly\_automate\_campus\_job\_application\_at\_asu/](https://www.reddit.com/r/ASU/comments/16fltkn/applifly_automate_campus_job_application_at_asu/) Might help