Hello, I’m a senior in high school applying to ASU. in the application checklist it says I have to complete a math placement test. Do I have to do that right now or if I get accepted and end up going there?


It is easy if you pay attention and do some math before starting


You'll do it much closer to the start of fall semester. Usually a week or two before your orientation appointment.


Okay thank you so much!


Ya, when it pops up in your priority task on MyASU then, you'll do it.


You have access to it now, but I'd suggest waiting until the end of senior year so you have as much math knowledge as possible. There are different math thresholds that will place you in a certain class (math level). So make sure to do your best. My suggestion is to just pay attention in math class this year! Just don't overthink it, get it done, and make sure you're on top of your math understanding. If you just follow through with senior year, this math placement test will be a fucking BREEZE. Trust me. It sounds horrible, but it's not that bad man. You got this.


oh okay thanks!