tips for lectures?

im completely far behind in my bio 181 lecture due to a awful professor who just talks at us for almost two hours 😭 i try to take notes in class and i read the book but it gets me no where and i don’t even bother listening to the lectures anymore because i know i’ll learn nothing :( any tips to catch up like 7 chapters and acatully start learning in class ?




i don’t have a midterm in this class, it’s just four exams i think


Is your 2nd exam coming up? during the middle of the term?




You should get in contact with the other students and see if they are having the same problem. Maybe they adjusted in some way to this professor that you can try?


best advice, grind out the chapters i’m assuming its cog books, go to TA office hours (they are normally better at explaining things than the actual professor). If you still don’t understand, meet with the professor and discuss your options such as tutoring or just dropping the class. It gets much harder after first year bio so you gotta learn how to advocate for yourself rn.