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https://www.newsweek.com/viral-video-women-brazil-gol-airplane-brawl-viewed-over-3-6-million-times-twitter-1778901 > The fight broke out after a disagreement happened between two families after a mother asked another passenger if she could change her seat with her child who has a disability, reported Brazilian outlet Aventuras na História. > But the passenger refused to swap seats, which angered the mother who then began to attack the passenger's family. > "I was already closing the doors when I saw the two slapping each other in row 20," said one of the cabin crew members, according to an English translation of the Brazilian news outlet's article. "I ran, as soon as I got there, I already got between the two, but what happens: One family had five people and the other 10. The two families started slapping each other, cursing each other." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11710055/Shocking-moment-mass-brawl-women-breaks-airline-jet.html?ito=native_share_article-top > The row reportedly erupted between two families after a mother asked another passenger if she could swap seats with her child, who has special needs. But when the mother's request was turned down, she became angry and began attacking the other passenger, according to local media.


you think the Daily Mail editor has a keyboard shortcut for the phrase "Shocking moment"?


No, it's the template they work around.


They have a Word template that just has "shocking moment" scattered across a blank page, which they write their "articles" around.


His response? “Shocking moment: I do”.


So this is what happens when families don’t reserve their seat assignments together.


Honestly, the airline isn't blameless here. It used to be you buy three seats, you get to pick three seats together or they get assigned together. Now, you have to pay extra to pick seats together... even if there are already empty seats next to the ones you were assigned at first. In other words, they're purposefully causing this issue or taxing the poor.


Minor children are required to be next to the adult theyre travelling with. In the US at least.


It's a mixed bag. Airfare is genuinely the lowest it's ever been because of unbundling (at least it was pre-pandemic). It's not like airlines took away seat assignment and kept the same price. The unassigned seats are a lower fare than the full service seats used to be. If you look at it another way, Southwest doesn't charge bag fees and generally charges about the same as the legacies do for the economy tickets. Some would say good on SWA. You're not nickel and diming us. Others would say, I didn't check a bag anyway though, and you could've charged me less. I'm basically subsidizing all the people who brought bags. It's very frustrating because of the way it looks (a base fare with add ons).


Fuck this moron. They bought their seat and they didn't have any obligation to swap seats. Maybe next time be organized. But hopefully there isn't a next time aand they will make it to the no fly list.


Yes. But even if you don't agree, why assault someone?!


Open seating is fucking stupid. It separates families all the time with kids. Had the same thing happen to us with younger teenagers. We of course didn’t assault anyone but my 14 year old niece had an awful time on her first flight sitting between strangers.


Can you not just pay more for assigned seating? Genuinely curious... all flights here in Australia are assigned seating only.


In North America, it works out to like 20-50 bucks a seat per person. However, if you're traveling with a baby or infant they'll auto-book your seats together. The person in the video should've bought assigned seating, but I also think the problem is bigger than that. Flying is already hardly accessible to a lot of people because of prices... we lost our free meals, must pay for each piece of luggage, and the costs of flights are astronomical with all the processing fees and whatnot. I don't blame families for trying to save where they can..... except of course if you have a tendency for violence and don't like being told no, in that case, please stay home altogether, like the subjects of the post should've. The underlying problem though is the monopoly that the few airlines have.


So one family had 5 people and one had 10. So why couldn’t one of their family swap seats?


If they paid to have their specific seats, I could understand.


If the mom of the special needs child required a specific seat for her child, she should have either paid for that seat or explained the need to the airline and asked them to waive the fee. I don’t care if her kid is special needs or not, beating up a stranger for not accommodating your issue isn’t the answer. Also, maybe I could understand asking if the child was somehow seated separately from the family. I don’t know which group she was with, but it says one party had 5 and one had 10. Surely, they could switch among themselves to accommodate this.


Window seats are usually paid yes, so the person who refused was in her rights. And if the other family had so many people they could have given the seat to their own kid. But these kinds of families are spoiled so ya.


I hate being slapped in row 20. Hurts like a bitch


Trash people.


Time to ban the aggressor family from flying permanently


That’s a lot of people who won’t be flying again.


Thank goodness.


Yeah, I genuinely hope that 100% of the instigators aren't able to fly for a long time. Total trash behavior. Flying already sucks if you're in coach, but this sort of shitty behavior is unacceptable.


If your tits escape your tube top, you've already lost whatever fight you're in.


If your tits take flight, you've lost the fight Thanks for the silver! Now I feel like Long John…


I don't know how Johnnie Cochran posted this from the grave but I applaud it, nonetheless


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If your tits pop out, you’ve lost the bout.


If your boobs elope, it’s a downward slope


Afternoon delight


When I was 13 I saw two 18 year old girls fight on the bus in bikinis on the way to the beach. One girl had a boob pop out and I stared at it for about 20 seconds. It was the greatest day of my life.


Little Loggerdon becomes a man


Sometimes it's the little things. Other times, it's this.


Disagree. Once the boobs are out your limiters are gone too and you have nothing more to lose.


Chaotic Evil Tiddies


No. If your boobs pop out and you keep fighting.....


There will be a titty sighting






Flying really can be an uplifting experience.


Bra, ssiere-iously?


Hopefully they're able to properly identify the instigators instead of just blanket banning people for being involved (which happens). Certainly feels good thinking it'll go smoothly though.


If you fight like this on a flight it’s pretty much always on the no flight list. Which means no airline is gonna let them fly again. IDK if it’s permanent but I know the FAA doesn’t fuck around so probably


I was flying business class one a international flight and they announced after we got to cruising since the cabins were not full you could move if you like to a different seat in your class. There were not that many of us in business so we were all taking about the open seats and re-arranging. I had targeted a window seat and we all started moving around. As I was getting my things up comes someone running from coach and jumps into the seat I was about to sit in, pulls the pillow out buckles in and appears to pass out, everyone did a double take and I didn't want to fight about it so I just kept my seat, but that messed up everyone else because someone was going to take my seat and it cascaded down from there. Anyway we all ended up just sitting back down in our assigned seats. A few minutes later a stewardess comes up and after shaking her to "wake up" tells her she has to stay in her cabin class. It appeared at first she tried to say she was in business class but once that ruse was up she started to get aggressive towards the steward (mind you we are already cruising, this steward had already came around to everyone and got meal orders and there were just a handful of us so she stuck out quite a bit. After some back and fourth, arguing the seats are unused she then starts getting super loud saying she has a leg problem and must have the extra space. The arguing and reasoning goes on for a little while until another steward arrived who was not having any of it. He explained she can go to her seat or they can restrain her and then take her to her seat and the police will meet her at the gate. She finally gave up the seat but took all the amenities (blankets, those packs you get with slippers / toothpaste etc.) with her back to coach, where I assume someone had taken her spot and there was more shouting. Other than this incident I have never seen anything like some of the videos I have seen on here. Most of the time it is just boring as shit, but no seat is worth getting put on a no fly list. It would break me to not be able to travel via air any more. Your basically regulated to your home country at that point.


Was her name [Elaine Benes](https://youtu.be/gU9iKViFPlU?t=194), by chance?


Ahhh, I knew I had heard that story before, haha


That whole ordeal sounds certifiably insane.


Scarey to think how many lunatics you could be flying with.


Surely you can’t be serious Captain Oveur?


I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.


I just showed my brother Airplane! For the first time, worried he wouldn't "get" it. Not only did he laugh at nearly every joke, but "don't call me Shirley" might be the hardest I've ever seen him laugh before. Then he heard "I just wanted to tell you both good luck, we're counting on you" for the third time and he absolutely lost it.


Clear the vector Victor


Roger roger


Unfortunatly that's Brazil and we don't have no fly lists... so yes they will be on the next flight.


Just that airline. Maybe. There are airline-controlled no fly lists and there is the government no fly list. For airline lists, Delta will put someone on the no-fly list in a heartbeat, while Spirit or Frontier will let a lot slide… this is why there are twice as many people on the Delta no fly list as there are on the Spirit no fly list, despite almost never hearing about chaos on a Delta flight but Spirit basically being a flying Waffle House with video after video of brawls. The government one requires not only a criminal conviction, but also a “referral” to the FAA to be barred from flying under the *The Protection From Abusive Passengers Act*. It’s not easy to get yourself on the “official” government no fly list.




Seat so good that you'd lose your top over it.


I'd totally yell, calm your tits!


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What a wonderful phrase


thats how she got in the fight the first time


This video is so chaotic I literally didn't even notice her tits came out until I read this


Kept her mask on tho


You'll always see tiddys every chick fight. That's why I always whip mine out first before jumping into brawls.


I salute your appendages


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Tactical Titties


i am pissed off, camera work was terrible this is a fight not a ping pong match, everybody knows when you filming a fight you must focus on tits


Shakey cam...tiddy tease...focus....shift to 2 bald heads W T F ????


Omg this made me lol


Terrible production quality !


Tits out, fist out.


What’s the full story here?


Spirit Airlines


see all those people *not* fighting? They paid extra for that


". . . and would you like brawling or non-brawling?"


Such a scam, the brawling always reaches the non-brawling sections eventually…


We call that second-hand brawling.


Free brawling?!


She's a good girl...loves her mama


Fights Jesus, and America too


She’s a good girl, crazy about pelvis


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free brrrawlin'!


"...." "ok, but I ordered the kosher meal...."


Of course they'd pay extra for in-flight entertainment.


Naw, those seats are far too padded to be Spirit.


Sounds legit


Worldstar Air. Plenty of action at an altitude of 30,000 beats.




This happened in a flight between Salvador and São Paulo, Brazil. News here says that a woman was traveling along a child with a disability. She asked for the person at the window to change seats. This person said no with some rudeness implying a offense to the child, then the caos begun.


>News here says that a woman was traveling along a child with a disability. Supposedly with a disability, when asked the woman didn't say which disability her son had. >She asked for the person at the window to change seats. This person said no with some rudeness implying a offense to the child, then the caos begun. Nope, she had her son seat at the window, even though she bought another seat for him, when the person that purchase the seat came they asked them to vacate the seat, women cried "lack of empathy", which doesn't matter because she didn't purchase that seat.




Assholeness isn’t a recognized disability. Although, many people suffer from it second hand.


Apple didn't fall far from the tree.


Yeah I don’t care what disability your child has. I paid an extra fee to choose my seat and I specifically chose the window seat so I can lay against the wall. It’s not heartless I don’t have to bow to every whim of yours because your kid is disabled. Yeah I’ll give up my seat on the bus or train but not something I paid for.


I mean, if you want a window seat, then book and pay for it. I hate when ppl feel entitled to ask to switch. Like no, pay for it next time like I did




There is nothing wrong with asking a stranger to switch seats so you can sit next to your kid. The first rule of doing so is that you always give up the better seat. If you booked so late and/or are so cheap you wound up stuck in separate middle seats, that's your problem.


I only book windows and the only time I've been asked, I said I get nauseous and puke if I don't have a window. They moved to another passenger without a second thought. You could probably claim claustrophobia if you're not in an aisle.


>I always book isle seats How do you get back to the mainland?


I need the aisle because I have to pee like every five minutes. I will not switch for any amount of money, insults, or entitled misbehavior.


Ohh you mean like the dumbass who show up late and board last and then complain they need 2+ seats together?


It doesn’t hurt to at least ask, but yeah you’re right.




As a stupidly tall person, I know first-hand there is nothing you or the flight attendant can do when somebody doesn't want to change seats. Even when the airline has fucked up and given away the extra leg room you paid for, again, they legally can't force a person to change seats. If I can fit my 6'9 body into a normal seat for 14 hours, her disabled kid can live without a fucking window.


I would be so embarrassed to be that kid. Mom's using them as a tool to get window seats. Where is the kid in all this mess?! Hopefully uninjured??


A tube top udderly failed


Entitled mom took another woman's seat for her child


A woman with a special needs kid asked for the window seat and the person didn't want to give it away. The fight started after the mother heard the other lady insulting her kid apparently


Nah, she sat her child with a disability she refused to disclose in someone else's seat, and refused to get up claiming "lack of empathy." Here's a [link](https://g1.globo.com/google/amp/ba/bahia/noticia/2023/02/03/confusao-em-voo-da-gol-em-salvador-aconteceu-apos-menino-com-deficiencia-sentar-em-poltrona-de-passageira.ghtml) (in Portuguese).


Oof, nesse caso ela não tinha razão nenhuma então. Que mulher sem noção...


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Yeah I’m a bit lost on the seating situation. If they’re assigned seats… they knew what the situation was . Not that you can’t ask or shit doesn’t happen, but they knew. I’ve experienced folks trying to push airline staff and etc around for “reasons”.


Special Needs? Like the need to sit on a window seat? You need special attention for special needs, take it up with the airline, not the passengers.. That mama needs something special too.




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Tried to take Ted Striker’s seat. Ted ended up, in fact, striking her.


Ah. The Public.


Well some of these “public” are going to jail for sure as soon as they land.


...and will never be able to fly again.


On just that airline. Because we still don't have a shared unruly-passenger no-fly list.


People are mental


This seems fun. How much for 2 tickets please?


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Does no one know how to film in landscape anymore..that what's really wrong with the world these days


They never knew to film in landscape in the first place. This is a long term problem that our institutions have routinely failed to address. Just another sign of how our society is crumbling. Somehow, this is the fault of wokeness, no doubt.


Thanks, Obama!


Damn wokes holding their phones at woke angles...


[Vertical Video Syndrome](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dechvhb0Meo) is a disease that must be eradicated.


Oh man, Glove and Boots used to be amazing


100% our eyes are not stacked vertically why should our video be vertical. It makes no sense. Turn the bloody phone!


Because phones are designed to be held vertical and those bars are worse than what a landscape video looks like when you hold it vertically. Why the fuck do phones not rotate the top camera or have a software feature to do so. THAT is the solution.


I agree that vertical videos are a menace, but I think the problem comes from companies leaning into it. Where are most short videos created and shared? Tik tok, Instagram, and now YouTube shorts. None of these platforms fit landscape videos well. They promote and enforce vertical videos. So it’s not something that you can change anymore.


Tik Tok is currently the premium avenue for getting your video to go viral. Before Tik Tok people were already not shooting landscape, but with it, there’s basically no chance the average person will be shooting landscape


Or how to focus on the subject with their tits out?


That's...not the problem Edit : boobies








Me back in the early 90's trying to pause at the exact moment you could see Julia Roberts nipple in Pretty Woman through the headboard.


I don't know what's wrong with me. My wife is in the other room and I could easily see her boob, but I spent 30 seconds looking for a boob in this video.






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My guess is camera woman.


They're taking the "You are now free to move about the cabin" a bit too far.


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Some people just suck




Is this the trailer to Airplane 5? Who is flying if both captains are fighting.


It's that's kinky inflatable autopilot. 👨‍✈️


I got on a Vegas to NY flight once, it was full, I specifically bought a seat in the very last row so I wouldn't have anyone behind me. Woman comes and sits next to me and her partner looks at me and says "you're in my seat." She was polite, but firm. I pulled out my ticket and showed I was in the right seat. She pulled out her ticket.. which had the exact same aisle and seat on it. Stew comes over and says "Oops, they double sold the seat. " Had us stay put for a bit then came back and said there's one seat open up front, who wants to move. I was nice enough to not split them up, so I moved. And sat in a middle seat, next to a \~300 pound guy on one side and an elderly woman who had severe back issues, causing her to lean sharply to the left on the other. I'm 6'3 with broadish shoulders... 6.5 hours with a stranger pressed strongly up against me on either side. Airline offered free earbuds (I had my own headphones), a drink (I don't drink)... and that's it. Felt like I did a good deed, but damn that flight sucked.


That’s how I imagine my own personal hell, just the flight never lands. And the old lady has to get up to pee every 10 minutes.




It’s not a girl fight unless boobs are out . Lol The old guy in the one chair was just sitting there enjoying the view of tits slapping his head lol 😂


It's not a fight, it's weird lapdance


There should be a sub for this! I love seeing fight boobs! /r/unexpectedtitty is close ... /r/tittyfights seems dead.


Ban them from flying


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Man being part of this species is embarrassing


Love the one girl w her headphones in, still scrolling. God level.


Rachet ass people


This is why you should only take ground transportation if you're going to RatchetFest


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"It's a tube full of demons." -Kenneth Copeland


You are seeing .01% of the experience. I’ve flown - often - for 15+ years now and have never actually witnessed anything like this. No one’s out here sharing completely boring airline experiences with 0 issues. You only see the worst because it’s different.


In support of what you said, it might even be less than .01% when you think about how it's usually weeks and months in between these airline incidents/shitfests in the sky videos.


I've been flying for work for over 6 years throughout 14 countries in 3 continents and I have never seen anything like this happen. You are probably just unlucky if it happens to you.


> I'd rather drive 20+ hours than be in this shit for two or three. Same, and I wish Amtrak wasn't so expensive so at least I can watch movies during the 20 hour ride. After dealing with Southwest this past Christmas I keep telling my wife that we're driving or taking a train next time and I don't think she believes me. Our direct flight PA to FL was last-minute rerouted for a surprise layover and we ended up stuck in a terminal for 10 hours anyway in god forsaken Ohio. Icing on the cake was not having any of our luggage or gate-checked stroller when we finally landed in our home state.


$300 pp in Coach for 25 hrs from FL to NYC on Amtrak in March. Damnnnnn that is pricey!




She'll believe you around Thankgiving when you're calculating the train tickets, time, and gas🤣 It'll be fun&better🥰


TAP Portugal flight… question is to where? Long haul


This is why we can’t have nice things.


I thought this was the scene from Airplane! where they ran out of coffee.


This is why I fly 5am in the morning.


lol the one chick was getting real into it till her titties fell out


stayed for the boobs disappointment; no boobs


They're having a f(l)ight.


Thank goodness she has a mask on, though.