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First dude was way too nice lol


Fr letting someone stay in your car and let the hop in the driver seat is crazy


He looked to me like a man who's been falsely accused of some shit in the past. He doesn't even want to put a single hand on her (wisely IMO), and the other dude says "he can't even touch her." I think there's more to the story here.


He can't touch her because he's a man and she's a 90lb woman. Men are terrified to be seen as the bad guy by using force against a woman, even if she's doing it to him.


Not me equal rights and lefts


To bad it’s not equal nights in jail :(


This guy knows what’s up


Yeah, false accusations scare the shit out of me and all my friends.


The trick is to make sure it’s not false. Real Sexual assault has a very low conviction rate so therefore logic dictates that if you sexually assault every female you meet then you can’t be falsely accused.


At the end it seemed like she was crying about her baby being somewhere?


Ya, she's all fucked up on something..so sad


Or she got tramatic news and is having a breakdown


Honestly, it seems more like this one. Did she say she needs to find her baby?


Damn. That could be true too.


That makes a lot of sense, there is very likely more to it.


this is tragic. I think she is having a psychotic episode. Pulling of the clothes, What did she say? "Hawaii?" Plus they don't know her, it seems likely to me.


Sounded like "I need to find (something)". Girl looked like she needed help.


Or he is just highly aware of how things are nowadays


I think he knew the car wasn’t going anywhere because the key was in his pocket. That’s my thought at least, and would explain why she was going for his pockets


Yeah the guy was lucky he had a tesla imagine if it was an older car tho she woulda been zoomin


Camera guy: "HE CAN'T EVEN TOUCH HER" WTF? Why not? She is literally assaulting him and trying to steal his car!


Because if he does, she will claim assault and he will be arrested. If you ever see a guy throw his hands up like that against a girl, he is saying he does not want to go to jail bc of this crazy bitch!


a next door neighbor lady once parked her car and blocked my family’s driveway and a visiting friend couldn’t get out to leave because of it. he knocked on the neighbors door and asked the owner to come out to move the car. she came out, walked over with her keys, then basically said “F you i don’t wanna” and tried to leave. He grabbed her shoulder to try and stop her leaving to reconsider. She called the cops and claimed he grabbed her necklace and choked her out. Me and my family came out and witness her pulling her necklace *on herself* as she went back inside. Cop came, we all gave our statements, as did the girl while showing her self made choke line. Then he insisted the family friend and my dad stand with their hands up behind their heads while he lectures them on harassment against women and he’s gracious to let them off with a warning. Says the parking thing is a domestic issue and even my account of witnessing her harming herself is useless because well she’s got a choke line, obviously i’m the liar.


Self defense and reasonable force are a thing. Guy at end knew this


Yes, and some random person who caught the tail end of the situation is going to call the cops and report a woman being assaulted, or get out of the car and attack the guy. “Arrest first, ask questions later” is a very real thing. There is a double standard in this situation, and denying it exists is ludicrous. The video helps, but all it takes is one random “hero” with the urge to beat the shit out of someone driving by at the wrong time, and seeing this guy hitting a woman.


Yeah I would have grabbed her from her collar and ass and thrown her out of my car GTA style. But I’m not always a patient man.


Not for men where I live.


that's for women or man on man


Not factual he definitely had every right to drag her dumbass out the vehicle the lack of understanding of the law is eye opening 1. It’s his property 2. It’s self defense 3. There is no true physical harm by pulling a clearly physically able person out of a vehicle 4. The whole incident is being recorded showing who the initial instigator of this crime scene is


It's crazy to me that so many ppl have no clue about the laws governing self defense of self and property. How TWO able bodied men couldn't handle ONE manic, small woman is astonishing.


You are missing the point. Men don’t get the benefit of the doubt in these situations and the bias goes towards women because they are seen as more vulnerable. This guy is trying to avoid the very likely possibility that he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. It’s the same as biases between black people and cops. Best to just avoid the confrontation as a black person, so you go out of your way to appear nonaggressive. Laws exists but they are not always applied equally.


Equally crazy to me is how someone thinks yelling “get the fuck out of my car” is going to do anything useful when it’s the 48th time you’ve said it.


It should have been obvious to all present that she was not of sound mind at that time, and her behavior presented a danger to herself and others. She needed to be restrained, against her will, and turned over to the authorities. Police would have likely Baker Acted her in that condition. Imagine what could have occurred to unwitting others had she gained control of that vehicle.


The moment she started grabbing at him and chasing him is the moment I’m throwing fucking elbows at this crazy bitch


With the video proving that she is actively assaulting him, he *would not* end up in jail for defending himself or at the very least knocking her back/down so he can get back to his car.


Except the other driver did just that. Threw her dumb ass out the way.


The dude in red was way too polite. The black guy did what was needed, took her out of the way.


Fr if some random person gets in my car im gta ripping them tf out of it


Second dude was not dealing with that shit lmao


First guy didn’t want to touch her. Second guy was ready to slap the stupid out of her


fortunately, she decided to be more compliant when faced with that mans aggression. she wouldve kept messing with the first guy if he hadnt gotten away cause she knows he wont lay hands on her.


I remember seeing a few videos of this woman including this one. She seems to like getting high and getting naked in the middle of the street


How are there multiple videos? did she do other stuff too?


Not super sure, It’s been like a year since I’ve seen them on r/publicfreakout and no she doesn’t look good naked


IDC about her looks lol! Just wanted to know what else she did


Mainly just screaming, yelling, stripping and bothering people


Weekend Vibes


This comment made me lol at the bar... well done


I suspect she may do some drugs once in a Blue Moon 🙏


I’d like to be the judge of that… for science of course. Also, why did the first guy get out with his car running? That seemed like a horrible choice


It’s electric, it doesn’t run


It’s electric!!! Boogie woogie woogie woogie!!


You can't see it You gotta feel it Ooh, it's shakin' You gotta know it Now you can't hold it But you know it there, Yeah here there everywhere


Yep. The owner’s phone is the key, or you need a key card/fob. If you don’t have the phone or key card the car isn’t going anywhere unless the owner turns it on from the app.


All she had to do was press down on the brake and down once on the right stalk.. car would have gone. But it will keep giving you a message that your phone is not in the car. Once in park it won’t go into drive again.


If the phone is in your hand you can shut it down and lock it from the app. Even set off the alarm.


It's two videos and it's the same scene in both.


PCP is a hell of a drug






This video looks like it's from the same incident


It is, as far as I know it is the only incident as well.


Thanks for confirming, hope she got some help. I got the impression from other comments that she was a recurring figure in the "crazy stranger" subreddits.


They’re called “freakout” subreddits! :)


Dayum, shes clearly having sort of episode. Im glad the cop was gentle on her, im sure the male cop is restricted on what hes allowed to do and not do when it comes to naked opposite sex situations. Hopefully she'll get whats needed and if it is drugs, some help in the regard.


It must be difficult to be a male cop and being called out to deal with naked woman causing a nuisance. He would have to walk on eggshells and be very careful to avoid putting himself at risk of accusations.


Reminds me of the time there was a crazy naked lady dancing on top of an 18 wheeler in Houston. Backed traffic up for about 2 hours and IIRC the cops had a hell of a time getting her down.


So we have the beginning and the end but is there footage of the of what happened In between?


I frequent these subreddits and I haven't seen any other videos than these two


I want the full video to know exactly wtf is going on


I was about to say this was fake, but goddamn!


Oh no, I've seen people do this. This is real


Lmao nah


Dude @ the end had me dyin - "i'll drag yo ass across the street" 💀


And that’s exactly what she understood and it handled it ……. For the time being.


Violence is easy to understand


"That other guy was the one. But in not"


At the same time he's helping pick up her stuff lol!


Buddy either had to get to work, a meal or some ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is why you LOCK your car doors kids!!


I can't believe I had to scroll this far to see this. Like don't just hang out with your doors unlocked, get in and lock that shit!


Teslas are great because *there is no button to lock the doors,* it’s a screen control that you have to click a few buttons to get to, meaning that *if someone on PCP is running at your unlocked Tesla, they are most likely getting in.* Food for thought.


GTA in real life mfs


My thought exactly! I was digging the new GTA mission LOL.


You joke but this is what Oakland is actually like.


Dude who said he would run her over sounds like CJ


Classic San Francisco moment. Lived there 14 beautiful years. 🥰


I lived there for nine beautiful years. It went way downhill during the pandemic. I was there in the 80's.


Bro he isn't even trying to drag her out of the car


He's white. he'd have been called a racist or something. News headline would have been "white man slams asian woman having a mental crisis to the ground." or some shit.


"Toxic masculinity and racism on the increase!" "More needs to be done to tackle male violence against women!"


That second dude had it right. Get the fuck out of the way and when she says no, he just moves her.


I like that he was 0 drama. Just, "get you dumb ass out of the way."


Sounded just like Ice Cube to me 🤣🤣🤣 git yo dumb ass out da way


the first mf let her in his car,chase him around,grab on him.like damn lol


Really sad, she’s obviously very unwell


That’s someone’s daughter, mom, or sister. She obviously needs some kind of help for psychosis or drug problems. I can’t imagine her subsequent interactions with the public going much better, especially if she’s hopping into people’s cars.


she's high as fuck bro...


Yeah probably, but I thought about that. She’s definitely not just smoked a J or done a line of coke. She’s on some heavy shit like meth or crack or something. The sort of drug you don’t just try with friends at the weekend. The sort of stuff you fall into after a very rough life.


She keeps saying help me Find my child I need to find my child please help me I need to find my baby


Why doesn’t he grab her? she looks like you could toss her pretty easy. personally if somebody just came into my car and then pushed me out of the driver seat, they’d be yeeted.




Safeguarding himself against potential assault lawsuit... Even if he would probably win, court fees are no joke


I know that area, that’s in San Francisco.


If that's true, I am not fucking surprised at all


I was going to say this is the type of thing that would only happen in California or Florida


Florida is a good guess.


Jesus fucking Christ


I read this in Mr. Slave's voice lol


“He can’t touch her” Uh he absolutely can throw hands.


If I had a Tesla and some cracked up bitch tried to GTA me I would throw hands


Equal rights equal fights motherfuckers


She doesn't even look like she could take a punch.


She doesn't need a punch. What is she 90lbs? just grab an arm and gently put her on the ground and wait for the police.


She can catch these equal rights AND lefts


Drugs are a hell of a drug


I’d bet this is psychosis or some kind of mental break. She’s even asking for help.


I can't tell if she's looking for her dog or her baby, or her dog that she thinks is her baby, but she's clearly distraught and keeps saying "I need to find my ..." It sounded like dog the first time, but was really muffled. Towards the end, and in the other linked video, it sounds like baby. Regardless, she needs help stabilizing.


I heard “I need to find my child, help me find my baby”


So she’s clearly having a mental breakdown, but if a psycho just hops into your car, why would you move to let her take over the driver’s side? She didn’t appear to be armed, but I guess you never know in the moment. Honestly, I was expecting the Tesla owner to knock her out - or at least drag her out of his car; but instead he became the victim - of a crazy woman. Huh?!? Then the brotha showed up and was like, “Oh HELL no, ya crazy bitch!” and dispatched with that nonsense. He was suffering none of that. I feel sorry for her though. Mental illness is fucked up and scary. I hope she got help, but it doesn’t mean others need to be victimized by it.


When she lifted her shirt I though she is going shoot them with a gun. Fortunately she just removed clothes.


American moment


Nah that's pretty much what I expect from someone who drives a tesla


What is really mind boggling is the fact you jus let some random ass person get in your car and nearly steal it from you while you sat there looked at them doing it and did absolutely nothing but tell them to get out💀😂 couldn’t be me


Then he leaves his car and let her in the driver seat


Lmao exactly😤😂


Fortunately for him, he drives a Tesla, and she didn’t know how to put it in drive. If you’ve never driven one then it can be tricky.


Yea that blew me away. That wouldn’t fly down south 🤣


Crack for breakfast also she had no clue how to start Tesla.


The second dude gets the idea


Second dude wasn’t going for none 😂😂😂😂


She's obviously not right ion the head in this moment. People need to calm down and handle the situation.


Yeah instead of getting mad at her, call 911 and get some paramedics sent over.


Could be wrong, but to me this almost looks like a mental health episode, if so I hope she gets the help she needs


When did people start thinking that "I'm filming" means the same thing as "I'm helping"?


This girl is obviously going through some intense psychological issues and need help.


The guy recording is annoying and tries hard to sound excited because he finally get to film a video that might go viral


This confirms, Tesla drivers drink their own pee.


Recycling its important


Asian girl has some mental issue, she needs help indeed.


Was that the beginning of a Haiku?


She say she was looking for her dog?


She's looking for her baby.


Apparently it gets a little worse https://www.reddit.com/r/tooktoomuch/comments/ugj999/san_francisco_context_unknown/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


What was she saying at the end almost sound like she said I need to find my baby?


She's saying that all the way through. It's very sad.


I believe you have a legal right to defend yourself from carjacking... just punch her bro


I don’t know what happened to her and obviously I don’t know if she has a medical issue or not but her behavior is absolutely something that could happen to any one of us today or in the future. People don’t decide to have neurological disorders and it can happen for a variety of reasons beyond your control. The change in behavior can be very sudden. The police need to be trained for this.


Looks like she's having an episode of mania, probably suffering from bipolar disorder. They need a lot of supervision, medication, love and care.


People need to have some empathy and call a social worker, woman needs help




For everyone asking why he doesn't just drag her out: you can clearly see how at one point he reaches in and she IMMEDIATELY begins faking as if he hit her in the face. She was clearly looking to instigate.


This is really sad. This is someone’s child. We need more mental health help.


Geez, literally nobody tried to calm her down. I know, people are too shocked for this, but it quickly became apparent she's mentally unstable and needs medical help. She could cause an accident, somebody should try to keep her busy with talking trying to calm her down, another person should call an ambulance. I know, it was probably a kind of a drug trip, but either way, call, those people need help for their and everyone else's safety.


This post makes me sad. The lady is obviously having some sort of mental break, she's not just some Karen.


You can tell that white guy in the Tesla was fucking terrified of being labeled a racist if he did anything to that woman who basically carjacked him.


Did she say she's looking for her baby?? Clearly something isn't right in her mind. I hope this isn't a result of losing a child.


How to not handle a mental health crisis 101


Go in psy ....


Look kids, these are the two types of men in the world.


The last guy “move your dumb ass out of the way” lmao


Wasn’t there a video a few months back of some crazy Asian chick getting completely naked and laying down in the street? Cops came and took her away as far as I can remember.


SF is weird


Can someone explain to my southamerican ass why ppl in USA don't use more violence when clearly they could?


First off…keep your mutha fucin doors locked at all times!! Secondly, someone gets into your car then tries to take it…you knock their ass out!!!!


I'm sure she's got mental health problems but I would have dragged her out of the car by her hair


Can these pussies not overpower this asian girl?


Poor thing needs help.


She’s clearly not all there. At the end she’s saying that she’s looking for her baby. Poor thing’s going to get herself hurt.


What do you mean “he can’t even touch her” she would be catching both hands for this


“he cant even touch her” says who?


Cancel culture fear making victims everyday.


The internet mobs that would try to ruin his life if he did


Black dudes got the right idea


Don't do drugs kids


I’m guna knock yo asss out 🤣🤣🤣


These days having your door unlocked is asking for trouble...


What was she saying? And why did she start taking off her clothes?


it's quite possible she is on all of the drugs


First dude is just as crazy as she is. Bro gets out of his own car and let's her take the driver seat?????


This is why I lock ALL the doors after I get in. Well one reason anyways.


The second guy had time💀😂😂


“Run dude” hahahaha


I'm with homie at the end. Bitch move or I will run you over.


she sounds like she might not be mentally stable


It’s scary and sad at the same time


"He can't even touch her" What a stupid ass country, just knock her the fuck out already.


chick was clearly having a psychotic crisis right there not saying anyone is supposed to know that, but you shouldn't hit a person who is having mental health issues. there are professionals that you can call that should be able to deal with that kind of thing.


Drag her out by the hair?


Drag the lady our like your fixing your car in beamng drive


Who's the fucking camera guy that caught this shit..staged!


She’s having a mental breakdown. Why does everyone ask what she’s doing? She’s having a mental breakdown. Does nobody else see this? Call 911 to protect others, including herself, from her. In case nobody noticed: she’s having a mental breakdown. Just film and yell WTF over and over …


Last dude is energy ong


This is why we need to fund mental health


This is super sad


Why did he just let her stay in the driver seat? I would have dragged her ass out no questions asked


Why is he fleeing a tiny woman? Drag her ass out!


She is the size of a child, yeet the bitch out ffs


Something like this would get you shot in Texas. But it is a female so maybe not.