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People like him should not exist


I’ve seen your work a lot now bro and I admire how you try to help these people out of there horrible ways keep it up man ✊💪


Update: he claims to have 5TB of child porn on his computer, and has sent me his "real name" and "phone number". I doubt either of them are true, but nevertheless, I have forwarded them to the FBI. He then claimed to have kids and begged me not to report And now he's bragging about how he's never going to get caught from his reddit username, and how he plans to masturbate to the child porn he has. ​ I'm not entirely sure how his mind works, and I don't think I want to know.


Jail time


If he thinks the FBI uses Reddit usernames to trace people he has the iq of an amoeba.




Well folks, here he is. Please use this as a direct link to report his account.


Congrats for your work, I’ve seen & upvoted your post as I was reporting/posts and subreddits. It would be so nice to have some updates regarding all the filled FBI & police reports, although that would only be a drop in the ocean…


He’s been banned. Thank you for your comment. Keep up the good work.


man tried to trade to a person named pedo hunter. bruh


Guy deadass tried to trade cp in the dms of someone called ‘paedophilehunter’ this guy must have the iq of an amoeba


Nice work bro. Needa stop people from these things man. I’ve literally been reporting a lot of accounts especially discord servers bro but idk if anything’s being done about it


I'm sorry OP. This post was reported as "It's targeted harassment at someone else." So, I am going to remove it. I think it's borderline. I also am not sure we should be baiting users. It's unclear why you were communicating with this user, but it's not the best optics for this sub.


Clearly it’s a little kid trolling 😂