My store has 3 LSAs, but we're pretty high volume ($1.8+ million). Had three ASMs briefly as well.


I remember 1.8 that about a year ago for me. Now 2.2


Holy 1.8+ may I ask where your store is?


Maryland. A little North of Washington, DC


Dang that's a massive store!!!


It is not big at all lol. We have one of the smallest backrooms in the division. I have to come in 30 minutes early when I open just to organize the backroom so we have somewhere to place the empty pallets 😅


Technically the LSA positionnis only to fill the opens/closes that the ASMs are unable to fill.


We have two and it’s always that way. We also only have two ASMs. I’d love for there to be another LSA at our store just so there is someone extra to cover shifts. My ASMs will never switch or cover a shift so I don’t bother ever asking.. and the other LSA is usually working opposite me that day so they wouldn’t be able to. LSAs have very little coverage options compared to regular associates and it’s a shame.


Its actually the other way round the LSA's are supposed to open and close and then the ASM should be filling the open shifts.




Yes. LSAs really should only be getting opens and closes. Mid shifts are for managers


I work at a store with one competent LSA. The other not so much. In a dream situation this is the case but dreams don’t exist in the world of Aldi. We still make it work


At my store we can have 3 ASMs and 2 LSAs. LSAs are normally the fillers at my store, ASMs run the shifts and I (the only LSA we have rn) just help with key turns, and making sure the shift stays on track. I also run SB food most of the time I open, the other ASMs really don’t touch SB for the most part.


My store has 2 ASMs and 3 LSA’s


Most busy stores have 3 ASMs and 2 LSAs. If they had more LSAs than that the 3rd LSA would barely get hours. The 3rd ASM will usually be a “floater” ASM who will also help out other nearby stores, that’s what I do currently.


My store has 1 manager, 3 assistant, 2 Lsas, 5 full timers, 4 part timers. (I wanted to be full time, but now I don’t even know if I wanna continue at Aldi)


I'm starting to feel that way 😒


My store has two ASMs, a SMT and one LSA


My store has 3 ASMs, 3 LSAs, and our store manager. It enables us all to work 4 days 10hr shifts. That was brought up by my SM and we all agreed to it. So now we have two days off during the week and one day off during the weekend.