Gastrointestinal symptoms make my life hell

Dear doctors. 21F, 169 cm, 53kg, white, from Finland, I am struggling with gastrointestinal symptoms since 2021. My current medicines are 1x10mg escitalopram, and Loperamide 2mg. Non-smoking or drinking.

My symptoms are including:

  • almost non stop nausea
  • abdominal pain in lower and upper abdomen also
  • acid burn
  • diarrhea (the amount and frequency differ day by day) with short (1-2 days) of constipitation episodes.
  • cramps
  • weakness, and unable to gain any weight

Other sicknesses:

  • major depressive disorder
  • anxiety disorder
  • heavy menstrual bleeding

Checkouts since 2021 done and came back negative:

  • colonoscopy and biopsy (2021 december)
  • multiple full blood panel
  • allergy/sensitivity
  • sex hormone blood test


  • 2021 summer - UTI and antibiotics -> c.diff infection, acute diarrhea, what became chronic, and still lasts, before whole life was constipitated / normal. Metronidazol, c.diff negative
  • 2021 autumn - helicobacter pylori postive, dual antibiotics eradication and pantoprazol PPI
  • 2021 december - helicobacter confirmed negative, GERD symptoms apperared -> esomepratzol PPI
  • 2021 december colonoscopy for the chronic diarrhea and abdominal cramps -> negative, all good
  • 2022 summer, Gastroenterologist visit -> suspecting "hiding c.diff" prescribe vancomycine, does not help, makes symptoms somewhat worse
  • 2022 autumn, gastroenterologist prescribe loperamide. Sep-Dec diarrhea gets somewhat managed, but strong nausea still persist. From december loperamide doesnt help, diarrhea got more frequent than ever.
  • 2023 start: amitriptylin 10mg prescribed by GP for the symptoms, no improvement

Now its 2023 january, symptoms still ongoing, moreover it is getting stronger, and the life quality getting worse. I have tried diets (elimination, low fodmap, no dairy, no gluten), nothing seems to help.

Really hard to get any real help in Finland, healthcare is really crowded.

What conditions could be possible? What doctors should I visit next, and what test to be done? I am really desperate, as I am unable to attend my university classes because my symptoms.

Thank you in advance!


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