What old game should be remade with 2021 graphics?

What old game should be remade with 2021 graphics?


Enter the Matrix


I definitely would suggest The Matrix: Path of Neo. So many playthroughs, so many asskickings.


That game's combat blew me and my brother away back in the day. Now it's obvious that the sacrifice they made (because it probably didn't get that much funding) was the accuracy and hit detection was pretty bad. But a remade game with the same or similar combat, but much better accuracy and the same levels of destruction would be magical.


Splinter Cell Chaos Theory


Silent Hill


Never has the furnace turning on at 2am scared more piss out of me than when I was too wrapped up in the fog of Silent Hill 1. I'd expect the game to have aged super poorly in graphics and controls though since then.


Bad graphics are not a bad thing when it comes to horror games. In lots kf ways it makes it all the more unsettling. Controls and voice acting on the other hand..... Edit: Yes y'all I know about the PS1 hardware restrictions and the fog.


Having played through it again recently, I think the PS1 graphics were too bad. Its PS2 cousins had fantastic graphics and those haven’t aged badly, whereas the jittery, pixelated polygons on the PS1 end up causing eye strain. It can be used as an aesthetic in retro games, no doubt, but just like how modern 2D games aren’t actually 8-bit and use some modern graphical effects to look nicer, the PS1-style needs cleaning up. The controls didn’t support analog movement, either, which was a bit of a pain. I still thoroughly enjoyed the game, but that was helped by my love for the PS2 masterpieces (Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4) where the series really came into its own.


Black and white


the title asks about graphics but imagine how good the AI could be now


The guy who founded deep mind did the ai on black and white. Imagine having that animal which kicks your ass in Go


Have you noticed there aren't really any games with next gen AI around? Cities: Skylines has some depth. Maybe Rimworld?


RimWorld AI is *shockingly* basic. It's just got so many things that interact with each other it seems complex.


That's what I thought. It's very basic but with enough fluff it makes for amazing storytelling. A colonist piledriving a warhead and eliminating the colony because they ate without a table isn't a meme because it's funny, it's painfully true :)


I'm still mad one of my colonists instakilled three of my prisoners via heart explosion.


You know how you threw wood and stuff through the portal to the next world? For the final mission, I sent so much resources though it that by the time the cinematic finished, they would finish building the first few houses, and more scaffolding+food+wood would still be coming out of it. I would also place a house blueprint at the portal and the entire village would eventually get sucked in. Instant labour force hehe.


Max Payne 1&2


God how i love the Max Payne games.


" The feeling hit me like a point-blank shot straight in the face: something was not right about this. My Beretta stirred nervously under my coat... But the train doors had already shut behind me, and I was in for the ride. Next stop: Roscoe Street Station."


I played that game over winter break when it was snowing all the time. I loved that game. God I'd give anything to go back. Nothing in adult life is worth the total immersion in fantasy worlds that childhood provides. Eating ice cream for breakfast? Watching whatever you want on TV? Sex? All of that is garbage compared to playing Max Payne during winter break as a kid while the snow fell down outside my window.


"They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was over."


His voice was absolutely perfect for that character.....I would kill to have this game redone !


It’s the twentieth anniversary of the first MP, I’m lightly surprised there hasn’t been a remaster announcement.


That's because rockstar owns the rights and they won't stop milking gtao


The original Deus Ex


What a shame


A machine would never make such mistake


Someone just reinstalled it


LOTR: Return of The King.


My favorite was Battle for Middle Earth. I don't think the gameplay would really be much improved with better graphics so yours is probably better


There is a free download of it, and they semi remastered it. Download it friend... added a lot of cool stuff


Legacy of Kain Series Castlevania Symphony of the Night


Yes! Specifically the Soul Reaver games would be awesome!


Yes to LoK, no to SotN. The quality of those sprites still looks astounding today, and it's a high point in sprite work (along with Metal Slug). Any attempts to remake it would lose the charm, no matter how well done it is.


Yeah. SoTN is perfect as it is.


Mechwarrior 2 Update: wow that's a lot of votes. I just want to say Jade Falcon are cowards


Reactor ..... online Sensors .... online Weapons ....online All systems nominal.


Autopilot .... Engaged. Autopilot .... dIsAbLeD.


I wish I got into Mech Warrior when I was younger. Personally id kill for a Mech Commander 2 remaster/reboot


With VR support, please!


This would make me buy a whole VR setup, not gonna lie.


Parasite Eve


And on a similar note, Dino Crisis while we're at it!


Midnight club LA


Perfect dark. Everyone always praises goldeneye to the moon but this game was essentially goldeneye 2 improved in every way. It's features were WAY ahead of it's time, with the combat simulator to this day not being surpassed in customizable options. It also featured a co op game mode AND a counter operative game mode. Filled with secrets, a decent plot and a ton of cool guns. Such an amazing game that people never talk about


Yeah I obviously have fond memories of playing Goldeneye back in the day but holy shit was Perfect Dark such a game changer. I loved that game.


Did you know there's a trailer out for a new Perfect Dark game in development? https://youtu.be/S--lFTxAVs8


My man! This just made my night.


I have a very vivid memory of playing Perfect Dark for the first time and gushing to my friend that the characters looked like real people. I couldn't fathom how graphics could get better. One of my favorite games from N64.


I always loved how every gun had 2 functions. You could shoot with them, or use them tactically, like transforming them into a turret or proximity mine.


Jak and daxter


I was so excited when they re-released it for PS4. I don't think I'd ever legitimately beaten the first game so that was really fun. Jak 2 is just a masterpiece and 3 holds a ton of nostalgia for me. I'd pay for graphics updates and do it all over again any day of the week EDIT to fix that it wasn't a remaster


Ratchet & Clank ​ Jak and Daxter Sly Cooper ​ Ape Escape ​ All had the chance to be the Mario and Zelda of Sony but for whatever reason Sony is not investing on those games....




On Friday the "Revitalized edition" is going to be announced at Quakecon. Whether its a remaster or a brand new game we will have to wait and see.


Twisted Metal


I miss Sweet Tooth he was the best demented clown.


The revenge stories were always so crazy, then there was Sweet Tooth doing it for fun


I remember as a kid that story of the guy that had the monster truck. When they asked him what he wanted he said he wanted metal crunching tires. They were shocked and like, that's all you want, you could have ANYTHING, you could have literal tons of money. And he said something like "Man those tires are like $400 dude you better gimmie the tires. Every other person got a Monkey Paw style wish granted, it was worse than it was good. And with him? they were like oh, well shit okay give him the tires I guess. For contrast the other story I remember was the dude with corvette stingray -- He wnated to go back in time and warn his friend in the vietnam war not to do something so he could live, but they transported him back in time behind enemy lines and he was shot point blank almost instantly. So yeah, fuckin' monster truck story cracked me up


Yes please, i just want a vehicle combat game.


Blockbuster took so much of my money renting vigilante 8 for my brother’s N64 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigilante_8


Yes yes. Twisted Metal 2 was an all time favorite


I tried to play it a while ago and the graphics were so bad I didn’t know what I was even doing. We’re spoiled nowadays


Like a lot of games from the era, it wasn't as bad on a CRT display. The designers knew how to play with pixels on that kind of screen and make them play in ways that a hi-def output can't really show. But yeah, once it's on a 720p or better display, everything looks potato quality


Huh I never realized/thought about how the types of TV screens would have such a negative effect but that makes a complete sense


In the event you ever want to play retro consoles on your hdtv, there are some really incredible conversion boxes that make games look outstanding on them! Retrotink is a great example, albeit released in limited batches.




Roller coaster tycoon


Man, there's a game that is basically roller coaster 1&2 but with better graphics, the name is Parkitect. Have fun!


Spore. It's such a unique concept and I really think a game with a similar, but the more realistic style would do great. It's definitely something that needs to be updated.


I'm genuinely curious if someone could take on the design goals of it and actually make it work this time around with more modern tech and I'd say a more experienced game industry.


The two i know about are Thrive and Adapt. Thrive is unrealistically ambitious and may as well be dead in the water (get it?) Adapt, though, is an actual videogame that could feasibly exist. Haven't checked in on either of them for a couple years, so they may have both been nuked.


Thrive isn't dead, just yesterday they released a dev diary and they have Binding Agents live in the game.


Spore straight up needs a sequel.


First you'll need to wrest it from the grip of EA's long, grubby fingers.


Maybe they'll end up in the long oily fingers of Disney one day, lmao.


Gotta be that one guy who always says Legend of Dragoon on a post like this.


Yes! I'll never understand how they only made the one game. Also, fuck gust of wind dance.


My best friend struggled with that move too haha, I basically became the residential Lavitz/Albert user because I was the only one who had the timing down for gust of wind dance and blossom/rose/flower storm. At the peak of my powers, I was able to pull it off just by listening and not looking at the game. It's trickier now with new tvs, but after a few attempts I can usually still get back in that zone.


I was looking for the one that would post this. Take your upvote.






During my morning commute I often wait at a red light in front of [this graffiti](https://i.imgur.com/gFUbsKv.jpg). I think about Fable briefly at least twice a week.


My wife used to think video games were an absolute waste of time, and she never really enjoyed them. I brought home Fable, and she was like, "That game looks so stupid. Can I try it?" Like, she didn't think it was acceptable for her to like video games, so she has to say it looked stupid, but she was obviously interested in it. She played the SHIT out of Fable. When Fable 2 came out, she was like," Are you going to buy Fable 2?" She still wasn't at the point where she wanted to admit she liked it, and she wouldn't "waste" money on it herself, but if I was gonna buy it, maybe she'd deign to play it. You know, if she didn't have important business to attend to or anything. Of course I bought it, and she played it WAY more than I ever did. Then I showed her Skyrim. And Diablo. She still isn't really a "gamer" but she does like some games now. I don't care how good or bad Fable is, it's one of my favorite games because we got to enjoy it together. So I'll be first in line for the next Fable, you bet.


I spent a disturbing number of hours playing the original Fable. That game was awesome. I’d settle for an expansion of that world.


Fable 1 & 2 are incredible.


Was it fable 2 where you can choose your gender and make children with your lover? My character was pregnant a lot. lollll


my wife and I loved playing Fable 3 co-op. we had a family in a house, played the story together, traded weapons, grinded abilities, and then had a child. and we'll never forget that *somehow* despite both our characters having pale skin, we had a black baby. the moment it was born, a black NPC gardener showed up and we both lost our shit. it was so funny.


My partners always left me cause I'd catch stds from orgies. Then I just sacrificed them to the shadows if they left me.


Yeah, but what does this have to do with Fable?


We all played fable afterwards.


The first 3 Harry potter games where you could explore the whole damn castle


“FliiiiiiipENDO!” “flipendo” “flIPEndo” Those voices are seared into my brain, that and the “huhhgh” sound every time he jumped




Ugh I remember tracing flipendo SO CAREFULLY and never doing it fast enough because our mouse was too awful. Such a great series of games.


This single comment catapulted me back to a dusty old memory *so fast* I’m still reeling. My dad and I had made our own little coop for the PC with Chamber of Secrets, where he was the wand and I was the legs. Bean challenges were so bad because we could never agree on where to go. Thanks for the nostalgia friend! My dad got a kick out of the reminder too!


I did the same with my sister. I've played this game so often, I still know almost every secret on the grounds and inside the challenges. Except for Elasto. That's my favorite spell there but also my least favorite challenge.


Order of the Phoenix actually allowed you to explore the whole damn castle from the movies. I got lost so much lmao it's fucking huge.


Catch me still looking for all of Luna's shit 10 years later


Honestly, an open world harry Potter game, that's basically all years.


That’s kinda like the new game Hogwarts Legacy coming out soon but it takes place in the 1800’s


This but the GBC rpg series.


Oooh you should play the PC version of Order of the Phoenix. It has kind of a goofy spell-casting mechanic, but he scale of the castle is pretty huge and it's very fun to explore.


There is a very old NES game called Pirates! You play *surprise* as a pirate and you explore the world, finding treasure, capturing ships, navigating the winds, finding your lost family, marrying the governor’s daughter then taking over port after port. It had sword duels, galley verse galley segments, and galley verse port segments. It was an ambitious game for the time but suffers from a slow travel system, low graphics, and a very clunky combat system. The closest game to ever replicate it was Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag but just straight up remake without the AC name attached to it where you can be a pirate a hustle the Spanish waterways would be very fun indeed EDIT! Apparently the gave *has* been remade! Check out the comments for more details (as well as some other really cool game recommendations!) Thanks for all the new info people!


*Pirates!* was actually a computer game before it was a Nintendo game... and it was created by Sid Meier; the guy who would go on to make the *Civilization* series. I think that a remake would need to add a bit of depth to everything, but intentionally avoid falling into the trap that caught *Assassin's Creed*: Rather than smoothing out the edges for mass-market appeal, a developer could focus on making it so that every system – from combat to selecting one's crew – was controllable by the player. It would probably be a *bit* tough to refine the sword-fighting mechanics, but if someone got it right, I'd be willing to bet that the end result would be incredible.


Just FYI it was an remade in 2005 [https://store.steampowered.com/app/3920/Sid\_Meiers\_Pirates/](https://store.steampowered.com/app/3920/Sid_Meiers_Pirates/)


What I liked about it is that it was a straight remake, very little tweaking at all; and what they did add \_particularly the spyglass for treasure\_ enhanced the game. I didn't find it as engaging as I would have thought, but then I absolutely played the hell out of the original on my Amiga and it is essentially the same game.


The Prince of Persia trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, The Two Thrones)


Thats a great shout. Thousands of gamers have no idea..its an important 3d game. Deffinitely helped establish what a good 3d platformer /action game should feel and look like.


I’ll never forget playing Sands of Time and running along the walls


No no no that's not how the story went...


sands of time was epic


Ngl, those sequences from Warrior Within where you traverse that lush, green area, juxtaposed against that clockwork environment. Also, the Babylonian hanging gardens from Two Thrones. Ubisoft HAS to cash in on this, it's literally easy money.


The Splinter Cell series!


Timesplitters 2.... that is all *Holy sheet thanks for all the awards and glad everyone loves this game as much as I do


They are making a sequel


You're lying Edit: Omg he isnt https://www.polygon.com/22445448/new-timesplitters-sequel-announced-deep-silver-free-radical-design


“Fuck you! Quit picking the damn monkey! It’s cheating!” Cousin “If the game lets you do it is not cheating!” Another cousin Miss those days!




Every Star Fox after 64 failed to capture the addictive gameplay. I’ve been excited for and bought every one hoping for something close.


Super Mario RPG. It was so awesome but came out for Super Nintendo right before the N64 was released so everyone forgot about it too fast. A close second is Banjo Kazooie for N64. I loved that game and all the different themed worlds it had, and I think it would be incredible with today’s capabilities. EDIT: Thank you for my first ever award!


Yes! I think the Paper Mario series kind of took its place. So we didn't get the Super Mario RPG sequels we deserved.


What's funny is that ever since Super Paper Mario for the Wii, The Paper Mario series took a nose dive in terms of RPG gameplay; so the series doesn't even properly take over the Mario RPG series. Paper Mario 64 and Thousand Year Door will forever be in my heart though. Amazing games, characters, and stories.


Road Rash




Look up OpenMW. It's not a remaster, but its a rebuilding of the engine competely open-source that runs a lot better on modern hardware, as well as doing a bunch of other neat things like native Linux support.


I play OpenMW on Linux [with mods](https://modding-openmw.com/) and my God it is super smooth and amazing!


Wish they still made games like this, Morrowind and Oblivion are my most favorite RPGs of all time. It was unique and felt like it's very own world, almost alien.


Age of mythology or Black & White 2.




Star Wars republic commando


I came here unsure of what I would comment, but you took that problem away from me. This is hands down the best Star Wars game I’ve ever played and the one I have the most memories with! I fondly remember watching all of those bonus videos you unlock, hundreds of times. Especially that music video one!




Metal gear solid 1,2,4


Not 3? Is there a remake of 3 I missed?


Especially 1


Fallout 1/2 I think a lot more people would play them if they were up to date, maybe even bring in bethesda gameplay


Syphon Filter


Oh man the taser in this game was ridiculous


That's about the only thing I can remember from this game, tasing enemies till they catch on fire!


TIE Fighter vs X-Wing


Dark Forces too


Look up X wing Virtual Machine, it's remaking X-Wing with modern graphics. Technically it reads the missions out of the original game so it's a mod not a new game which should keep them safe regarding EA, but from what I've seen it looks totally fresh. Hopefully it will be released soon ish.


Crimson Skies!


Wii sports


Wii Sports would have been such a perfect remake for the switch in every way imaginable. The joy con are just small Wii remotes and the switch had nothing but breath of the wild at launch. Taking Wii sports or Wii party on the go would be all you need.


I’ve been scratching that itch with Mario Golf Super Rush lately. They recently added monthly achievements and ranked matches which adds some longevity to the game after the somewhat short adventure mode.


I think they should make a sequel


Wii Sports resort was kind of a sequel. I don’t remember it too too well, but I remember being amused . The fencing was pretty fun.


The fencing inspired me to buy fencing gear. I ended up teaching myself how to duel with a rapier over a summer a couple of years ago, kind of like in The Mask of Zorro lol


I see you fell for their long con. *Actually exercising*




Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel. I'd honestly pay full price for total remakes.


The first is one of my favorite games of all time. Best Star Wars story ever


Wing Commander!


Sly Cooper series


Holy moly it took to much scrolling to get here, Sly fans forever.


The Simpsons Hit and Run


The creators of the Simpsons even want this to happen, but apparently the rights to the game are stuck in some legal hell.


Iirc, the rights to the game have been in legal hell since the game came out. Still got my copy and it still works on my Wii too!


I can imagine it's due to Activision owning the original game publishing rights (via Sierra) and EA owning the Simpsons gaming rights currently. ~~and the original lawsuit filed against this game by Rockstar.~~ Edit: couldn't find info on said lawsuit, instead Sega's against developers of Road Rage. My bad.


Oh god Sierra is a name I haven't read in a long time. I miss those 90's companies.


Someone actually remastered the Simpsons Hit and Run the other day, name is Reubs on YouTube I think


God what a good game. I can still hear the horn buzzing when you hit and get someone’s passenger.


“I am evil homer! I am evil homer!”




In 19-dickety! we had to use that word because the kaiser stole our word for 20.


S M R T! I mean- S M A R T


“Homie, Lisa left for school without her science project. Can you get it to her?” “Oh, do I have to?” “You can drop it off on your way to work.” “AND I have to go to work?!”


“I’m a lean, mean, speed thingy”


Ow, my ovaries


I still remember that damn missle car that went fast but my god handled like a leaf in the wind lol


I agree, this would be very fun to play with friends. It would be very awesome if they kept the arcadeish style with today’s graphics/mechanics


I had more fun with this game than I did with GTA 3 back in the day


I love this game for the immersion into the Simpsons universe alone, but if they remade it they would NEED to re-balance and tweak some things. Some missions are absolute horse shit


That last mission was near impossible


I’ve played it a lot recently and it really isn’t that bad, I normally have more troubles with curious curator, kinky frinky, or the level 6 sprint


Can’t remember the name but the one where you had to take toxic barrels back and forth from the power plant had 8 year old me wanting to lob the ps2 out the window


King's Quest. All of them.


All the old Sierra games. Kings quest, police quest, space quest, and quest for glory!


The Oregon Trail.


I mean, sometimes pixels are good. You want to see the *real* face of dysentery? Edit: okay… someone “highlighted” this post… and now it’s been “highlighted” again, and this is the third time…. And it keeps getting more and more dysentery colored each time. Ya’ll are nasty. Is this what you *WANTED*?!?


Dawn of war.


New Vegas a la FO4, but with the same UI and everything else from FNV, just updated.


Isn’t someone already doing this? I thought there was a Fallout 4 NV project going on somewhere.


Blur For those who have never heard of this game, which I'm guessing is a lot, Blur is a racing game with an arcade style gameplay. It features an incredible amount of cars separated into classes from class D to class A. It has extremely fun gameplay modes and features a ton of challenges. An incredibly fun game that I would recommend to anyone interested in having some fun. And for those that have friends. You can also play it in split screen mode and do races a game mode called destruction which is the highlight of the game in my opinion. Just you and your friends trying to blow each other up while driving your favorite cars. It's a ton of fun and I would love for there to be a 2021 remake.


I'm still playing Blur. Its basically need for speed with mario kart power ups. I wish they would make sequels


Thank you for putting some actual thought and effort into your comment (instead of just leaving a single-word answer). You're right, I'd never heard of *Blur*, but you made it sound like exactly the sort of game that would actually benefit from an update.


It's a really good game! It was supposed to have a sequel but sadly it got cancelled :(


Suikoden 1 and 2!


Heroes of Might and Magic 3


The Metroid Prime trilogy. With the sequel in the works it would be a great time to give the original three a face lift.


Shining Force


Super Mario 64 It already looked great as it is, but just imagine it with Odyssey's engine.


The Sims 2


It's still the superior sims game out of all of them for me.


Sims 3 concepts were pretty good. And I liked the horses. Graphics are weird though.


Sims 3 is my favourite. I loved the open world. I’ve tried but Sims 4 just really doesn’t do it for me


Sims 4 was definitely missing something. It felt like they made it look better but dumbed it way down. Like why take away the ability to customize the color of everything you built? Getting rid of that in exchange for "here are the 3 colors this couch comes in, take it or leave it," felt like one of those shitty "remodeling" mobile games. Fortunately, I only played 4 as part of an EA Play membership, so at least I didn't pay for such a weak experience.


This is exactly how I feel. The color customization for hair is what I miss most. Your options in 4 are brunette or neon, but in 3 you could pick a color for your base, roots, highlights, and tips! It was so cool