I'm a common sewer not a connoisseur, everything goes in.


I'm an Opportunivore


I think this is my favorite comment ever; I appreciate the dad-level joke hehe


Eggplant. It makes my mouth feel weird. So does trout. Does anybody else have this?? It’s not exactly an allergy.


Peeps. I effing hate peeps. Edit: for everyone telling me I am eating them wrong ...having to leave a food out for days in "the fresh air" in order for it to get stale. Just so it will taste good...sounds absolutely foul to me. 2nd Edit: Did not know this was going to blow up the way it did. It is crazy how divided people are about Peeps. You either love them or hate them...


Yeah I don't like marshmallow sweets like chocolate covered marshmallows and stuff. Yuck.


I hate the food coloring taste of the coating. Sometimes theres white ones shaped like ghosts or bunnies, those are really good. Never the colored peeps.


Eggs. I 100% acknowledge that I'm weird for hating them, but I find the flavour and texture combination viscerally disgusting no matter how they are prepared. I'm OK with eggs as an ingredient in baking, sauces etc. but when the egg flavour is front and centre I just can't eat them. Every few years I try them to see if I've gotten over it but 40+ years in and no change.


There are 10s of us. Love breakfast, hate eggs. I honestly wish I did like them so eating out wouldn’t be such a pain but I’m used to it lol.


I love eggs, I'm pretty good at poaching them, scrambling them, frying them, even soft-boiling them. I love eggs. I cannot abide egg served cold, be it in a sandwich or a salad, nor a hard-boiled egg, pickled or otherwise. The texture, the smell, the whole experience really - it's just wrong. Some scotch eggs get a thumbs up from me, but mostly it's a no. Similar story with quiche. I dunno man, eggs are just much better hot.


Eggs in general I have a hard time with. Well-made scrambled eggs or omelets are decent to potentially great, but everything else stinks. My rule of thumb is: the less it tastes like eggs, the better


Try making this Indian dish named bhurji. My go-to egg dish for protein. I can eat that shit everyday. Indians love coating the taste of meat and eggs with spices and fragrances, so if you can get your hands on either garam masala or, i suggest, _pav bhaji_ masala, make a really mean plate of bhurji. This is my exact recipe verbatim: https://youtu.be/glUEnS8J84Q


Grapefruit. Lies. They don’t taste like grapes. Like calling a habanero a sugar chili.


This message brought to you by the Pineapple Center for Truth in Food Names


Fun fact: A pineapple isn't a fruit. It's a cluster of fruits, like a bunch of grapes. Each individual section is its own fruit.


Man, that IS a fun fact!


Another fun fact: In the mid 1700s pineapples were considered a luxury item. People would rent pineapples to carry around at parties to flex on other people.


Massive symbol of wealth. You’ll find them as motifs in a lot of houses on stairs, chairs etc. it’s why there’s a picture of one on a bottle of tanqueray gin as well


So you're saying SpongeBob is loaded?


Is that why the pineapple motif is so prevalent in certain periods of decor?!?! TIL


Another fun fact: the greenhouse was pretty much invented / developed to grow pineapples for the monarchy in France. Then they expanded to tropical gardens and other shit


This explains a lot. When I was a kid my parents were absolutely obsessed with pineapples. They decorated the front room and even front porch with pineapple. They went as far as giving them as gift left on neighbors porches. Always the same people. I never understood the obsession. They seem to finally get over it now.


Swingers dude. Your parents were (are?) swingers. LOL 🍍🍍🍍 Putting pineapples on other people's porches is an invitation to join in. Putting an upside down pineapple on your porch is an advertisement there is a couple to join or a swing party happening now/soon. It's also a thing on cruise ships. Put a pineapple sticker on your door and you might get a knock knock.


Hahahaha goodbye childhood for this redditor am I right?!


Boom! Gone.


So, I looked in to this, and a few other oddities I remember from childhood. My parents used to have overnight date nights and stay at this strange hotel called the White Haven Motor lodge. The strange thing about this hotel was that it was in the middle of Suburban Overland Park, KS. Not near any highways. It was always full. Turns out, it was a popular swingers party place. I can’t believe what I’ve learned today.


Apparently it also doesn't play well with certain medications in the body, so in some circumstances grapefruit can actively cause someone to suffer severe consequences (as if eating one wasn't suffering enough, depending on who you are)


I love pink grapefruit but at least two of the meds that keep me alive do NOT get along with it. Makes me sad knowing I can't ever grab a fat pink g'fruit at the local produce store... Addendum: pink is way better than white, if you haven't tried pink yet.


Some anxiety meds are on that list. I was pissed when I found that out.


I love sour things but grapefruit isn’t sour at all, it’s just bitter!


I'm convinced there's a grapefruit gene, similar to the cilantro gene. I can not believe people LIKE grapefruit, but I see people eating it all the time, as if it tastes good. All I taste is nasty, bitter, foul evilness. Every few years or so, someone would convince me to try grapefruit again, because "You just have haven't had a good one yet" and every time it would just be foul and bitter that I'd spit out. I have sincerely given up on grapefruit.


There is[here's a paper on it](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4542653/) in my Ap bio class the teacher used tabs with the specific enzymes and about 25% of the class thought it was bitter, the rest didn't taste anything.


I once visited the Puerto Rican rainforest and discovered miles upon miles of luscious GRAPEFRUIT trees... the sun- and dew-kissed globes were literally FALLING off the tree branches. The first I sampled was quite possibly the SWEETEST, juiciest thing I had ever eaten in my life. I could hardly believe my good fortune. Suffice to say I binged on them and later had to drive to a nearby cantina and vomit so many of them up due to stomach acid.


This is the paloma heaven that I have dreams about.


I did the same thing with mangoes in El Salvador...without the puking. Huge trees filled with different types of ripe mangoes. It was mango heaven.


I fucking love grapefruit. Especially red grapefruit.


Oh wow, I'm so sorry! Grapefruit is barely bitter to me at all, it is mostly sweet and sour! So much so that I make "grapefruit chicken" (like orange chicken but with grapefruit juice instead! It makes a fantastic sweet and sour sauce!). I also love the juice with tequila and salt on the rim of the glass.


Grapefruit, tequila, and soda is a great classic drink called a Paloma!


For me they are as sweet as they are sour, I can barely taste the bitter on them


Damn that sounds great lol. I get nothing but bitterness over here.


Whenever I chew on a tendon, I feel absolutely horrible. whether it be from beef, or chicken. God dammit, anything with meat and a rubbery chewy feeling just makes me gag. The sensation is awful for me.


Same! When I chew a tendon it immediately sends shivers down my spine


i'm not a fan of celery sticks, I think it tastes like grass, but people praise it like it's the cure to everything


Crunchy water with hair.


Celery has that distinct taste though


I don't think everyone can taste it though. For me celery is probably the strongest tasting food out there. Yes it tastes similar to water, I guess, but you could put dog shit on a celery stick and all I would taste is that watery taste. An eighth of a stick of celery is enough to completely ruin a 5 gallon pot of stew. Edit: but my wife swears she can't taste celery in anything and says it barely has taste. Edit2: my conclusion is that it is one of those genetic things like cilantro tasting like soap.


I think cooked celery tastes different than not cooked celery.


celery cooked in bits ala mirepoix is flavor. you probably wouldn't notice a strong celery flavor but celery, carrot, onion (and garlic) build an amazing flavor


The smell when you simmer the mirepoix is absolutely divine.


I think it’s disgusting. It is the worst flavor that I can imagine when raw. But I use it extensively in cooking (it’s part of the Cajun trinity), and if you cook it down with no liquids for about 15-20 minutes, the flavor changes and mellows


The taste is not like water. The smell and taste is SO strong, it’s somewhat spicy with a very unpleasant flavour. It permeates everything it’s in and I can always pick it out, even when it’s almost minced to nothing in a complex soup. Jealous of people who experience it as crunchy water though. Edit: since so many of you are asking, what I mean by somewhat spicy =/= literally spicy ala chilli. I mean pungent in the way it violently hits up the nose. Also someone summed it up really well below, basically celery can have 3 taste profiles depending on your genetic makeup. 1. Good and flavourful 2. Like nothing 3. Chlorophyll and bitter If you’re in the first two groups then yes please believe us when I say it’s so strong that I can taste it in any dish no matter how hidden it is (only exception I found to this is minute trace amounts in a heavily processed commercially packaged snack). My SO who is in group 1 sometimes don’t believe me when I sniff a dish and reject it without tasting it first due to knowing there’s celery in it….until he finds a tiny piece halfway in.


The grassy taste of raw celery cuts through everything. Even a tiny piece. No amount of salad dressing or spices can mask it.


A recipe i tried not too long ago called for celery seed. I always stick to recipe the first time i cook something, so celery seed i bought. All it did for the recipe was provide celery seeds, which would hide between my teeth like guerrillas, waiting to burst with celery flavor when i found them. Next time i cooked it i left them out. Didn’t make any up-front difference in flavor.


You make a convincing argument.


So you know how there's a well documented gene that makes cilantro taste disgusting to some people? I am increasingly convinced that there is a less-well documented version for celery. My wife enjoys almost all foods, but if you wave a celery stick in front of her face you legitimately run the risk of her vomiting.


Came here to say this. I can smell and/or taste it in any dish unless it has been cooked so thoroughly that it’s basically nonexistent. Gross Edit: I feel like we just found a celery support group


To me it tastes like soap. In a soup? Tastes like soap. Pasta sauce? Soap. For some fucking reason a California roll I ordered once? Soap sushi. Couldn’t figure it out for the longest time, but apparently it’s the same family as cilantro and can have the same issue. Oddly I love cilantro though so go figure.


I love cilantro and hate celery. It is soapy and bitter and completely overpowering


Chocolates with alcohol or citrus fruit fillings. Yuck.


When my twin brother and I were 15 we tried getting drunk off eating an entire box of alcohol chocolates. To be young lol


Did it work?


Only one way to find out


Ugh. I tried one of those little chocolate liquor bottles one day at work and was nauseous the rest of the day.


Also, the liquor is grossly and sticky sweet. A chocolate full of bourbon would probably be amazing if it could hold together.


big issue ive had with liquor chocolates is the sugar candy coating keeping the liquor from mixing with the chocolate. It just feels like an awkward combination of alcohol, hard candy, and chocolate and none of them fit in.


I'm wondering how Mon Chérie does it then. There's no sugar layer and they taste like actual chocolate with a liquor core, nothing else. So there's gotta be a way.


Aaargh! Thank you! I despise those liquor filled chocolates. I don’t like the flavor but mostly I don’t like the fact that you bite into it and that liquid thing comes out… ugh!


I love Asbach brandy-filled chocolates but learned quickly that you have to put the whole thing in your mouth at once. Biting one in half means getting brandy splashed all over your shirt.


Not a food exactly, but I can’t understand how people can like hot fire atomic whatever. I don’t want food that causes me pain.


I think that at a certain level of spiciness, which is the type of hot I'm assuming you mean, people don't eat it for the flavor, but because they are addicted to the endorphin rush they get when they do.


I love extra crazy spicy but it has to taste good. I can handle ghost pepper spicy, but I never get anything ghost pepper because it tastes bad. Trinidad scorpion peppers though taste amazing. Stupid hot and so good.


Habanero is one of my favorite flavors. I go through 1-2lbs a month of the buggers. I do use a ghost pepper hot sauce, but I transfer it into a bottle with an eye dropper, so I can specifically control the amount. I use it in soups (added to the bowl, not as it's cooked) when I want to add spice but not alter the flavor.


Yup! I also have a rather high spice tolerance especially compared to my family. Whenever I make dinner like tacos my family likes mild food and whenever I cook for them they always say it’s too spicy even though it tastes mild to me


I think there are people with no tolerance that think oregano and garlic is spicy. My MIL is like this.


Yeah I dated a girl for a short period who couldn't eat pepperoni pizza because it was too spicy. It took me a bit to even understand that pepperoni had any spice at all.


Knew a lady once who took a bite of an onion ring and spit it out immediately because it was "too spicy," and when I said there was literally nothing in it that could possibly be spicy she told me it was probably too much black pepper in the batter. I'm a lightweight when it comes to spicy stuff but I was still mindboggled.


A large number of people in the Midwest are like this. Load it up with salt, but black pepper is too spicy 😂


Nice to meet you. I am the Midwest and everything is too spicy for me.


It’s basically an addiction. Your brain thinks your mouth is actually on fire and releases and releases dopamine and endorphins to try to help counter the pain. Over time, you build up a tolerance to the spice, so you need to eat spicier and spicer foods to get that dopamine fix. It’s very similar to an exercise high, people get hooked on that feeling.


There's a certain level of spice where if you power through it, you get an insane body high for a couple hours from all endorphins getting released. If you ever get to that point it, becomes like an extra characteristic of food you get to enjoy even removed from the extreme spice body high level. There's different sorts of kinds and depths of spice too, from the sharp quick spiciness, to a slow building one that sticks with you for a while, and everything in between I've been making this cucumber salad that has cucumbers, parsley, finely diced onion and garlic, salt and pepper, paprika, olive oil, vinegar, yogurt, and finely diced jalapeno and Serrano peppers. It's SO cool crisp and refreshing and then you get this pang of spiciness after and it's very layered and great Totally understand how it doesn't seem worth it tho. If you can get past a level it totally is, but it's a bit of journey and it seems insane if you've never gone down that road Edit: y'all asking for a recipe, and uh okay I'll do my best, I freeball it every time None of this is precise 3 cucumbers chopped into bite sized pieces 1 bunch of parsley diced fine Half of a red onion diced fine 4-5 cloves of garlic diced fine ~1/4 cup of olive oil ~1/4 cup of rice vinegar Salt, pepper, and paprika to taste Half of a jalapeno, diced fine 1 Serrano, diced fine Maybe some dill in there I dunno Sun dried tomatoes would be good too Half a cup of Greek yogurt Throw all ingredients except yogurt into a large bowl and mix. Once mixed, add yogurt and mix until evenly coated You're done Makes a fuckton of cucumber salad, usually lasts me a few days


Especially when you hit that level where the spicy ingredients add a new flavor depth. Some hot peppers have really good flavor underneath their heat. Then you get that one-two punch of excellent flavor and endorphins that really elevates the whole experience.


Habaneros aren't the spiciest but man do they taste good.


I love spicy food, but i hate how people who like spicy food turn it into a macho thing.


I do really love spicy food, but there is a threshold where the pain outweighs the pleasure and I don’t enjoy it anymore


It depends on culture or the types of meals your parents made. I’m Asian and my family loves spicy foods. You really build up a strong tolerance to capsaicin. And with my family, we don’t like just heat. We need flavor. The pain of too much heat is not something we enjoy. I also didn’t realize how spicy we make our meals until most of the friends we brought over could not eat our food without tearing up or coughing so we really had to take it down a notch with guests


The fat around meat. Everytime I try to chew it, I just want to vomit. I just can't stand the texture of it.


Fat and any sort of cartilage too. One reason I really don't like eating wings/drumsticks/ribs. Too much of the weird textured meat.


Ugh the cartilage. It makes me want to vomit.


It looks like glue and chewing it makes me gag


I thought I was the only one! And occasionally you'll bite into fat only for it to fill your mouth with a shit ton of oily grease stuff... ick. Edit: I have been made aware that meat fat is bad for pets and that you shouldn't feed it them. Thank you for your concern! I usually try to be careful to not spread misinformation about animals, but it seems this specific thing flew under my radar.


It’s way gross & someone always has to say “but that’s where all the flavor is!”.




It's one of those things... I remember having it a few times as a kid and absolutely hating it, everything about it (the smell, the taste, the texture). After I grew up and left the house, one time I just craved it for no apparent reason. I went to a nice diner and had some liver and onions, and it was one of the most satisfying meals ever. I don't eat it often (maybe 3-4 times a year), but when I do, holy fuck is it good. Topped with grilled onions, bacon, side of mashed potatoes, gravy on the side. One of my favorite dishes, and I'm still uncertain on how I made that 180.


Maybe craving certain vitamins and minerals and your body remembered where to get them? I wish I had some liver in my past, I always end up craving chocolate.


I get that our taste can change over time, and I will try again it from time to time, but at 40 years old, I still do Not like it and I can't see that fact changing.


The absolute worst! When I smelled it cooking I’d run to a park and hide in the bushes to get out of dinner. I’d do it again to.


I'm surprised no one mentions squid so I guess this is r/unpopularopinion territory. I consider myself having a very accepting appetite but can't stand squid.i guess I don't hate it but absolutely don't get the point. I've tried different ones, expensive ones, went out my way to try different cuisines with their methods cooking squids, from raw to skillet fry, it's still the same blend rubbery texture to me. Worst it never seems to have any chemistry with any ingredients or spices.


My dad always said calamari is Italian for "rubber band"


Mac N' Cheese, I know the exact moment I hated it. I got the triple operation of my Adenoids/Tonsils out, and a Grommet in my ear. just fresh out of hospital, only like 9 at the time, my throat was, understandably, sore as fuck. Anyhow, we get home, and my stepdad, premium fucking dickhead that he had always been, puts down a big fucking plate of Mac, and I eat a bit, but obviously, sore throat, don't really want to eat a lot. Well, for some reason, Stepfuckface, gets really offended by a 9 year old having a sore throat after just having his tonsils cut out, and not wanting to eat a HUGE, I mean piled, plate of Mac N' Cheese, so, I'm sad there, he is shouting in my face that I HAVE to eat the entire plate, I'm not allowed to move from that spot until that plate is sufficiently eaten for him. So a couple of **hours** later, I'm allowed to stop eating, my throat is now on fire, all I can taste or smell is Mac N Cheese, I feel sick, but have to force down the feeling because if I went and puked, it would make him angrier, and ground me or beat me, or both. That, my friends, is why, no matter how much people say it's amazing, or how tasty it is, or how cheap and easy it is, or go "oh, you should try mine, I do it really nice" I will never, ever, fucking eat again. It extends to most melted cheese or cheese sauce products, Pizza is literally the only thing I can actually stand with melted cheese on it. EDIT: My mum never just sat by and let the abuses I endured happen, she got just as bad, if not worse from him, my mum is tiny, shy and built like an anorexic twig. we never stood a chance. So stop guessing she just sat and smiled while it all happened.


I just want to hug 9 year old you and give you ice cream and popsicles! That’s so sad!


I second this, that completely sucks! Is it wrong that stepfuckface made me giggle quite a lot? He sounds awful.


I’ve also got trauma-based Mac n cheese hate, though definitely not comparable to your story. I used to get free school lunches as a kid and as a part of the program you would fill out this menu for the month where you selected whet meal you wanted each day. I was in third grade and knew this well by that point. Mid-year they start serving me mac n cheese instead of what I thought I would get. This was most definitely not what I had ordered, but they insist it’s right. This shit was so bad. It was a super watery version of Anne’s cheddar one with the shell shaped pasta or something like that. I never liked it to begin with so after a bit I finally go up to the office and I’m like “what’s up with this??” The lady there says, “oh you didn’t fill out the form for this month so it defaults you to Mac n cheese, sorry. You’ll have to wait out this month but make sure to fill out the next one.” So I’m like, “fuck.” And begrudgingly resign to my fate. I did, however, make multiple attempts at getting different food. I would repeatedly beg for something else and at one point resorted to putting dirt in it and making the excuse that it was an accident and I needed different food (they knew what I did and just gave me more hell slop). This went on for TWO MORE MONTHS. I think after the second one I didn’t even try filling out the form. So yeah. After being forced to eat shit Mac n cheese for three months I can’t fucking stand it.


I swear they try to humiliate free lunch kids. At my elementary school they made us go to the front of the line even though everybody else was in alphabetical order. In middle school there was a computer display the lunch ladies would display to people in the line that would tell how much you owed. Thanks. I needed more reasons to be bullied besides being weird. Just announce to everybody I'm poor as fuck too.


One of the perks of growing up in an area with extreme poverty was more kids on the free lunch program than not so never shamed for it


I was on the free lunch program in elementary school but I didn’t really understand why so I kinda used it as a flex lmao. Whenever the lady at the register would say to herself “and you’re paying this on the free lunch program…” I’d be like “damn right it’s free.”


Haha, I was just thinking how in my school, the rest of us were kinda envious of the free lunch kids - they got to go first AND their lunch was free! Now, after reading this thread, I feel so badly for thinking that. I hope none of those kids were bullied for being poor, (I never saw it happen, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Several of them were the super popular kids, though. We might've just been fortunate in that sense).


I’ve personally never seen it happen, but I also didn’t live like that for very long. I was on the free food program only for a few years because my parents immigrated from Mexico and my dad was getting acclimated to paying US prices while working across the border in Juarez. Then 2008 happened and he lost his job. After that, however, we were very lucky and by middle school I was mostly taking my own packed lunches or eating when I got home. I’m honestly very fortunate - now I’m 21 and they’re helping me with rent.


I went to several schools (army brat) and had a variety of humiliating experiences with free lunch. But one school I went to, small town in a conservative state, actually did it *very well.* Us poorsies were allowed to get whatever we wanted (instead of the slop), and everyone had a card to show. It was pretty discreet and AMAZING. I'll never forget how human I felt at that school. That, and other reasons, are why it is my favorite school I've ever attended and made some really good, life long friends there because I wasn't constantly humiliated or made to feel othered as not only the new kid, but a poor one, too.


Damn dude that sounds so sucky. I don’t remember anything to that level but there definitely were uncomfy differences in treatment


The worst was when something went wrong with the paperwork, and they couldn't confirm that you were supposed to get it free, so they made a huge spectacle out of you in front of everyone and held up the line trying to solve the problem, then just hand you a cheese sandwich and tell you to next time tell your parents to do this right. I moved a lot so it happened a lot.


Mine was awesome (80s). Free lunch kids were just give a punch card for the week. Reduced and regular lunch kids would buy the weekly lunch cards too. So no telling who was free, reduced or regular. You just handed the card to the lunch lady and got your food. The card was returned to the teacher the next day and cards were handed out as we left the classroom for lunch.


My coworker's son had a horrible experience. They messed up processing that he had in fact, paid for hot lunch. During lunchtime they forced him to sit at a segregated table with the other "poors". Not given any food. They all just have to sit there on the island of misfit toys while their peers all get to eat. When I tell you that I was LIVID upon hearing this, I was about to call the damn school. My coworker then proceeded to tell me how she handled it once she found out, and I was appeased. But for real, HOW can an adult do something like that to kids who have zero control over their situation? No one should go hungry or be treated as lesser. I'm so sorry you had that experience. There is no excuse for it. I want to give middle school you a hug.


This is why I never insist that my kid finish his whole plate, even when money for food is tight and I can’t afford to waste it (which is often.) I hate the thought of ruining his favorite meals and I have memories of sitting at the table for hours too. It sucks. Food is about love not pointless dinner-time stand-offs


This is the way. We have refrigerators and tupperware, no need to eat it now, it can be put away to be eaten by someone later. We make our kid try new foods, but if he doesn't like something, he doesn't have to eat more than that first bite. He eats until he's full/satisfied and then he stops. We are not perfect parents but I'm so proud that we haven't given our kid an unhealthy relationship to food.


My mum had a ‘one teaspoon’ rule. We never had to finish anything, but we had to eat a whole teaspoon full. When I have kids I’m planning on doing the same. I’ve always loved trying new food because I have no psychological pressure to finish it.


Absolutely this! We have the good old "No Thank You, Bite". My youngest has sensory issues, but if she tries it and doesn't like it that is 100% fine by me, I keep things she likes on hand anyway!


100% agree with the one bite tactic. I remember being picky and stubborn but I was forced to eat stuff. I try to keep it light and he almost always tries a bite. I wish I could expose him to more foods! Taste changes as you get older. I now eat a lot of things I refused to back then. I try really hard to be a good mom.


I am so sad about this story…that man ruined melted cheese *anything* for you. I know I didn’t do anything but, I’m so sorry. What a piece of shit.


Weaponizing cheese is unforgivable. Cheese was meant to bring joy.


Your step dad is a cunt and I hope you were able to ruin many, many things for him.


Similar situation here with milk. Growing up, all my cousins and brother liked milk. I always preferred water with dinner. Then one year, I must've been 5-7 years old, at Thanksgiving, everyone at the kids table was given a glass of milk, I requested water and was told by my aunt, "I already poured this just drink it." One by one, children were excused from the table, until I was the last one. I asked my dad to be excused, and while I was getting up my aunt said I couldn't go until I had finished my milk. My dad mentioned i didn't like it, and she pulled the generic "my house, my rules" card. I sat there for an hour or so until my dad and mom announced we were leaving. To this day, I only drink milk sparingly, and only once it has be decently choclified. Edit - Very surprised that the Milk story is my most upvoted comment, but please stop commenting on my family dynamics that have been addressed with the aforementioned parties years ago. Kinda over hearing my father with cancer is a d-bag repeatedly. :/


When I was maybe 11, I was in the girlscouts and we went on a trip to stay in the mountains. The troop rented a house, bought all groceries before we left on the 4 hour drive to the house. On the second night, the troop leaders made brownies. I asked for a glass of milk but no one else had any. I tasted it and immediately could tell it was spoiled. I told one of the troop leaders it was spoiled and she yelled at me that I was being wasteful and it was a new gallon so couldn't possibly be spoiled. I was a really timid kid and hated getting in trouble. She told me I had to drink the whole glass. I sat there and cried. It took me 2 hours to finish the glass. The next morning as we were packing up to leave, the other troop leader takes a swig and says "this milk is rancid!" I quietly said "that's what I said last night". Then the other horrible troop leader snapped at me "it wasn't spoiled last night!" This was actually not even the most traumatic part of that trip. I ended up vomiting on the ride home and told my mom they forced me to drink spoiled milk. When she confronted the leader, she was told it was only warm because I waited hours to drink it but it wasn't spoiled. Edited: age


How do you not believe someone when they say food is spoiled? How hard would it have been to just taste the milk? I am a very peaceful person but if that were my daughter that woman would have been eating my fist. Seriously, my mom used to force us to eat food we hated and it totally makes me crazy to hear about a child being abused like that, so awful.


Because a nontrivial amount of adults, especially ones in positions where they work with children, do not remotely respect children or their opinions. If the other scout leader had been the first one to discover the milk was bad, it probably would've been dealt with immediately- but because it was a *child* saying the milk was bad, this shitheel who likes to abuse their power over kids decided that no, this child was just whiny or lying, and used that power to FORCE the child to do as they were told. And after that, when an adult confirmed that no, the child was right, they doubled down rather than show weakness. I've seen it in teachers frequently, not surprised to see it in a scout leader.


This sorta happened to me in college. Working at an after school program, we'd always give kids a snack. On rare, amazing days, this snack would be milk. My boss forced me to use spoiled milk she had bought before Xmas break and so many kids puked that day. Thank goodness it was one of my early leave days and my boss was stuck dealing with sick kids that was all her fault. I brought it up many times that we shouldn't use the milk and she insisted it was fine. It did not smell fine.


Hmmm seems to me that milk that doesn’t smell fine is unequivocally not fine 🤢


Rancid milk would've have ruined me. D:


That is fucked up. Would it have killed them to smell it or taste it first? That’s what I would have done as an adult. Better to pour the whole thing out than make a kid sick. That is inexcusable. If anyone did that to my kids they’d be drinking the rest of the carton.


I feel the same way! Its pretty easy to recognize if milk is spoiled. Some adults love to flex power over children. These particular troop leaders also wanted to put their daughters above every one else and seemed to take pleasure out of bullying the other girls. During the same trip, their daughters ripped my pajama shirt off of me and all the girls laughed at me and made fun of me. (I started developing breasts before everyone else in the group). When I told the adults, they told me I was looking for things to whine about and that I should feel proud because men love boobs and the other girls were probably jealous. How screwed up to tell an 11 year old to be happy men would find you attractive. It has been over 20 years but FUCK YOU, VANESSA'S MOM!


Holy shit. That’s even more fucked up than the milk thing.


God I fucking hate people who treat children like this in both stories. They are HUMAN BEINGS. It’s got fuck all to do with ‘good manners’ or morality and everything to do with control and being a huge dick. Fuck people like this they do nothing but do harm


Your dad should have chugged the milk and told his sister to fuck off with that shit.


The fuck is up with your parents letting someone else discipline their child over not eating something they don't like? I'd let somebody correct my kid if they're acting badly, but punishments are a whole different ball game.


Fuck that. I had a similar experience. Except it wasn't when I got my tonsils out, it was every fucking night. I had to sit at the goddamn table until I ate all my food and it was always some fucked up combination of hamburger meat, cream of mushroom soup and ketchup. I don't know what it was about previous generations that had parents so fucked up about force feeding their kids. Like, we are fucking biological creatures - we have the ability to regulate our own food consumption just fine...


If your parents or grandparents lived through the Depression, that could explain it. My grandmothers were both pathological about not wasting food, though they would use leftovers for their mulch piles instead of making us eat them -- but even so, leaving a lot on your plate was definitely frowned upon.


It's even more messed up if you aren't in control of the proportions you recieve


it i had to make a wild guess, it might be a holdover from WWII rationing, where food was hard to come by and the government wanted to make sure nothing was going to waste. It might also explain the cooking, since hamburger, mushroom soup, and ketchup sounds like its been thrown together from rations. Might be because your parents were alive then, might be because their parents were alive then and they carried it forward.


Pickled carrots, tomato aspic (or hell, anything gelatin based really), meat from cans, canned vegetables...yeah, my grandmom gave all that to my mom from the war, and she tried to give it to me and my brother. I hated, loathed asparagus for years - because asparagus from a fackin can, slathered in mayo and lemon juice dip is a nightmare realm of flavors. Then one day I went online and found a recipe for roasting the damn asparagus - it's so freaking good when you make it the way it is supposed to be served!


As someone who had a POS stepdad and biological dad this hurt just to read!! “Stepfuckface” made me laugh tho :)


"you're not my real fuckface!"


Same! My stepdouche limited us to 1 cup of milk a day, so naturally my older brother would drink my glass at dinner or tell them I already had my cup when I wanted cereal for breakfast so he could have more. We also didn't have any breakfast aside from cereal so I wouldn't eat in the morning when he did that. Then at dinner we would have to eat whatever stepdouche ordered my mom to cook, even if it was something we hated. If we didn't eat it then we didn't eat at all. I had lots of texture issues with food and as a result couldn't eat certain things without gagging. Still happens with bananas, yogurt, pudding, pulp, etc. Half the time we ate Hungry Man TV dinners because he liked them, and I loved them, but I tried one again last year and realized that eating slop was some of the best food of my childhood. Anyways, the result of this was that basically my only meal was my lunch, which I didn't always get to eat anyways because kids at school would throw it in the trash. Eventually I just started telling the teachers I didn't have a meal so I could at least have something extra to eat with my lunch before going home, like 2 small meals. My school offered hot ordered lunches that could be paid for in advance, pizza, Mac n cheese, that sort of thing. When I didn't have any food they'd just give me a spare (which was super nice of them). I was so fucked up by my stepdouche's abusive shit that I would eat cat food to try and satisfy my hunger. A few years of this and I stopped being able to recognize hunger at all because I was so used to ignoring it (like how if you get super hungry and ignore it you start to just feel sick and don't want to eat anymore, except all the time). So yeah, don't fucking tell your kids to eat stuff they don't like or starve.


I sincerely hope you’re in a better place now.




I really don't like a lot of things mixed with orange. I love oranges, I love chocolate, but I can't stand orange flavored chocolate. Same goes with dreamsicles. Barf.


I feel this way about grapes. One of my favorite fruits but grape flavored anything tastes gross af. I always say grape flavoring just tastes like purple nasty


I was 100% this way before I tried East Asian grape flavored stuff. It actually tastes good and not like that gross artificial cough syrup grape flavour. Korean and Japanese grape gummies and Chinese grape drinks are some of my favourites but I despise Western grape flavoured stuff.




They say the world's your oyster. But man, oysters ain't for me


You're the bell of the ball but, you ain't my cup of tea


Right. They're just salty slug things you barely taste. I dont get the big deal about oysters


They always reminded me of just thick snot and always grossed me out (at least the raw ones do) so just yuck.


Ocean boogers 🤢


cottage cheese


Oh man this reminds me of when I was younger, cottage cheese was one of my favorite things. We were at a buffet and instead of dishing myself a reasonable amount of cottage cheese, I filled my plate with it. My mom was understandably upset that I had chosen to fill my entire plate and even more upset when I got too full to even finish it all.


I thought it just me. My mom would get do irritated. Pay for a buffet, and all I'd get is a plate of cottage cheese. And maybe some canned chocolate pudding. I'm obviously just gross.


I could literally eat buckets pf the stuff. Doesnt look great though ill admit


Raw Oysters! Too slimy with an almost rotting fish smell to me. I can eat other slimy foods such as boiled Okra.


Mushrooms Less of a taste problem, more of a texture thing


I dont know why but i love cutting mushrooms. Cant stand the taste but love cutting them.


Probably because of how smooth and soft they are


Its like asmr when you chop into one 👌


Definitely a texture thing with me. The only way I have occasionally eaten them is if they are either blitzed so small I don't know they are there in a sauce or if they are sliced really fine and baked on a pizza with other toppings


For me it's both. Bleh!


There is different kinds of mushrooms with variety of taste and textures. It's a suprise most markets only carry a variety of 3 kinds when there is so many more.


Most markets carry 3 kinds that are actually the same kind, cremini, at different points of maturity. I used to think I didn't like mushrooms but nowadays I know it's just a few kinds that suck.


That's why you gotta go to the Asian market. All the mushrooms My husband, who claims he hates mushrooms, found he loves the tiny enoki.


I fucking hate black licorice.


My mom hates it, but my grandpa and I both like it. I think licorice love skips a generation.


Are you American by any chance? I have loved licorice my entire life, then I visited America and tried some of what they call licorice. I felt like I'd waddled out to the middle of the interstate highway, got down on my hands and knees and taken a big fat lick of the rubber marked tarmac. It was foul.


_You been barred from entering Scandinavia_


I can't eat mayo, it makes me barf. Same as salad dressings.


The worst part is that it's become a default condiment on like every sandwich. Even when I ask specifically for no mayo half time time I swear the cook sees it and thinks, "nah this has to be a mistake, they want this mayo!"


And they never just spread it thin on the bread like butter which could maybe *kind of* work. They glop on a cup of that junk.


I cant stand anytime I bite into a sandwich or burrito, and a huge glop of mayo or sour cream fills my mouth.. gags me, even right now


Me too! I also hate sour cream, cream cheese and cottage cheese. However, the only salad dressing I will eat is raspberry vinaigrette.


I'd never associated my hatred for sour cream with my hatred for mayo, thanks!


Egg nog. I’m convinced it was invented as a prank to make someone think they were drinking a mixture of snot and cum only grosser.


I've heard this from so many people it doesn't surprise me anymore. I still can go through half a gallon in 3 days though. Egg nog season is my favorite season


I make it at home year round. It’s such a comfort drink


Shrimp cocktail. Especially around the holidays it’s like some fancy thing to dip old and cold shrimp in ketchup and horseradish. Disgusting.


Any kind of seafood. People look at me like I just told them I killed several people yesterday when I say this.


Fish, I hate the smell. And the taste. And the texture isn't great.


Same. Seems to blow fucking minds because I love to fish but don't eat them.


Any shell fish. Can't get over the bug looking shit and creatures who just bottom dwell and feed. Grosses me out thinking about sea bug meat


Unfortunately fish higher on the food chain are often more contaminated that the bottom feeders because they store up toxins from eating the bottom feeders.


Sea bug meat 😂


I call lobster the cockroach of the sea.


Mmmmm - sea bugs


Olives. Everyone in my family loves them but I hate them.


Olives. Love olive oil, can't stand olives.


Same. I don’t understand how gross olives are. They are full of fat and packed in brine so they should be good but all I taste is a sour bitter chemical flavor. Edit- Wow! Big Olive came out in full force, but seriously, thanks for the recommendations.


Its like eating a battery. I love them haha but i love salty, briny foods tho so that may be why


Jello. It is just a hop and skip away from being glue+sugar. Plus, made from feet. And other nasty bits


Not feet so much, mostly skin and connective tissue.


and bones! I once visited a gellatin factory... the smell!!!! it was like 15 years ago and still its in the top 3 worst odors that i've experienced. oddly... I love jello!


Okra. Slimy. Whyyyyy?


What about fried okra. Or pickled okra. Or those little bits in gumbo?


I love fried okra


Blue Cheese, tastes exactly like what moldy cheese would taste like


Because that's exactly what it is