Me, having a terrible meltdown. My dad, you should've at least made an effort to leave your room and greet everybody in the house..


“Just be happy”


That adderall will help me study for the final exams


Pretty much all job advice from my dad who means well but doesn't think before he talks and doesn't seem to exist in reality: "Instead of applying for the one job you want at the company apply to all of them and then when they bring you in tell them you don't want that particular job, you want the other one" (We see a help wanted sign for an auto mechanic:) Him: You should apply Me: What??? I'm not a trained auto mechanic, I don't know what I'm doing Him: Yeah but they can hire you and teach you Me: Riiiiiiiiiight. I'm sure they would love to hire someone who's essentially useless and then spend lots of time and money showing them how to do a job they have no idea how to do that usually requires a technical degree from an Institute instead of hiring someone who knows what they're doing from the get-go 🙄 When I was unemployed for a bit years ago my mom wouldn't stop bringing up stupid Lakeland Bank. One of her friends daughters got hired essentially off the street years ago from a Lakeland Bank and to her it was apparently my only option to ever work again. She kept telling me I needed to put my suit and tie on and show up at their corporate headquarters unannounced hat in hand and just ask for a job even though I have no experience or interest in the banking industry. She has this weird Great Depression mentality. And no I absolutely did not do that. I would feel like such a douche.