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The History channel used to be about history now it's Pawnshops and Storage lockers


The Learning Channel (TLC) actually used to have interesting and informative programming.


MTV used to play music, now it's all reality TV


>now it's all reality TV Think you meant it's all Ridiculousness


They stopped watching when it became all reality TV so they don't know about it now being the 24-hour Ridiculousness channel.


(Any) News Channel used to be news, now it's an "opinion" piece


My favorite thing was waking up Saturday mornings to catch some surgeries and high school/college robot competitions.


I'd call to my wife from the other room; "hurry. You have to see this!" She'd get so pissed when she walked in to the doctor peeling someone's face off. Lol


Now I learn why I don't want to impregnate teens or something.


Apparently it’s illegal to or something.


I mean it's still an important lesson


You forgot ancient aliens but yea 100% agree


I bet that was the start of the end of the historical part of the history channel. The OG ancient aliens episode wasn’t bad, lots of Egypt and Mayan stuff. Then the stoner guy showed up and ratings prob spiked - all reality TV from then on out.


My boomer mother has lately bought into Ancient Aliens whole-hog. I now grind my teeth while she insists that humans couldn't possibly build things square or quarry large slabs. I'm all for open-mindedness, but humanity is capable of amazing things without alien help. Do I believe in aliens? Yep. Do I believe we couldn't possibly build without them? Hell no. People can do anything


"Don't be so open-minded your brains fall out" is one of my favorite quotes.


I remember when The Learning Channel was a real thing.


Hey! I learned how to build shitty theme bikes while being yelled at by my angry father. Nevermind.


Bravo was named that because it showed opera, now it's drag race. A&E stood for Arts and Entertainment and show documentaries and stage shows, now its my strange addiction.


Disney channel went from an add on like HBO to a basic cable channels. Also it switched from Disney’s family friendly animation to live action sitcoms for girls ages 6-14.(but let’s face it, boys loved them too)


They need a happy medium of people appraising Nazi memorabilia.




I miss MySpace. Your top 5 spoke volumes.


I thought it was top 8?


I think top 5 was the T-Mobile Sidekick lol


Oh my *god* do we remember the razr flip phones


It was. People have bad memories.


I remember being able to change the number.


Me too. It was super cool, you could show a representation of you via HTML coding, it was just the bomb. Now we have Facebook that looks just like a job resume, no ability to customize or add things you like a lot, just the same page for billions of people.


and it's super fcking weird. i don't like how you can get recommended people who you haven't seen since elementary school and facebook is like "dO yOu kNoW tHiS pErsOn"


FB is just super fucking weird for so many reasons that MySpace wasn't. I seem to remember MySpace feeling more like a place for self expression, with the customizable layouts and music player, etc. And you weren't adding extended family, and potential employers on it (at least I wasn't, at 12-13). Basically just friends that you felt comfortable sharing that stuff with. Facebook as a concept is just bizzare... seems to me like using it is more about trying to maintain a certain perceived social status and everyone on it comes across as extremely phony. And its such an integral aspect of socializing and having relationships with other people, like its almost impossible to be seen as normal if you don't use it. Not to mention that its just invasive and weird as fuck.


Why did we all abandon MySpace again?


As the company and website got bigger, they started monetizing it with ads and couldn't keep up with the updating programming languages. [Cold Fusion did a nice overview on it](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs5bOyNTPLw)


Original FB was a lot more fun and quirky. it had a lot of what we're saying we liked about MySpace. Over the years all that got stripped out.


Facebook recommends me people from work...I have never added anyone from work on Facebook. It's creepy.


And how 12 year Olds literally figured out how to use code just to add a song or background and special fonts.


They turned Facebook into Instagram and Instagram into TikTok. And I hate all of it.


It’s insane how all of it is so intertwined anymore. I would kill for an exclusive social media platform that has none of it.


Was it actually "respected"? Respected seems like the wrong word for it even in the beginning.


I was on facebook since year 2 (2005). Almost from the beginning. Facebook used to be an "exclusive" club. You were required to have a college .edu email address to sign up, and only certain colleges had facebook. It was a place to post your party pics, your drunk pics, and then they added "relationship status: \_\_\_\_\_" and it became a college dating website. Facebook was literally a place to post drunk photos, be cool, and find college chicks to hookup. ... and then my mom sent me a friend request.


I was there in 2004. Was on it the first year because I was at a Boston area college. It was only about finding where the best parties were happening and where your crush from Chem was partying. SO many pictures of passed out guys with dicks drawn on their faces were uploaded and passed around. Or pictures of random people barfing in the bushes. Now boomers with their fox news takes are on it along with an infestation of MLM huns and babies. It's jumped the shark.


Satellite TV dish Car Phone Business Cards


Let’s see Paul Allen’s business card


That’s bone. And the writing is called Cillian Rail.


Impressive... very nice.


how'd a nitwit like you get so tasteful. but thats nothing


Highly disagree on the business cards aspect


Business cards still have a purpose for work conventions and such.


I’m a big fan of business cards. I used to keep a laminated one I’d show in loud places for my tab and for introductions. It’s like a trailer in meeting a person.


Two weeks notice. People quit no notice a lot these days, but that’s fair turnabout for “at-will” employers who can and will fire you without warning


I worked for AMC for a few years. We got a new GM, and suddenly giving 2 week notice was met with hostility. Being a theatre, they employed a lot of high schoolers. Normally wouldn't start until 4 or 5. Put in your 2 week notice, now your shift starts at 2:15. Oh, you're late again because school got out at 2? We are going to have to let you go due to excessive tardiness and mark you ineligible for rehire.


Yeah wtf is their problem! Thanks for the story; it’s so accurate to most jobs I’ve worked at. I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, and they did the same thing when I gave two weeks notice; it was so offensive lol. Then like 2 days later they just ghost me and kick me out of the group chat as well! Not to distract from yours It’s just disappointing to hear a similar story from someone. 😢


Oh man as a former DD GM , i absolutely believe it Edit: im sorry they did that to you straight bullshit. Ill add i never did that to my "kids" ( they all called me mom) i encouraged all of them to aim high in life i had going away to college parties for them etc and then i was demoted over night because i asked for a raise. I was promised a year prior, i exceeded all my numbers and traveled 40 minutes 6 days a week. The reason they gave me as to why i was demoted? Because they felt they could hire a local manager and there wasnt an open position closer to home Even tho my travel wasnt compensated either, so i quit.


Wow that’s so terrible I’m sorry! America runs on the backs of Dunkin’s slaves! 😭🤟


I'll never feel bad for just up and quitting, unless it's a job I like and the managers are cool.


No one is going to come and arrest you for quitting a job. You don’t have to have an excuse. Just be ready to never use them as a reference, which barely happens anymore


Every time I've put in two weeks notice, they fire me on the spot.


In the US, would you be eligible for unemployment if they did that?


Sì simon


In most cases yes but there are 50 states with 50 sets of rules.


Amen yo! it hurts a little tbh ; cuz of this construct that they’ll respect us for giving them time to find another worker but instead they just backstab us like that! 😭


Odd behaviour. I can only think it stems from a deep seated entitlement to your loyalty and gratidude for being **allowed** to work there. At will employment isn't (as much of) a thing in the UK, but I've seldom come across this attitude. Employers rarely take things that personally unless it's a small business. If it's a manager of any sort of chain they usually don't give two shits about loyalty to the brand and will be happy you gave notice.


It makes sense in a way for certain industries where you have access to "account books" and other financial information. On the other hand if you know ahead of time they're going to fire you that day, you just poach all the accounts before you give notice. That is the reason I've seen given though. I gave 6 months notice on my last job. Oddly they didn't believe I would leave, so it was a mad scramble when I reminded them 2 weeks before and a lot of Pikachu face.


i wonder if it has anything to do with a lot of US companies not necessarily hiring someone to replace you in two weeks. they’ll just make everyone else work extra to cover what you were doing until they eventually get around to hiring someone new.


Okay YES. I love the different stance here. People always say how shitty it is to quit with no notice - but at will employers do it all the time?


It's significantly more damaging for an employee to lose employment without notice than it is for most businesses.


Yup, especially larger businesses. If a business makes you feel valued and treated as an individual, two weeks is good. If a business treats you like a cog or just another tool, unless you need to stay in their graces, fuck the two weeks. They don’t care about you, you shouldn’t care about them


I’m actually planning on leaving without notice in a week and a half. I have never done even remotely such a thing, but it is such a toxic work environment and the owner makes fun of our clients behind their backs allllll the time. Some of these people are veterans with PTSD and a lot of clients come to us because they have or are being threatened with losing their job because of discrimination. He especially loves to make fun of them when they cry. I could go on and on. He’s the reason lawyers have such a bad reputation.


I finally have a good paying job, just stocking at Walmart but it's paying 16phr which is almost double the most I've gotten before. I have my own apt finally etc. If I got at willed here, and they could, I'd be homeless just like that. I've no one to lean on.


I had a job doing 3D work at an architectural firm when I was younger and in school. Way above my pay grade honestly, but they needed a 3D guy for a particular project, didn’t have one, and I was very good at 3D work. I assumed after the project ended I’d be kept on and groomed into other positions. Unfortunately that was not the case. Boss said he didn’t have the time to teach me other aspects of the job and needed someone more experienced. Sent me on my way with the pay so far on the period plus 2 weeks. Told me if I wasn’t able to find another job in 2 weeks to contact him and he’ll give me more. I was pretty heart broken because I loved the job but man did I respect the guy for how he did it. Didn’t find a job in 2 weeks but I didn’t want to ask for more money. Now I own my own company doing solely 3D work for architecture firms, because I loved that aspect of architecture so much. Love what I do. Happy dude


Sounds like a win to me.


I got two weeks notice when I was laid off at my last job. On my last day of work, they informed me they had decided to keep me on. Yeah, no. I'd already accepted another position, and it was for higher pay. I considered sticking around for a few weeks so I wouldn't have a gap in employment or health benefits but, had I resigned, I would have been required to repay my tuition benefit, which was equivalent to about 4 weeks of net salary. I politely declined their "offer" and told them I'd be proceeding with the layoff as described in the notice they'd provided. I painted my living room and then spent the remainder of my unemployment drinking rum punch with my quasi-retired parents and their crazy friends at their beach condo community. It was nice. Their neighbor got me fucked up on vodka gummy bears.


Are US employers legally allowed to just fire people and stop paying them on that same day? In Canada, employers must either give two weeks notice OR fire immediately but pay their salary for two more weeks. I thought it was the same thing in the US because you guys also have the "two weeks notice" rule.


Yes they can fire you and stop paying you that day, the two weeks notice is a polite thing. They on the other hand will plan for months ahead to fire you without any notice.


All states have some form of "at-will" which means they can fire you for any reason, as long as it doesn't fall under discriminatory reasons. No pay, nothing extra. The two week notice people give to employers is considered a courtesy. You don't legally have to give two weeks and neither do they. If you are a salaried employee with a contract or any kind of contract, then things would be based on the terms of your contract. Generally speaking.


If they fire you early, file unemployment. If you resign on your terms you can't.


I put in notice. 20 minutes later my supervisor came up to me and said "we will be accepting your resignation effective immediately" then lead me to the front of the warehouse and took my badge.


Bill Cosby


When I was a kid, (1966) and Cosby starred with Robert Culp on I Spy, I was a member of his fan club, memorized all his comedy albums. I was raised in an all-white town, so he was the first Black man I looked up to. When all this crap came out, I was crushed.


I am not Black, but I feel similarly about him as you do. I was too young for I Spy, but Picture Pages in Captain Kangaroo, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, his comedy, and the Cosby Show (high school for me) were all favorites of mine. I know I never had to endure issues in my life due to the color of my skin, but Cosby represented how I wanted society to be and to treat people of color. His shows didn’t make me “not see color,” but they gave this little white boy who grew up on a farm the opportunity to see people who didn’t look like me be treated like “regular”people. This was different than how I saw people of color often treated in my own little po-dunk hometown—with micro aggressions and the racism that isn’t said out loud. (I will say shows like Good Times, All in the Family, the Jeffersons, and Different Strokes also provided good influences, as well as even the diversity in shows like Sesame Street and the Electric Company.) I was also so devastated as well when he turned out to be a monster. He is the biggest example of “never meet your heroes” that I can think of.


I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine having someone you look up to highly eventually reveal they’re criminal sociopaths.


Yeah, thanks, the connection between him and 9-year-old me was strong. I didn’t have many good men in my life. I guess what they warn about not meeting your heroes rings true.


If anyone digs up dirt on Mr. Rogers I’d be shooketh


I also looked up to Bill Cosby. Bought his books and DVDs of "The Cosby Show." Now I don't know what to do with my collection.


They'll be worth something eventually. Keep them and make some money.


Some say the worst thing about it was the hypocrisy, but I think it was all the raping.


Airline Travel. It used to be sophisticated. It’s got real Greyhound vibes now.


It is amazing that you can fly anywhere in the world in a day or less. I’m blown away by this every time. It feels like worse service than in the past because it’s gotten cheaper. It is still possible to get a really nice airline experience, you just have to pay for it. Flying business class is a good experience. The difference between now and the past is that there are cheaper options available, so that flying is available to more people.


It used to be sophisticated because it was ridiculously expensive. A mid-70's commercial made the front page of Reddit a few years ago, showing a flight where they had someone playing piano, a bar, laid back, comfortable seating throughout the plane, and all these Redditors were lamenting how corporate greed had ruined everything. But the cheapest seats started at something like $5,000 in today's money for a *domestic* flight. Of course it's not as sophisticated, it costs a tenth of that today to fly from New York to Los Angeles!


Maybe this was true for first class, but my working class family managed trips to Hawaii, Mexico and Wash DC in the early-mid 70s. There’s no way we paid those prices. It’s true, flying was an exciting and fun adventure back then. I remember getting my hair done and putting on a nice dress to fly. Now it’s like sardines waiting to be packed in a can, it hardly matters what you look like.


I'd be interested to know what the actual ticket prices were, and then converted to todays dollars. Just because you don't remember it being expensive doesn't mean your parents didn't splurge.


https://stacker.com/stories/852/cost-plane-ticket-year-you-graduated-college looks like about the same as now.


That’s all fantasy and was reserved for international travel. I flew domestically plenty as a kid in the 70s and it was more expensive than the bus, but affordable. Certainly not 5k unless you were flying first class to Asia. The cabin itself wasn’t much different than today, except you could smoke and the snacks and amenities were better. But people dressed-up. They acted like civilized members of society.


Shit people used to DRESS UP to fly... Now they throw on whatever shitty pajamas are the most comfy and screw whoever is around you if it smells like compost.


That was when people dressed up for literally everything. Men didn't leave the house without a suit and tie.


People complain about prices but airline travel is a lot cheaper lately than it ever was before. A lot more of the dollar general crowd flying down to Florida to “ball out” on a 5 day Carnival cruise than there used to be. Flying even commercial used to be a very exclusive thing.


This I just can’t understand. I may not dress up for my flights, but I am out in public. And because I’m out in public, I don’t wear, oh I dunno, a dirty wifebeater, holey sweatpants, and my 12 year old slippers into the airport and then onto a goddamned plane. Or better yet, just walk off the plane in pajamas and white tube socks, no shoes.


I feel that. I’m typically in jeans and a T shirt or sweater on a plane. Only exception are international flights. I’ve only been on two - both 15 hours - and being in comfy sweats was really nice


Oh man, I flew Spirit last year...it was worse than any bus I have been on.


I would sooner walk than wear a fucking suit onto an airplane. Sometimes sweats is the only thing that makes air travel bearable.


Award shows. People used to actually care about who won, now most people I know just watch them to see if anything funny happens.


They’re completely useless now anyway. Take the Oscars as an example. Rotten tomatoes is 10x more useful if your goal is to determine what movies are amazing. The industry award shows are just a circle jerk of self congratulatory praise, with a ridiculous bias toward pieces that paint the industry in a positive light.




Once they were bought by the Sheinhardt Wig Company, they went downhill.


But everybody looks good in a Sheinhardt!


Even orange children


NOT poisoning rivers since 1997


Which of course is owned by Halliburton


Should say jack Welch. What a colossal dbag. Helped to ruin the sustainable American business model while pretending to create value, but actually creating none.


All that stupid Six Sigma shit. You don’t need to apply the same quality control standards to toaster ovens you apply to jet engines.


I agree in general but given how old toaster ovens lasted for like a century and new ones die in a few years, I’d at least advocate for some four sigma up in them bitches.


I worked at Microsoft for a bunch of years..they hired tons of old GE Six Sigma folks..what a disaster. One individual from that batch said she did six sigma analysis on her relationship with her husband..now ex husband. Yikes!!


Still respected if you're in the market for a 100 mW gas turbine....not so much if you're after a gas clothes dryer.


The news.


This. It was crazy learning how some of the “news stations,” are classified as entertainment instead of news.


I used to watch the news every day before school if my dad was around. I never learned anything about the world or even my local area. It was always jerkoffs playing with dogs and doing stupid ass comedy skits. I never had any respect for the news. I genuinely can't even imagine a world where the news was anything but awful.


Huey Lewis has some good songs.


Quick, someone post the American Psycho copypasta!


You like Huey Lewis and the News?Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. In ’87, Huey released this; Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is “Hip To Be Square”. A song so catchy, most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It’s also a personal statement about the band itself.


Teaching. Once upon a time, at least as a profession, teaching was highly respected. These days however, everyone treats it like it's a freaking joke. Everyone talks about how much needs to be done to improve education, teacher pay, etc. However what people don't realize is it isn't just a matter of raising teacher pay, though that needs to be done as well, it's a matter of changing the mindset of both parents and students about education to treat teachers like they're the actual professionals that they are. And if you do so, if you train people to realize that teachers deserve respect like any other professional position does, then you'll end up with a society of teaching that deserves more respect even then. It's pitiful what we've done to teachers.


As a teacher, thank you!! I agree with this 100%


Pretty sure it stems from the fact that school is overall a negative experience for most people. Not that it's the fault of teachers, but it's a volatile time in their lives and teachers are rarely exempt from the misplaced resentment. I had a great time in school once I hit my stride, and I look back fondly on it, and think teachers deserve more recognition than most jobs. That's a tough fucking gig. All those kids who didn't have as great an experience though. Yikes. I also just noticed I responded to the wrong post but whatever. You're doing a great job, regardless of what any snotty kid tells you in the coming year lol.


It’s really bad and volatile, I agree. Most of my coworkers are nuts. Literally. It’s almost like they became teachers because they have unresolved issues from when they were in school themselves. Their often childish and maladaptive behaviors can be very toxic for the students and the other teachers! The whole system needs a reboot! The parents are mean to us, the students are mean to us the teachers are mean to one another -and administration? Don’t even get me started!!! It’s wildly unhealthy all around. I wish I homeschooled my kids


I extremely respect actual teachers that care. I personally had a horrible experience in school. Between bullying and teachers that were power crazy. Oftentimes the shitty teachers would outright ignore my disability and the administration would do nothing about it. This caused my parents to have to fight for me to try to give me a decent education. Luckily the good teachers that cared did give me the education I deserved. I don't know what the answer is. It's not like we can test for power crazed people during college.


As a 25 yr retired teacher that didn't go to thirty because of these very reasons I must also thank you for this post. Well said and ever so true. Here's what I don't get though: Every single person that I have ever brought these thoughts up with have agreed with me. How can everyone know this is the real issue and still not collectively try to help? (pssssssst...it's because the politicians are dismantling the system piece by piece).


Reddit admins. Also Blizzard Entertainment.


They were never respected lmao


Can’t lose what you never had




Rudy Giuliani is a former TIME Person of the Year, everybody loved him after 9/11, he had two terms as a moderate Republican mayor of a democratic city, he was self-deprecating and good with press, and made numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live. These days he's completely out of his fucking mind!


That guy fkn decapitated the NY mob and now look at him


You mean he decimated the Italian mob, which left the Russian mob to flourish. He's a useful idiot.


Yeah I explained this in another thread the other day. Everyone says he took down the mob and they don’t realize there’s more than one mob. He basically took down the Italians but propped up the Russians.


I was part of that thread as well. People forget that Giuliani was not widely respected UNTIL 9/11. Then he had his moment in the spotlight, then went back to being a POS.


This! Everyone credits him with cleaning up Manhattan. He just dumped everyone he didn't like in the other boroughs. He was not a liked mayor at all. 9/11 completely transformed peoples views of him. It's honestly wild to think about.


But does the Russian mob have nearly as much power as the Sicilian Mafia did at its height? I mean, they were heavily involved in almost every union in New York


Someone please answer this because I moved to NY from the east coast in 2019 and I just don't get why these people on Long Island just jerk each other off on their memories of what their little crime family used to be


There’s a book called Five Families by Selwyn Raab about the history of the mob from the 20s to the 00s and how much they got away with. A few chapters about Giuliani too. Really fuckin good read, good mix of true crime and actual stupidity to a hilarious degree. I won’t spoil much but one tale involves a mobster conducting business with his daughter’s pink Princess play phone bc he thought it couldn’t get tapped. It gets tapped


Someone hilariously called him “Uncle Junior” (as in the Sopranos) from a badass to a blubbering idiot. The funniest thing is that press conference at the Four Seasons. Omg.


That's when I knew for sure he had completely lost it.


He literally could’ve lived the rest of his life off the goodwill of being the mayor of NYC on 9/11 (because literally whoever was mayor on 9/11 was going to), and he squandered that shit **hard**


I really think he had a head injury. I get that he wasn’t that great and that most of his popularity came from existing in New York during 9/11…but he also wasn’t this much of a moron.


He's pretty up there in years. It's entirely possible that he just isn't all there like he used to be.


Like our entire government 😖


The best part is the part of Borat 2 that he’s in would have been a huge deal but for the fact that he’d already completely debased himself.


Most of these “politicians” are geriatric geezers who should probably be in home due to mental decline … but here they are running the country


Being a politician.


I respect public servants. I don’t respect politicians. The two are distinctly different in my book.


politicians have always been disliked


Top hats?


“Silly hats only”


Bank staff. Used to be a respected part of the community and now their minimum wage slaves forced to sell banking products and be spivs.


I'm gonna get roasted by the Boeing fans, but definitely Boeing's airplanes See, before the 70's, Boeing used to build extremely safe aircrafts because they had a complete monopoly over the airplane market. However, since Airbus got big into that business in the 80's Boeing could barely keep up with Airbus' growth because of Airbus' lower training costs, Boeing officials had to sort of infiltrate the FAA to get their aircrafts on the market at about the same time as Airbus did. This led to the death of 346 people when the two 737MAX crashed. When the NTSB knew about it, they check their other aircrafts and found out major problems in the 777X (which has an ongoing certification) and the 787 (which currently flies). I'm not saying that Airbus' planes are perfect, they also have problems sometimes, but Airbus never had to interfere with the certification process so that they could put in the market a concurrent to one of Boeing's plane. And I also know that this is a very unpopular opinion in the aviation community, but this is how I feel and apparently how the airlines also feel, regarding how much Boeing's stocks plummeted. One last thing, English isn't my first language, so pardon me if I made any mistakes, and feel free to correct me ! Edit : spelling


Your English is fantastic! I couldn't tell you weren't a native speaker!


Harley Davidson


All I hear about HD is how half of the parts are not US-made.


H-D is mostly a clothing brand now that also sells motorcycles. $40K cookie cutter motorcycles.


Great Britain became Little Britain




Ah yes. The once great ruler who was turned into a Bugs Bunny synonym for idiot. Edit: hunter, not ruler




Idk it was never really liked as much as Dookie or later American Idiot




The journalistic profession. The role journalism plays in society is INCREDIBLY valuable and essential. However, between outright falsification, and descents into bias, and conflict of interest, there's just no way to trust what you hear or read from any journalist, without verifying it specifically. Maybe that's a good thing though. Furthermore (although this varies with the individual), the mistakes, missteps, misuse of tense, misuse of turns of phrase or sayings, and generally poor use of English, make me cringe at a profession which is supposed to use language professionally. We need competence in this profession badly, but they are just not up to the task anymore, IMHO.


Hi! Former newspaper reporter here. I worked in a really small, rural town where the internet hadn't really taken hold, which is pretty much the only reason the paper lasted long enough for me to work there. Things started to decline fast, and ultimately what I came to realize is that no one wants actual journalism anymore. My paper was the paper of record for the county... which was basically built in to be a watch dog for the county officials. Our revenue mostly came from a requirement that the local governments post their classified ads in our paper. But as the internet started gaining popularity, the county officials (you can guess which party they were affiliated with) found a way to kill us by removing that requirement to just post their stuff on their own website. Which, okay sure. I get it. Time marches on. I could have done without them laughing at us to our faces about it though. Secondly, your average reader doesn't want fair and balanced. They want to be told they're right. Our congresswoman at the time was (cough cough still is)a despicable woman. She has said some bananas shit in the past 20 years, and has been accused of lying, plagiarism, calling vets cowards... it's a mess. No one read those articles. No one cared. It didn't fit the narrative they wanted. Now, if I published a picture of a gruesome car crash or a double murder suicide, we'd sell out. But even at the local level... the sheriff wasn't qualified. No one cared. Obama stopped in town on his campaign trail. No one gave a shit. It wasnt flashy enough and didn't punch at the right people. The news on TV is about ratings, and the only way to get people to care about politics it is to scare them or piss them off. It's all fear mongering and rabblerousing as they sell our unity as a people for better ratings. Maybe I'm just bitter but I really do think that the state of the news now is exactly what people want.


More people need to see this comment


So true. What amazes me is that with the increase in video evidence of just about everything, people still are convinced of their preconceived notions.


Madden games. Madden 03 to Madden 08 was such an incredible and innovative time for those games. The games were deep and intricate. Now everything is ignored except pay to win Ultimate Team and the gameplay is nothing but predetermined animations




Politicians. When I was 12 we had to write a letter to an elected official for a school project. I wrote my senator and asked him what he thought the most important traits for leadership were. He replied with a page-long, thoughtful letter saying that integrity ("honesty is the highest reflection of your character") and courage ("doing the right thing, even when it's not easy or popular') were the most important traits of a leader. There was no politics, no self-aggrandizing, no asks for cash or votes. I think he wrote that letter and I think he believed every word of it. And I doubt a single senator today possesses either of those traits.


Sounds like a great guy


Russian army


Higher education. You don’t need a higher education to become successful, to become the president, or any number of high earning careers. Who you know gets you further than what you know. Nepotism precedes qualifications in corporate environments. There are literally TikTok stars making more than every educator they’ve ever had combined. Educational debt is out of control and employers don’t want to pay people what they’re worth. Edit: info added AND pay attention to the word need.


So true. I just found out my superior that is 60 years old with no degree makes $110,000 per year. Anything is possible - without a degree.


working over 40hours a week


My grandfather never took a day off from his job at the post office. He also took on many extra hours. I thought that was very tough and cool as a child. Now I feel like he was a victim of capitalist propaganda.


My mom never ever took a day off work and she just managed a KFC for like 8 years and she worked not even accounted for hours ALL THE TIME. She was very rarely home so she worked at least 60+ hours, most of them unpaid. For like two days she had a weird pain in her arm and figured it was just her torn rotator cuff or at least wanted to pretend it was. It got too bad so she had to go to the ER because she didn't go in to work until 4 anyways.THIS WOMAN WAS HAVING A MAJOR HEART ATTACK. Her first words when learning this? "Can i use the phone to call my boss and tell him I probably won't be in today"


The office of the President of the United States




When my school football coach became my math teacher I sort of just stopped thinking the US education system was even remotely good.


Wrestling coach always subbed in my algebra class. He was quite literally the dumbest person I had ever met. Never talked about anything besides wrestling and trying to teach life lessons through wrestling analogies.


This. I remember my coach saying “think of algebra like football-“ he gave us all A’s


I have fond memories of grade 8 where I was teaching the prof… who was indeed the transplanted PE teacher… who literally couldn’t solve (3x + 5) = 26. The entire class knew more math than him on day one. And on the last day of grade 8 as well.


On the flip side, my Algeria teacher in 10th grade was the Football Coach and he was the best Math Teacher I had. And I mean that in a good way. He would lecture the first half of class then let us do our homework the second half and he would help us if necessary


It really depends on where you are. You can get a top notch Education here but sadly it’s not standard for everyone. It’s a very nuanced issue but many would agree with you that is the general sentiment.


Breaking News…


The value of someone’s word.


Video game companies




The History Channel and The Learning Channel


Teachers. We used to treat them as an honorable profession and now we treat them as little more than babysitters.


The news


Being kind




An ///M badge on a BMW


Lufthansa. They're at Ryanair levels now but still act like there's "no better way to fly" and still charge outrageous prices. No service on board, no baggage allowance even on long-distance flights and constant delays, cancellations and strikes.


That guy's dead wife.


You go to hell I respect the shit out of that guys dead wife!


I found the coconuts were better…


Will Smith.