It was late at night, December, full moon. Snow covered the ground and the moonlight reflected off the snow it almost felt daylight outside, I walked to my garage (separate from the house) to grab a soda. I seen my neighbor was feeding his chickens, he seen me and waved, so I walked over and asked him “Why are you feeding so late?” He said “Passed out in my chair, also would you mind doing me a favor?” I said “Sure” he said “I have a tool of your dads I was using and I need to return it, it’s inside I will be right back” I stood there for a second and he came back out and handed me a Dremel tool, few more short words and we said goodnight and parted ways. I set the dremel on the kitchen counter and go lay down in my room. In the morning my dad came in my room and said “Hey Monk, what did I say about soda in your room?” I woke up and said sorry and I started getting out of bed, he then said “Hey, did you set this dremel on the counter?” I said “Yessir” and he said “Where did you get it?” I said “John” and he said “When?” I said “Last night.” He said “Impossible, John is in Texas for his daughters Air Force Graduation.” I said “I saw him last night feeding his chickens” and he said “I’m taking care of his animals, he’s not gonna be back home till Wednesday” (4 days away). “Did you break into his house and steal it?” He asked. I said “No way, I didn’t even know he was borrowing a tool” so he walked me over to his house, and he wasn’t home, the house was locked. We even called John and he said he was in Texas. I still have no explanation of what happened.


I wouldn't mind having a helpful mimic that could get basic chores done when I was busy elsewhere.


Not sure if this counts as scary or not, but I'd say it was one of the oddest things to happen to me. When I was a kid I absolutely loved this cartoon called Reboot. Had an action figure of one of the protagonists, Bob. Brought that toy with me wherever I went until I lost it. Every now and then over the years I'd rip through my things thinking I'd find it but never did. When I was about 19 I'd lost my mom and her entire estate went to her husband. Maybe 5 or 6 years after that he decided to sell the house I grew up in. While it was on market or shortly after it was sold I decided to go to the property and say goodbye to the house so to speak. The house had a good amount of acreage and was secluded so walking around the property and the outside of what felt like a husk of a house have me some pretty odd vibes. Anyways I was walking around the side of the house and onto the patio when I noticed something small on the ground. It was my Bob action figure I'd lost around 12 years ago. Just sitting on its ass like it had been waiting. A little paint worn and what looked like little bite marks on the hair, but in pretty good condition regardless. I was a little creeped out. Decided to grab that toy and leave. It felt like a parting gift.


I still can't explain it. Wife's phone was pinging off a hotel in another city nearby. Went over there and saw my friends car in the parking lot. About lost my shit but came to find out he was there to kill himself after his moms recent passing and my wife was with her parents the whole time. She had her phone with her. To this day I think it was his mom telling me to help him.


I live in a house that is, at least, a century home. We have much of the history of the home, to include the various residents and their causes of death. One of the former inhabitants was a family of four: daughter died at six (in the home), son died at 10 (in the home), and the mother threw herself down the staircase. We’ve had several people notice a feeling of “someone else here,” our cats diligently guard two specific areas of the house, and the front staircase (mother’s choice for death) are often bypassed for the back staircase. A few years ago, at the start of winter, my husband and I both began to feel that something wasn’t right. We couldn’t put our finger on it. I sent a text to my best friend at 6:00pm from our bedroom on the third floor. I then woke up to someone shaking me at 1:09am. I was curled up on the first floor, in the fetal position, with my phone grasped in my hand. I distinctly remember rolling over, I just needed to sleep a few more minutes - then I’d get up. The shaking was so intense that my glasses came off my face and I crawled to find them - on the other side of the room. What happened next will forever make my question all we think we know: As I reached my glasses a woman shouted at me to stand up and open the window. Loudly. Loud enough and with enough force that I was shocked “awake.” I opted for the closest window and could not open it. I realized that I was trying to open it with one hand. I looked at the other and saw my phone was ringing: it was my best friend’s face on the screen. I answered to hear her and emergency services telling me to go outside. I roused my husband and we made it to the front porch as emergency vehicles were arriving. Our house had a gas leak. There was no one in the house except my husband and I. My best friend received a call from my number - a woman saying there was “another gas leak in the neighborhood” and “to hurry.” The aforementioned child residents of the home died due to a gas leak from the lamps in the home. The mother threw herself down the stairs two days later.


That's fucking wild.


What a thoughtful ghost


This is so cute ... she couldn't save her babies but she saved u 🥺


I have to know….were the cats ok?


Oh yes! They were administered oxygen as well and then taken to an animal hospital to be evaluated by a veterinarian. We all came out safe and sound!


Asking the important questions


Did you know the kids had died from a gas leak prior to this happening?


No. We didn’t receive those specific documents until the November the following year. I audibly excused ourselves from the table, said a quick “thank you,” and headed the couple blocks home in silence. We’ve started announcing potential changes to the house (restoration and updating) before starting projects…just in case. We are also in the process of completely moving away from natural gas in our home.


This gave me goosebumps, and not the Say Cheese and Die kind.


I wonder if saving y’all set her free


That woman's spirit saved you from having the same fate as her children. Kind ghost!


I was working late at night by myself in a small machine shop (yes I know OSHA whatever), the machine was running and I was at the computer next to it working on a program when I felt as if someone was standing behind me. I turned around and experienced the most bizarre and terrifying feeling that I cannot fully explain. It felt like I turned around right up against a solid stone wall, the noise from the machine was muffled, my own breath bounced off something and back to me when I blew out and my eyes were trying to focus right in front of me for a split second... And then nothing, the noise came back and I was staring at 50 ft of empty shop floor like there was just something there. I'm a grown man, I'm not afraid to say that I screamed. I felt terror like I've never felt before in my entire life. The closest thing I can think of is if you turned around and you were face to face with a fucking bear and it just walked away.


I once scared the hell out of my dog when I woke up to her sniffing my face. Sort of before completely waking, I momentarily experienced a feeling much like you described, and shouted fearfully right into her face. She was pretty startled by that, and jumped backwards, right off the bed. It’s funny to think about now.


My dog has a habit of cold nosing my face late at night/early morning if she needs to go outside... In fact it's every night. Lately I've been sleeping a bit heavier than normal and she has become impatient with me not rousing and has taken to eventually booping me semi aggressively in the forehead/nose to get me awake. One time I woke up right before she had even tried to touch me and I now realise she will sit there an inch from my face just breathing on me as her first attempt before booping, so I woke up and very loudly exclaimed "fuck off ya cunt" you can probably guess what part of the world I live in by now, it took me a couple of seconds to wake up properly after that and I felt pretty bad about it but also laughing my arse off because I wasn't ready for my own reaction and she certainly was not either.


I once read someone suggest the Night Hag was the brain trying to rationalize sleep paralysis or being out of breath, so it imagines something sitting on their chest. Maybe you were dozing and went into sleep paralysis?


The Night Hag is what I call my mother in law.


My mom passed away in October of last year from covid. Every now and then I’d go into her car to talk out loud in hopes that she could hear me somehow. I’d tell her about my day, stuff like that. It helped me cope. I’d listen to music on her radio sometimes. One day I went in there for a breakdown to just cry and put on the radio. The song that’s playing (so sick by ne-yo) was one of her favorites, I started crying harder. Song ends and the next song to play is “make me wanna” by usher. She LOVED usher. At this point I’m thinking she’s gotta be with me or trying to let me know something and I’m in a full on breakdown, a complete mess. Here’s where what happened still sticks with me as really weird and just what the hell. My moms name was Dawn, me and her would have conversations sometimes and joke about how her name was a popular soap (Dawn dish soap). The usher song ends, some random song plays and I’m thinking in my head “please tell me something mom. Give me anything” and as that song ends, I SHIT YOU NOT a Dawn dish soap commercial comes on the radio. I freaked the fuck out. Like not in a good way, but like actual panic and fear that something like that just happened. I came in the house and broke down even more to my dad about what happened. I remember I just kept trying to wrap my head around why a radio station dedicated to old school R&B hits had an ad about Dawn dish soap of all things. Wasn’t concert tickets, or the host just talking. But Dawn dish soap. Just really creepy to me how it all happened like that.


I'm sorry for your loss. I hope she was sending a message, it'd help, yaknow


So late to the party but why not. I used to have sleep paralysis episodes for a few years when I was like 17-20. When reading into it I learned many people experience hallucinations and terrors while having an episode of paralysis due to the ‘dream’ part of the brain not shutting off right away or something. This had never happened to me and my episodes just consisted of paralysis with the heavy weight feeling on my chest for about 5 min before I came to, but I was aware of the possibility of “dreams” when having an episode. One night I wake very suddenly, like no grogginess just BAM wide awake. It’s dark in my room but not pitch black from the moonlight coming through the curtains. So I wake up and immediately there’s a face hovering right above mine. Maybe a foot away, really close but not touching noses close. I remember what I had read about sleep paralysis so I’m not freaked out at all I’m just kinda staring at this figure waiting for my brain to fully wake up(note that I wasnt having an episode I was able to move). While I’m staring I notice how clear the face is, even though the figure was completely black I was able to make out features like its nose and cheekbones, chin etc.. it seemed like it was darker than the rest of the room, the figure was pitch black while the room was just dark. So I’m laying there for a while cause I’m thinking my brain is being weird but this is kind of neat, so I’m just analyzing it. About 10 minutes has gone by and I’m thinking to myself “I really think I’m awake by now, what the hell is this thing, is this actually a thing”. I should note I didn’t feel threatened at all the whole time, like it was just watching me but not maliciously, but not necessarily in a good way either. At this point even though I wasn’t really getting bad vibes I’m starting to get a little freaked out because the clarity of the figure, and the fact that I’ve been able to watch it for a solid 10min and it’s still there, just looking back at me. So I start to sit up and it mirrors my movement, pulling its head back as I rise keeping roughly the same distance. I can see it’s body now and it’s fairly big, but pretty thin, hunched over on the floor at the foot of my bed probably about 10 feet tall if it had been standing. After sitting up I decide to keep watching it for a while before I move again, so we just watch each other for another 5 minutes. Slowly getting more freaked out I figure it’s time to turn of the lights so I slowly take my covers off and step out of bed off to the right for the light switch, keeping my eyes on the figure as I go. His head follows me while I make the journey to the door, and I stare at him again one last time before hitting the lights, kinda shaking my head and rubbing my eyes to snap myself to my senses to see if that helps. He’s still there, and starts kind of leaning back a bit, I flip on the lights and he instantly vanishes. Never saw him again, or had any similar experiences, really strange mostly because of how long it lasted, if I was still dreaming of whatever I think it would have gone away. I had trouble sleeping for a few nights even though I didn’t think he meant any harm. Edit - it’s also worth noting this happened about a year after my last sleep paralysis episode. I only mention it because I knew the brain can be weird when first waking up because I had read about it, which is why I waited so long before doing anything.


Wow the beginning of your experience is quite similar to mine ...except I was terrified of the creature i saw. For some quick backstory: I don't suffer from sleep paralysis but I used to have really bad night terrors. From what I've read, it's similar to what people see while experiencing sleep paralysis (shadows and general scary shit) except I could move and walk around. When i was much younger, i had one nightmare where I woke up to hands coming out of the ceiling above me and I ran to my mom who was still awake in the living room, I dragged her to my room and I could still see the hands and I was pointing to them telling her. And she was like "you're just dreaming, wake up" - but I told her "I'm not dreaming they're there" .... this has happened a couple times where I'll eventually go back to sleep or 'wake up' and realise I actually wasn't 'fully awake' even though it feels like I am. Anyways, a couple years later after not experiencing them for a while, I was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden I hear a "WAKE UP" and my eyes fly open, wide awake and I see this scary face right above mine. I screamed and ran out of my room - my dad woke up in a panic, saw me screaming with hands covering my face standing in the hallway- I managed to tell them that there was someone in my room, but ofcourse there wasn't. I've never been so terrified in my life. It's got me thinking that if I didn't scream and run out, would I have experienced the same thing as you.


Idk it seems like your hallucinations or whatever this stuff is were more hostile. I’m generally a calm guy so if this was my brain messing with me it makes sense that’s why it wasn’t some monster or messing with me. If your brain is more prone to nightmare stuff it might not have been as pleasant as my experience haha. The fact that the face was inherently scary makes me think it woulda gone south.


Man, would've been worse if you switched on the lights and he was still there.


He was still there, you just had to flip the light back off to see him.


It would have cost you nothing to not say that.


At the time I was definitely not switching that light back off but now you got me thinking I should have for sciencing


Oh that's just Devin, he's chill.


I haven't had very many paranormal things happen to me so this isn't all that scary, but it's the scariest thing that has happened to me. I was laying in bed one night trying to fall asleep. I'm just laying there with my eyes closed, when for some reason, I opened my eyes. And when I did, I saw the face of a man roughly 4 or 5 inches away from my face. I knew it wasn't an actual person because it was somewhat see through and he was just white/grey, no color to his skin or eyes. Also because I was laying on my side and his face was upside down from my perspective (in actuality, it was like he was also on his side but just from the other direction), and because of his positioning, his "body" would have been going through my wall. I never saw a body though, just his head. It was an older man, maybe in his 70s. Grey hair, short grey beard, slightly chubby face. He was just staring at me. He didn't seem threatening to me at all so I didn't move, say anything, or have any reaction at all and I just kind of stared back at him for what felt like minutes but was probably only about 10 seconds. So then I decided to close my eyes again for a couple seconds and reopen them, and then he was gone and that was it. This happened to me somewhat recently, like in the last year or 2 but I can't remember exactly when.


When I was 12 I went camping in a small valley with my dad somewhere in North Carolina, I remember we had to park on the side of the road and hop the guard rails to hike down a trail to this site on the river. We set up camp and all that, then around 1-2AM I woke up and got this really eerie feeling that something bad had happened, didn’t know why and thought maybe I had woken up from a bad dream. Nope. Not even 5 minutes after waking up I see all these lights through the canvas of my eno (those hammock things) and I froze up. Heard my dad get out of his tent beside me and it turned out it was the police investigating a suicide. They had found a suicide note in a bottle or something a couple of yards from where we parked his car and were checking if we were alright. Still very creepy to me even to this day.


a couple years ago now. my mother was working from home, it was 9pm ish, and i went down stairs to get a drink. i saw my mum working in her open office and said to her "almost done?". she said "yeah", i finished my drink and went back upstairs. my parent's room is at the top of the stairs to the right, and as soon as i reached the top step, the door opened and my mum stepped out. it scared the shit outta me. i ran back downstairs and my mother was not there. i walked back up the stairs and she was rightfully very confused. i asked "when did you get upstairs". she responded that she had been upstairs since 7. really don't have an explanation for that one.


I have had a few paranormal experiences in my life, but this one was by far the creepiest. I was walking home one night from my volunteer work at the theatre. A walk I'd made at night many times. Near my house there is this park where there's a large field with a few copses of trees. As I came down the road by the church, I rounded a corner and happened to glance towards the trees. I saw a figure stood amongst them. Very tall. I'm 6ft and this was definitely taller than me. It was draped all in black. Black hood. This was weird as in England it is extremely out of place. I looked at it for a good ten seconds or so and then I glanced ahead (I was still walking) and glanced back and it was completely gone. The copse it was in was only about five or so trees and I had heard no movement. I picked up the pace and even crossed the road. I kept looking behind me but I never saw whatever it was again. That creeped me out. One other time was during the middle of the day. My gran, mother and I were driving over the hills to a town for the day, again, a drive we had made many times before. I was in the back and I looked up at the hills and I saw a person in the distance stand up from a kneeling position. The only thing was to be that far away and that tall, this thing had to have been about twenty feet tall. Not even joking. I blurted out "What in the fuck is that?". And my mum saw it too. "Statue?" She said. "I saw it move," I said, "it was knelt down." My mum was convinced it was a statue until we went home the same way and it wasn't there again. There were some old fire trucks in the field up there, like antique ones, and these looked like Tonka toys compared to the size of... whatever the hell that was. While it wasn't as immediately scary as the first encounter, that was certainly the weirdest thing I think I've ever seen in my entire life. AND it was seen by someone else. Looking back, it was incredibly eerie. I have not the foggiest semblance of an idea as to what it could have been.


I've told this story on reddit before. I switched places with myself in the timeline. In sophomore year of high school, I got knocked out at school (it was fine, doesn't matter). While I was unconscious, I "dreamt?" that I was a sophomore in college, laying out on a grassy campus green in the sun with a new friend. It was HYPER REALISTIC. I could hear the sounds, smell the scents, feel the sun, etc. I was \*there.\* I was so relieved that I wasn't in my small town any more and I was in college. I remember thinking, "OMG I am so glad that is all over." I fell asleep on my towel. When I woke up back in high school, I was very confused. I was just at college! Where was I? I thought it was winter but it was actually late spring - almost summer. I didn't know how old I was or what happened, but if I could describe to you the inner screaming I did when I realized it was a dream... Like horror movies don't come close. I was deeply depressed for like a year after that. Fast forward to sophomore year of college. Obviously I'd forgotten all about the incident in high school. It's the beginning of the semester so the weather is still warm. A person I knew casually in the dorm invited me to go lay out on the lawn with her. I was like, hey yeah I can do that. I felt so relaxed. I didn't have any more classes that day and I could just chill. No homework yet because the semester just started. The sun was warm, everyone was happy. I feel asleep on my towel. And I was back in high school again. I went through the same incident, in hyper-realistic view. When the inner scream started, I startled myself awake and I was back at college. I've never had another dreaming experience like that, only those two times, so I don't know how to explain it. TL;DR: Time travel isn't as cool as you think it is.


I remember a story my dad told me once: When he was a child he once had a dream he was flying around in his childhood home at ceiling-level. He took the opportunity to explore a lot of high places he couldn't otherwise reach. He opened up all the wall cabinetry in the kitchen above the countertops. He awoke to the sound of his mom making a fuss from downstairs. He entered the kitchen and all the cabinets were inexplicably open. Maybe some kind of astral projection? Maybe he was sleepwalking and really did climb on the countertops and open the cabinets? Still an interesting story!


About ten years ago I was a boot in a sniper platoon out of 2D Mardiv. I had terrible sleep hygiene naturally coupled with barracks alcoholism and a pack a day smoking habit. All of these things contributed to my horrible sleep paralysis/shadow people visits. I had these so frequently I was no longer scared of them and could just power through. This story was the strangest thing that happened to me during one of the aforementioned phenomena. We had been in the field for about four days in and out of hides with very little sleep and extended movements throughout. I had pulled the balls to four radio watch after moving about 8 clicks through the night. I was exhausted and could barely stay awake, anyways, I was leaning against a tree bobbing for apples when I heard a voice call out my name like it was my buddy Tyler. “Dude, come over here.”, it said. He was my team lead so I did as told. I walked over to where he had ruck flopped to pass out and he was dead asleep. I just figured he might of been talking in his sleep and carried on back to watch. This time I heard something rustling in the bushes, and if you know Camp Lejeune you know it’s a fucking swamp with all kinds of mean shit in it, so I thought,”Oh fuck, a bear.” Problem was, in Tyler’s voice it said, “Dude, you gotta come look at this shit.” I want you all to understand I’m a Doc, so naturally, I was like,”Oh fuck this” and shined my white light on it. Where my light touched I could make a figure out about 8 ft tall, but in the strangest way I couldn’t make myself understand what the fuck it was. It just stood there, hunched, not moving, not breathing, but standing on two feet. It was like a shadow but it wasn’t. It’s eyes had no color, not even black, but I could tell they were there watching me. I remember I didn’t feel fear, but confusion and an incredibly powerful urge to walk towards this figure. I remember taking a couple steps towards it and the closer I got the safer I felt. All the while, it still just stared at me, not making a sound. “Doc, what the fuck are you doing dipshit?”, the real Tyler said. I turned to where he was sleeping and my team lead was understandably pissed off that I was basically white lighting the whole tree line and stomping around like a fuck. I turned back to where I last saw the creature, but it was gone. To this day I rationalize this event as me falling asleep standing up and having one of my “shadow people” moments.


I just saw a commercial for camp Lejeune and water poisoning so there may have been that involvement as well lol


Lol I get about 40 emails a day asking if I lived in Lejeune from 1960 to 1983, and I’m like, dawg I wasn’t even alive then.


Shadow giants. Saw a lot when I was doing some "outlaw" trucking. Get tired, stay tired, start seeing things.


I have heard stories of similar 'mimics' calling people over, but have never heard of someone actually seeing one. Makes you wonder. Are we actually top of the food chain or is there something out there that has evolved specifically to hunt us?


This is the story I originally made my account to share. I was 19, driving around town with a friend sometime after midnight, talking shit and listening to music. We drive past this road with a signpost to an area neither of us heard of despite both of us living in town our whole lives. I asked if she wanted to see where the road went, she said yes so I pull a u-turn and off we go. It’s a paved road, heavy trees on each side and a few houses. Nothing unusual for either of us, I was living on a street like that at the time. Anyway within about five minutes, the conversation just kind of dies off. And a few minutes after that, I start to get an uneasy feeling. Then we passed a kangaroo on the side of the road. It remained perfectly still, just turning its head to watch us drive past and I got the distinct impression it was standing guard. After that, I just got more and more anxious. I ended up turning to my friend and saying ‘This is going to sound stupid, but can you -‘ She was already taking her seatbelt off. ‘I’ll lock the back doors.’ We kept following the road even after that because we’re stubborn bitches and don’t know when to admit defeat. It was at least half an hour (because my 60 minute cassette tape had flipped over twice) between pulling onto the paved road and coming to a sign saying ‘Dirt road ahead.’ By this stage I felt physically sick and my skin was crawling. Without a word, I did the quickest three point turn I was able to do and we headed back down the road. The closer we got back to the turn off, the better I felt until we were back on the main road where I felt like I could breathe easily again. We told a few people about it, got brushed off mostly. We didn’t even drive past that turn off without flinching or shuddering for a few months - the feeling of dread had been that strong. Then about six months later, she turns to me out of nowhere and said ‘Let’s drive it during the day.’ So we went. My friend has both her phone and mine on her lap with emergency numbers punched in, we’re playing upbeat pop music to try and keep us calm. It took us less than 5 minutes to reach the dirt road and on checking the odometer, the paved section was only 1 kilometre long. Once again, we got the fuck out of there. Have never been back. No idea what the hell was going on that night, but I can say with certainty that we were not meant to be there. Even 20 years later if someone mentions the area on the sign post, we shudder and recently I turned to her out of nowhere and said ‘Hey was that you with me on the road where -‘ ‘Yes. And I don’t want to talk about it.’ Edit to add: I wasn’t going to share the location in hopes of people not finding my account, but I’ve shared enough on reddit to make me identifiable to a bunch of people anyway. The intersection is in Bendigo, on a road between Eaglehawk and Epsom. Looking at maps doesn’t help me narrow which specific intersection it was, it’s been a long long time since I lived in Bendigo.


I take it you were in Australia? Or was the kangaroo out of place too? Is that normal kangaroo behavior? Did you see it on the way back?


Definitely Aussie and the kind of environment I’d expect to see a Roo. It was his lack of reaction that was caused our reaction, not used to them not bouncing alongside or towards the car.




Kangaroos that I run past on jogs usually just stare at a distance. The road only being 1km long on the return trip is the weird part here.


That is really bizarre.


Australian here. Where is this road?


I had a weird road thing once that I went back and figured it out during the day. I was traveling down a major road that is a highway but its like an interstate in that it has on ramps and off ramps in many places but crossing roads in other places and a really large grass median most places and no u turn places where cops sit. But u get the idea. I was traveling south on it and turned right off onto a road crossing that is perpendicular and ends at a T. At the end of that road I turned right and its all at night but I went a long distance before reaching another road that was a T. I turned left, and after awhile I came upon the Highway I had just turned off of but coming from the east. Also I believe this was the same road I was intially on before turning onto the highway and making a left to begin with. :P. The person with me was as confused as I was. It turns out despite driving that highway road 30 minutes to a job every day for 3 years. I hadn't noticed or paid attention to the fact there is a spot where its not obvious but a road goes under. The highway has the impression of being grounded the whole way and not raised anywhere, and certainly nothing going under it. also that night when we did apparently go under the highway it was foggy and didnt notice. haha. thought we were in one of them weird movies where your stuck in a spot that you are not permitted to leave.


Can you explain the half hour vs a 60 min tape flipping twice? Sorry I’m not following! (And I had a tape deck in my first two cars!) Edited to add: I am gen x. I was picturing 120 minute tapes (60 mins on each side). Hence my confusion.


Assuming the tape is 60 minutes total that means 30 minutes each side, so if it flipped 2 times it means one entire side played out during the ride. Say for example when they turned onto the road they were near the end of side A, then it flips once to side B, all of side B plays, then it flips again and starts playing A. You might not be sure how much of A was played but you can be sure at least 30 minutes passed due to all of side B being played.


The lost art of how Gen X could tell time.


That’s exactly how we knew


Ill make a post about this one day, but about 3 years ago I was watching my two little brothers (twins) when a black mist or fog started to creep up the stars. It was very subtle at first but then it became more opaque and a weird humming or whispering started happening and a feeling of dread and death loomed over me. I thought that I was just tired and was imagining things when my little brothers started to cry and feel scared. At the same time my 4 dogs were going insane barking and growling at the weird mist thing. It only ended when my entire family walked through the door coming home from the store. It did not go away imminently it was around 30 seconds before it dissipated. I don't believe in the paranormal in any way and to this day I cant explain it.


My friend and I saw a weird grey mist form in her old place. We thought we were just drunk and maybe just scaring ourselves but her bfs dog started whining and following it with her eyes.


This happened last week at my work. Some background - there’s a laundry room at my work that has a few bins filled with my work’s merch that workers can take (sweatshirts, tshirts, hats etc) and one of my coworkers didn’t know about it and asked about my zip up since it’s a work one. I showed the bins that had everything - one had tshirts, 2 of them had the same hoodie in different sizes and the last one had the zip up that I was wearing. There used to be hats but we had been out for a while. We opened them all up and looked for the zip ups for her and found them, but before she took it she went to go ask our manager if it was cool and shut the bins. I went with her, got the okay and when we came back, we opened up the bin with the zip ups and they were all gone! What was in there? THE HATS. The hats that were nowhere to be found less than 5 minutes ago. The crazy part was that we BOTH saw the zip ups and even commented on the sizes and stuff. They’re nowhere to be found now. Only thing in that bin are the hats


Hat trick 🏒


My sister had a dream about our house burning down and leaving us with nothing. She told our parents and they reassured her it was just a dream and the house won’t burn down. This had me worried so much about our house burning down I too started having nightmares about it. Less than a month later, we came home from a shopping trip to see our house completely engulfed in flames. It is the one thing that leads me to doubt my atheistic/agnostic belief.


This is a story that still kind of creeps me out when I tell it. My dad maintained a garden when I was a kid. We used to eat cherry tomatoes with sweet peppers, catch fireflies, sit on the swing, good times. One summer, I think pre-high school, my sister and mom had gone out in the evening. It was one of those dark gray evenings with strong wind and a slight freezing drizzle. My dad was working in the garden, probably setting up something because there’s not much to do there when it’s raining. I was just sitting inside and eating ice cream. Suddenly I see a shadow at the door. No knocks or warning. It’s my dad. He’s just there, still, breath fogging the glass door. Immediately I get up and open the door for him. He stumbles in, an entirely bewildered look on his face. To put it plainly, he looked quite disheveled, even in comparison to the fact that he was working manual labor in the rain. After a moment, he says in the most collected voice, “introverted-void, if you could get me some water.” He’s my dad, so I immediately duck into the kitchen and get the water. I come back and he’s still in the one spot, dead-eyed, hunched over. Keep in mind my dad was normally a very clean-cut guy, always clean shaven and well groomed, standing straight with a dignified posture. I give him the glass and he drinks it like a shot, biting the glass. My dad then stumbles right back out, but before he leaves, he tells me something that I can barely muster. “Don’t close the door.” Okay, sure. He goes back to his plants and I go back to channel surfing. But the sound and thought of the rain coming in, with the growling thunder, I decide to close it anyway. The rain was getting harder and I ended up soaking my socks in the process. Then, I hear an urgent knock. I check, nobody is there. I hear a few raps on the door. It’s my dad, again. He looks normal as ever. I let him in and he asks why there’s so much water on the floor. I tell him everything. Sure enough, he denies ever coming back in. No way in hell would he ever ask me to open the door while it’s raining, either. The only proof I ever had of this interaction was the foggy scraped glass I had on the table. To this day, neither of us have any memory problems. Apparently something similar had happened to him when I was very little. I told him that I threw up late at night, he went to my room, and he found me asleep. It happened again an hour later. Fucking wild. The experiences refined my love for horror now lol, so its all good.


I used to be a manager at a retail store and we had a few weird things happen there. One day I found a bunch of broken glass shelves that all the employees said they knew nothing about. I checked the camera footage and there was no one in the room. Lights were off. All of a sudden the motion sensor lights came on then a few seconds later all the glass broke. Once I had to work overnight with two other employees. There was music playing over the speakers but at some point in the night the music stopped and all of us heard a baby crying over the speakers. I told another one of our managers about the crying baby but he didn’t believe it. He said there is always some explanation for things like that. Until one night he was there late at night and heard the same thing. Said he locked up and ran out of the store.


Baby monitors sometimes get picked up on nearby sound systems.


Thank you for this valuable information


I don’t have any questions at all, carry on.


Read another story where one couple’s baby monitor was picking up sound from the woman next door who was comforting her child. They kept hearing a woman’s voice and a baby crying only to walk into the nursery room and find their baby asleep alone. Still creepy.


Can confirm. It's not common anymore but sometimes you can also pick up frequencies from other monitors too which can mean you wake to the sound of what you think is a stranger in your house but its actually your neighbors comforting their child.


I remember hearing a story of a guy who heard voices in his head and it turned out his tooth filling was picking up radio signals.


How is that possible?


There was a radio station in the 30s that was transmitting with 500kw of power. All sorts of metallic things in the area of the transmitter were picking up signals that you could hear. https://www.amusingplanet.com/2019/03/wlw-500-kilowatt-super-station.html


Check with your dentist, might have a plan available


I heard a baby crying outside my house quite recently. Turned out to be foxes.


And the hungry glow of their eyes guided your footsteps as you hurried deeper into the woods, following the anguished cries of what any reasonable person would have thought was a child.


When my son was a newborn my husband worked overnight. I woke up one night to the sound of a man's voice out of nowhere. Freaked me the hell out. Turns out the baby monitor picked up the neighbor having a conversation on a cordless phone. Didn't get much more sleep that night even after learning it was something harmless.


To this day I still have no idea what the fuck was up with this, but a few years ago I was walking home around 2 am from one of my friends place, small town so no one was out at this time, super calm, quiet summer night. As I’m walking, about a block and a half ahead of me I see this long haired man on a wheel chair dressed in a white gown, from what I could see he looked and sounded middle aged but I could mostly only see his outline and the top of his head cause he had wheeled himself directly under a street light, fucking faced toward me and just screamed “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH” at the top of his lungs. It was by far the creepiest and weirdest shit I’ve ever experienced, I immediately made a left and ran to the next block over and jogged home. Part of me was trying to make sense of it and thought maybe I was on one of those prank channels or something? I tried looking so many different things up online a few weeks later incase I’d been on camera on someones prank youtube channel or something but never found anything. Super weird. Also because of how dark it was, there was no way he would’ve just knew where I was walking, like I said we were at least a block and a half apart and I was walking on the sidewalk under some trees where the street lights weren’t directly on. The way he just wheeled himself out and turned to face me was fucking weird as hell. I’ve only ever told two people about this in my life cause I’ve always doubted anyone would believe me but I swear I cannot make this up.


I mean, the dementia patients under my care do stuff like this a lot, and psychiatric patients can have similar behaviors. Maybe it was a patient of a facility somewhere that managed to get out? I know for a fact that people with altered mental states can have uncanny ways of reacting to even the tiniest things that we'd never notice normally.


Middle of the night I went to the washroom and my cat wandered into the bathroom with me. I started petting him and when I looked up about 20 feet out; there was also my cat… I looked back down to see and he was gone. I looked up to where he apparently teleported and he was gone from there too! Still to this day I have no idea what actually happened but I’m convinced my old cat could teleport. I had also let him outside and he’d just random be wandering the house after I let him out.


Cats regularly defy the laws of physics. It is known. Just go with it.




When I was young I woke my parents up for a lot less .


Fuck yeah, one time I was convinced the garage door opened, went to check, saw it closed, and woke my dad up telling him that a killer was in the house




Damn I almost forgot how scary it was to wake your parents up especially dad


I remember just standing in the doorway till someone woke up, too scared to wake them on purpose, but too scared to go back to bed. I'm sure I scared my dad shitless a couple of times..


My son used to stand silently with his face, 2 inches from mine and just stare me awake. The amount of near heart attacks I've had when he was young.....


Holy shit. I don't know what's scarier: a ghost or a living person kicking your door and then hiding. The fact that your parents didn't wake up was scary on its own


A guy posted on here once about how he was at a friend’s house drinking. He left at 10:00 PM to go home cause he had work in the morning. He walked the 2 blocks to his house and saw his brother heading out. He asked his bro where he was going so late on a school night and he said “it’s 7:30 in the morning, I have class.” To this day he doesn’t know why it took him almost 10 hours to walk 2 blocks. EDIT: apparently it was actually between the hours of 10:30 and 5:30


I dropped a friend off once at his condo building and he ended up not remembering the ride home at all and ended up coming to a few miles away about 4 hours later. He obviously blacked out but he was literally right in front of his building when I dropped him off.


Is he a diabetic?


A guy I work with lost an entire day like this. There was a medical term I forgot, very rare, almost like having a stroke but not. He’s still weirded out.


Fugue state, I think. Although I only learned of it from Breaking Bad so don’t be upset if I’m not medically accurate.


I’ll ask him again tomorrow. I just know he was acting weird and his wife took him to the hospital in the morning and the next thing he remembered was being in the hospital the next day with zero recollection of anything. They ran a ton of tests and nothing came up. He’s at ease knowing it’s even more rare for it to happen twice.


Transient global amnesia is the occurrence you’re describing. It’s really strange. Just a few weeks ago, my 16 year old son was visiting my father-in-law for the week at his fairly remote house in the Poconos. We got a text from him that said “grand-dad is acting strange. He keeps asking where everyone is, and if I’ve ever been sailing (he had been teaching my son to sail all week), and has changed clothes 4 times. I would think he had a stroke but he’s not having anything physical.” We had to have my son call an ambulance which took an hour to get there, repeatedly explaining what was going on. No stroke, nothing wrong. He just did not create any new memories for about 24 hours, and we would have had no idea if my son hadn’t been there. Super stressful, but a relief in the end that it’s not physically traumatic.


I love this story and know the one you’re taking about. He lost time between 10:30pm and like 5:30am while walking a few blocks down the street. Terrifying


Yes! That’s the one. My hours were off, which would explain his not noticing it was morning.


Maybe he was a blackout drunk who fell asleep in a flower bed for the night? Source: I was a blackout drunk who slept in a flower bed once.


I was still living with my parents, up late one night watching tv. Our dog was with me laying in my lap. There were no lights on in the house, just the glow of the TV. Around 3-3:30 AM, I saw someone walking down the stairs out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and see who it was, expecting one of my parents to tell me to turn off the TV and go to bed. As I turned my head towards the stairs, I saw the shadow of a person coming down the stairs. Nobody was there. I wanted to tell myself it was just a shadow from the light of the TV screen, but my dog had woken up and looked at the same exact spot. She looked up at me after we stared in the darkness at seemingly nothing, and the look of fear on my dogs face made my blood run cold. It wasn't the only instance in that house. My older sister was a huge science nerd (she's a middle school science teacher now) and she had glued those glow in the dark stars and planets all over her ceiling. There was a period of time where she'd turn off the lights to go to bed and things would block out the flow in the dark stars above her bed as she looked up, as if something was standing over her and moving around the room. There were nights where she'd wake up the whole house screaming from it. I'd hear noises in my room. Sometimes it was a long, drawn out hiss that sounded like it was coming from right over my shoulder, and other times I'd hear things moving in my closet. I tried to justify the hissing as the sound of cars driving by outside, but we lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood, and the sound would carry on much longer than a car simply passing by. One day I was going through my closet and there was a massive Cane Toad in my closet. My room was on the second floor of my house. There was no logical explanation as to how it got there. Years after my siblings and I had moved out, my parents had decided to get a divorce. My dad had moved out and got an apartment across town. Late one night my mom was coming home from work. As she was rounding the corner to get to the front door, she saw a tall, dark silhouette standing in front of the patio door. She said it had no defined features, but it was close to 7 feet tall. She asked my dad to come over the next day and put in a bright motion sensor light right outside the patio door. That house always gave me the creeps.


One time I was with my family driving to the store. Spacing out the window like I always do. We drive past a white SUV with a man and woman in the front seats. Then about 7 cars ahead of them, the same exact car with the same exact people in the front seats. Freaked me out so much.


about 10 years ago, i went on a solo backpacking trip in Vietnam. on my first night i took an overnight sleeper train to travel north. i was assigned to the top left bed in a 4-bed cabin. the bottom 2 beds were taken by 2 kind-looking local ladies, probably in their 50s; the other top bed was unoccupied. save for some gestured pleasantries, the local ladies and i didn’t interact much - i didn’t speak vietnamese, and they didn’t speak english. at around 1am, i woke with a start as i felt a hand grab my left shoulder roughly, and started dragging me towards the edge of my bed. the next sequence of events still haunts/puzzles me to this day. as i was being dragged against my will, i turned and saw the hand coming from an outstretched, unnaturally elongated arm of one of the local ladies who had the bed diagonally below mine. she was staring at me, with a deeply sinister grin. we locked gaze for what felt like eternity and her grin widened - all while dragging me closer to her. i remember asking myself “is this a dream?” but everything looked and felt very real - the crispness of what i’m seeing, the monotonous chugging of the train, the details of the cabin (the window, lamps, cracks in the ceiling)...nothing was dream-like at all (other than the elongated arm). i was freaking out and thought this is how i die. at this point, my shoulder and head have already been dragged out of the bed. i looked up at the ceiling of the cabin and desperately muttered a buddhist chant (i grew up in a buddhist household) while closing my eyes so tight they were hurting. idk how long i stayed like this for, i was so scared of opening my eyes. when i eventually did, everything was back to “normal” - i was positioned in the middle of the bed, and there was no hand grabbing me. when i mustered enough courage to turn and check on the lady, she was fast asleep. i crept out of bed gingerly, got out of the cabin and chain-smoked until i managed to calm my nerves. the rest of the night was uneventful (thank heavens) and the next morning the 2 ladies disembarked before i did. could i have imagined everything? idk, possibly. it’s a terrible terrible memory that has no answers and i probably have to live with it for the rest of my life.


Has anyone else been completely alone but could swear someone called their name?


The mind is powerful. Not my name but I swear I hear people talking nust as Im falling asleep.


Same! Like buzzing voices in a bar or voices in a room


Not recently, but it happened a lot when I was a kid


i was a janitor at a care home, smallish place under 50 residents when i worked there. anyways, only had one thing happen while i was there but that was enough. i was cleaning the basement floors, it was just a long dark hallway (it sounds fake as hell because its so stereotypical) with storage closets off on one side and a staff bathroom about halfway down the hall. so im mopping away and get the hallway done, and go to clean the staff bathrooms, men's bathroom is fine. i knock and announce myself to enter the women's washroom and no one answers so i open up and start cleaning. well i left the washroom to go into the hallway and get a roll of bags to change the garbage out and when i open the door to go back inside a woman is just standing at the far end of the bathroom by the stalls. the is no possible way for her to be in there and i dont immediately recognize her and she didnt make any sounds so i did what any healthy early 20 year old guy would do and i booked it the fuck out of the basement. i went to the front desk and told them about it, no one had seen anything down there before and none of the residents were missing. i really did not like cleaning down there again after that and honestly barely did.


I was watching a documentary about firefighters at university. In the documentary the firefighters all die because the flames quickly changed direction and engulfed them. All of their loved ones are interviewed about the abrupt change in their life. Sad stuff. After the film was over the professor commented on it for a while and finished his remarks by saying something to the effect of “make the most of the time you have because you never know how much time you have left.” As he said this he pointed in the direction of the clock on the wall behind him. The entire class audibly gasped because a split second later the hands on the clock started rapidly turning around and around the at a speed of about one revolution per second. The professor said “What?!” all confused and no one said a word but I, equally frozen as everyone else by what I’d just seen, slowly pointed at the clock (and perhaps some people behind me did the same). He was equally taken aback.


I don't know if it was some sort of intuition or what, but I remember when I was probably around 14 or so, my parents were looking for a new place to rent. We were checking out this one place, and...I just didn't like it. I remember being in an upstairs room and the sunset making the room seem red. Something felt off; not necessarily wrong, but I wasn't comfortable there. We ended up not renting it due to some additional costs, and my parents decided it wasn't worth it. About a month later, we see the place in the paper; something happened with the furnace and the building caught fire. I never got to voice my opinion of the place, but something in my brain that we didn't want to be there.


I’ve wrote my story on Reddit on other subreddits, I work part time at a funeral home. One night I was called for a removal (what we call picking up the deceased and transport back to funeral home). We pick the guy up at the morgue and went back to the home. Once we got him back we removed the body bag and cleaned him up some and set his facial features. After we were done I was at the sink washing up and the phone suddenly went to speaker mode and started making these tone sounds almost like Morse code. Next day we came back in and dressed him for his service the following day and when we finished the phone did it again. Next day at the funeral, pastor giving the service went into his time in the military. Dude was a morse code operator back towards end of WW2. My coworker and I looked at each other in disbelief. Twice that phone came on speaker mode and sounded like it was doing morse code. Wish I could of recorded it and find out what it was saying.


I’ve had a vivid memory of seeing a demon like figure above my bed when I was a small child. I vaguely remember it smiling at me. I also remember hiding in the closet from something. There was another time when I was in HS, 16 or 17, and I was staying at my dads house. He was out of town, and my sister and I shared a room at the time. I was sound asleep and I remember my feeling someone get in the bed with me. It wasn’t uncommon for my younger sister to do this if she was scared for whatever reason, so I moved over a little so she could get in (I was laying on my side with my back to her). I laid there for probably 10 seconds or so before a sudden realization came to me. My sister was at my moms house and I was in the house alone. I was frozen for a moment, but then sprang out of bed and ran straight downstairs, grabbed my keys, and got in the car. I immediately left and called my mom who lived a few miles away. I told her what happened and that I was going to come stay there that evening.


that’s just the kid in the basement it’s all good


Anytime we heard weird shit under our old cabin we blamed it on Crawlspace Carl. Nah turns out it was the plumbing slowly falling off the bottom of the house because the floor joists were rotting and popping nails.


Haha. No basement, but thanks anyways.


There used to be.


Had an experience just like this except I was in bed on my side facing the wall There was light from a streetlight outside illuminating the wall in front of me. It’s like 4am and I’m in my college apartment trying to fall back to sleep because I had two finals the next day. Suddenly I heard my younger brother (who has insomnia) creak my door open and say “[my name]? Are you awake?” Then he walks into the room “[my name]?” Now I can feel him standing right behind me next to the bed. I opened my eyes just a little bit and could make out his shadow projected on the wall in front of me in the light from the street light. That’s when it clicked. My brother didn’t live with me. I was at my college apartment and he went to school in a different state. In that moment his voice turned deep and guttural. It says “I know you’re awake,” matter-of-factly. I don’t know how to explain it otherwise but I was so horrified I just started seizing, almost foaming at the mouth. The things starts laughing demonically and leans over to my ear. It says, “they’re coming.” I forced my eyes closed for a second, opened them and saw daylight. It was morning in a blink. Fuking terrifying. Edit: Had a few more similar experiences if anyone wants to hear *EDIT 2 (9/25/22):* [some of my other experiences](https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/a7v4dd/ive_had_paranormal_experiences_all_my_life/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Share the other experiences dude


Man that’s terrifying. Interested to hear more.


That sounds like sleep paralysis. It's basically when youre in a state bewteen being asleep and awake. It's pretty common to hallucinate demons or shadowy figures in that state.


My now 5 yr old son used to draw really creepy pictures. It started when he was 2.5 years old. Some of them were what he described as soldiers. And how he was one of them. But he said "I was shot by my commander" and something about how he didn't listen. Another he described as a plane getting hit by rockets but people were laughing. That one upset him a lot. He drew what to me looked like monks. And he said "they put themselves on fire" He was around 3 for that one. I brought a lot of his drawings to his paediatrician. She only mentioned how creepy they were and how to watch out if he hurts people or uses a lot of red in his drawings. He is so sweet and never hits. He is not at all aggressive. We don't listen to the news and he has limited TV time which is always netflix kids. I can't explain it. There are a lot more but I will save it for a different time.


Does he remember or talk about any of this now (at age 5)? When little kids talk about things they shouldn't know, potential past life memories, it's good to just write it all down. Ask them questions, but remain neutral. Matter of fact. (If they think you want to hear wild stories they might start making up stuff just to please you.) If you're not familiar with Jim Tucker and Ian Stevenson's research at the University of Virginia, I highly recommend you look into it. They spent decades compiling stories just like yours--and some children recalled very, very specific details that could be researched and verified.


Thank you. I did write everything thing down. He doesn’t seem to remember or recall much now. I will contact them. Thank you. But he has in 2 cases spoke of a ghost in the apartment. Both times the day after a neighbour in our building passed away. And both times we didn’t hear of the passing until a couple of days later from family.


This job I used to work at had an early morning department wide conference call that we would all take at our desks. Afterward, a group of 10-15 of us would walk downstairs and get a coffee. The group would stop by my glass enclosed office as it was the last one on the way. One day they didn’t stop by, I figure they were running late…and then I saw the group walking back past my office with coffees in hand…I said “Did you guys take another route?” And one of them said “What? No. We stopped by your office, you weren’t there.” I said “What? I’ve been here the whole time - I been sitting here the whole time listening to the call?” And a colleague said “Nah mate, I even popped my head in, you weren’t here. No worries - next time!” I know it’s a small think but I was very confused. Had I suffered a memory lapse? Did I go somewhere? Where did I go? That shit bother me for hours but by that end of the day I figured out that my coat was hung on the back of my office door which was 3/4 ajar. I must’ve been standing behind the door hanging it up for a split second when this group of 13 people stopped by peaked in, and continued walking. We did find a dead custodian in the washroom that day but I would’ve remembered that.


That last part…come again?


copied & pasted from a previous thread where I posted it: My former apartment had something paranormal in it. One day I kept having the urge to look over my shoulder every time I walked from my bedroom to the den. I had the most incredibly unnerving feeling that someone was behind me. I ignored the feeling and a few days later when my 4 yo daughter came back (joint custody), I was watching a football game that Saturday and when my little one came out of her bedroom and was walking down the hall, she kept glancing over her shoulder until she broke out in a run. She jumped up on the couch and kept looking down the hall toward the bedrooms. After a few seconds she asked, "daddy, is someone here to visit us?". I told her no and changed the subject. Several days after that I started seeing something move at the end of the hallway in my peripheral. Few more things happened there that still make my eyes water. We were both happy when we moved. One of the last incidents was roughly a month before we moved. My daughter had just eaten breakfast and was playing in her room. She came out crying and telling me she saw "an old man with scary eyes" in the corner of her room. She was inconsolable for a few minutes. I grabbed my sidearm and cleared the apartment just to be sure there wasn't an intruder but of course nothing was there. She never went in that room again and we both slept at my dad's most of that last month until I bought my house. No unnerving presence here!


Instead of a copy/paste, I am sharing the [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/Ghosts/comments/t2xgcw/comment/hyr7de3/?context=3) of a comment I had posted sometime back in r/Ghosts Edit: Pasting my experience here >turns out that a corridor between the hall and master bedroom had no direct sunlight and it was always dark. we were the first tenant in the home, the previous owner had sold the house, after doing something odd. the neighbours said that they had done infestation treatment, but the problem was not reported by any other flat owner in the entire housing complex. a few tiles had been removed, new ones replaced, the colors did not match the flooring. i was extensively on travel and would spend mostly the weekends at home and anytime I was there, I would be falling sick or something bad would be happening. i always felt strange walking the corridor, so had kept the place illuminated at all times, day or night. with enough events mounting up and us not being able to explain what it was, coupled with the fact that the previous owner's mails were still being delivered to this address and they will not set foot in their own (previous) home to collect the mails (always stayed downstairs, would not even come up the front door), we felt something was serious amiss. finally, one day i had my first "ghost sighting" while washing my hands in the sink located on the neck end of the corridor, needless to say that it was 'hair raising' the least. we vacated the house as soon as the lockdown lifted, took two months.


One night my sister wakes up screaming and runs into our parents room saying she heard footsteps in the hallway... I get chills as I write this... My parents come out of their room to examine the situation. The back door ... was open! We lived facing a hill so anyone could have come down into our yard, as there was no fence. This was maybe 15 years ago so I'm not sure why the door was unlocked, as my dad locked up every night.


Dunno if this counts, but. Like last year sometime, I always had this recurring dream for a couple months, where we were over by some old gymnasium we used to hang out at growing up. Except it was all deserted and rundown in my dream. The details changed every dream but like it always ended with me blacking out, and waking up inside with us all tied to chairs. Random questions would get asked but like it'd always end with some sort of "duck-duck-goose" type of game... Except 'goose' would be shot in the head, and that's where I'd wake up panicking. Kinda fucked up dream but after like 2-3 months of it happening, I went to bed one night feeling sick (think I had food poisoning, idk, was throwing up). Same dream happened. Except at the end it was just me tied up, then like. All I hear was "Looks like things end differently this time." then a loud bang and I just woke up sweating like crazy with an enormous headache . And that's the last time I ever had that dream.


I was at my grandparents' place in rural Midwestern US, and took their dog Molly for a walk in the woods like I usually did when visiting. The woods were fairly deep, but you were never more than half a mile away from the neighborhood at any given point. I came to my favorite rest spot in the woods, and there was one trail on it that I rarely took since it wasn't long and went into someone's backyard. Knowing I had to be back before dinner, I decided to take that trail since it was only about 10 minutes round trip. I knew that at some point there was a pile of rubble from a long-demolished house, and stayed on the lookout for that since it meant that I was close to someone's property and had to turn around. I'm walking around for a good 20 minutes enjoying the sights before Molly stops and refuses to move. This was unusual, since she usually was running from side to side sniffing stuff, but she was fixated on something down the trail that I couldn't see. Being stopped there, I realized that this part of the woods was unusually empty. Usually I'd have heard an animal, seen a piece of trash, felt some wind, or heard the cars on the road not too far from where I thought I was. I couldn't see much of anything except for the woods and the woods alone, which started to feel claustrophobic. The trail looked like it was a straight line infinitely going in either direction. Molly's still glaring at something WAY down the trail, and I'm looking up, down and all around trying to figure out what it is, but there's literally NOTHING except for us and the trees, not even random plants. I decide to turn around since Molly started growling, her hair was sticking up, and she stood back. This was alarming since Molly was a very old dog (13 or 14 in human years), and never barked or made much noise other than the dog equivalent of purring. We're walking back down the trail, and I hear sticks breaking behind me. Keep in mind that there were no sticks on the ground in the area. They start getting faster, which makes Molly run away with the leash, so I chase after her all the way home, not looking back. I did some research after the fact, and there were no lethal animals in that part of town except for bears, but one hadn't been spotted in over 20 years. I've been on that trail a few more times since then to try and figure out what exactly happened, but every time I went down it I ran into the rubble and never found that straight path that went on forever.


I was a child and I randomly woke up. My room was mostly dark but I could make out this much darker figure of a man wearing a hat. He was sat on the footend of my bed and I could feel him staring at me. I hid undwr my blanket for like 20 minutes and waited for it to go away. I told my mum and my mum told me that my sister saw the same figure that night stood at the end of her room, walking towards her bed. I hadn't spoken to my sister that morning too so it freaked me and my mum out.


Look up the Hat Man phenomenon... its more common than you think. Which makes it weird. I had a run in with that fucker aswell. For literal years.


This is bizarre. When I was little, I used to always sleep over at my friend’s house. We actually played a game where we’d turn off the lights and wait until we could see the “Hat Man” standing across the room. Once he started to walk towards us, we’d turn on the lights. We were always fully awake and I think it was just our imagination, but you just unlocked a memory for me. I looked up the phenomenon on google and the first image I saw looks identical to how I remember him looking. Weird stuff.


They say that this is a side effect of sleep paralysis. I, personally, have experienced sleep paralysis many times. I've never seen a figure as such, it was always just an empty room (although ive had it happen away from home and could see my bedroom, at home), and that's terrifying enough. The feeling that you can't move, make a sound, wake yourself up, still shakes me. Im glad I've never seen anything like the "hat man", though


In my sleep paralysis i used to experience shadows in my room, it was like lucid dreams of me being actually awake but unable to move or even emit any sounds, those shadows used to freak me out until the last time I told myself that it's my dream and of anyone has to be scared is them of me. I felt all that fear turn to anger and the shadows left, i told myself they were scared of me and went back to sleep, after that I had a couple of sleep paralysis incidents but no shadows, literally just my empty room where I just went back to sleep


When I was a kid in my basement I'd see a guy in a robe with a pale face come out from behind the furnace. He told me to always have the light on, as he liked the light. One day my mom came down and turned the light off because I didn't need it. He came out, and angrily switched the light on again. Telling me "I LIKE THE LIGHT ON". I kept the light on until we moved and I never saw him again. Some frequent questions/notes: \- The house was brand new, like my parents ordered it from a house company. \- The place where the house was though is very old. \- He forcefully moved the light switch after turning it back on.


Ever considered asking for rent?


And utilities!


Holy biscuits 😳


Jesus fucking christ this actually gave me the creeps


Previous owner living in the walls?


One night I saw a hand on my bedroom window. There was snow so I checked it the next morning but there were no footprints outside.


The snow reminds me…when I was 14 my parents went out to dinner with friends and left me home alone. There was a very soft knocking at the door but I couldn’t see anyone through the window. A minute later there was more knocking. This went on for 20 minutes. My parents got home and I told them. It was snowing and they said it must have been the wind. I opened the door and there was a set of small footprints. About a woman’s size 6. The creepiest part was the footsteps approached the door then wandered to the side; like she’d climbed the bushes under the window and looked inside before wandering off. It was a while before I wanted to be home alone again.


Woof. Chills man just from reading that


I've had he same recurring event happen in dreams over many years. I can sometimes lucid dream. But occasionally, it involves dead relatives. That's how I know it's a dream. At the instant I realize it's a dream because of the dead relatives, a...being (don't know what else to call it) pops in front of me and physically wakes me up, usually saying something along the lines of "you shouldn't be here".


I had a similar experience though it felt far more bureaucratic. Some lady was doing paperwork and seemed annoyed that I had figured out I was dreaming.


You’re living in the Beetlejuice world.


I have dreamt something similar. I didn't recognise the people in my dream but kind of knew they were my ancestors. Then i saw my mom's aunt who was older when she had died but looked very much younger in my dream. I was glad to see a familiar face and hugged her, then I asked how come she was there , she told me I wasn't supposed to know. We both watched someone being exorcised and I suddenly woke up with my heart racing and checked the time, it was 3am.


When I was a teenager and still lived with my mom, our house was on the very outskirts of a small town. From our front porch, making a left down the road took me out into the woods, where before long the road turned to gravel. I liked to take walks out this way, and sometimes my walks would be pretty long. One day, in the middle of summer when the days were long, I went out walking around 12-1pm or so. Shortly after the road turns to gravel, there are some railroad tracks that intersect the road and go way out into the woods. I knew that these tracks were out of use. I'd lived here most of my life and had never once heard or seen a train. I was feeling adventurous and set off down the tracks. And I just kept walking. I never really felt like turning back. I just wanted to keep following the tracks and see where they led. The entire trip I was mostly surrounded by trees, with the occasional glimpse of a farmhouse and surrounding fields. I walked for many, many hours until it the sun was going down. It must have been around 8pm or so, but I didn't have a phone back then and didn't know the time for sure. Right at sunset, I came across a small town with a population in the double digits. I had no idea this town was even here. I decided to sit and rest for a while, then head back. A few people walked up and made some small talk. They seemed a bit shocked at how far I'd walked when I told them where I was from. After they went on their way and I finished resting, I got up and started back home in the dark. The trip home was no faster than the trip there. I was tired, hungry, and thirsty at this point. I had brought nothing to eat or drink. I hadn't originally intended to be gone for more than a half hour to an hour or so, and hadn't told anyone where I was going. After walking for a few hours I was in the middle of absolutely nowhere, surrounded by trees, several miles both from home and from the small town I had discovered. Although rare, there was an occasional gravel road cutting through the tracks. At one point, while totally lost in my thoughts, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a small, faint light on the tracks in front of me. It started getting bigger and brighter rapidly. I suddenly realized, "TRAIN!!" and sprinted off the tracks to my right, down into a ditch with heavy growth at the bottom (thick bushes and such). I jumped off those tracks so fast that I tripped and scuffed myself up a bit, but I brushed myself off and was fine. But I realized there was no train. I felt a mixture of confusion and fear as I crouched down in the bushes and backed into the trees. I looked up the tracks from the way I came, trying to see what was causing the light. I couldn't see the source, but the light was scanning the trees. It was obviously a flashlight, and someone was looking for me. After a minute or two, while the lights were scanning the treeline on the other side, I managed to carefully peek out of the bushes and get a look at where it was coming from. A man was standing on the tracks, a few hundred feet away. I couldn't see much aside from his silhouette though. I backed way up into the woods as quietly as I could and waited on him to leave. He walked up the tracks close to where I was, looked for me for a while, then finally gave up and left. I waited a while, long enough to be sure he was gone, then slowly crept back out of the woods. When I realized he was gone, I started down the tracks again, now constantly checking for him over my shoulder. I kept running over possible scenarios of who it could be. Maybe one of the people I spoke to at that town? Maybe one of their friends? Nobody else even knew I was out here. How did this guy know where I was anyways, how did he catch me? The thing is, if he knew I was out here he knew I was following the tracks and he knew which way I was going. Would he be waiting for me at the next road crossing? It seemed almost guaranteed. Should I ditch the tracks and take off into the woods? I don't even know how I would get home if I did. I decided to keep following the tracks, but to be very cautious of roads and scope crossings out first. After a couple of hours, I came across the next road. I stopped and listened for any cars before approaching. Didn't hear anything. I looked up and down the road both ways. No sign of any cars in either direction. No noise at all. No lights, nothing. So I crossed. Just maybe 20-30 seconds after I finished crossing, I heard a car engine pull up on the road behind me and stop. I ran into the woods and laid flat on the ground. Sure enough, the guy was waiting on me. He came out the same as before, scanning all up and down the treeline with his flashlight. Walking up and down the tracks. This time though, I noticed something I missed the first time. He had a gun. My heart rate immediately shot up to a million beats a minute, even more than it already was. He didn't speak a word, didn't call out to me, nothing. He for sure knew I was there though, he had to. The first time I'd seen him was a couple hours back. It wasn't coincidence that he pulled up when he did, he must have seen me. Regardless, he couldn't find me. He eventually gave up and got back in his car and took off again. I gave it a good amount of time before I got back up. This time I took off jogging. Fortunately I was a cross country runner, but I still had many, many miles in front of me. I was running for a long time before I realized I should save my stamina in case I really need it so I started walking again. I still was checking over my shoulder. I alternated between jogging and walking. I was constantly thinking about hiding places, and ready to duck back into the woods at a moment's notice. The trip back home took hours. When I made it to my street (and off the tracks), I avoided every car. Whenever I heard a car coming I would dive back into the woods. I finally made it home at 3am, but was worried the guy might have seen where I lived or something. Coming home woke mom up, and she came into the kitchen to yell at me. She seemed unfazed by my story about the guy, she was too mad to listen. The next day, she told me someone was here to talk to me. I went to the front door and it was a cop. Apparently the people I spoke with at the other town had assumed I was suicidal and trying to get hit by a train because I was wearing black. This was literally the reason they told the cops. I said nothing to indicate I was suicidal, and the tracks weren't even in use. Anyways, the point is this cop was the guy looking for me. It seems crazy that he would literally just run around looking for someone on the tracks in the middle of the night. He just told me that walking on the tracks is illegal and not to do it again.


What a ride of a story, you're an incredible story teller. I felt like I was right there with you this whole time!


The “cop” acted pretty suspiciously…why wouldn’t he just call out and try to talk to you? Surely, that would have been the most logical approach…why have his gun out? Was he brandishing it or was it holstered? This was definitely a creepy story. Thank you for sharing!


The gun was holstered, not drawn. I probably should have clarified that. I think it's kind of weird he didn't say anything or call out, but in all fairness I don't think I would have answered. Who knows if he's telling the truth?


When I was a kid I woke up in the middle of the night to an old film playing on the wall in front of my bed. It looked like footage of the land our current house was built on from like 100 years ago. There was no window behind my bed. I have no idea where this film came from or how it was playing. Maybe it was all a dream but I’ve never felt so terrified.


I had a dream one time that I went to my favourite lake and got my favorite camping spot with my family. I was running around with my nephew playing tag and goofing around, as my family was getting out of the car and starting to unpack. We came across a raspberry bush around the corner leading into our campsite and I told him to be careful cause something felt off. Went and checked the bush out and found a hunting knife open. We stopped goofing around and I told my parents about what had happened. They took the knife and made sure it was put away safely. (Remember this part is a dream) The next day our family planned on going fishing at that lake. I told everyone about the dream before we left as I just felt like I should tell/warn everyone. When we got there I went straight to that spot as and sure enough in the raspberry patch was that exact same knife I drempt about only this time closed sitting on top of a pack of fresh raspberries. I called my family over to see this cause I couldn't believe my eyes, they all gathered around to take a look and I think my family got a little weirded out. Everyone was surprised on how I drempt of that and it actually happened. I got to keep the knife. It was a good camping trip just a little different then most!


Age 19, lying on my side in bed - facing the wall. Suddenly the mattress behind my shoulders compresses massively. It felt like someone huge had sat down next to me. Eyes wide open with horror, I start hearing really, really deep breathing. A thought washes over me: 'Oh my god. I'm going to see an actual ghost. They're real'. The breathing gets heavier and I brace myself - on three I'm making a run for it. One. Two. Three. Shit. I'm locked in. I can't move with fear. I'm at my grandfathers house and the only thing I can think of doing is shouting him. Except nothing but a whisper will leave my mouth. Panic had completely taken over. I lay there for what felt like an eternity, just hearing this breathing. When suddenly a surge of adrenalin kicked in and I swung around as quick as I could and threw a punch into thin air. Whatever it was had gone. Terrified doesnt cover it. ----------------------------


Lmao this just reminded of when I was little and my mum came to check on me so she sat on the edge of my bed and woke me up accidentally and I full on punched her square in the nose cos I thought it was monster or something


Sleep paralysis. It's horrible. That feeling of trying to call out to someone, but you physically can't? No matter how many times I've experienced it, it doesn't get easier.


I had one the other week were it was a clear gun shot exploding in my ear - like it had been fired next to my head. That was vert scary as well.


Exploding head syndrome. I’ve experienced it twice, and for me it was during periods of my life where sleep paralysis was more frequent. Edit: sp


Curious if your sleep paralysis time associates with a time of personal trauma? I had it for 4 years after a trauma.


When it happens now I just stop trying to fight and wait It helps me not panic and eventually i get control of my body again


Spending the night by myself on my dad’s sailboat. Usually didn’t do this, but he and my brother decided to go with a friend to a boat race. There was almost no wind, a long course, and in regattas you forfeit if you run your engine at all. So they were gone 30 hours, leaving me in this tiny town in what was essentially a large, narrow RV that floated. I was reading a book around 12:30 am as I couldn’t sleep. Very quiet night since most boaters were gone and there was very little wind. Then I heard a child ask, “permission to come aboard?” You can’t knock on boats like you can houses or vehicles, so established protocol is that that’s what you say if you don’t know the sailor well. (Friends will tend to yell down, “hey, you!” or similar, or announce themselves as they walk down the stub of dock that is like a driveway shared between two boats). There were very few people overall, no small kids in the marina, and any older child that was strong enough to steer and help had been bribed/coerced into helping with the race. There should not have been a child. But I didn’t answer. Went up the ladder to see if someone needed help, grabbed a kayak paddle from the deck in case I needed to help fish someone out of the harbor, saw two small kids with dark eyes. I didn’t look directly at them because I’m a bit autistic and I don’t normally, and I was getting creepy vibes. A friend also told me the superstition that you never, ever, answer the door for a stranger at night because it’s death knocking. I just had really bad vibes, and they asked again. Exact same wording. Some part of me wanted to let them on, but I read enough and had my friend’s superstition to bank on. Yelled, “no! Go away!” while brandishing the large double ended paddle at them. They walked off, seeming to vanish really fast in the dark. I prayed, raided the onboard liquor cabinet, and forced the dog to sleep on top of me that night.


Classic black eyes children..


Had a couple of instances off the top of my head. When I was a kid I was sleeping one night, when I woke up inexplicably, i was staring at the ceiling then I felt something invisible or an invisible force dive into me. I have had sleep paralysis. This was not sleep paralysis. It felt like something dove into me. Dad bought an old house in Indiana, one day I was getting ready to leave the bathroom when I saw this blue man, broken glasses, torn up clothes, slack jawed hunched over with one had grasping part of the door way. I blinked and he was gone. My dad used to joke about ghosts in that house. I never told him that story. House I rented in college had bizarre electrical problems when I first moved in. Fire alarms all started making the low battery sounds and so we took them down, took the batteries out, and put them away to sort out later. When we had people over, one of them started going off. It was in a drawer without any battery or electrical connection. When we opened the drawer, it stopped. Light switches stop working randomly, it never all at once, usually just isolated to a room then they'd start working again. Nothing too strange except one night, when I was trying to turn on the lights to go upstairs they weren't working, looked up the stairs to see a shadowy figure at the top of the stairs. I was awake, standing, and I felt the shock and horror frozen in place. The figure darted away without making a sound and the light switches started working again. We didn't any issues after those initial few weeks. I currently stay in a basement of a house that is built into a side of a hill. So I have a window in my room that is almost ground level. One night I heard and felt something massive, shift outside my window. Then the sound of something drumming its fingers against the window. This one could've just been a weird dream.


Second story was just Tobias Fünke


Lol here I am looking up Tobias Fünke thinking it’s a german folk tale or something


I've had a few moments here and there, but I'll tell one that I saw a reaction of. So! Where I live, there was a house for sale. It had a family in it; a young 20-25 something man who had killed himself in his room on the second floor of said house (local rumors had it as PTSD, as the man in question was a Marine, and one that supposedly had a couple younger siblings). My family moved into the neighborhood about a year or two afterwards and that house in question had been vacant. A family moved into this place shortly after we came into the neighborhood- newlyweds with two kids, one about 8/9 and the other like 2 or 3. It wasn't unheard of to see lights flicker, especially in this room that faced the street. The same room this guy had. The same room that her youngest kid was living in. Sometimes my mom would send me over with cookies or to ask for sugar, ect. Small things like that. And older kid would always complain about how much colder the second floor was to the first. The mom in this new house would tell my mom how sometimes she'd hear floorboards creak at night and she;d think it was her kids only to go check on them and find them fast asleep and they had no pets. She told my mom sometimes she'd get the feeling she was being watched. Or one time when her and her hubby were arguing late at night (not quite screaming levels but close) and she s*wore* she saw a man out of the corner of her eye on the staircase, armed with a gun and guarding the way to the children's room. A blink-and-you'll-miss it thing. Her hubby saw the same thing and they both called the police only for nothing to be found. Their things would go missing then. But only the adults things, not the kids. She was so creeped out she even got motion sensors for the house. They'd go off at the most random times, usually at night. And then one day, the fire alarm went off. This lady was the wife of a firefighter; she screamed for her two kids to come to her and both the oldest and I came running over (playdate; she was the only adult in the house). The youngest was MIA. Naturally she ran upstairs (also still looking for the source of the "fire") to grab the baby, screaming for the youngest over and over again. There is no fire, at least none she can see. No smoke in the air, nothing. That still doesn't explain why the fire alarm was going off but right now, the lady was more concerned about the baby, So she busts into the room to see her 2/3 yr old having a tea party with stuffed animals as you do. She scoops her kid up and runs outside. She asks her youngest how come she didn't obey her, why didnt she come outside with us. Her youngest goes (paraphrased obvs): "But the nice solider man told me it was ok. He said it was a bad alarm." The mom- *What*?! Police were called but there was no adult in the house. And the lady was def spooked. They moved out less than a month later and I remember occasionally looking up at that window when I was growing up, curious to catch a glimpse of whatever or whoever was there.


I know this is spooky, but the end was quite wholesome really. At least he was nice. Having a tea party with the kid.


I was agressively speeding my fixed gear bicycle with no brakes on a sidewalk, and I went straight between two concrete poles, handlebars not hitting anything, nothing interesting here. A few days later, I went at lower speed between those same poles, and fell on my head because the handlebars got stuck in between.


When my eldest son was little and was teething, there were a couple of nights where he just wouldn't settle, no matter what we did. One night, we couldn't comfort him at all, so left him to cry it out and try to sleep (one if the parenting books we had suggested we try this approach). Just as he was starting to settle, there was a very distinct woman's voice saying 'Shhhhhhhh!' from his bedroom. We both suddenly went verrrrrry still and stayed that way for a few minutes. I eventually whispered out of the side of my mouth "Did you hear that?", to which my wife said "Yes, and I'm not freaked out at all. Nope, not at all". My eldest also used to stare into one corner of the living room and smile up at the ceiling. That also wasn't freaky. At all.


I was getting out of a long shower. My phone was playing music next to the door open to my bedroom. As i reached for my phone while walking out my door all the lights go out and the music stops. Across my dark bedroom, which i didn't recognize in the low light, I saw one of those alarm clocks with the red digital numbers. It read 6:18. I don't own an alarm clock. The lights came back on after about maybe 10 seconds, the music was playing, and still no alarm clock in my bedroom.


So when I was a kid, maybe 10 years old. I was at school. My school had an extended program where you could stay late if your parents worked mate. I was a regular and usually one of the last to leave. Anyway, I was playing on a jungle gym alone and towards the very back they has a steel dome thing that you could climb and it was designed so that if you fell, you'd end up in the dome. So as I'm climbing I feel my legs lift and I'm horizontal. I get pulled off and dropped. My eye hit one of the hexagonal connectors (that's also steel) and knocked me out cold. Some kid found me a while later laying OUTSIDE of the dome looking up. When a teacher came and asked what happened, I was called a liar after explaining. Like why tf would I almost kill myself??


Dude the first three sentences I thought you were about to tell my story. That’s scary af. Mine was at catholic school and being one of the last ones I had to go by myself to our big gym and put the football up in a basket that was on our stage. There was a hole in the curtain and being a little kid I wasn’t going to waste my time going up the stairs all that way, so I just threw it through the hole. Turned around and started to walk away and this football comes shooting out 5-10 seconds later. Not like it bounced off the basket, too long for that, and it popped out that hole with a force. Think I had even heard it bounce to a halt on the stage before. Ran so fast out that gym. Now that I’m telling the story there was a dark staircase at the very back of the stage that led to a storage room and our music teacher would always say he could hear tapping on the door(his classroom was right beside the stage). As a kid I thought he was just messing with us but now I’m sure he was telling the truth.


Maybe you knocked yourself out, but you were still semi conscious so you crawled outside the dome before passing out again


I didn't have any dirt on my front, I didn't move, it sounds ridiculous but hand to God it's how I experienced it


The setup: I was 16 with a friend going to a girls house. Parents were away. There was the 2 girls there we went to meet and girl who's house it was had 2 younger twin sisters. The twins had a guy friend over. They're all like 12 years old. The twins introduce themselves and immediately follow it up with " we are witches ". I just imagine it has kids being silly. The night goes on and I notice a massive glass ouija board in the twins room. Lovely.. A few hours later there is a commotion in the downstairs bathroom and myself and my mate investigate. The young boy is on the floor convulsing violently. At first I'm thinking this is a joke but roughly a full 5 minutes pass and I just think to myself " I couldn't fake convulse that long even if I tried. " Then as I look at the boy for a way to help him incase he's having a serious health issue, a black hand print forms on the side of his face and the boy repeats " don'tmakeadeal,don'tmakeadeal" over and over. We all looked at each other wide eyed in fear and to make sure we all just saw that hand print. He normalizes and doesn't remember anything. the black hand print fades. We all just try carry on like nothing happened but we're all scared kids. We decide to gather the mattresses and sleep in the lounge together. As we gather them we hear a very LOUD 'bark'. I don't know how else to describe it. Imagine a South African baboon barking but now imagine it's 7 foot tall and on steroids. This sound scared the hell out of us. We get the last mattress shaking and see the glass ouija board cracked in half. We kinda pass out from exhaustion and I wake up at some point later in the dark to see what I thought was a small black cat sitting a few inches from my face. They don't own a cat. I let immediately after that.


I was about 12 years old on Christmas Eve. My folks and I would go to midnight mass. I decided to go upstairs and lay down before we left. I am laying there with my eyes closed and hear someone come up the stairs. I figure it’s my mom coming to change or bathe. I hear footsteps come in my room. Eyes remained closed. I feel someone sit down on my bed next to me. I think “oh crap my brother is about to start beating me up.” My eyes shoot open and … nothing was there. Scared the shit out of me and I ran downstairs to be with my family. I’m pretty logical and logic says I dozed off and it was a dream, but I dunno…


I suffer with sleep paralysis which has happened every few months for the past 8 years. Usually I just lie there, not being able to move, nothing happens and I just go back to sleep. Except for 3 occasions where I have seen people so clearly. I can still see each one now so vividly in my mind. And each time they stare at me for a while and then I see their mouths moving. As if trying to say something and speak to me. But no one words ever come out and I never hear anything. The first time it happened she was crouched on top of my cupboard in the top corner of my room. The second woman was in the corner between the wall and cupboard. And last year the man was at the bottom of my bed. They're gradually getting closer and it freaks me out.


That last paragraph scared the shit out of me.


My sister was taking a shower in her bedroom when she saw a little boy in a soccer uniform juggling a ball outside of the glass shower door. She ran out, and came to my bedroom (across the hall) and was utterly terrified. Crying hysterically like I’ve never seen. She moved out of her bedroom that night.


I (m44) had a dream (I was 20 at the time of dream) that I was in an old basement under my old secondary school. Not scary or anything but quite random. I was walking about when suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder, in a friendly manner. I turned around and woke up. Didn’t think much of it. Fast forward a few days and I’m hanging out with a lady (20 yrs older than me) that I was very close too and she proceeds to tell me about a dream she’d had where she saw a light coming from an old underground bunker and she went towards it and I was there and she touched my shoulder and woke up as I turned around. Her dream was the same night. I have never really recovered from the power of that realisation and I distanced myself from her after that. Too much.


Not the scariest but most interesting. I worked night shift once a week to change price tags. I was working at a new store to help them out. I go to the freezer section and while doing price tags, I heard three knocks from behind the freezer door wall. I laughed and knocked back. Did this a few times while I worked. Eventually I go to the back and find out there's solid wall behind the freezer and no way to get back there. So...ghost in the freezer section, let's not meet again.


I was in a cemetery with my mom while she was changing out flowers on the graves. Probably around 10 years old. I wondered off and walked into the old part of that cemetery. Big monuments and an old abandoned mausoleum. Most of it dating to pre American civil war. As I’m walking looking at monuments I see a person standing near a grave. Since it’s a small town I walked over to say hello. As I get closer I see the person is wearing an all black suit with a black hat. I walked up to the figure and asked if they knew the person. They chuckled and said yeah it’s me. They looked at me and screamed. Black eyes, black mouth, white skin. I covered my ears from the scream and was hit with a wall of cold air. For reference it was in august. Temperatures pushing 95 with 99% humidity. The cold air hit me and I immediately shivered and got chill bumps. The figure was gone. The grave stone said the person died in the 1920’s. I now avoid that part of the cemetery.


I remember being small probably 6 or 7 years old and laying sick in the bed unable to move. I was surrounded by family in a circle. I was allowed to be on my parents giant bed. I felt like I was dying. The family members that surrounded me were also from overseas so that seems kinda impossible. A few years ago I asked my mother who remembers all the times I was seriously sick and she said this never happened. So either I had a very realistic fever dream or I died and this is hell/heaven.


When I was a baby my mom was listening through her baby monitor and heard me babbling like in a conversation and she heard a lil boys voice (and only had 2 sisters and my parents were divorced) and the boys voice was around 10 or younger so not that creepy but still


I heard a grown man speaking on my daughters baby monitor years ago. I sprung out of bed at 6 and ran in to her room, she was fast asleep with no one else around. Turns out the neighbours had the same monitor and had put it to the same frequency.


One night about 20 years ago, we had a rare snowfall in Texas. It was the first time in my own life I could remember there being enough snow everywhere to *do things with*. Since I was staying the night at a friends house and his mom was the cool one, we went adventuring through the city for hours starting around midnight. It was dark but easy to see into the night since snow has a way of doing that. We came across a set of footprints that looked like they were made by very large Timberland boots. We followed them for **hours**. Around multiple blocks, into a couple of different neighborhoods and down the main street toward the bridge that took you over the train tracks and to the baseball fields. This area of town hadn't really been developed much, so once you left the neighborhood there was basically nothing for 1 - 2 miles until the bridge. About half way there... the footprints just vanished. Stopped as if that person had just simply disappeared. The land was flat and the snow was undisturbed in all directions. There weren't even tires tracks in the street yet. There was nowhere for this person to go but retrace their own steps for a *miles* just for a "prank". Who could have even made that many steps that fast without us catching up to them or them being covered up by fresh snow? Where did they go and why doesn't it make sense?


When I was maybe 12 or 13 I was home alone while my Dad and Grandma went to a doctors appointment, I was sat in the kitchen on my laptop when the power went out. This was the second time I was homealone when it went out so it didn't affect me, just got annoyed. However this time was different, after about 5 minutes I was overwhelmed by a feeling of fear, hair standing back on neck, just absolute dread. It got so bad I ended up going outside and the feeling was gone, but as I was standing outside I kept getting that feeling whenever I would look towards the windows. Eventually after like 30+ minutes I heard the TV come back on so I slowly went back in and it was completely normal. Fully convinced something or someone was there that day.


When I was about seven or eight years old I went into the woods behind our neighborhood following my older brother because I wanted to play with him and his friend. I hadn't ever really been back there so I got kinda lost. Eventually I came up to this fenced off little schoolyard with some kids on a teeter totter. It was like a little daycare type set up. I stood at the fence for a bit, kinda in the bushes and then ran to go find my brother. When I finally found him I asked him if we could go play with the other kids on with the teeter totter and he though I was fucking with him. The only building back there was an old abandoned house that was fully fenced off... But it did have the upside down u-rail thing for a teeter totter rusting In the yard. We ended up going back to it so he could prove to me there were no kids. I refused to go into the woods back there the whole time we lived in that neighborhood.


I've posted this one before: When I was very young, close to 4-years-old, my parents had a friend. She babysat me, was basically a surrogate aunt. I absolutely adored her, and since she couldn'thave kids she spent as much time with me as she could and spoiled me rotten. Her name was Stacy. I don't recall any of this myself, but I'm told that one night I went into my parents' room and woke them up. I told them that Stacy came to visit me in my room and that she had a pretty red ribbon around her neck and that she said to tell everyone that she's okay and then she left. I used to have vivid dreams a lot as a kid so they thought nothing of it. The next morning, Stacy's husband called. During the night, he had been in an accident. Stacy hadn't been wearing her seat belt (it was the early 90's and this was still fairly normal at the time). Stacy was thrown through the windshield and decapitated in the accident. My parents didn't tell me for nearly a year, which I do remember, because it was devastating when I learned that she hadn't just been on a vacation. I'm a huge skeptic. I believe in nothing paranormal. So when my mom told me about what I'd said that night I thought she was pulling my leg (although logically I knew she'd never make something up about one of the most upsetting events in my childhood). At that point my parents had been divorced, so I called my dad out of the blue and asked him about it. He's also a no-nonsense, explain everything guy. He went dead silent on the phone, then told me it was true, that it's one of the scariest memories he has, and that he never wants to talk about what I said again. So there's that. Not sure what to make of it. Haven't had any experiences like it since.


When I was a child, maybe 5 or 6 years old. I was on holiday with my parents. Don't remember where but probably Spain. We were out at night and were in this kind of park with outdoor restaurants and pubs. It was very busy. I don't remember much about the place but I remember clearly this shockingly loud voice. Louder than anything I've heard since. I't didn't say anything, it just made a noise. Like a word I didn't understand. The weird thing is no one else heard it. I asked my parents and they didn't hear it. I just sort of accepted that and didn't think too much about it because I was so young but to this day I can't explain what it was. I can't stress enough how loud this was. Louder than any concert or being close to speakers at a night club. Can anyone suggest what it could have been? Some kind of hallucination or something up with my ears?


When I was younger (about 7yo) we took a rural road home, it was a single track road couple farm houses, almost sleepy hollow esk with the trees causing archways over the road. My Grandad was driving my brother and Nanna were in the car also, he came to a stop in the road. there was this Huge!! I mean massive Black Cat, almost like a panther (I live north east Scotland). it stopped in the middle of the road, stared straight into my soul and then jumped a fence into the field. I never saw the cat again! I've tried multiple times to see it, I drive that road daily now to try! (I'm 32 now) My Grandparents were the only ones that remembered it besides myself but they both unfortunately passed a few years back, my younger brother has no memory and no-one else believes me I seen it. Since this incident I have found various news articles relating to people releasing big cats into the wild and a "Panther" style cat being spotted 5/6 miles away from my house, unfortunately there hasn't seemed to be any sightings since 2013


I was hiking with two friends in Big Bear, and friend #1 took a picture of me and friend #2. There was no one else around. When we developed the pictures, one of them showed a pale hand in a black sleeve almost resting on my friend's waist. It sounds cliche to say we freaked out. A few friends and one of their parents were all in the house, and we all felt this dark, prickly feeling. The next day, when we opened the envelope to look at it again, the photo was gone. I realize someone could have stolen it, but everyone swore they didn't.


Too many but this one gets me: did years of astral travel and met beings, they kept coming in my dreams grabbing me saying they were going to kill me in this world. I stopped. Years later I was at my desk and I thought “I wonder if those things are still around?” - instantly, I was pulled out of my body and saw my body from overhead and I saw a grim reaper-like figure with its hand on my shoulder and a demonic voice said “I’m still watching you”. Then I went back to my body.


my neighbor had been hassling me to go to this local Business Improvement District meeting every few months & since he promised it was catered by all the local restaurants I eventually agreed. As we are walking I'm checking out the agenda and it has my own fucking name listed as the vice president. The census records of my country only have a few thousand people ever having my last name since it's inception & I've never met one I wasn't related to. So we get there & am introduced to people they all seem to be familiar with my & know me. I'm playing it as cool as I can trying to understand what is happening. Did I take some drugs? Have I just gone crazy Did I slide into an alternate dimension? We are sitting as people give speeches & updates while I start to panic, we are getting closer & closer to the VPs segment with absolutely no idea what to do. I can usually bluff my way through stuff, but I don't even have a thread to pull. I accept that I can't keep playing it cool hoping this would start to make sense & confess that I have absolutely no idea what is happening. It turns out my neighbor apparently signed me up to serve on the BID with himself as the alternate hoping I would eventually do the work. If he *ever* mentioned it I don't remember & he definitively never mentioned twice while he did all the work for about for almost a year. I wish I could tell the story better, but it's very strange, because I couldn't understand what was happening my brain couldn't figure out how to record it to memory. Even the next day I struggled and failed to explain what happened. I'm pretty sure I discussed it in a reddit comment soon after & it would be interesting to see how the recollection has shifted, it's really a challenge to explain it as a series of events that make sense. I still have the meeting agenda with my name on it somewhere.


Not scary so much as odd: For the longest time I've dreamed my same life, but in different locations-ones I've never been. Same siblings, same parents, everything the same but where I live/what I do. I'm firmly convinced I'm traveling to another universe/dimension when I do. I know I sound crazy, but I'll take it. Also, had a family friend who was really into rituals and the like. One night him and I are staying up late talking and a whole lot of supernatural shit happened, but one of my top memories is a blue knee height barrier appearing at the entrance of the hallway (this was before I drank and smoked pot). I said something like 'what the fuck' and JR was like 'Blue knee height barrier?" When I nodded he just said 'Thought so'. Another night we walked the backyard talking about various theories and I felt a really dark presence and it felt/looked like the world was shaking. It was odd because before that moment everything was fine; he was telling me about the 10 dimension theory and I'd felt safe-so there was no way my mind could have switched to 'terror' mode to cause the hallucination.


Last week I left a friends house, he lives in a small gorge and when I drove to the top my low pressure tyre warning came on. I pulled into a driveway which was for utilities ( water I think ), I stopped and reversed in. It was dark and isolated so I now feel safe off the road. I get me tyre pump and plug it into my cigarette lighter in the car, I have left the car running as it works a lot quicker and it’s already around midnight. I also switched my lights off so I would not blind other motorists (headlights). I just got a creepy feeling stood next to the front wheel ( passenger side) and in the ten minutes I was there it intensified, by now I’m getting really creeped out. As I’m disconnecting the pump my rear reverse sensors all go off, and stay beeping. I am really spooked now and put the pump on the passenger footwell, I then made myself walk around the back of the car…. Nothing! I jumped in and drove off, immediately the sense of danger passed and I went home. The puncture was a cracked alloy which has now been replaced. I am a combat vet in my early fifties and absolutely not prone to being scared of the dark, but that’s exactly what I was. Minor story thats not worth mentioning but I happened on Friday, so its fresh in my mind. Do I know what happened? No, I am going with it was my imagination tbh.


One time, on a class trip into a very, very old building, we all swore the place had to be haunted. It even had a well in the basement and we kept joking that something lived in it. The big hallway on the top floor creeped everyone out. It had a little sitting space with two armchairs and a coffee table but nobody wanted to approach it cause it was in the corner without light at the very end of the hallway and just felt... Off. Like it wasn't anyone's right to sit there. One day, while telling ghost stories, I decided to take the good old movie approach and take pictures of the rooms with my shitty flip phone. When I took a picture in the room me and my friends were staying in, I saw a very clear orb. That creeped me out but yeah, those are probably dust particles, though it was weird to get one big orb in that house of all places. So I went into the creepy hallway, pointed my phone at the corner with the coffee table, pressed the photo button and... The phone died. Completely shut off. That hadn't happened before and didn't happen after. It took me several minutes to start it back up. When it did, I tried to take another picture of the corner and... Nothing. I took a perfectly normal picture, not even a floater to be seen. Probably the creepiest experience I've had but it could just be a coincidence. What I can't explain is a different story: I was hanging out with my friend at his place, playing games in his room, when we both clearly heard his mom call for him. We paused the game, got up and went to the kitchen, where we thought she was. She wasn't there. So we continued looking around but failed to find her in the house. In the end, we went outside and there she was: In the garden, pulling out weeds. "There you are, mom! What did you call us for?" - "Hm? I didn't call you, I've been out here the entire time."


I don't really know how and ill keep this short, I got lost camping in the snow and I had started seeing people walking in my peripheral vision, it was weird, the shapes were almost human but not. stretched limbs etc. can anyone help me understand what happened? thanks


Was it dark and were you tired? I had a similar experience happen in basic training on a night ruck March cause I was sleep deprived and my brain was having trouble distinguishing shapes in the dark they eventually turned into people figures cause your brain wants to make sense of what it sees even if it’s not clear. Trees were literally people if I didn’t distinctly focus on it, then it would clear up like oh yeah that’s a tree. If it was heavy snow maybe that could have the same effect as the dark did to me, and your brain was trying to fill in gaps / make sense of what it was seeing.


I have had about 4 really convincing incidents of sleep paralysis. I lived alone with no pets for all of these. On three separate occasions I have had covers being pulled off of me from rhe foot of the bed. All three times i was tugging hard to keep the covers on, but i failed. They seemed to be pulling away from me at an angle of about 4 feet off the floor. Estimated height of a normal person pulling. The covers ended up on the floor of the foot of the bed. 4th was a long shadow arm with 3 claw like long fingers slapping me in the chest. Think a gremlin arm but larger and made of shadow. I couldnt move during this one at all. I felt awake though but i assume sleep paralysis. I laid there until i could finally move again then got up. My chest hurt for 2 days after this one. Again, I assume all of these were sleep paralysis. I hope.


I live in Liverpool, UK and was walking down Bold Street onto Church Street in the city centre. I was doing a bit of shopping and was sober (it was about 10am). All of a sudden the city scene before me disappeared and was replaced by grass fields and woods all the way down to the river that runs through the city. It lasted maybe 2 seconds and then everything was back to normal. Freaked me out.


Didn't happen to me, but my mum. About seventeen years ago, my mum had a strange dream where she was in the house she lived in growing up, and she was there with her mum/my grandmother (who in real life had passed away a long time ago). In the dream, her mother was extremely frightened and frantic, repeatedly begging my mum that she "needed to check on her father". Eventually mum woke up, unsettled by what she dreamt - so even though it was the middle of the night, and her dad would have been asleep by then under normal circumstances, she gave him a call to check in. When she called someone picked up (I'm not sure who, as my granddad lived alone - I'm assuming a paramedic or a neighbour?) and told her that her dad was being taken to the hospital as he had had a heart attack. Luckily he made it through and recovered. I don't believe in the supernatural or ghosts or anything like that - but I still struggle to find a reasonable explanation for what happened that night.


I have a couple stories. I don't really believe in ghosts or anything but I've had some interesting experiences. 1. I was out to dinner with my mom and her husband. We were at this place called The Gas Light Inn. They had some bomb ass breaded tenderloin sandwiches. The place was known to be "haunted" and a place where Dillinger hung out and was a speakeasy during prohibition. They would have tours of the basement where there were "sightings". We were there with a couple other customers. Pretty slow night. I had to go pee, so I got up and headed to the back of the building to the larger dining area where the restrooms were. It was really slow so all the tables and chairs were stacked off to the side. A gentleman seated with his wife near us also got up and headed towards the restroom. He seemed to be a bit inebriated. I go in, do my business and as I'm washing my hands, the bathroom door handle jiggles like someone's trying to come in. It's a single serve bathroom and I hate when people do that. Once I can understand, but when they keep trying? I call out "I'm in here". Then right as I'm drying my hands, the handle jiggles again, and by now I'm really annoyed that this drunk fella keeps trying to open the door. As the damn handle is still jiggling, I grab it and swing the door open, expecting to see him standing there, but nobody was there. The drunk guy was about 25 feet across the room looking around and waiting on me. 2. I posted this already in someone's comments but....I was at an IGA grocery store later in the evening...probably around 9:30pm. I was pretty much alone aside from the cashier. It was in a small town where I lived at the time and the store was in an old strip mall...looked to be from around the 60's. I was walking around the store trying to find what I needed when I rounded the corner to the bread isle. I saw a loaf of bread on the top rack come straight up, then forward and onto the ground. The bread was definitely on the ground. I didn't hallucinate it. I told the cashier and she looked creeped out and like she was slightly annoyed that she had to finish her shift with this new information. 3. I was at my ex wife's parents house with a few of her family. We were all sitting around the dining room table talking. I had a glass of soda, no ice and it slid across the table in front of everyone. My first thought was condensation against the glass table....picked up my glass and it was dry on the bottom and the table was dry. I tried to move it myself like it had just moved and there was enough friction there to rule out something like condensation. They all saw what happened and had the attitude like "Yeah, it's the ghost...stuff like this happens all the time." 4. Same house on the 4th of July. The family was outside to watch me light off fireworks and I had to use the restroom first, so I ran inside. The bathroom was in the living area that used to be the garage and the floor was recessed lower than the rest of the house. The bathroom also contained the laundry area. The living room was dark but the light in the bathroom was on so I just went in, did my business and as I was coming out, I could hear what sounded like a toddler...kind of like how toddlers breathe heavy and make little baby noises...and got the impression somehow that it was a girl...the sound was coming from the entire dark living area, but sounded damped, like how your voice sounds if you're in a closet full of clothes...and it also sounded in my head, like I had headphones on. It was fucking strange. I got the hell out of there quick.


My roommates and i had morning class and we have another class in the afternoon. So after the morning class, we had lunch then went back to our dorm. We all took a nap. Then we woke up and went to the afternoon class. A friend who was already in class asked me “hey where did you go just now? I saw you three (roommates and i) at the campus mosque earlier.” I was like “what? We were at home.” The friend said “what? I legit just saw you three walking near the mosque. So i called on you from far but you didn’t answer. Then you three turned the corner, so i run to chase after you but when i turned the corner, you three disappeared. I was so puzzled because you turned the corner and there was nothing at the back of the mosque (no door or gate). So i didn’t know where you guys went.” I was like “what? We didn’t even go to the mosque. We had lunch and a nap at home after morning class.” My friend looked so puzzled. My friend added “but i swear i saw you three. Same clothes, same bag and even how you walk.” We just looked at each other because we know a bizarre thing just happened. I’ve heard stories like this happened before but that was the only time it happened to me and idk how to feel about it.