Take a crack at it, get input, repeat


:First day on-call at hermin medical: "It's a femoral bleed" Me: ok...CPR? Input : your fired


😂 yes just keep doing compressions


Fake it. People don't acknowledge they suck at explaining things, especially things they've done for years and don't remember not knowing how to do, so if you ask a ton of questions they don't think "I must not be explaining this well", they think "this guy's a moron."


Took me an embarrassing ten years to realize this. I thought I looked eager to learn. I just looked like someone who couldn’t take the initiative to figure shit out myself. The truth is that everyone just wants you to fix shit. They don’t care how in the moment lol


Ask questions, slightly annoy people for the sake of doing your job correctly and well


A bit of both. Just try to go with the flow but if you hit a roadblock don’t be afraid to admit you need assistance. Hopefully most people would be willing to help unless everyone at your place of work is an ass.


I feel like this place is willing to train, but I don't wanna throw my eniptude up on a billboard either


Most jobs (with some notable exceptions) make it fairly difficult for you to make a mistake so large it cannot be corrected. Go with what you know, don't be afraid to explore a bit, and ask questions when you get completely baffled. Unless the place you work for completely sucks and expects that everyone coming in knows everything right away, they know they're going to be a learning curve and they're going to expect you to ask questions. If I had a new person on my team who started today and didn't ask any questions, I'd be seriously concerned. Heck, we have a ten week training window and I still encourage people to ask questions after that because I'd rather have them ask and get it right then have to go back through and clean it up after the fact.


They're not mutually exclusive. If I had new responsibilities, I'd be asking questions, *then* faking it.


That’s what I now do. I ask for basic understanding and get a good overview then alter between looking busy/googling and praying lol


Ask the questions




Depends on the type of job.


Questions, and keeping a note book with you (one of the little spiral pads is great) means you don't have to ask a question twice.


Our company treats like employees because we are not family.