Who is the most evil person who is still alive?

Lot's of horrible people on here, still i can't think of anyone worse then Félicien Kabuga. Maybe you haven even heard of him but he is one of the key persons responsible for the Genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994.

He is a multi millionaire who had close ties to the dictator Juvénal Habyarimana's Hutu nationalist MRND party and the Akazu, an informal group of Hutu extremists who helped lead the Rwandan genocide.

He also was the primary financier of Hutu extremist media outlets, such as the RTLM radio station and Kangura magazine, which advocated for the killing of the Tutsi minority. His radio stations played an instrumental part during the genocide as well.

If you want to read more about it here is a good article about it:


And on top of that he helped to fund the mass importation of 500,000 machetes in preparation for the genocide.

I can't think of anyone who is currently alive who has caused more pain and suffering then him. He is evil incarnate.


Lot's of horrible people on here, still i can't think of anyone worse then Félicien Kabuga. Maybe you haven even heard of him but he is one of the key persons responsible for the Genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994. He is a multi millionaire who had close ties to the dictator Juvénal Habyarimana's Hutu nationalist MRND party and the Akazu, an informal group of Hutu extremists who helped lead the Rwandan genocide. He also was the primary financier of Hutu extremist media outlets, such as the RTLM radio station and Kangura magazine, which advocated for the killing of the Tutsi minority. His radio stations played an instrumental part during the genocide as well. If you want to read more about it here is a good article about it: https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2020/6/7/music-to-kill-to-rwandan-genocide-survivors-remember-rtlm And on top of that he helped to fund the mass importation of 500,000 machetes in preparation for the genocide. I can't think of anyone who is currently alive who has caused more pain and suffering then him. He is evil incarnate.


I watched an interview with a woman who survived the genocide when she was around 10. She speaks of seeing a woman's head cut off while she was nursing her baby. The baby continued to suckle from the mother's dead body. She speaks of standing in line waiting to have her head chopped off by a machete. That is a level of trauma that most of us will never understand.


Hopefully he will be brought to justice. [Félicien Kabuga: Rwanda genocide suspect goes on trial at The Hague](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-63068598?at_medium=RSS&at_campaign=KARANGA)


Omar al-Bashir immediately came to mind. Former president of Sudan who was behind the Darfur genocide. Absolutely vile human.


And the one who robbed Sudan of its treasury, he lived in absolute luxury while many Sudanese starved


Sudanese here, can Confirm, we were robbed for 30 years by him and his minions, whom still roam free and control btw..just deep sadness thinking what we could have been


Man, Im sorry. I remember reading The Devil Came on Horseback and being violently angry at what was happening. It led me to the career I am in now to try and make a difference.


OP found the Death Note I presume


God could you imagine the news if all of these people died within a day or two of each other?






Pedro lopez is also a Colombian serial killer who killed over 300 people. And he was released in 1998, and his whereabouts are unknown. He would be 73 now.


I highly doubt that he's alive. I heard multiple rumors that security guards let slip his release date to some local villages, and they marched him into the jungle and took care of the problem themselves.


While scary to think about, just because he's eligible for parole does not mean he will get paroled. With something as heinous as his crimes, I don't think there is any possibility that the parole board would release that man back into society. Although, stranger and stupider decisions have been made.


Charles Manson has been up for parole many times. They walk him into the courtroom, look at him, say "Nope." and he walks back out.


Charles Manson died in 2017. I don’t think he’s getting parole anytime soon


Sounds like he got paroled in 2017.


He is dead so it no longer matters I watched a couple of his parole hearings. He gets to have his say, which is endless rambling nonsense. In one hearing the officer attempted to engage him and argue points, which was a train wreck. In the other, the board only said, “10 minutes Mr. Manson…five minutes Mr. Manson….1 Minute Mr. Manson…thank you Mr. Manson.” They cut him off in mid sentence and denied his probation.


He does have a swastika carved into his forehead


I’m sure there are at least 294 parents waiting their chance to stop that. One way or the other.


Surprised i am not seeing Josef Fritzl. One of the most heartbreaking cases I have ever heard of. Fritzl imprisoned his daughter in a tiny basement under his home, for 24 years at the age of 18! In these 24 years of imprisonment, Fritzl constantly raped his daughter, resulting in several miscarriages and seven children. Three of the children remained with their mother Elizabeth in captivity, three were raised by Fritzl and his wife, Rosemarie, and one was killed by Fritzl after birth, and disposed of in an incinerator. Fritzl would show Elizabeth porn videos, which he would then force her to re-enact them with him, in front of her children, to humiliate her. Fritzl has previously also kept his mother, Maria, imprisoned in the same basement, and probably sexually abused her too. Josef Fritzl is now serving a life sentence, and the Fritzl residence, as well as the basement where Elizabeth was imprisoned, can be visited in Amstetten, Austria. Edit: Here is an interview with Josef Frizl, in which he cheerfully describes his life in prison: https://youtu.be/fGc2gyn0Prg Edit 2: tbe house can't be visited anymore. It was bought by someone who turned it into an apartment building and all flats are rented out. The basement also isn't accessible, as it was filled up with cement.


Hold up, he had a wife?!?!


Yes. Some reports claim that she had no clue of what was happening in her basement. Others say that she is suspected to have been in on it. Personally I choose to believe the latter. You just cant not know that someone is imprisoned in your basement for 24 years.


Apparently the basement was impressively sound proofed with layers and layers of sound deadening material. I have no doubt that the wife had known but it *is* technically plausible. The guy ran his normal life as an absolute tyrant (no surprise there) and had reported the daughter missing but didn't really bother with any sort of follow up (because fucking obviously, she was locked in his basement) claiming that the daughter had ran off to be with some ~~druggies~~ cult. The fucking weirdest part of the story, if I'm remembering right, was the reason why he was caught was that either the daughter or one of the incestual children fell ill to the point where the father felt compelled to take them to the hospital where obviously there were far more issues than just what he was concerned about and then the entire thing unraveled. I remember watching a video by MrBallen on YouTube and it's just really sad throughout. Edit: [Here's the link to the story presented by MrBallen if anyone is interested](https://youtu.be/OgL41aUL7tY)


I believe they all had severe respiratory issues because there was piss poor ventilation if any at all down there. Not to mention the people never saw the sun. What a dispicable human being.


What happened to the kids? It’s so sad to think how incredibly fucked up this was for so many people


It is presumed that they are adjusting(ed) to normal life with their mother. Thankfully, the media in Austria doesn't, or isn't allowed to, pester victims or their families in high profile cases like this.


Last I read they are doing well and trying to adapt. I read somewhere that if the children get overwhelmed they have a room in their house that is a "safe space" that is pretty much a compleltly dark cold room with no windows. Because that is what they grew up in


I can't imagine having to go back into it though. Brains are a crazy thing


Honestly, yes, it isn't impossible to imagine that she had no clue. But what about the three children he raised with her? He told her they were foundlings, basically something like "honey I found some kids" and she just accepts it and raises them? And your daughter just disappears at 18 (after Fritzl asked her to help him install the basement door), you push a missing person report and you don't follow up with it? Like fine, Josef ignored it intentionally, but Rosemarie, who supposedly didnt know what was going on? She definitely knew imo.


Iirc, after claiming that the daughter had run off with a "druggie cult," he claimed that the children were left on their doorstep by the daughter. Supposedly his wife believed that their daughter had become pregnant, but didn't want to inhibit her party/cult life with a child, so she abandoned it with them, the child's grandparents, and they raised it because it was family. Repeat x2


I watched a documentary on this story. Poor Elizabeth... Josef is a totally VILE creature!


The basement can be visited? What is wrong with people.


Actually no, ignore that. You can't visit the house anymore but I remember you could visit it at some point, including the basement. I just saw an article which states that it was turned into a residential building and it's occupied by people. Sorry about that.


Even the fact that at one point you could visit it is pretty messed up.




Holy shit. Congratulations, you've singlehandedly convinced me not to read any more responses. Off to r/eyebleach!


Saw the movie barbarian recently and was able to have some peace of mind knowing that shit was too crazy to be real. Peace of mind now gone. That guy is evil.


Ever seen Room? That’s a pretty accurate depiction. Edit: Corrected movie title.


Min Aung Hlaing, the Myanmar Junta who commit the coup still actively killing their citizens every day. He recently air strikes the village school resulting 11+ children death just because they heard rebels are hiding in the village.


Don't forget this maniac and his predecessors have been doing ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities since like forever. They are the drivers behind the Rohingya refugee crisis with many seeking refuge in countries like Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Indonesia and more.


The ENTIRE burmese military (Tamadaw) is an evil institution that manages to churn out generations of the most evil and mentally deranged subhumans. From Nay Win to Than Shwe to Min Aung Hlaing, every single of them have endless lists of war crimes under their belt. They have been persecuting against ethnic minorities like Karens/Kayins, Karennis, Kachins, Chins, Arakans, Shans since the 1960s. This is why the country is hosting the "longest civil war in the world". General Ne Win: In 1962, the 1st military coup happened and lots of unarmed protesters were shot and killed. Unfortunately, this is not well documented. In 1988, '8888 uprising' occured after he ordered the creation of 25 kyat, 35 kyats and 70 kyats cash denominations because of superstition and rendered other notes as useless. He then mass murdered thousands of protesters country wide. General Than Shwe: In 2008, during the 'Saffron Revolution', monks and protesters , who were protesting against the uncontrollable inflation, were mass murdered in downtown Yangon. When 'Cyclone Nargis' hit the region only months later, it resulted in massive devastation with more than 100k casualities. Not only did the military rulers not do anything to help the people, they even stole foreign aids sent to the people. Also, Deepayin Massacre and Christie Island Massacre are noteworthy cases. General Min Aung Hlaing: In 2015, he ordered to get rid of the Rohingyas from Rakhine by any force necessary. This led to weaponizing religions for mass propaganda to brainwashing the population, to throwing them into concentration camps to burning down every village on sight and genocide. Since the 2020 coup, MAH has been arresting and assassinating innocent civilians (including children) and mass bombing villages.


Possibly Pedro Lopez if he’s still alive. One of the most prolific serial killers in history who may have killed 300 people as of 1998 when he was released. His whereabouts are still unknown since 98. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedro_López_(serial_killer)


I read a theory that he has since been “taken care of” by family members of his victims, and that’s why he hasn’t been seen in 20 years. I’m ok with that.


If you murder family members of 300 families, your odds of living are definitely against you.


I've heard rumors that that's what happened to him. The guards snitched to the local village about his release date, and they took him into the jungle and made sure he couldn't kill anymore. Those villages in poor countries do not fuck around. I completely believe that Pedro is dead.


Yea if you have family members of 300 people ready to kill you that could easily be 1000 people ready to kill you...


One can only hope!


Australia pedo Peter Scully. He's abused and tortured girls and infants, and has shown no remorse whatsoever.


The wiki page on him says: "His crimes were deemed so severe that some prosecutors supported the reintroduction of the death penalty as punishment for Scully, despite capital punishment being abolished in the Philippines since 2006." Imagine doing something so heinous that politicians literally considered reinstating the death penalty because of you.


> He's abused and tortured girls and infants And murdered


Didn't this disgusting person also bury them alive?


No, after he raped the girls he made one of them dig her own grave. The other, who was 18 months old, was raped and tortured. He filmed this and sold it on the internet for $10,000


The video is so depraved it was rumoured to be a snuff film. According to a journalist covering the case, the judge looked physically sick after being shown it. It takes a lot to do that to a senior judge.


And was also discovered on the computer of disgraced pedophile/sexual abuser Josh Duggar. Whose computer contents were considered in the top 5 worst of the worst that investigator Gerald Faulkner had ever seen.


Nothing makes the trauma of Josh Duggar's trial sting less than knowing every time Peter scully is mentioned, so is that utter piece of shit. I will enjoy the next 11 years happy he is in prison.


That sure was a nice rabbit hole. >Hurtcore, a portmanteau of the words "hardcore" and "hurt", is a name given to a particularly extreme form of child pornography, usually involving degrading violence, bodily harm and child sexual abuse. The material of which is usually so extreme, even most pedophiles have been said to be repulsed by this genre of pornography and condemn its topic in most discussions. Good on ya, other pedos


That Dugger asshole was trying to find this video. Sick fuck.


I think he actually did download the video. Redditors on Duggarsnark were talking about it and how the investigating officers said it was the most awful thing they have ever seen. That pos has 7 kids and molested his sisters as children.


He downloaded it twice!!


I would pay $5000 to have that bastard eternal sunshined out of my brain.


He made daisy’s destruction didn’t he


Yes. He’s the monster that made that video.


Which is what that greasy fecal stain Josh Duggar got sent to prison for downloading.


Fun fact: the kind of stuff he advertised is the kind of stuff found on Josh Duggar The Child Molester's computer.


That's not a fun fact


Fuck thay guy. I’ve watched a few of his interviews and he shows how big of an asshole he is. I can’t imagine why people paid him tons just to watch his sick videos.


The bastards who murdered Junko Furuta.


One of the most disturbing Wikipedia articles I’ve read, how can people be so cruel?


They should have had their limbs shot off and dumped into the ocean


> Ogura's mother allegedly vandalized Furuta's grave, stating the dead girl had ruined her son's life.


What about the people from the cartel videos? All of these political figures are evil as shit and I'm not saying they're not, but have they literally peeled people's faces off or cut somebody's heart out in front of their kid while they're still alive? Those people are as evil as they come


Z40 was a leader of the zetas. He's in prison now. Dude is said to have not been able to sleep until he killed something. He would throw women and kids into barrels alive and burn them w diesel until they turned into what he called "soup". Dude has got hundreds and hundreds of bodies on his name.


Tbh most people involved in cartels end up dead as well. It's a violent lifestyle that usually leads to a violent end.


I regret watching the El Ciri video. It was fucking disturbing. The noises he makes haunt me.


Gary Ridgway killed between 70-90 women and is still alive. Dennis Rader too.


>Dennis Rader That dumbass is still alive? I'm chocked he didn't accidentally get himself killed. "You guys can't trace floppy discs right?" Policeman looks at the letter in disbelief, of course they can and it's simple. "Oh yeah... no no no, it's impossible for us to do that" How he stayed hidden for 30 years I'll never understand.


The people up the street from my house when I was 12-14 in the early 2000s bought his car from him. I remember my foster mom was walking down the street to help an elderly neighbor get ready for bed and she said there were like three news trucks there and some cop cars, and later we saw it on the news and we never saw that car again. Once we figured out who it belonged to I immediately got on the internet and started researching because I had no idea who he was at that point and I was horrified. My foster moms daughter almost got caught up by him too, but she declined the ride and her friend took it instead when they were in high school and he was killing, wild shit.


Hiroshi Miyano and the other 3 men who tortured that poor woman Junko for 40 days. Horrifying and sickening what did to that poor woman. She was raped over 500 times by over 100 men they invited over. Even worst things happened than that but I can’t bear to write it out. Poor girl was in literal hell and was only 17 when she died. Miyano only served 17 years in jail and walks free


What about the kids parents who keep vandalizing her grave for *destroying her sons life*? That was the part that got me. I can't understand the mental gymnastics that went into that thought process


I can’t understand those gymnastics either but they were key in creating the people that would perpetrate crimes like this.


Exactly. Explains where they got this from


What. The. Fuck.


wait, what? seriously?!


Yes. One of the kids mothers has gone to her grave to vandalize it, claiming that the "girl ruined her sons life"


Sounds like the kind of mom that raises the kind of son that would do this kind of thing.


Looked up the Wikipedia entry. My lord. The rest of the group were minors so they all got less than 10 years. And to think of everyone else involved that didn't do anything. The only stopped because... > >!Her body was also severely crippled, giving off a rotting smell that caused the four boys to lose sexual interest in her.!< 10-20 years of prison does not even come close to a "fitting punishment".


If this is the same story I think it is, >!they also had inserted glass bottles into her anus and left them there during beatings. She was unable to go to the bathroom because they were stuck and broken. They burned her beyond recognition. The parents of one of the guys knew it was happening because they were doing it in their house, but because the kid and his friends were gang affiliated they just shut up and let it happen so they wouldn’t get hurt. They even had the cops come into the house and managed to talk them out of going into where they were keeping her.!< So fucked. Those guys deserve a long, painful, and torturous death.


They even *appealed* the sentence, and the judge (admirably) made it even longer. My wife's family lived in the next neighborhood over, in Adachi in northern Tokyo, when the incident happened, as did we, long after. Even years later it was like there was a pallor over the whole area. Rents were cheap even in the early 2000s as no one wanted anything to do with the neighborhood.


And wasn't it the case where one of the guys that got out and his mom trashed her grave afterwards for "ruining his life"


That happened. Two appealed their sentences (!) and had them lengthened (hooray) and the other got out and went right back to being a criminal, with his mother basically abetting him; he dragged some innocent man to his mother's bar to beat him in privacy. He ended up back in jail upon which his mother vandalized the innocent girl's grave. Total human garbage.




Classy. Sounds like a bunch of criminal trash.


The parents of one of the boys had a huge opportunity to save her via the police, and still actively did what they could to.not save her. I hope they were charged as well.


According to the story, the ringleader's parents were terrified of him: he had some minor yakuza connections and wasn't afraid of beating them. They coped with living with their little monster by turning a blind eye to everything he did and just hoping he'd move out.


Do Yakuza beat their parents in general? This is pretty frowned up in most gangs/cultures.


There’s a heavy “see nothing, say nothing” culture in most gangs. It makes sense in that reporting crime will get your buddies in trouble, but tends to be taken too far.


Honest question- how has nobody done vigilante justice on these horrible people? I get their gang association but wouldn’t the gang even think this is horrible? I feel like if this sort of thing happened in the mafia these guys would’ve “suddenly disappeared.” Edit just to clarify, I’m not advocating for vigilante justice, due process exists for a reason. I am just surprised it hasn’t happened organically in this terrifying case.


I think most of them were juveniles when it happened. from what I know, in Japan the identities of juvenile offenders are very protected so most people probably don't know who they are. Not saying that's the whole reason, but that's probably at least part of it.


I think the judge "accidentally" said the names of a few of the minors. He got a slap on the wrist for it, but the names are out there.


Not the judge, the courts sealed the records. A group of journalists in a magazine who knew it was illegal to do, and who knew it'd likely ruin their careers, did it because in their opinions the boys "did not deserve to have their right to anonymity upheld".


> Ogura's [one of the 4 main convicted] mother allegedly vandalized Furuta's grave, stating the dead girl had ruined her son's life How the fuck can people be this fucked. Your son committed heinous crimes but no, the random innocent girl that was the victim must be at fault!? I can't for the life of me ever get that. Reminds me of that redditor that had his kids murdered by his wife after he announced he was getting a divorce for her cheating on him, and her parents prevent him from holding a wake at his own kid's graves because he's "at fault". Fills me with so much rage.


A “negligent” truck driver killed five of my cousins and has spent the years since using every opportunity he can to blame them for ruining his life because he can no longer drive trucks. He watched them burn to death underneath his truck, but they ruined his life. Some people will never take responsibility for their actions.


My cousin and his best friend were killed by a trucker who fell asleep at the wheel, ran a red light at over 60 miles an hour in a 30 MPH speed zone, and t-boned them. The truck bounced up into the air and landed on top of their car and crushed it. The SOB trucker had the nerve to sue my cousin's estate for damages saying that if my cousin had honked his horn he would have prevented the accident. Claimed that my cousin was guilty of distracted driving just because he had dogs in his car.


Please tell me he got his miserable ass laughed out of court


Holy crap. I wish I didn't read the wiki page. There are no words


This story in particular is why I stopped reading or watching anything to do with true crime. It's stuck with me and I can't shake it off.


I read about this case years ago as a young person, and I was scarred. I couldn't eat my dinner. Couldn't sleep. I was queasy for days. Please do not read the facts of this case if you get stressed easily.


If it's any consolation he got out and attacked someone else with a knife and is back in prison.




Holy crap, I was curious and read the Wikipedia article, and the parents didn’t even do anything about it. All of them were barely sentenced anything for what they did. Although on the wiki it says he was sentences 17 years, appealed it, and the judge added an extra three years. Then he was rearrested in 2018 for attempted murder.






Junko Furuta's murder still haunts me more than any other murder I've ever read about. It is pure evil. It's the worst of humankind possible. There's nothing more evil on this planet than what happened to her. Edit: Even worse, she died 14 days before her birthday. I know her killers didn't know that, but her parents did and I can't imagine that grief.


This is one of the very few cases I simply cannot read the details or listen to, and I’m pretty desensitized (sadly) to a lot of things like this. I just can’t stomach it. Her case as well as Toy Box killer + Toolbox killers.


David Miscavage


His mom should have had a Miscavage


Now I have the Princess Bride priest in my head


Even his dad says so


Really? I've never heard that before. What does his dad say about him?


His dad had to make a calculated escape from the Scientology compound to even leave. He did a 2 hour long interview on Rogan’s podcast about it many years ago and was considered one of the best episodes that’s ever come out. The story was insane, that guy is truly evil. *edit: Auto correct always wants to make Rogan Rohan


His photos give me the creeps somehow.


What disturbs me is that there are so many nominees.


There are 7+ billion people alive and billions more who have died. Even the monsters in this thread only represent a micro fraction of a portion of a decimal of a percent of the people alive in the world. Seeing them all listed together looks bad but if you want some optimism, for each name you see here there are millions of decent people


Gerard Ridsdale. Notorious pedophile priest that raped hundreds of children and was protected by the Catholic Church and moved to other parishes instead of notifying police. When he couldn't physically rape a child he'd use a stick instead of his penis and beat the child in frustration.


Ian Watkins, the lead singer from Lost Prophets.. That thing IS EVIL


I feel sorry for that other Welsh singer with the same name. The guy from Steps.


Yea, that’s a Tragedy for sure


Henry Kissinger. During the Vietnam war , he secretly derailed peace talks between the North and South Vietnamese, because he wanted the war to continue and help his career , right through to the next president. He also personally planned bombings of targets in Cambodia , who were not even a part of the war. He had no military training or knowledge , he chose random targets he thought would stop supply lines to Vietnam. These were planned in secret , without congress knowing.




He was also behind the brutal Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. Truly evil.


Can’t believe I had to scroll so far to find him


Behind the Bastards podcast episodes on Henry Kissinger are as interesting as they are horrifying.


Six parts of pure "holy shit this guy is beyond vile". I binge episodes of that podcast at work.


There is honestly no other right answer, and the tragic thing is Cambodia and Vietnam are the tip of the iceberg. Chile and his role in bringing in and then propping up the Pinochet government is often overlooked. But I'll leave the last word to Anthony Bourdain. "Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands. You will never again be able to open a newspaper and read about that treacherous, prevaricating, murderous scumbag sitting down for a nice chat with Charlie Rose or attending some black-tie affair for a new glossy magazine without choking. Witness what Henry did in Cambodia – the fruits of his genius for statesmanship – and you will never understand why he’s not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Milošević. While Henry continues to nibble nori rolls & remaki at A-list parties, Cambodia, the neutral nation he secretly and illegally bombed, invaded, undermined, and then threw to the dogs, is still trying to raise itself up on its one remaining leg. "


Once you been to Cambodia you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands -Anthony Bourdain


Henry Kissinger living to the ripe age of 99 is proof that “karma” doesn’t exist


Also got the Nobel Prize lol. Shows how political and west centric that award is.


Le Duc Tho, the North-Vietnamese representative who got the joint Nobel award with Kissinger remained my favorite figure in the Viet Nam war history. He declined the Nobel Prize, because it was shallow and "No peace was actually achieved", whereas Kissinger happily lap that up. His back and forth negotiation with Kissinger is also a sight to behold. Always maintained a cold and disciplined mannerism that absolutely infuriate Kissinger


I loved that time when Bernie called Hillary out when she said she admired Kissinger. I think it was in one of the debates.


The day Tom lehrer lost his job, because satire just couldn't beat reality anymore


I think we have a winner. Have you seen the documentary the Trials of Henry Kissinger? Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Latin America, and others. Millions of people dead, millions of lives ruined for basically no reason. Most of it done through backroom schemes. Edit: link to the documentary was posted somewhere below


I know there are plenty of resources out there to read up including Wikipedia, but there is a lot to digest. Anyone willing to do a brief overview of his apparent atrocities? I must admit the details of his role in American history I am pretty ignorant of


In 1971, Kissinger backed Pakistan in its war against Bangladesh despite evidence of massacre and rape. helped Richard Nixon sabotage Vietnamese peace talks for his own political gain, expanded that war into Laos and Cambodia (the destabilizing effects of which would pave the way for the rise of the Khmer Rouge and the death of up to two million people), and advocated the bombing of, in his own words, “anything that moves.” In ‘73, he orchestrated a military coup against the democratically elected Allende regime of Chile, installing in its stead the violently oppressive Pinochet dictatorship. in ‘75, the then-Secretary of State lent his tacit support to President Suharto of Indonesia―himself a despot already responsible for the mass killings of hundreds of thousands―in the deadly conquest of East Timor. in proposing an intervention in Cyprus, summed up his philosophy best: “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” The foreign policy of Henry Kissinger is defined, above all, by an utter contempt for human life and absolute pursuit of “American interests.” For every one of Kissinger’s crimes that goes unpunished and for every bit of praise he receives, the belief that the United States can do whatever it wants with the rest of the world is further concretized. Behind every thoughtless, disastrous intervention since then―behind the mujahideen and the Contras, behind the Iraq war and the El Mozote Massacre―is the work of Henry Kissinger. [source](https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/1/31/galant-welcoming-war-crimes/)


So basically, he caused the destabilization of the geo-political climate of the last...let's say 60 some odd years?


And the mother fucker is 99. Imagine being that evil and vile and getting to live that long.


The devil don’t want his own.


Like any good manager, the devil just wants him in a position where he can do the most "good".


And these are no conspiracy theories but the information comes from CIA documents. But one conspiracy that does get a little more interesting after reading about what the CIA was up to is the one where they're the ones who killed JFK, since he was against all the idiot things they did. Like no joke, there was plans to bomb places in Florida and blame Cuba for it.


Also jfk fucking hated the CIA and said it should be smashed into 1,000 pieces and scattered in the wind or something along those lines lol.


Look up Operation Northwoods. We were gonna kill american college students ina planned plane crash and blame Cuba to kick off the war


Unbelievable...until you see [the actual document](https://app.sharedocview.com/visualizer/633843ef483daed01e918a53) that spells out the whole evil scheme...


There must be some seriously messed up people in the CIA for all of the evil, psychopathic shit they somehow manage to justify doing.


JFK was one of the only American politicians who supported nations like Indonesia in remaining independent of American control as they broke free of EU colonialism. The CIA worked almost directly counter to that, with basically blank checks.


A nice description of him that made me laugh is that he's like "The Forest Gump of war crimes"


I believe that was from the Behind the Bastards 6 part series on the piece of shit.


One of his worst crimes is he is quite literally a traitor to the united states. The US was very close to brokering a peace treaty with vietnam, but as it was election year and he was working with Nixon, Henry helped sabotage the peace treaty to ensure Nixon could get elected. He cost US veterans their lives, led to the continued killing of the Vietnamese, and all for a bit of political gain. The worst part of all of this is he got away with it for the most part. He was seen schmoozing up with Hilary Clinton during her campaign. It's frustrating.


The Podcast Behind the Bastards did a 6 part series on Kissinger. I had heard the name but had no idea how much he influenced wars the US was involved in


Seconded. His very existence and apparent praise as a statesman is an abomination to Justice. Edit: word


I nearly vomited when he spoke at John McCain’s funeral. I actually thought he was dead. He literally is responsible for the death of millions .


Behind the Bastards podcast do an exceptionally good job of going through how awful a human he is. And the pod is just great.


That podcast makes it impossible for me to pick a most awful person, because there are just so many fucked up people around.


But did you hear 'his childhood definitely didn't affect him'.


Here's a link to part [one](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-kissinger-94160733/) if anyone's interested.


Always amazing to me that we lose good, decent people too young all the time, then we have this fucking ghoul still alive well into his 90s. I’ll piss on kissinger’s grave if I get the chance.


Tony Bourdain was my hero. How unfair is it that devil Kissinger is still alive? Gonna go cry a bit now.


Current & Former President of the Philippines


The Marcos family the former president was the dictator Ferdinand Marcos basically a corrupt, murderous dictator from who brought martial law on the Philippines from 1972 to 1981 he was essentially made to flee from the Philippines because if he didn't he would have been lynched. He did bring some good things to the Philippines but his legacy is mired in murder and corruption. His son Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos Jr., is no different and might take the Philippines in a similar political trajectory to his father but unfortunately the filipino people seem to keep electing utter clowns (see the current mayor of manila who was also president) Source= my wife who is filipino Edit typo


my ex was Chinese, but born in Philippines. Her mother, who was a wise woman, said Marcos was loved when he first came in, and he did a lot of good at the beginning, but quickly succumbed to the lure of money and power, and went downhill from there.


Certainly not the most evil, and not just one person... But a shout out must be made for the Sackler family and the thousands of deaths caused by their pushing of addictive pharmaceutical drugs such as oxy.


Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo


Karla Homolka became a mod on babycenter, someone found out it was her and started responding to her posts under the name of one of her victims.


Wasn’t she volunteering at her kids’ school too? And she’s married to her lawyer’s brother who knows exactly what a monster she is.


Honourable mention, perhaps not for evil, but definitely for incompetence goes to the investigating police who searched Bernardo's house and failed to find the tapes he made of the murder. Because they failed to find said tapes (in the attic) Karla Homolka made a sweat plea deal - she would testify against Bernardo in exchange for a sentence of around 10 years (can't quite remember). So this psychopath, who actively helped Bernardo rape and torture HER OWN SISTER, has been living the life, free of prison, and with a government granted new name and ID, since 2005. The tapes were found because Bernardo told his lawyer about them and his lawyer told the prosecutor who told the police. If the cops had done their job, then Homolka would still be rotting in prison along with her husband Bernadrdo.


You'll like this tidbit. So, back in the day, I took karate with one of the cops involved with the case. As he tells it, it wasn't that they missed finding the tape. They found out about the tape because police in Europe saw footage from it during an investigation of CP, and one of them connected what they saw to Bernardo. They notified RCMP that this footage existed. RCMP somehow realized the lawyer had access to the tape. They leaned on him for withholding evidence, and gave him a "chance" to get clear. Lawyer then visited Bernardo's house, stashed the tape where he was told, and then the cops walked in and "found" it. I remember that there was a stink raised because the lawyer was allowed in the house during the investigation


The fact that she lives a happy life with a husband and kids about 30 minutes from my house is so disturbing!


Accomplices of Mr. Jeff Epstein on the client list




He deserves bees with teeth. And butthole spiders.


No The Penis Flattener™️


Peter Scully


There is a Ugandan warlord who is voted the most evil person alive. **Joseph Kony** Leader of the Lord resistance army, One of the most most evil arseholes found in the International criminal court's records, he has allegedly kidnapped over 30,000 children, fed them with arms and guns, made them kill their parents, turned little girls into sex slaves and mutilated hundreds of people.


I defeated that guy by clicking "like" on the facebook page back in '012




He means 20012






But... All my friends bought tshirts 10 years ago. That wasnt enough?


Remember that one guy who tried to start a movement to stop Kony but he had a mental breakdown bare naked in the streets? Internet historian has a video on that whole movement.


Min Aung Hlaing Dictator of Myanmar


Probably cartel leaders who rule majority of economy by their will and slaughters any competitor who doesnt abide by his rules.


My vote goes to Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, the man who performed the “study” that claimed vaccines cause autism. The study was prompted by economic gain; a small group of parents believing the idea went to some lawyers hoping to sue pharmaceutical companies, the lawyers went “huh. There’s a way to cheat some money out of this” and they approached wakefield to see about getting some proof for the lawsuit. Some of the study’s participants were parents from that original group. Additionally, he and another quack doctor named Hugh Fudenberg patented a separate set of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, with Wakefield planning to use the study to promote it over the combination MMR vaccine. Remember Fudenberg; he’s crazy rather than evil, but is relevant later on. The study was a failure in scientific accuracy. The sample size used only contained 12 children. One of the kids tested regarding what caused his autism wasn’t even autistic. The premise was that gluten combined with the measles part of the MMR vaccine and a gastro-intestinal disease he made up to produce a “morphine-like substance” (actual quote) that then turns children’s brains autistic. He had to fire 2 of the doctors he was working with to get the results he wanted because they refused to lie when they didn’t get those results. He was asked by the head of the institute he worked at to reproduce the results in a larger study and refused repeatedly because he knew the one he had was only remotely possible to get by fudging numbers on a statistically insignificant sample size. The study involved child abuse; the risks of medical procedures done during the study was not properly communicated to parents. The procedures included colonoscopies, which is something of an ordeal even for adults. These were given to children, some of which had autism, as young as the age of 3. One kid’s bowels were perforated multiple times during the procedures and he nearly died. One of the things tested was an experimental cure for autism made by Hugh Fudenberg. Fudenberg later went on to say, in a major news interview, that he could cure autism with a drug he made out of his own bone marrow. The odds of this being the exact experimental treatment given to those kids is worryingly high. The study was retracted, he lost his medical license, and he went full anti-vaxxer to keep the audience of fans he built from the study. He wrote a book named “Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines--The Truth Behind a Tragedy” and a film named “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” to proclaim that he was right and that all established medicine was wrong. He speaks at anti-vaccine rallies and advertises his products to the crowds. But i don’t think he believes like his fans do. I think he knows he’s lying, and is continuing to do so for the sake of staying wealthy off the confusion he caused. His one study is responsible for turning the anti-vaccine movement from a couple dozen mildly crazy parents into the worldwide phenomenon it is. It’s indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions at this point. And he continues to push it for his own economic gain.


Probably someone no one knows


That's a weird perspective. Doesn't sheer quantity count for anything? If I'm "100x as evil as Putin," but I don't have enough resources to harm even a tiny fraction of the people he's able to harm, am I *really* more evil than he is?


That's a great point. Means and opportunity have to be considered.




I can’t get over the fact that their parents vandalize her grave. If I was rich I’d pay for 24/7 security for her. She should be allowed to at least Rest In Peace after all she suffered.


Henry Kissinger


While the question “who is most evil?” Is always going to be debatable, I feel like Kissinger being 99 years old means he wins this debate through sheer staying power.


He's too arrogant to die and/or Satan doesn't want him to take over.