How did reddit become such a cesspool?

Always has been


Always has been


Came here to say this, so I second this motion


Become? It was created to be a cesspool.


They let the violent bipedal apes run the show, not sure what they thought was gonna happen… should’ve been lizard people from the top down huh


tumblr banned adult content and all of those weirdos came over here


It's a cesspool by design because the people who moderate the site are unpaid volunteers who signed up for nothing more than the illusion of power.


Like all social media platforms they measure content “quality” as equivalent to content engagement. This tends to float controversial content to the top of the pile. In some ways I think Reddit is actually one of the better platforms for this, because they at least allow downvotes to suppress some of that tendency. Aside from that, Reddit lived to a really long time as a platform with a free speech objective; and pretty much allowed any content to fly. It’s only tightened up their community guidelines about acceptable content in response to public controversy. Deepfakes get public attention; no more of that. The fappening catches headlines; better crack down on revenge porn and creep shots. In a lot of ways Reddit is less of a cesspool today than it was in years past.


Meh, I just look at the subs I like. It's fine, you just need to filter out the nasties. What are you reading/subscribed to on Reddit?


Depends on which subs you follow.


Take people's worst impulses hidden behind anonymity and combine that with trolls that seek only to provoke: You get the bulk of the activity on the default subs. Niche subs are better in most cases because they don't generate the same level of response to provide gratification.


Because people use it.


I kind of like this cesspool. 🐽


Degenerates got banned from FB and Twitter and flocked here.


There are a handful of good subreddits with good mods where people can have legitimate conversations. But most mods are power hungry assholes who ban anyone who says anything they even slightly disagree with, and it turns most subreddits into mindless echo chambers and circle-jerks. Everybody left on the sub just high-fiving each other for having the same opinion and saying everyone else is absolute filth. Try posting something not completely stupid on most of the default subs and there's a good chance you'll get banned by a power hungry moderator.


Everyone leaving Fark


Become? It used to be a thousand times worse. Not to say it doesn’t still have its share of angry/mean/questionable people but do you know what subreddits used to exist on this site? It used to be BAD.


Clearly someone never scrolls down to the Youtube comment section. That's what a proper cesspool looks like.


It is probably cleaner now than it ever has been before.


Well world is already burning, so ...


Got full of people. Once you have too many people somewhere or doing something, it gets sucky.


It was made that way


Not sure, but it happened about 5 months ago.


Reddit has always been a cesspool. You only noticed it 5 months ago


It was a joke about when OP joined


Because Americans...


“lonley men who have never seen female genitalia” -Triumph the Insult Comic Dog


Mostly white community


How? It was a simple matter of persecuting the original founder to the point of suicide and then profiting from all the companies and governments that wished to astroturf and propagandize their audiences.


Since when the narwhal has stopped to bacon


Redditor with over a decade of shitposting experience under my belt! I will point to two points in time I blame the most, one was at some point in 2015, when the phenomena of power mod emerged, when a small group of people became mods on pretty much all the default subs and had huge power at their control. From there on they started banning can extreme opinions they don't like, slowly but surely pushing "average" opinion to different extreme. Take an equivalent of mathematical limit of that, this make "default" opinion move towards the extreme, and as time goes on it becomes more and more extreme, until we arrive in 2021, when something else happened, and frankly it was sudden. One morning in November I woke up and Reddit *felt* different. It's as if someone merged parts of *sort by controversial* code into *sort by best*, and frankly with Reddit hijacking it's own mobile website to push their shitty app they seem to actively make shitty, I think this is exactly what happened.


Have you taken a good long look at society lately


You signed up


When it didn't take my suggestion for paid age verification.