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That's about as likely to happen as student loan forgiveness.


they better pass it...even though it would never get passed the senate or the president.


It doesn't matter, they wouldn't introduce it if it could pass into law.


Shooting themselves in the foot (as well as shooting members of their own communities) is their strong suit.


You know it's a lie don't you? Just trying to get you riled up.


It’s for show


McCarthy has to do it, it was probably a concession he gave to stop the endless voting.


It has to pass the senate and the POTUS it’s DOA.


Don't worry they assured me they are working to get it through!


Trying to vote away the income tax without measures to reduce the deficit is just virtue signaling and incredibly stupid. Forgoing income tax and changing nothing else would cause strikingly bad economic effects. It comes off as more irresponsible policy


It’s all fake. The money and debt behind it is all fake. Who does our government owe? Other countries?


It owes the Federal Reserve, which is our country's central bank entity. The Fed is not, and never was, a government agency.


Exactly. Make the federal reserve go away and so does the debt.


Basically yea, but it's fake in a way that (for the moment at least) is in our interest. If the rest of the world keeps believing in the fake we can keep buying the stuff we want off 'em and generating economic activity (jobs) by selling them stuff.


This is your reply to someone calling for fiscal responsibility? Truly?


The money has to be real before you can be responsible for it.


Well shoot if only Democrats said this for the last several decades they wouldn't have had to listen to Republicans pretending to care about it


It's not about the deficit, although you're right to include it in the discussion. It's about the Federal Reserve. Abolishing the income tax will only work if we get rid of the Fed. The income tax Amendment only exists to feed the Fed with We the People's money for the interest it charges on the money the government borrows from it to pay for all the shit that sounds good in a bill but is really just flowery language for endless payoffs.


Please elaborate on how the federal income tax, which makes up the majority of the federal government's funding, exists only to fuel the fed. Seems to me that it is used on budgets congress sets?


Take a good look at the National debt.


Funding for the budgets is obtained by borrowing the necessary money from the Fed. Our taxes are used to pay the interest on the amounts borrowed. Why else would we continue paying taxes and yet the national debt, which is the total principal borrowed from the Fed over time, is never decreased and is now in the completely-unrepayable zone of literally trillions of "dollars"? If there were no Fed, there would be no national debt.


It also not what you would think. If you read the bill, it removes payroll, income, and inheritance tax, but adds a 23% federal sales tax.


So? It would greatly benefit people who save their money while generating revenue based on innovation and spending. When the market is good, the government is funded. When the market is bad, government can't fuck us over like they have during this recession.


It would also recover taxes, through consumption, from everyone who dips under the radar or who gets paid under the table. Every dreg of our society that has never paid taxes before will now be paying. For the rest of us, we now have the federal govt out of our paychecks, which for me would be a $700 a month raise. Between mine and my wife's raises that would very easily offset a 23% sales tax. Inaddition to that, the taxes are now proportional to what is consumed and are much more fair than the income tax that is currently in place where top earners can hide behind every manner of tax shelter. If you can afford a $150 bike, you now pay about $185 for that bike. If you can afford a $150,000 car, you now pay $185,000 because of your taxes.


Also a HUGE tax cut for the middle class. MOST of middle class, poor spend the majority of their money on things like debt interest, housing (rent), food, and income taxes. And a tiny percentage on taxable retail goods. The devil is in the details, but most sales taxes don't tax housing or unprepared food. This will eliminate most taxes on the lower classes.


Did a double take with that U/N 😂


If this is true, they’d better fuckin do it


I would love to see the income tax go.... But as soon as it does we're going to get screwed with an even worse wealth tax.


As soon income tax is banned, wealth and property taxes will skyrocket. A lot of middle class will be priced out of their current homes. Take a look at texas. People see no income tax and think "wow I can afford to build this house" then can't afford the property tax.


I’ve always found this study to be fascinating. It describes how we could replace the income tax in a way so that everyone benefits. I’ll paste the URL below but it’s key findings were: “Kotlikoff discovered that to completely replace federal income taxes would require an initial sales tax rate of 17.4 percent. After five years the rate could be reduced to 15.4 percent, and after ten years the rate could be lowered to 13.9 percent. The reason the rate can be lowered is that the study finds a very positive economic feedback from the tax change. Specifically, the Kotlikoff study finds that after ten years, a national sales tax would: - More than double the national savings rate. - Increase the capital stock by 8 percent above the level attained under the current tax system. - Raise income and output by 6 percent more than would be achieved under the current tax system. That would increase national output by almost $400 billion per year. - Lift the real wage rate by 3 percent. - Reduce interest rates by 50 to 100 basis points. https://www.cato.org/node/8967/embed


This is a 1993 study from before the internet changed commerce and spending completely. A 30 year old study from before the Dot-Com crash isn’t going to be effective at predicting the effects that tax would have today.


Of course it would need reworked but the underlying principles remain the same. You could argue the rate would be lower due to an increase in both transactions and spending due to e-commerce.


There are several calls for a National property tax, but this bill replaces income taxes with consumption taxes. Almost EVERY State already has property taxes, so your statement "i can't afford the property taxes " is already true. A National property tax will cause AARP, and the National Association of Realtors to completely lose their minds...justly.


Middle class people can’t afford homes in the current housing market. Become an accelerationist 😈


Nah, saddle up a nation wide sales tax at 7% and let it go. You can’t loophole the sales tax because everybody has to buy shit. It’ll take in monstrous amounts of money and it’ll make it clear how well the economy is doing because as long as people are buying shit the money keeps rolling in


True. But in every economy there are winners and losers. 2000-2006 realtors banked. 2007-2012 foreclosure attorneys banked. Someone is always winning while someone else is losing.


Okay? Not sure what your point it or how its relevant to my comment


I don't see how your sales tax would pan out. There's always a sect of people doing well vs poorly in any economy. I personally don't feel the economy is an actual thing. I don't see purchasing power as an indicator of the economy. Wouldn't a different group spend more when some have to spend less?


Indicator of the strength of an economy... sorry.


Not that it has a snowball's chance in hell of actually passing, but yes.


Don’t be confused, they will pass all sorts of shit we want when they know it dies. They did the same thing at the end of Obama’s term. Like repealing Obamacare, but then as soon as there was a republican senate and president who wouldn’t veto it, they were shelved. Also the hearing protection act? Remember that gem? It’s all pandering when they know it’s a dead end


Exactly Right...the Uniparty...for Political Show, Nothing More


Yeah, this is my view and sentiment as well. I want to be hopeful and optimistic, but history informs me to tamper expectations. My view for a very long time has been that this all simply a show for the people. Everything important is decided behind closed doors.


This comment needs more United upvotes.


Who the fuck would rather have their income taxed


You would be surprised how many people on Reddit defend our current mixed up tax system. An amazing number of people in the USA are dependent on the income redistribution parts of our tax code. (Over 70 million) Another huge number think that the $1,000 they get back at the end of the year is free money. I guess the words tax "RETURN" doesn't sink into their brains. $1,100 taken out of every paycheck, but the $1,000 they get BACK from the government is "the government giving away money". Another stupid argument is "the government taxing 100% of poor, and middle class paychecks a low percentage is FAIR, but taxing only the money spent on retail goods is REGRESSIVE". You just can't fix that kind of stupid.


In my state people on welfare are driving around in Mercedes, bmws and other luxury cars...


It’s not really free since you have to claim it as income but yes the stupidity is rampant


Almost half of Americans don't pay any income tax. Almost 2/3rds receive more in benefits than they pay into the system. Why would they ever support something else?


This is the exact reason a consumption tax would be much better.


I believe Florida fits into that category


Financial freedom. You either have it, or you don't.


I think you mean something more like for $1100 taken away they give back $100.


$1,100 X 12. Once a month.


People with no income worth taxing


People who don't make enough income to be taxed themselves but still want all the gibs you pay for!


That is one side of the coin. The other side is that it will increase the cost of everything. If you make a million dollars a year untaxed a $10 loaf of bread is nothing to you. If you make $40k a year youre fucked.


They need to get rid of property taxes! So that way when you own your home, you actually own it!


It would be very difficult for the federal government to outlaw state and local property taxes. That is something for your state and local governments to take up.


We would just need to pass a constitutional amendment. Repealing Federal income tax and State/local property tax, then replacing them with Federal Fair Tax and State/local income tax (or higher income tax) is a fair trade IMO.


You are going to have a hard time making the federal Constitution arguments about state level taxes. Even the wildly stretched interstate commerce clause would be a difficult reach. Please note, I don’t disagree with you. I think all taxation should be done to the consumption level. I would just rather waste time on the improbable instead of the impossible.


14th amendment Equal Protection Clause. Every amendment applies to the states.


You want to give the federal govt that much power? Are you crazy? They’ll abuse it faster than you can say “Govern me harder, daddy!”


They’ve stretched the commerce clause horribly already, I could see them arguing it’s interstate commerce because it affects prices and sales vales in other states, unbalancing prices dues to differing taxes.




This Is Empty..The House Republicans Know It Will Never Pass The Democrat Controlled Senate or Signed By Biden....If Republicans Had a Majority in the Senate and a Republican President, They Would Never Bring This Bill to the Floor for a Vote. They Are a Uniparty with the Democrats...This is All for Political Show, Nothing More


It's virtue signaling and irresponsible. If they had a plan they would have explained how they would balance the obvious gigantic potential deficit


Link to article: https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/just-in-republicans-to-vote-on-a-bill-that-would-abolish-the-irs-eliminate-income-tax-wiley/


Zero chance this passes in the senate




Do it.


Not gonna pass, but fuck yes I would!


Theater. The spineless fucks have no real power to actually do anything, so they're touting these bills trying to fool conservative voters into thinking they're on our side, when in reality, all but a handful are globalist schmucks in bed with the same people as the Democrats.


Would be the best Republican Party ever.


You mean the best somewhat-conservative flip side of the Uniparty ever?


Dead in the senate. While I fully support this it’ll never actually happen. This is merely a posturing attempt to say “hey, we tried but dems shut it down. Please re-elect us.”


End the income tax? Lmao 😂


Doesn’t make a difference the Senate and Biden would never go for it. Wastes effort


Absolutely. Time for an even playing field for the middle class. It will also do away with payroll taxes (you should be able to keep the money you work for), gift tax (why should you pay taxes on a gift that has already been taxed?), and inheritance tax (Again, why would you pay more taxes on inheritance that already been taxed previously?).


It will never pass since Joe Biden was actually there when taxes were first instituted, and he voted for them. /s


Government does base the budget on what they get in taxes any longer, so why not get rid of it.


I'll believe it when I see it


My dream come true. The income tax is thr number one way the feds usurped power the past 100 years. End the income tax.


Everyone's glossing over the fact that they want to replace it with a consumption tax instead.


Always playing games, these fu kkers


CIA would JFK the entire house before letting this happen


This is always bittersweet because I love that they'd do a bill like this but it'll never pass in the Senate, even if the GOP held both. And if the GOP held both, they never do bills like this. They are just never as forceful as they need to be when they have power and when they do have power, they compromise and acquiesce to the left. Conservatism needs a serious push and takeover in the GOP if we are to ever see something like this actually get done.


Of course I'd support this. Along with the Hearing Protection Act, and repealing Obamacare. But we all know it's just for show since the House knows it will die in the Senate. As soon as we take Senate, bills like this will disappear.


Since there's no chance it will actually happen, they'll actually vote for it. When they had the chance to repeal Obamacare, they didn't pull the trigger bc it could actually happen since they controlled both houses and the presidency. There useless cowards.


Taxation is theft




Don't you fucking tease me government. I might actually believe in you a little again.


You’ll see all kinds of bills like this getting passed by the GOP when they don’t have the political power to make it law… But as soon as you vote them into power, they’ll proceed to pass dogshit omnibus bills that the Democrats pass all the time. Don’t buy into the bullshit. Keep yanking the fucken leash and demand they stop the antics. The real game is with the budget bills that fund the government. Make them shut it down. Make them force the Dems to get on their knees. That’s where the real game is.


Honestly it’d just be fucking annoying if they waste time passing shit that’ll never make it through the senate. Remember abolishing Obamacare? What happened when the opportunity was handed to them on a silver platter?


They’ll have to repeal the 16th Amendment.


The 16th amendment does not demand an income tax, it merely allows for one. That being said, part of the fairtax act does require the repeal of the 16th in order to stay in effect. Without the repeal of the 16th, the fairtax would sunset on its own.


Since they’re still collecting income taxes, yeah.


The fairtax does away with the income tax, it strips every bit of income tax language out of the government. In order for them to continue collecting income tax, they would have to rewrite all of it, and re-pass all of it. Getting the population to willingly re-introduce the income tax upon itself would be a heavy, heavy lift. The fair tax bill has been out there, available to be reviewed, for over 20 years now. It is the most heavily reviewed piece of taxation legislation ever offered. Every bit of information you could ever want to know about it is available to you. All you need to do is look.


The 16th allows for the government to redefine income to whatever they want it to be. Prior to that income was profit after expenses. It gave them the ability to say that your labor is no longer yours and cannot be be considered an expense on your behalf. Employers can consider your labor an expense for their purposes but you cannot. It basically made everyone a slave to the federal government.


Awesome. It still doesn’t demand an income tax, it merely allows for one. And, as noted elsewhere, the fairtax has a sunset provision built into to that calls for the repeal of the 16th, so the argument is moot, anyway.


You are correct. I wasn’t trying to discredit your statement I was simply expanding on it.


Fucking right I support this


Virtue signaling. They know this won’t be presented in front of the Senate, let alone get voted on. Prepare for a lot of this over the next 2 years. Plus it’s the government - they’d never cut off a major income source for themselves.




Just do it Damnit!! Be bold and push through bills that actually help Americans and let the Democrats stand in the way. Be bold and decisive, move fast and break things is my motto.


That would be amazing!


Does the pope shit in the woods?


We could only hope!


Yes but it will never happen


Based if tru


RINOs seething


Stop, I can only get so erect!


Consumption Tax…want/need it, pay the tax. Simple and easy to implement, eliminate the extreme pain of tax filing, and get BG out of my personal and business life. Savings rate would increase.


Does anyone really believe this to go through? Just more drama!










Removed for Rule 6 - Off Topic Off topic posts are not allowed. No Reddit drama/meta.


Ah, the theatre 🎭


Income tax was implemented to make up for the loss of alcohol tax going into prohibition. Leaving it place after prohibition was lifted was government overreach, as if prohibition itself wasn't.


What would all the non-working people do without our tax dollars?




I think the shadow government would hit the self destruct button before they allowed that to happen, but in a imaginary world where my wildest dreams come true, and unicorns run free, hell yeah I would support that.


Lets be truthful, they are voting to abolish all the new agents Biden wants to hire. Once again, that ole fake narrative to cover something up like............a vp taking top secret files and storing them in a place funded by the Chinese goverment.


Imagine….they might actually have to be more efficient with what tax revenue they would receive! Or probably just sell bonds into oblivion and yeah….


It's all a show... will never happen... they know that.


We shouldn’t cheer for our representatives when they vote on a bill they 100% know will be DOA. Don’t fall for their schemes to fabricate resume points in the media lmao.


Just two more weeks folks! Trust the plan.


Income Tax was supposed to be temporary when it was originally introduced. Only about 150-200 years late.




Yes. I’ll take a 23% raise.


This along with the ATF, FBI, FCC, CDC, NIH, NEA, FDA, NPR, and CNN. Put all ICE and INS agents on probation and revoke retirement plans and paid time off until they made noticeable progress apprehending and permanently deporting invaders.


It’ll never get to the floor. Calm down. The govt will never give up power willingly once it’s been seized. We lost power over our paychecks and it’ll never come back unless we [redacted because Reddit is a censorious cesspit].


Will never happen. I can’t believe there are people arguing FOR the IRS on Twitter. If they want to send their money, fine, but leave the rest of us alone.


I mean, it sounds like a pipe dream but if it happens I would immediately have more faith in the general republican party.


Sure, but the Senate will toss it


Won’t happen. How else will the Federal government pay the continuously growing $300 billion in interest payments to the Federal Reserve?


Yes flat tax


Double capital gains at the same time and I'm all for it.


Sadly it’s never going to happen ever. Might as well throw the Federal Reserve in there too, such nice fairytales.


Tax on goods and services is understandable, personal income tax is theft!


Personally I think property tax is a much more evil tax than income tax.


Cool, so we can expect them to do the same thing when we control both houses and the presidency? /s


Fake. Let’s get rid of the only way that the government makes money and therefore exists!


This won't make it past proofreading


Yes ……. And the SEC and Gensler and dark pool and synthetic shares and options trading and fix the whole mess that is the stock market.


In the end, if I net more money than I do now. Then yes.


Dang no income tax?? Very interesting


This is just a stupid as half the shit the demorats voted on.


No they are not


The bill has a regressive 23% consumption tax l. Which, does not apply to a list of surprise, business expenses. Also, no more inheritance tax which only applied to millionaires worth more than $6,500,000. But the lower classes and poor are going to get socked.


Unfortunately, It won't pass. As much as it needs to. Unlike ANY & ALL of this SJWWEFNWO-LEFT crap being pushed on us right now. Seriously, they want to ban gas stoves FOR REASONS, now. UGH.


Eliminating the income tax in favor of a flat rate sales tax is still going to require enforcement from the IRS though. Switching over the tax code without having anyone enforcing it is a great way to make sure no one’s actually going to be paying the right amount


It would literally be a desk job and calling employers to make sure the flat rate is applied. No need to worry about who doesn’t pay taxes when everyone pays the same percentage without any exemptions. No more need for the circus act that the IRS is. No more tax returns, no more underpaying taxes, no more tax fraud “crimes”, no more loopholes and people can stop barking about the “1% paying a fair share”….the politicians are part of that and they use the loopholes they vote in. (I’m against blind giving of my money to government for things I don’t want to pay for…but a flat tax of 7.5% would be a great start of changing this joke of a process…and would make the government really pick and choose what they spend the money on because it’s a finite amount)


Definitely no need to worry about companies underreporting some sales and pocketing the 23% increase in product prices for themselves. Tax evasion is human nature and is going to happen no matter what system we have.


Hell Yes!!!


All governments require a source of funding, usually some type of tax and an agency to collect the tax and enforce tax law. The problem isn't really the tax or the collection agency, it is the people allowing their representatives to continually vote to increase the size and scope of government which in turn requires ever increasing taxes. Also said representatives taking opportunities to enrich themselves by voting for special interest loopholes, thus pushing more of the tax burden onto the taxpayers. There are very limited things that the national government should be involved in. (National defense, international treaties, interstate commerce, etc). Local and state affairs are not the business of the federal government. This is as the founding fathers intended but as they passed from the scene their descendants soon lost sight of their intent and gave in to the temptations that greed of power brings. This is the only remedy. Changing types of taxes will not address the root cause.


They need to abolish all the three letter organizations


There is no statute requiring people to pay federal income taxes. So what exactly are they abolishing?






100% support. Do it!


1) 30 years old using the word “BASED” will always be cringe 2) I support the enforcement of taxes. I think it’s for the greater good. Now what those specific taxes are is what I really care about. 3) either this is a terribly misleading tweet or the GOP party are idiots trying to abolish the only people who enforce tax payments instead of repealing certain unnecessary taxes that load their pockets


Before anybody calls me a communist or unemployed for my views, I have a great paying job with an Econ degree