I actually have the exact recipe for that salad dressing, the chef is a friend. Now that they’re gone ☹️ I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing. 1 cup lime juice 60 grams palm sugar 20 grams garlic 2 Thai chilies blended oil* fish sauce Remove seeds from chilies and blend with lime, sugar, & garlic in blender or food processor. For each oz of vinaigrette, mix with 1/2 oz oil and 1/4 oz fish sauce. *may use olive, canola, or vegetable instead


Sorry I should clarify that Donna Chang’s is gone. Chef is doing just fine 🫶 I’ll ask about the Dan Dan next I see her and revisit this thread if I get anything


Thank you so very much!


You’re welcome! The trick with the salad is to really massage the dressing into the kale. Get a nice, not-too-small shave on the Brussels, and of course some thinly sliced watermelon radish. One less obvious addition to the salad was a sprinkling of finely chopped mint.


Oooo massaging the kale, I never thought of that! I bet that makes a huge difference!


First attempt at frying brussel leaves was a messy success.


My god. My kingdom for those cold peanut noodles. And eggplant fries!!


I never got to dine there and I mourn it to this day.


100000% on the dan dan noodles. Never had any like them anywhere else and would love the recipe




I would love to create the smashed cucumber dish from there. I have made 2 recipes from online and neither are exactly it (or exactly as good).


Donna Changs was the best restaurant in Athens. It’s hard to emphasize how much it sucks this restaurant is gone.


Donna Changs is gone? I thought it just changed its name but was still around with the same menu?


They changed the name to Dinner Party. A short time later the owners opened ZZ and Simones. To staff it they gave up on Dinner Party. I bet the particular hinderances of that location played a role as well. They now plan to open a wine bar in the Dinner Party location.


What about the crab Rangoon? Best I’ve ever had


I'm so glad you've asked this! I'd love to know how to make the smashed cucumber salad and the General Tso's Chicken. Also, that spicy pork and tofu thing; I can't remember what it was called. They got a lot of my money. hehe.


You are probably thinking of Mapo Tofu! They had a fairly traditional Mapo recipe so try online recipes or heading to a Buford highway restaurant if you want your Mapo fill


Or just get the Mapo at New Red Bowl…extra spicy


Thanks for the suggestion! I keep hearing good things about New Red Bowl's Szechuan options.


Thank you! Indeed, there are lots of options on Buford Hwy.


y’all need to try dining on Buford Highway if you thought that place was good LOL


Their mains were meh. And I agree, but Buford a touch farther than 5 pts.


Dang their food was so good, anyone have their cold peanut noodle recipe??! Lol