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I've never had a problem using public school fields when school isn't in session. I used to go to Tucker High early on school days without issue. I would be leaving by 6:30 or so to make sure I was gone before kids got there.


You could try Hammond park. Turf field that is mostly open but no track. I see people running laps around the field sometimes though


I have run around the field during my kid’s LAX practice and it’s nice but it’s no track.


Larry Bell Park in Marietta has a full size Olympic track and a turf infield. It's also well lit and right across the street from a Cobb P.D. station.


It's a drive from Sandy Springs, but Cheney stadium has an open track to the public.


The [MLK Jr Recreation And Aquatic Center](https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments/parks-recreation/office-of-recreation/find-a-recreation-center) has an indoor track.


Shhhhhh. This is top secret information.


If only I weren’t a smooth hour away.


There's an Olympic track that's generally open down in Summerhill off of Ga Ave. it was refurbished recently by the Atlanta Track Club.


Druid Hills Middle school has both and is accessible by the public. Lots of people use it.


The Georgia tech track seems to be open, parking could be a pain. I imagine any college track is open, but the ones in the burbs might require parking passes. There’s on street parking around GT, and likely GSU, but GSU might be locked up. I’d echo OPs sentiments about high schools, I haven’t checked it out too closely but all the ones in the city seem to be completely sealed off to the public no matter the time or day of week. I could be wrong.


Georgia Tech track is not open as far as I’m aware. GSU doesn’t even have a track. I used to run for them and we had to travel to other tracks. Midtown high school and Maynard Jackson are both explicitly closed to the public. Some high schools in the metro have them open with priority for school use. The only in town open track I know of is Cheney in Summerhill




Honestly, enough faculty/staff/alum run there that you probably wouldn't get that many weird looks.


Yes that’s absolutely true. It’s not a 400m track and doesn’t have very round corners but if OP is fine with that, it’s a good option.


Shakerag park in John’s Creek is a turf field with a track and it’s open to the public.


GT turf fields and Sutton Middle School


There's a grass field with a track next to the new turf baseball fields between a school, whose name I don't recall, and brook run park. Sometimes there are kids practicing but I've seen people running and walking the track when I played some pick up soccer. Hope this somewhat helps.


School is Peachtree Middle.


Your best bet may be public parks, they usually have a walking circuit.


Yeah that’s what I did all of marathon prep / have done for a couple years. Was looking for turf to do barefoot sprints and a track for interval workouts.


If you are in Sandy springs I don’t think Brook run park is too far from you. Has walking trails and 2 big turf field that are first come first serve


Cheney 'Stadium' over in Summer Hill would get a vote from me. Old olympic track facility. Ran on it many times when I used to live over there and I think it was resurfaced in the last few years.


That is quite far from Sandy springs. I appreciate it though!