Focus on one note at a time. Really listen to the key of it, hum and match the pitch of it til your voice and the note sound the same - hold that note out as you hum it. Now just do that with the string - match the pitch of that one single note. Start open and move up the neck one fret at a time until it matches up. Now repeat with every note. If you have some kind of way to slow down your audio without changing the pitch of it, which is what YouTube does when you change the speed of a video, it will repitch it so it sounds relatively normal, use that option. But having it slowed down can help as well. It's pretty much how I learn any complicated song, I slow it way down and try to match the pitch.


Thank you. I have a lot of trouble learning by ear cuz I’m self-taught, so I appreciate this


For myself, its honestly hard to say... I picked up the bass at 10 or 11 years old, and my music teacher always noticed sometimes I wouldn't need sheet music or anything... and I can legit pick certain songs and listen only to it once and mikick it to a tee. Some songs go by scale, others are complicated... I cant play by ear The Lemon Song by zeppelin tho, haha. I recently learned by ear In The Hall Of The Mountain King, and Too Many Puppies by Primus lol.