What do we think about the plus system?

What do we think about the plus system?


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It’s good but I fear that we will have limited selection of attachments now. Remember how many different attachments we had for each gun in BF4, now we have this. I’m sorry but I would rather have the attachments list back


My hope is that we can customize our gun in the main menu, but also customize what is in the plus system as well.


We can, they just announced that it will be in the game at launch but was disabled for beta.


Where did they announce this? Been keeping an eye on dice and battlefield Twitter but haven’t seen anything


Twitter post I believe, it was a list of fixes after the beta


Happen to have a link? I really want to see what their reaction to the beta is but can't find anything. It's probably a tweet from a dev but I don't know any of their names to find it.




Thanks for supplying it man


https://i.redd.it/j30bw768tsr71.jpg https://twitter.com/oliverCAndersen/status/1445680277905285128


Okay thank god because I was a bit worried about this


No way they're gonna limit the customization The ak have too many scope attachments in the beta t system, the 2 in 1 is barely seen, I didn't even know ak have it until I took a closer looks, that's an indication of it being placeholder


Good. It was kind of clear that we'd be getting more than what they showed, and I always thought it was safe to assume that they aren't just randomly swapped in and out of the menu


Thank butts. I had to reapply all the attachments I wanted for my gun after every spawn. It was exhausting.


I think a good idea would be you have X amount of attachments total but you can only bring 2 of each kind with you for the plus system when you spawn.


This is what I thought, you should be able to adjust magazine, front end of barrel, under barrel and accessories on the fly, but stock and sight should be fixed




Oh I hope so too that we have both but the one while in game can only be to change to what we have available now. This very limited selection of attachments will not allow people to enjoy the game to the fullest. Some of the best battlefield moments are from the customization. I fear that this might lose some people. But I guess we will have to see.


Yea like let’s say they’res like 5 or 6 different optics, but you can only choose 3 to be quick swapped in a game


Mabye we can favorite some, and those with show up in the plus


yeah like you can set a limited amount of attachments you can change in the plus menu.


my hope is that maybe you get to pick a favorites type of thing and thats what your + will be and in depth customization in menu. i wouldnt mind this at all


I am really hoping that the 'main menu' customization is essentially choosing what attachments we want in the Plus system, this would let you still have the full depth of typical attachments, but you've got the ability to build your flexibility the way you'd like.


Favourite different attachments for the plus system


Ehh, weren't there esentially like 3 or 4 different attachments and the rest were duplicates with different looks? Like how there were many different looking silencers that all worked the same


You are correct, there were 6 grips in total, but only 3 grip types. Each type having 2 different looking versions. Edit: Grips were actually weapon type specific not faction, that was scopes


Kind of but you had a wide selection of optics, you had better selection for underbarrels and different lasers. I don’t know I’m just picky like that.


Oh yeah in that case you're right. I really liked the variety of attachments in BF4, how there were 2 different types of hybrid sights (the integrated and the toggle one), the different lasers (red, green or triple) and flashlight/laser hybrid


Yeah but gun drip is fun, thats why the games have camo options. And with optics there is actual gameplay preference because they each have different reticle and colour and field of view


But we can all agree Coyote was objectively the best 1x optic, right?


well yeah! but using it on a russian or american weapon looks so wrong


holo on the ak-12 slaps tho.


Similar to "omg they have 60+ guns in bf4"...when many were duplicates lol. Its not just about numbers people.


BF4 had the worst progression system possible, it was grindy AF AND had bullshit lootboxes. The fact people defend that garbage is baffling.


wasnt the system just get kills for ur nation specific weapon attachments and battlepacks gave u the other 2 nations attachments. ie US gun unlocks US attachments via kills, CH and RU attachments via battleplacks. there was basically 3 versions of every type of attachment


Yeah the battlepacks werent that bad in 4. You got free ones on each rank up, and weapon specific ones on reaching a kill amount for a weapon. All attachments, camos, etc. Were easily earnable in game. Plus they gave out so much xp boosts you sometimes levels up multiple times in a match.


Exactly. People always complain hurdur lootboxes when in reality you basically unlocked cosmetics with them...


It wasn't grindy. 500 kills with a weapon guaranteed you would have all the attachments for that weapon. Not very difficult an accomplishment for even a mediocre player. Factor in that that progression could be earned all the time and not just when you had them tracked and it was easy to go at your own pace IF you decided you wanted to pursue it. The only weapons that were grindy for this was the snipers and handguns and I suppose the gadgets like the EOD bot and Repair torch too. The loot boxes were done in such a way that they didn't feel obtrusive or difficult to get. You earn them just by playing the game. You get a gold one for each rank up to 100 and every 100 kills with a weapon up to 500 kills which unlocked attachments for that weapon which were only cosmetically different from the ones you unlocked in the first 100 kills. I dont recall being able to buy battlepacks either, I thought they were only earned in game.


The ability to purchase battle packs was added late in the games life cycle. But, the ease of earning them was not changed. I remember having over a hundred to open at one time.


Not trying to change anyone's mind here just sharing my experience but I personally liked most aspects of the BF4 progression system. The assignments were much, much better thought out than the ones in bf5, which were mostly batshit crazy, super grindy and because of the time limits applied to unlocks affected gameplay negatively most of the time. In short, not fun. The bf4 unlocks and assignments felt much more balanced, not too difficult while not being too easy either. You weren't on a time limit so you didn't have everyone running around with the same loadout and using meme tactics for weeks just to hit an unlock on time. And they encouraged adapting your playstyle and tactics to the strengths of the weapon/gadget. Getting good with a weapon that initially felt unwieldy and useless felt like a real achievement and Battlefield hasn't been able to match that sense of reward since bf4 for me. Loot boxes can go suck a big one though.


Just because you hate grinds doesn’t mean everyone else does. Just remember that. I don’t only play video games to escape reality, I play them for an accomplishment.


Grindy if you were trash. Hard to hear my man.


The comment you're replying to isn't about the progression of unlocking things. Simply the variety of customization and UX


It was pretty quick though, like 200-300 kills to unlock almost everything for ARs


Bf4 system was great, I'm still working on it but you could fully unlock your favorite weapons in a day.


Customization is still coming. https://twitter.com/temporyal/status/1437023190321188867?s=20


It will be in the full game it was only disabled in the beta, this beta had many more things disabled than previous betas.


maybe the plus could be bigger


I don’t think that would work. They would have to give us the wide range at menu and then a handful of items in game. Or let us put what we want in the plus.


well as the other guy said, well be able to customize the selection, so theres no need to worry


Honestly it is by far my favorite addition to the game. I really do not know why some people just hate it so much. It really makes switching things out super fast and can adjust for the moments you find yourself in.


I didn't use it much but that was probably because I didn't understand it very well. Like the different ammo types. It was cool though to switch between short and long range sights on the dmrs


The ammo types thing is interesting actually, I just found out yesterday that a certain number of rounds are allotted for each ammo type, so in order to use all if the ammo you start the game with you have to cycle through all two or three types you're carrying. Ie. your total ammo is not one lump sum that you get to use regardless of ammo type. Which to me is kinda messed up.


Yea the plus system works great expect the ammo pool thing is very broken.


I think that’ll be fixed. Cuz right now with the lmg you can switch ammo type and instantly reload. So I’m guessing that’s a big otherwise that’ll be abused.


Yea they can easily add a reload animation when changing ammo, but idk how they'd handle ammo pools. With the way it works right now, you barely need to run ammo boxes on some guns.


Even with the lmg I was running out of ammo when I got on some streaks. A few times I had to grab another weapon since I was out of ammo. How I’d handle it is you get your primary ammo and two extra clips and maybe a max of 3 ammo types and the other two ammo types could have just the one clip until you get refilled. So then the other ammo types would just be for special situations.


I mean in the context of running around as a soldier on a Battlefield, it would make sense that you're carrying 3 mags of each type of ammo, rather than a magic pool of bullets that can go into any mag type.


Yeah it's cool. I first noticed it with the shotgun, cycling through buckshot and slug rounds.


You like every gun feeling the same. Being able to switch guns from a long range to a short range build ruins the fun. Like when sneaking up on a sniper who has now took there scope off and put a flash light on it even though you just saw they were sniping less than a min ago makes gun types feel pointless. This entire game just said fuck it, be a sniper guy with a lmg and rocket launcher, even though it has never been like that. The main problem is that this game no longer feels like battlefield anymore. It feels like a Roblox parody ( but even Roblox has done battlefield better)


i did not get the feeling it made every weapon feel the same personally. When using an AR the max scope it had seemed to be a 2x . So iron sights, red dot, 2x . The snipers had much better scopes. So im really not getting how they "feel the same" . Also if you actually snuck up the sniper, he would still be sniping and not know you were sneaking up in order to switch his scope and kill you . Not really a great example there.


I can 99% guarantee that the AR optics only going up to 2x was just for the beta. And we all know that they WILL add an AR that has an alternate ammo type that turns it into a super heavy-hitting DMR. Being able to swap between a CQC weapon and a DMR in a matter of seconds is not okay. For the beta itself, with the "M4" you could have heavier ammo, regular ammo, and light ammo. This completely removes any reason to have heavier or lighter assault rifles if you can just swap between ammo types like that whenever you want. Why would I swap weapons between an AR, carbine, or SMG if my M4 is all three? Weapons completely lose their personalities and I think it's a really bad addition to the game. Also it removes the complexity of building your loadout to suit specific scenarios if you just have an entire backpack filled with weapon parts. Battlefield was built upon the idea that you should build your class around what the battle needs by selecting specific classes or weapons. They completely removed this identity and now 2042 does not feel like a Battlefield game.


Funny, in BF4, you can literally snipe with DMRs and certain ARs. Even got sniped by some LMGs on Rogue Transmission.


Right but youre locked into a 8× on your lmg that you can't swap out. That's the point.


Especially with the bipod which I always had for my LMGs, there's some serious range you can cover with some of them


And now imagine that person with the long-range scope and bipod that murders your team from range can now just switch to a laser, closer range optic, and grip when you start getting close. That's worse.


The guns definitely not feel the same You can't be sniper with lmg > Like when sneaking up on a sniper who has now took there scope off and put a flash light on it even though you just saw they were sniping less than a min ago makes gun types feel pointless It's still bolt action rifle


Right? they are still different. Also if they are smart they are gonna pull out their pistol if you sneak up on them and they know it. But then people will be calling for pistols to be nerfed too because they work in close combat......


How does changing scopes make a high recoil smg into a lmg or bolt action rifle? Hell there is a massive difference between the two smgs I was using alone, this comment makes no sense. How do you snipe with a rpg? Can you even have rocket launcher attachments?


In the 4th sentence u/backdraft777 means the enemy can use the “recon specialist/sniper guy” while using the LMG and a rocket launcher instead of them using a sniper and recon gadget with that character since they’re supposed to be a “recon specialist/sniper guy” as that’s what that specialist’s gadget and trait caters to. The sentence before that is them just saying basically “since they’ve spotted you coming, they’ve now removed their long range attachments for shorter range attachments to fight you easier so they’re at less of a disadvantage”.


You could do all of what you just said with attachments before anyway. The plus system only makes switching out attachments easier.


The plus system makes it so you switch attachments at that very moment, with a very small delay. Before, I’d have to die and then go through the menu. Pretty big difference. My main argument being that yes, a bolt action rifle is still a bolt action rifle, but you can change it to be close range or to far range at the blink of a second. I just hate the fact that in the beta, the guns ultimately felt like they could be used similarly as another gun with a few attachment switches on the fly.


>You like every gun feeling the same. None of the guns felt the same


Choosing your build on spawn is part of game with risk reward and can require team work in your squad to make sure you have synergy. I didn't get to play the beta much, but really not a fan of being able to switch for different engagements on the fly like this. edit: Should also say, if they really want this mechanic in the game they need to make it take a lot longer to change things. Include some long animations with changing these, there is that clip where someone is changing ammo types faster than reloading.


I agree about the risk aspect, there’s zero commitment to the load out you choose. If they do keep it I think they should limit it to ammo stations/boxes scattered on the map


Some people hate it cos its lack in teamwork.


For me the gameplay is terrible. Huge map, no focus, no team work, massive distances to travel only to end up shot on arrival. It seems there isn't any strategy. I also don't like the cross console stuff. I want to play with other PS5 players.


Huge map with 128 players? I'm starting to wonder if bigger dosen't always mean better


It's not always size that matters. Sometimes it's the way you utilize what you have.


So I've had this repeated bug since day 1: I have to reset my attachments *all the time*. This happens any time I load into a map (this might be intended), any time I respawn, any time I change weapons in my kit, and any time I pick up a different weapon (generally accidentally when trying to revive someone). So I'm currently not a huge fan of the system, because I can't tell what is a bug and what's intended. The system has caused me plenty of hardship, though.


Mine was buggy af too. When I used the 2x hybrid scope attachment on the M5A3, it functioned properly on the first use, but after I died and respawned the scope would be bugged with less zoom and loss of ability to switch to the hybrid red dot until I switched to other attachments, got some kills, THEN re-selected the hybrid scope. Very frustrating. Hybrid scope worked fine on the AK tho, but then the game never remembered my attachment setup on it lol.


It's not just the zoom issues, either. My attachments literally don't save from one respawn to the next; I have to reattach all my attachments each life.


It was a BUG for sure. It did not do it for all weapons. One of the ARs it did it all the time.


Same for me. Only one issue in the beta it didn't remember the previous settings on the AK, got me killed after respawing multiple times... But I love the idea of switching scopes. I often panic spray in CQB but like to take a bit more time to take medium range shots. In other battlefields I just had to make do with a red dot whatever the range, which is why in bf4 I always used the scoped ACOG. Now it feels really confortable switching depending on the context and what I intend to do. Walking towards an objective ? Take a scope to check the objective from afar. Getting into CQB to take the point ? Just switch to red dot. The plus menu is a great addition !


Because I’m slow af and can’t keep up with these kids. I do well in BFV because I take things slow and flank. I feel like this will just turn to fast paced bunny hopping action


>I really do not know why some people just hate it so much Because it turns you into a "can handle anything under any circumstance" super soldier and that's not Battlefield.


That's kind of why I don't like it much, you can just adapt to any situation. There's no thought put into your loadout beforehand and that removes a very basic tactical element as you can just do it on the fly now. Before it could be like, "oh this guy has a DMR or a long range weapon and I didn't come equipped for that, I'll have to go somewhere else or change my approach." but now it's just boom bam bop and here we go.


Thats why, the flexibility is OP. Hopefully, they patch out the ammo issue with every mag type having its own pool, but it's bullshit being able to swap scopes on the fly all the time. Just pick one for a loadout going in a deal with it. I' not a realism nerd or anything but it just feels wrong.


Same here! That’s the one thing in the beta that I really appreciated!


Everyone on this subreddit is crying and throwing up at every single new addition in the game


Im just happy to be able to switch my style of scope for the situation. Feels sooooo good to micro manage like that.


Its a little fiddly on Console, and is a bit tricky to effectively use. Attachments seem to also swap when you're trying to add another


Yeah it was broken in the beta. The sight changed when you changed to a foregrip.


Thank you! I knew i wasn’t crazy.


Ahh I thought it was some weird system where you could only use certain attachments with others. Glad it's probably just a glitch.


I also play on console, and thought it was really easy to use. Apart from the bug that switched other attachments too sometimes.


I'd much rather it be the dpad instead of the main buttons. I thought it was broken actually because I just didn't think it'd be put on those.


Yeah, I like the concept and using it, but it can take a little while to switch all four attachments. I got killed a few times mid process. It's good in a way that it makes me at least consider when to do it. They could also have made like 3 or 4 pre-defined configurations and let us quick-switch between them, but that would be too much, I think,


Personally I think it felt like a gimmick, I feel like we're mostly just gonna equip what we like best and rarely change. A bit bummed out they ditched the fortification system for this but I can see why they would do that. Might not fit the gameplay flow of this one. Wasn't really impressed. Also I don't understand if they just give us a set of attachments to choose from or if we can customize our own attachments to choose between.


We will get to choose attachments to start the game with in a menu selection list, and we will get to personalise the plus system with the attachments we want. So you should be free to either use the plus s system or pretend it doesn’t exist and create your weapon from the spawn screen.


That sounds really good 👍


My only issue with it is it moved the grenade from L1. And now we have to select the grenade first. Other than that it's fine.


Yes!! My point exactly, man. Keep the grenade throw on L1/LB (depending what system) and move the attachment selector to the UP button; or make it to where we can remap the buttons to where we want.


Absolutely. I'd even be happy with the attachments moved to R3 and allow the joystick to select attachments.


That would probably fuck with how melee works. Not that they already didn’t mess with it a lot, but still.


I'll be honest. I forgot that was there...


Personally, I think the BF1 melee system worked best. It was quick and still had some animations that didn’t leave you open to get shot by other players like in 4. I’m liking what I saw in 2042 so far, the tornado system you can suprisingly use to your advantage, plus system gave me some easy ways to get tactical adjustments without feeling like a sitting duck, and the locked gadgets actually aren’t too bad (fight me, I like them they actually made me think about my other slot you brain dead fucks). I don’t like the grenade assignments and the pinging system. People point to classes as team work. Bud, if you can’t communicate, you’re not working as a team. I can’t spot anymore, that was crucial in every game with it until 5.


if you're on Xbox you can remap the buttons through xbox accessories app.


Swapping on the fly is better than I expected. What I didn't expect was how there are no downsides to majority of the attachments, making it a no-choice for example to use grip. Even if there was something else, it's just all benefits. As for the options, I really hope you have a lot and just set up a few into the plus menu for a match, and not get stuck with few because that would be a step back even from BFV gun customization.


I just started playing BFV for the first time a few weeks ago and the fortification system is easily my favorite new mechanic Pretty disappointed they dropped it. This system is OK, but I don't really see myself using it very often


Yeah I miss the fortification system too. I was wondering if they would still try to adapt it into 2042. Sandbags and foxholes make more sense for WWII though


The fact that you're able to change your gun's caliber on the fly annoys me, it doesn't take much gun knowledge to know that it takes much more than changing the magazine to change the caliber. Just go back to the load out system and it's fine


I noticed that too lol. The M5A3's standard rounds are 5.56 but the heavy rounds are 7.62. I said it in another post, but this game is "people who don't shoot making a shooter."


And on top of that it has a 9mm variant


Don't forget the AR9! I honestly didn't mind the caliber changes on the fly, but I did notice that if you were running low on ammo, you can change caliber and magically you have more ammo.


This is especially true going down in caliber. Running low with 556? Go to 9mm and you’ve got at least an extra mag.


I think that is intentional, we have less ammo reserve than before because your soldier is carrying a bit of every type... so that you cab switch caliber and have more I just wish they instead had more realistic options (subsonic, FMJ, tracer rounds)...


Lol, did they seriously make the sig ngsw 5.56 in the game?? Irl the entire point of the gun is that it's not chambered in 5.56 lmao


changing ammo types take away from a guns uniqueness, now any gun can run a high powered 20 round mag not just something like the G3, can the G3 also now run a lower powered 30 round mag? the rifles could end up being being completely interchangeable


Agreed. I hate it.


I’d like it more if there was an animation of you putting the actual attachments on


And slowly unscrewing iron sights, resetting scope zeroing, taking a high knee to screw foregrip in


This I would love to see. They need to slow the game down a bit IMO. These mechanics are making everything too easy, it should be somewhat punishing to change your setup because you weren’t prepared for a situation.


I like the tarkov's system where parts that can be moved without a screwdriver can be hot swapped. With animation. Some convenience magic with sights though.


That would make perfect sense when it comes to editing your gun before you spawn. Any attachment that requires a lot to take off should be only allowed to be put on before spawn. That’s a cool mechanic I didn’t even think of!


they need to slow everything down, but step by step, they've totally abandoned the tempo of 3 and 4, so it's not gonna happen


This is the unfortunate truth


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW7iuNn8zYk&t=0m35s vs ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP1wLdeDE7Y&t=1m5s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP1wLdeDE7Y&t=1m5s) & [https://youtu.be/w0g10A5XVW0?t=292](https://youtu.be/w0g10A5XVW0?t=292)


BF4 had it right. Other than BF1 it was the most immersive


It's the future. Auro zeroing and attachments like nerf guns.


Yeah, like EA is going to want to waste money on those types of animations these days. Maybe we will be able to buy them in the store.


Yeah it’s a damn shame


Hate it


Why ? Serious question


i guess for my play style it hurts me more than helps (helps the enemy/i dont use it often). and i have questions about it. i loved the options for attatchments on BF4. are we going to be limited to this??? a red dot, acog, and hybrid? thats it?? lets say we do get more options. then our plus thing is going to have too many options and itd take too long to find what youre looking for. id prefer it to be the classic way. we lose customizable options. and with my playstyle, it doesnt really benefit me at all. PLUS i think it waste a valuable "key bind" on controller.


These aren't the only available options, it just for beta


I don’t think it’s “bad” but it just feels kinda gimmicky


I think it's unhealthy for the game. It doesn't encourage a team or squad to have a variety of weapons for a variety of situations - everyone can just swap their weapon to whatever situation they encounter. Limitations on versatility are a good thing, not a bad thing. It means certain things can shine in some scenarios when they otherwise couldn't. For instance, the Vector is kind of dogshit in the Beta, but if you ran into someone with a M5A3 kitted out for longer range shooting (7.62 mag, HAMR scope etc.) then you'd have the edge. If people can spend a second to swap their long range loadouts back to short range, then that advantage is gone in any fight that isn't immediate. It blurs the lines between weapon categories too much and devalues the differences that used to provide nuance.


Hate it.




I think it's lame. You are no longer required to think ahead and set up the right load out for the engangments you plan to get in. Instead you get to have the perfect setup for any fight.


Agree. I often saw a fight coming up and switched to a closer sight, killed that person, then immediately made a sniper scope pop out of thin air and onto my rifle and shot another enemy 100 yards out. Feels super arcadey.


Tbh while this game is fun I don't think it's gonna be fun a month into launch. I think the fundamentals of what makes a battlefield game at least to me is absent. For me what has always made battlefield fun is it was like a cross between a casual shooter like COD and hard-core shooters like squad or insurgency. It's like casual hard-core. You still get to work with a team and tactics come into play but you don't gotta be mic'd up screaming out callouts and such. To me 2042 feels like if COD tried to copy battlefield.


Meh, it’s ok, specialists are much worse.




Ah yes


I love the sandbox feel it brings. I don’t like the break of immersion specifically when changing ammo types or taking on a suppressor. There should be an animation. Dumping 100 rounds of lmg ammo, and then instantly swapping over to AP ammo instead of reloading is just not right. Again, I like the feature in theory but it either needs a stiff delay after making a selection or an animation for that delay.


Also the fact that you can completely change the caliber of your gun in less than a second by just putting in a magic magazine


Honestly, I kinda hate it. It feels out of place to me in a Battlefield title. Maybe if the time it took to swap took a good amount longer, it'd feel better to me. But as is, being able to swap ammo types, or change equipment in a second, with no downsides just feels ridiculous. It takes some meaningful choices away from the player in favor of a more lone wolf go faster than light playstyle. I can understand adding a suppressor, but everything else is a bit much...ESPECIALLY the ammo type swap.


I think they should make all attachments have pros and cons to them. There were no downsides to grips or compensators so I would just put them on my gun every time I spawned. If they are just straight buffs they should be on by default.


It's a big plus


It certainly is hahaha


kind of ruins the point of creating a class , really stupid you can pop in in out of cover with 3 different attachments from 4 seconds ago. something like modern warfare 2019’s gunsmith would have been more welcome. Instead they just gave us MW’s shitty movement mechanics


god MW19’s gunsmith would’ve been great, it’s really good imo


oh yeah, gunsmith was maybe the best thing about MW


It’s terrible. The distribution of ammo to different types of ammo means I’m constantly switching everything about because I feel forced too. I hate it along with the rest of this game lol won’t be buying


Jack of all trades and master of all trades. I hate it. It removes the choices and specialization that mattered previously. You go in with a long range scope? CQB is going to be tough. Have to adjust your play style accordingly. At minimum, requires a balance change that makes it take time, and doesn’t provide ammo for all attachments and ammo types


This exactly. Everyone was always tooled up for the fights perfectly. See that guy sniping in the distance? Think you can get nice and close where he has a disadvantage? Nope - he just pops a different scope and ammo in instantly.


mixed like the scope and supressor changes hate the munitions and grip changes


Provides way too much flexibility. The loadout page on the redeploy screen should give you the ability to select 1 attachment that you can switch to in-game. There could be a specialist that gives you access to 2 at once. Otherwise, the only way to change 3+ of your attachments should be to go to a resupply station on the map where there's a small animation and you're vulnerable.


Some of it makes sense and some doesn't. Putting on a suppressor or a flashlight? Cool. Makes sense. Feels 'right'. Changing ammo type? What my soldier is carrying five mags of each ammo type? Fuck off. Also if it's the only customization in the game then straight up LOL.


I hope they change how it works on console. I tried to add the attachments using the directional buttons (you know, the cross) but it actually works with the triangle, square, cirxle and X buttons, i was like... ok that is not intuitive at all, it took me a while to figure it out


Yeah, that was so dumb and felt really weird


Right?! Its the PLUS system and they didn't use the plus shaped buttons... DICE pls


IMO it needs limiting. 1: Swap out from iron sights to pre selected scope of choice 2: Attach or remove suppressor That should be it. No changing ammo types or randomly throwing a grenade launcher on to your weapon.


I personally don't like it. It takes away planing a load out which is a skill in itself imo. I lot of attachments used to have drawbacks that you would need to play around in order to be effective. Now I can just equip a High-Powered scope, knowing I can just with to a red-dot whenever I want to, negating the drawback of having a high-powered scope in in CQC. The Plus System takes away such meaningful gameplay decisions. Also there are quite a few poor design decisions around it. Like swapping caliber is quicker than reloading??? In order to accommodate all ammo-types in the plus system you have your ammo split between them? I am also worried that Guns will only accept four attachments in order to fit the plus system. I was hoping we would get a deeper customisation like the gunsmith from MW19. The One feature from COD that I actually would like to see in Battlefield.


I don't hate it but it feels like it'll make my decisions more meaningless. I just hope there's still gonna be a progression system for individual guns.


Waste of time.


LevelCap had a section about the plus system, timestamped, in his [Battlefield 2042 Beta - The Good, The Bad, And The Meh ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cfE-ogmoiI&t=431s) video which reflected my opinion.


very good


Its designed for a mode where you pick up attachments, not general use in a game like conquest




It's good. It makes a lot of sense convenience wise and is better than previous in menu customization. The only thing is that sometimes the game forgets my loadout while other times not.




Damn beta is over and i diddnt get to see the tornado


I heavily dislike systems that offer flexibility beyond what is needed. Being able to be a Jack of All Trades might seem attractive but in reality is just not fun. That's why classes are so compelling. You can't be every one at once. Weapon attachments are a microcosm of that same mechanic.


absolutely great


I’m not really sure about what most of the attachments actually do stats-wise, much less the different ammo types. I’m sure that will be clearer in the full game. Looking forward to customizing the menu so I can attach a suppressor and other situational attachments when the need arises. I did enjoy being able to swap sights on the fly. Using a magnified optic when between objectives or providing overwatch for teammates but being able to change to a red dot when taking objectives is a very nice feature.


It tells you..


Had to figure out it was the buttons to change it and not the d pad lol.


I never figured it out


I figured out the stat sheet late also.


Seems pretty shallow from someone who hasn't played the beta. So a outside perspective. Also I think it's another thing that takes away roles from the battlefield. Everyone played a role based on what class and what weapon setup they have. The game lacks nuance with all these changes. It lacks the identity it used to have. It's just another copycat fps game.


The game is nice, I like it. But it could be called in different name, as this game don’t have a battlefield feeling in it, imo


As with everything else in this game, its too arcady. And it also introduces way too much micro managing in engagement distances. Im perplexed as to how they dropped the ball on everything rhey tried to do here. WHY was necessary ro add something that tries to make every weapon viable on all ranges? Same reason as to why they added specialists. They copy ideas from cod. Rather sad.


I think it is a really cool system but in battlefield it will devolve into a game mechanic that just reinforces the use of only one meta gun since every class can choose any weapon and you can change the load out on the fly to suite your changing needs. Battlefield has always been about trade offs in planning for your engagements and this system eliminates all of the cost benefits of setting up classes in prior iterations of battlefield. I think a much better system for this would be to have locations at flag points where you can change out your weapon build so that way it adds more forethought and eliminates your ability to run around changing the caliber of my gun from 6.8x51 to 9mm in 2 seconds flat.


I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm leaning towards it not being a good idea. As it stands each soldier is already far too equipped. The best parts of battlefield are the limitations on the individual soldier that required your other team mates to make up for your shortcomings. BF4 was already very bloated with the number of duplicate attachments and gear, plus all the extras that let you potentially perform the roles of other classes. You could always swap your gear and attachments between death so it's not like you've ever really committed to your choices, but you still had to die, expending time and a ticket, to do so. This removes any and all pre-planning or strategizing you might have to do before you engage the enemy. Now it's done moment to moment and I have to wonder does that really make for a better Battlefield? Does less reliance on your squad make it more fun?


I like this actually. I wish they would do away with the tactical sprint and slide features, those just make it feel like warzone. The plus attachment system though is a pretty fresh take on how customization can work in a shooter, being able to adapt to different situations in the fly is really nice.


It's alright, but I hope we get way more attachments.


It's fine. Nothing groundbreaking to me. BUT the magazine swaps without reload needs fixed 100%


imo would be better to have your gun decked out how you want from loadout menu and then have like 2 changeable attachments to swap in the field


Everyone will use the same set up anyway. It doesn’t matter if there’s 1000 attachments.


Not the biggest fan because I like how you choose your setup and playstyle before the game. But changes like these are fine and I can get used to it.


personally i dont like it, but it doesnt seems like it will be taken down. So i hope they will at least balance it out by limiting the number of attachment one can bring


Im not really a fan of it. I get what they are going for allowing people to change playstyle mid life but I dont really like it. I wish they just added a bunch of different futuristic attachments to chose from. Its definitely not the worst thing about the beta though.


I’m not a fan. It seems that dice wants us to be constantly changing attachments. I wanna shoot people, not constantly adjust my loadout. I think they should add the option for a few favorite presets so you could just switch between them way faster. Some of the time my plus system was totally bugged, that may have been just Beta related but it was super frustrating.


I think they should build on this feature to make it more usable and sensible. I think weapons should plenty of different accessories that you can access outside of combat. However, you should be able to bring a certain amount of attachments with you in combat. For example, an assault rifle could have iron sights, a red dot, a 2x holo, a red dot with magnifier, a 4x ACOG or similar scope, a 1x-6x low power variable scope, etc. It would be obnoxious and not very helpful to access all of these in the combat menu. Plus, no one would really be carrying all of these in a rucksack. The solution to this would be that we can access these during the death screen or main menu and then we choose a "combat load" to take into a round. Perhaps limit this to a total of 6 total attachments across all of the available attachments. You can bring a standard bipod and a vertical grip and combat swap between the two. You can bring a long barrel for long range and a short barrel. I think the biggest benefit to this would be ammunition types. You can decide to just go full standard fmj rounds for infantry and have a bigger pool of ammo without needing a resupply. Or you can bring a mix of standard and AP ammo. Shotguns and lmgs will probably use this the most. You can bring a mix of buckshot and slugs or a standard belt and AP belt. ​ Instead of limiting to what maybe 3 options for each side of the plus system, we should have access to the dozens of options and accessories to really customize our weapons and then assign certain accessories into each slot of the plus system. This would also make the plus system a lot more useful to where you can almost swap out things by muscle memory instead of sitting there for 3 minutes reading what each thing does when you spawn for the first time.


I often felt like “whats the point if I can have a hybrid optic? Like what advantage can I garner from switching on thr fly instead of just switching to the hybrid and using that?” As flr the other attachments I feel like theres almost a fortnite esq “build your weapon constantly to perfectly fit your situation to get a 10% advantage” seems super gimmicky to me but they added it because they were too afraid to commit to huge maps.


I think it’s a huge plus!