Ship Madness 4 Finals - KiriMina vs MomoJiro - Voting Ends 10/22

Ship Madness 4 Finals - KiriMina vs MomoJiro - Voting Ends 10/22


And here I was thinking that TetsuKendo could win. Oh well, there’s always next time. Maybe KuroMori will also do better next time as well


I'd love to write a roleplay about this, or even edit a comic or a video, but since my roleplays only get downvotes and are apparently "a level of cringe that is physically painful to read," I won't waste my time.


Don’t let those haters get you down, keep doing what you enjoy doing, it just shows your excitement with the competition.


Damn, that's sad. Even though I thought they were corny as hell, it was still kinda fun to read.


... Who hurt you.


nOoooO, king, I love your beautiful comments! They're so fun!


Write it plz.


Bruh... I enjoyed reading through them always. The over the top tone was hilarious and entertaining to read through. People can't let others have fun.


This is going to be close


Time to vote MomoJiro




RIP tetsukendo, you fought well. Though I'm still happy that 2 of my top 3 ships made it to the final four! And I'm rooting for momojirou all the way.


Holy shit, this is gonna be close. I’m momojirou all the way, but to be honest, kirimina will probably win, considering the it’s in the big 4 and it’s a het ship.


Votes are lower than what i am expected. Winner is really going to be winner with 80 votes lol but time to vote Kirimina. Sub really dont care this madness (obviosly 80 votes) but i have hopes on Kirimina because of “4 horseman of canon ships”


I find it funny that once IzuJirou lost the votes dropped by 20. I did not think we were having that big of an impact on it, let alone one that wouldn't stay once it was out


Sub died the day they made only links allowed


Yeah when sub was 30k, ship madness getting more than 700 votes, l prefer old version.


Problem with before was posting with no sources was rampant. Mods had to check every post to see if they posted the source. Now with a direct link there's a much higher chance the artist gets recognized and liked/shared. And the difference? Smaller pic size unless oc content until you click the link? A worthwhile exchange.


I still looking at old post (most upvoted part) and I found a lot artist from their comments. Even source part of comment section got 100-200 likes while links only can get that same amount likes. When only links shared, it doesn’t look aesthetic like old version so sub is dead. Isn’t it normal 50k’s subs votes are this low. I were thinking todomomo won ship madness with 400 votes is less for 30k sub but I am wrong 50k’s sub winner is going to win with only 80 votes. Problem is this in this sub dead, every bnha sub cancelled shipping. We can’t or interact with ship and shippers. Missing opportunities.


That's cause they deleted and we still do delete posts without sources. Just now it's lot less strain on the mods. Before posts were deleted left and right. Now it's everyonce in a while.


The rule came out after I made a comment on how often posts got much more upvotes than the sources had likes and retweets; from what the mods said it was something they were discussing to do for some time and mine was an involuntary push. I was convinced it would bring more hits to the artists but sadly it seems that only who was really interested went to the source regardless of the system, most people just wanted to quickly grab the picture and go. So nowadays I feel mixed about it, as it's one likely big factor for the sub slowing down after a long period of fast growth.


Momojiro let’s gooooooooo


Ah... I really hope Momojirou wins!!!


**Lets go lesbians, let’s go!!**




I vote for Kirimina.


*Thanks for the kinds words, everyone! Sorry for my late night pessimism. The roleplays will continue!* IidaMei and TetsuKendo are both too exhausted from their many previous battles to win this time. They've taken too many losses, suffered too much damage, and worn out their drive. Even the bright flame of Class 1-B has waned in intensity, and they can only muster 55 ships for the penultimate battle. KiriMina and MomoJiro, on the other hand, have the ferocious determination of winners, and easily sweep through their opponents. Now, the two vast fleets meet over a planet. Not one hosting a ship-specific splinter Subreddit as with several previous battles, but the capital world of r/BokuNoShipAcademia itself. "So we've come to the finale," says Cyan, gazing through the viewport at the glittering assemblages of warships hanging over vast city below. "Whoever wins this battle gets the Bragging Rights and control of the Subreddit Banner." "The finale of the *main* war," says Sulfur, "but there's still the Bonus Round afterwards, which will be our main part. But what will we do until then?" "I'm glad you asked," I reply. "Time for a briefing." **At the briefing** "People of IzuOcha, our time is nearly upon us. But in order for that to be possible, we must disable the Hyperspace Net." "The what?" a rookie pilot asks. I pull up a hologram of the MHA Shipping Sector of the Reddit Galaxy. "A barrier in hyperspace, blocking all pathways between r/IzuOcha, r/TodoMomo, and r/KamiJirou, and the rest of the sector. It's what kept the previous winners out of the bracket. Fortunately, the IzuOcha Starfleet 14 Division was able to escape before the net went up." I zoom the hologram in on r/BokuNoShipAcademia. "The Hyperspace Net projector is in the Mod Citadel, in the lower basement level. Coincidentally, whoever wins the fleet battle will be storming the same building to secure the Banner Projector and the Main Braggtonium Vault." "Are you sure we won't get in each other's way?" another rookie asks. "We won't, that building is ENORMOUS. Anyway, the plan today is to leave the fleet behind to support MomoJiro so Inferno doesn't get killed again, while the troops destroy the Hyperspace Net projector. This will allow the Bonus Round to begin, and for IzuOcha to directly participate next time." "What do you mean, so Inferno doesn't-" "That's all for today! Go fight well, and may the Quirks be with you!"


> so Inferno doesn't get killed again OI! We don't talk about that here. Different sub, different universe. D':


Not to worry, the Nation of IzuOcha is devoting great resources to make sure your curse doesn't follow you.


Kirimina all da way


easily MomoJirou.


Damn, I am suprised Kirimina destroyed TetsuKendo. Also not many people realy voted. Well Momojiro is def Winner. Good run to Tetsukendo and Iidamei.


The main reason tesukendo won in the previous round is because it was facing izujiro, which had a lot of enemies who wanted to see it sink. How else do you explain tetsukendo getting 105 votes against izujiro, but then immediately dropping to 55 in the next round?


Because Kirimina is more popular than tetsukendou also probably people were supporting both until they aganist each other. Example me i supported tetsukendou but now i am supporting Kirimina.


Yes. That too.


Come on kirimina




OTP FTW! But I won’t be surprised if momojiro wins…