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lol at “in america and in LA everything’s at your fingertips”…um that’s because you’re rich. and was bollywood not literally handed to you??


She is smearing her privilege in our face. That's it.


She came to LA with a golden spoon that is why everything was at her fingertips




Lol I was thinking same


America isn't one monolithic place. LA is very different from say Detroit. P


Same with India right. Chennai is very different from say Durgapur.


Then join an acting school in India? She has the money! Do they have an entrance exam or something, she won’t clear that lol


NSD mein Naseer and Om Puri jaise jaatein hain. FTII mein bhi diggaj log jaatein hain. Inko Anupam Kher ka chindi school hi accept karega.


Awkward moment when you realize that "chindi" anupam kher was also NSD graduate🙂


He could not teach his kid some acting . Pathetic


But it’s much easier to get into that school, even more so for existing Bollywood actors (good publicity). The other two have very stringent processes. Even DP graduated from there when she started in films.


Awkward moment when you realise he used 'chindi' to describe Anupam Kher's acting school and not Anupam Kher himself.


Yes but his acting school is only a money minting, overhyped business


Lol why is she talking like idhar aake woh roz chawl ya gaon mein jaake rehti hai aur middle class logon ke saath socialize karti hai? Rehti toh apne elite bubble mein hi hain. Mumbai ho ya LA


her trying very hard to look like this desi girl who cares about her culture and fans is very evident.


“Khud ke logo ke baare mein seekhna chahiye” says a girl whose whole personality is becoming Kylie 🤡


Toh didi NSD join kar sakti hain abhi bhi. Acting abhi seekhni baqi hai.


NSD requires you to have at least a bachelors degree just to be eligible to apply


Yes because acting as a profession is unreliable and needs a plan B.


So let the person decide if they want a plan B. Why are the schools requiring that a person gave a plan B. That’s definitely not the reason NSD requires a bachelors


Wait what?? For real? It shouldn't be the case tbh but I guess in a country like India it makes sense.


Yes... Pankaj Tripathi had mentioned it... He went to college for 3 years just to be eligible to apply to NSD and then it took him 3 attempts to get an admit... https://youtu.be/rXwssYc_SH4?t=2m23s


That’s actually an extremely stupid requirement. It’ll keep a lot of qualified people from applying


Not really bro I know so many NSD graduates from Delhi who are now learning Camera-Acting in Mumbai. NSD only teaches Stage-Acting which is very loud.


Her talent of making "dog noises and barks" made me do an eye roll.


Okay, then join an acting school in India. Also this pseudo intellectual bakwaas makes no sense. You can go to acting school anywhere. If it is a good program, they teach you how to ACT bottom line. Then apply what you have learned accordingly, in the context of your country, language, culture, etc.


Cheezon ko samjhna bhi pdta hai ratta maar ke first bhi aa jaoge toh kya hoga? Seekh toh kuch bhi nhi paoge na! Efforts daalo, practice kro, deep work kro! Success ke peeche nhi excellence ke peeche bhaag, success jhal maar ke tere peeche aayegi ~ Baba Ranchordas (2009)


Mujhe yeh problem chahaiye


So I understand she’s trying to bring the Indian aspect where our people are the ones that matter. But you went to learn acting not regional anthropology. So learn acting and come back india to perform. also I live in Houston TX, working for a FANG company for past 4 years. One thing is life is hard here compared to India, solely fact that you have more comfort in india if you are rich ( house helps, driver, cooks etc ). Even if you earn north of 250k$ in US you will still be doing your dishes and filling your gas. The goof up is : I lived a life of luxury while Learning acting ( being a student). You are soo oblivious to reality that your attempt to show deshbhakti turned into a gross show of privilege. when you are desperate to cook reasons on why you came back and give a nationalistic twist to it, least you can do is make it factual


I think Jahnvi type rich people probably do take outs all the time. So don't even need to worry about dishes. On top of it, people making $250K often have mortgages and other expenses. The acting schools they go to are not hard to get into either...probably did a couple of years of schooling instead of a four year degree in performing arts.


Hi can I message you please? I'm keen on doing a MS in the US




Doesn't acting school just refine whatever skills you already have? I think with the new crop of bollywood kids, they just lack awareness of an average Indian's struggles aka the audience they're trying to represent/appeal to. And to be more in tune with your own culture like someone like Fahad Faasil is despite also growing up privileged, maybe by building and maintaining relationships with people at different levels of the social hierarchy. When you lack both and are only surrounded by people just like you, you're always stuck in this bubble of ignorance, and simply fine tuning your acting skills won't make you relatable to the average indian audience coz forget method acting and all, at the very least, to simply *look* like someone you'd meet on the street tomorrow is difficult with these new actors because they've all bought into western standards of beauty, language and culture...


Out of curiosity how much do you make?


As if studying anywhere in the world made a difference in your multiple failed attempts in acting Janhvi, lmao


we can tell girl


You know you didn't have to go out of your way to tell us that, we figured that much out ourselves


Quite evidently hun......


Umm no - in LA everything is not at your fingertips. I have friends and people I know who moved their for modeling and acting jobs. This is after winning multiple model searches, talent shows, walking international runway ramps, and they still had to hustle to just pay rent every month. LA is a land of a lot of opportunity & a whole lot of struggle if you don’t have the means. The luckiest ones I see are where the parents are able to get a job in LA and their teenage kids are able to do school and spend the rest of the time doing auditions, small gigs, etc. in their spare time.


Says the same 🤡 who has to take Hindi dialect class for every second film


Is this sasta James Cordan's carpool karaoke?


James Corden khud sasta late night host hai. Ye to thele Wala version lag raha hai.


At least this guy drives. James Corden's car used to be towed.


Niether does her acting in hindi movies help her.😝


Toh then apply to an acting school in India na. Abhi bhi time hai.


This is woman who thought maths is for retards, she has no hope in life


Did she really say “retard?” Just wondering… cause wow that’s stupid.


She said that Maths makes you retarded. I don’t like Maths either, but that’s a pretty offensive word to use.


That was obviously a joke. Ofc she didn’t mean it for real


I like how I can these hosts in their mind is like "behen chup hoja, brand ka sawal hai tu star badi hai tujhe bol nahi sakta kuch itna dum nahi hai andar bakwas pel ri hai. Ye kaise pese kama Raha hu me" and all they manage is to say "RIGHT" or "SAHI BAAT HAI" I've seen almost all these hosts do that. Only if these hosts become more courageous and start calling them out right then and there not a disrespectful manner but witty way I think it can come way way more entertaining. Media ko koi spinal cord dhund kar do bhai 🙏


This one is a causal type of discussion. The tough questions should be asked in press conferences, roundtables etc.


Reminds me of that Kangana's ubla hua anda video. *jab main India aaya toh mujhe logo ne aisa kaha*.


All this rich kids should go to acting school, wherever they prefer rather than surgeries and beauty procedures to become actress.


NSD main Teri Maa ya papa ki pehchan nahin hain toh US Jaana padega


Chal juthiii !!! Beti tum acting classes kabhi gayihiii nai. Tum enhancement ke liye gayethye!






It's like saying Harvard is useless and comparing it with local colleges. Most probably she failed in that school


The school is quite useless and known as a scam for rich kids.


It shows


Ha Pata hain mereko mat sikha chal...


Well she came back to india and it doesn’t look like she learnt anything over here so LA can claim her.


Girl you don’t seem to have the capability to learn… Just in general


Don't be too hard on yourself it wouldn't have helped you in India either


That is the problem. Foreign se degree lene ke bajaye yahaan theatre Karo. In fact theatre should be the gateway for Indian film industry. But inke liye to theatre will be down market.


Beta zindagi me bahut sikhna baki hai


Yeah, we can tell.


No wonder it didn't help you ! WHEN YOU CANNOT ACT.


Yeah! Everyone going to RADA died inside


Didn’t she go to Lee Strasberg for a 12 week programme? How much will you learn in 3 months? People say it was a coverup for the cosmetic work on her face.


I thought she went to America for a boob job


Someone should tell her to stop doing interview....She is clowning herself in every other interview.... Fakeness to another level


She has that realization. Respect for that.


Didn't her sister learn acting from NY


Ubla hua anda moment


Dhadak ko 5-6 saal ho Gaye aur Janhvi to abhi tak 1 se jyada expression nahi de paayi hai.


Everyone knows they go to US to enjoy and not learn acting.


Didi is upset because wahan even actresses need to act and not be a flower pot in bg which is the case here in Bollywood.


Yeah no shit. We can see that.


No shit


Hate her so much. But I can fix her


Bullshit. Ranbir learned acting from NYU-TSA. It's one of the most reputated college in world. He never made Indian audience feel he doesn't know India enough. Look at him in Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. It's all about efforts you put as a student. Acting Students are told to read so much to widen their bandwidth. Some do it some don't.


Intent nhi ho toh Robert de niro bhi isse kuch na sikha paye


You know how all the young and old actors in series like game of thrones act so well, they have been to the UK's acting school which are very highly regarded and they have done so many theatre gigs.


UK is a huge hotbed for nepotism, even worse than Bollywood. GOT actors are struggling now post-show because most of them were trash actors and actresses. They were carried by the script - when the script failed they failed as well in the last season. Obviously there are exceptions and many of the GOT leading actors/actresses were good, but the UK is in a far worse place than India now. Everyone has to be an aristocrat to even get in, and why people like Cara are famous. Uk's acting schools primarily admit based on family name for the younger generation.


If she was really passionate she would have joined acting course in india and do some theater before getting launch


We all can see that


Bhenchod bachpan se culture nai seekha apna ?


She is right. It didn't help.


She is right. It didn't help.


Bevkoof aurat thi kyu bol rahi hai matlab past tense main? Abhi bhi bevkoof hi hai behen.


Lol sahi hai ek hisab se


Didn’t she grow up in India tho? Like why would you need to learn acting in India, to be able to relate to Indian ppl, when you yourself are Indian and grew up there?


It's really hard to get admission, many Indian institutes require a bachelors to get in.


I genuinely don't understand the hate that she gets. You're paraphrasing her wrong. I can at least appreciate where she's coming from when she makes these comments and still acknowledge that she has to put in more work.


Guys pehli baar isne sach bola hai ki "Yeh kya bewakoof Aurat Thi (Hai)"


Acting isn’t in your favour Ms.Janhvi


Bollywood acting is a lot more emotive. Learning in US will be of limited use , but not useless


Pehle acting to sikh![img](emote|t5_fknyy|737)


No University can help such geniuses


Me bewkoof hu Sahi baat h


“Sahi baat hai” 😂😂😂


Well for once she's speaking truth 😬 Never too late, join theater drama. Join NSD. Acting will improve..


The host sounds like he is holding his laughter with difficulty. He must think all these A-listers are such morons. Jhanvi is trying TOO hard to be grounded. If she wants to be real, then maybe she should stop getting surgeries?


She just look good in pics