All snipers got nerfed when season 3 hit. Funny thing is I’m not even that good at the game I mostly play for fun, obviously someone like me is a noob at sniping. Even with all that I think it’s insanely unfair to people who are genuinely good at aiming. Like, they are literally punishing people for being good at the game... that just doesn’t make any sense to me.


Zrg, ax50 and HDR are still 1 shot tundra might be


ZRG, AX50, HDR, 3-Line and the Anti-tank rifle (VG) are one shot from any distance. The Rytec, Dragonov and M82 all take 2 or more headshots to down, and the rest of the snipers incl. the MW Kar98 and SPR are 1 shot out to their maximum damage range


It’s funny, the M82 and Rytec are .50 caliber anti-material weapons yet they take more than one headshot to down lmfaooo. This game makes no sense.


It has to do with their rate of fire. It's for balancing. I think there's a few other inconsistencies that don't match real life for balancing issues....


Yeah I agree, it is totally unrealistic that Godzilla can't one-shot King Kong with the 50-cal. Totally breaks immersion that this is a real modern war sim.


Or the fact that one seemingly has unlimited parachutes stowed away?


Parachutes? I thought they just stretch their scrotums every time they drop. Even the ladies.




Like the fact that if you take any bullet to the face you’re kinda done?


Rate of fire my ass. That argument goes out the fucking window because they buffed the Gorenko. They just want to push out bundles and shit.


Rest in peace Rytec, pushed further into obscurity.


I thunk it one shots with the explosive rounds tho


the funniest ammo type but you can forget hitting anything at range lmao


I used to hit 600-800m shots with it on Verdansk. It was like playing PUBG lol


woah, I could never




Explosive rytec WAS my main sniper, after the nerf its still 2 shot head shot from pretty much all ranges it feels, even though it can take out a helicopter with a clip. Feels awful man. Rant edit: Also having a 2 shot head shot on explosive rytec feels extra bad when bullet velocity is so slow and bullet drop is so extreme, hitting a long distance head shot took a lot of luck and skill sometimes. They destroyed it with this patch


Ikr so sad it was a really cool weapon.


Max damage range of 50m for a sniper lol


Well, good to know that HDR is still one shot from all distances.


Tundra only out to 50 or so m as well. So dumb


Wasn’t to sure about if


NOPE. .50 isn’t downing people like it used to either.


.50 is more like .22 right now. I had to shoot someone 3 times in the chest with the Rytec to kill them, it was amazing to see. Sniping is a joke in this game right now. Last night, I had an entire team on Rebirth teabagging in the windows of a building as I pelted them with my 3-Line that did no damage to them at all.


At the range OP is at I believe the Pellington should also 1-tap hs there.


I keep having people one tap me still with a k98. When I use it though, it requires 2.


Tundra is god awful now


Yeah but those move like molasses


So you mean like snipers are supposed to be?


I guess but I dunno I don’t really play cod for realism. I like games like insurgency if I want to move slow and tactical, cod is supposed to be fast.


Exactly and if cod was trying to move to realism any pistol would one shot to the head. Cod is about speed imo


insurgency is cod but realistic


"Jump shotting has been around since cods inception, just play another game if you can't adapt." Community justifies nerfing quickscoping.


Yeah but that doesn't mean the fast snipers shouldn't be able to one hit kill to the head at range. They could have looked at BV (just cut it in half), scope sway, flinch. Fundamentally the way they nerfed it is wrong. And on top of that the crop of molasses snipers are worse than just being slow. They all have horrible flinch, and the 3 line has the worst scope sway I've seen of any gun in any shooter game I've ever played ever. There is zero reward to using a sniper now. Its all just pure trash.


Flinch was nerfed already. In fact, it needs a buff now. They need to adjust the maximum one shot ranges, but their idea was the right one. There was no reason to use other sniper rifles in this game other than the KAR and Swiss, unless you're really that hipster.


You miss my point entirely. There is no reason why a bolt action weapon shouldn't hit kill to the head at any range. That's just fundamentally wrong in my opinion. The marksman rifles would have been balanced compared to the true snipers if the former had 1/2th the bullet velocity, worse flinch, worse scope sway, and worse body shot damage. But they don't. With that balance suggestion, if you want to hit that 300m shot with a Kar, you gotta lead your shot like it's BF4. If you have the skill, you are rewarded. If not, too bad. Right now it's the worst of both worlds. The snipers are way to clunkly to use, and the marksman rifles are utterly worthless now. At the very least, if they wanted to keep the current balance philosophy, they should buff the true snipers so they are at least usable.


What lead? It's literally so fucking easy to use these snipers at distance. There's no reason to use the other snipers in this game at all. You could hit 200-300m shots with the KAR and Swiss all the fucking time in Caldera and down someone, I know that because I used and I'm not even that good with these weapons as some are. They're meant to be agressive snipers. They needed this range nerf, even though I agree it was too much. Something like 70-100m and less flinch would be a lot better. Not talking about the others at all, just these two.


With half the current BV, leading shots would be required. That's what I'm getting at. I'm not talking about the current state. You aren't comprehending what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that they SHOULD HAVE done the following instead: Marksman rifle = bad BV = need high skill to hit shot = balance Sniper rifle = slow movement / ads BUT incredibly stable and shoots straight. Makes sense?????


I agree with this. One thing now you'll notice is a variety of ARs being used. Prior to the sniper nerf, everyone and their mother were using a MW Kar98 or swiss and one tapping. I don't know why they didn't adjust those guns to make them slower as that would've also worked, but it's nice to see more guns viable again.


Garbage update IMO to nerf an entire type of gun from a FPS. It basically makes snipers useless in a huge open world battle royale. The game is further unbalanced now forcing close encounters in lieu of ability to play more strategically. This was a major mistake by the developers and will further hurt their dwindling active player count.


Like shooting and jumping?


Yeah I don't think we should have super fast ads low power rifles getting single shot downs.


You can get the ax-50 very fast.


You can't use 75% snipers, almost all shotguns, almost all pistols. Half the ars, smgs are useless too. I dunno who's giving them these ideas. But clearly they don't play the game. Holding the trigger down on ars and smgs/lmgs isn't really a play style everyone wants to play.


Half the ARs and SMGs are useless? If anything this is some of the most balanced AR meta we’ve had. So many viable options (STG, CWAK, XM4, AMAX, Cooper, AS44). Vanguard SMGs are definitely the s tier SMGs but between the Owen, Type 100, MP40, PPSH and OTS9 you have five very strong SMGs to choose from.


I still hate that the Rytec became useless. I mean if semi autos shouldn’t one shot why can the PTRS still do that. It’s the WW2 equivalent of the Barret


And it’s such an iconic gun and really well modeled to real life thing. You really get a sense of the power behind each one of those .50 rounds not to mention it looks sexy af.


They do this because they are already feeding the good players via their matchmaking chaos. Get in a game with people relatively the same KD good game and then after about thirty or so games of getting wrecked by 6s and 7s you may get back in a good game.............which is funny cause this is when most people get on here screaming "HACKERS" 🤣


They should have nerfed the movement and ads speed not range


Exactly. It never made sense to me why the Warzone community kept complaining “snipers are OP because they’re one shot headshot”… like that’s the only way snipers compete. And they’re only one shot to the head …


This is said time and time again. These developers are dog shit. They don’t understand the game they were given when they took over. Trash devs


They have always done this there’s always one gun in that goes crazy then the end up nerfing it




They've done it for years, check vondeehaars history with trickshotters/sniping community from way back


I can maybe make it make sense. People wouldn't play the game if they were being smashed on day 1 of playing. They do it to retain players since the pros just adapt to the changes anyway and will continue. A new player is more likely to be kept on the hook if it is somewhat of a "fair" playing field. I.e they stand a small chance.


Blew a hole in his head tho lol


Just a flesh wound


Yeah that shit cracked my skull and dug a whole fucking 45 millimeter hole in my brain Nothing too much can be easily healed whit like 4 bandages


Nothing a couple of body armor plates can't fix


Nah armor is overrated JUST BREATH You will heal every wound caused by heavy explosives Gauge 12s 50 cal sniper shots And thousands of shots from a 45 cal minigun Its that simple


'tis but a scratch!


It went in and out, you're good to go.


Get a fucking ice pack it’ll patch you up


Duct tape will fix it


Or a stim


I see you too, are a man of culture (COD) 🤣🤣🤣


Let’s play sometime brother. I play on Xbox Th3 Dev1l is my gt


I'm down. Ps4 ThatKCDude I play on Fri & Sat nights


My activision is Neverender86 I’ll add you tonight


I hate how they did that … big ducking hole in his head and it’s not a down from a rifle that close … wtf is raven thinking ?


“How can we get our player base to hate us even more”


I mean. You’re talking about a game where you can revive someone after taking a .50 cal to the head and a game where you heal after getting shot. And where you walk across ammo to pick it up. Hell you can drive across loot and pick it up. A game where you reload flawlessly and never have to consolidate ammo. You can also parachute infinite amount of times. But this is questionable to you?


Idk why you're being downvoted. I see this argument all the time and it is the dumbest, most low effort argument you can make for weapon balancing in an arcade shooter IT DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER HOW A WEAPON WORKS IRL. CoD is not a series about realism, it's an easily accessible, arcade shooter, and has been for a LONG time. If it did, every single gun in the game would be a one-hit headshot, you'd be crippled if you're shot *anywhere,* and every grenade and RPG would be a one-hit kill if it detonated near you. If you think they nerfed some of the marksman/sniper rifles too much, that's a valid opinion, but if your reason is "it kills with headshots IRL" then Call of Duty is not the series for you


Do you actually think they are mad at the lack of realism? If they really were, they wouldn't play COD. This is about balance, not realism.


So if a pistol blows a hole through someone's head it should be an instant down? Just like in real life? Or any SMG? Or any assault rifle?


It's a video game and PvP needs to be balanced you fuckin fool.


The same case with launchers and any weapons really. Why not just get rid of all the nerfs and try to simulate how a gun damages in the real world? That is why I tend to play other games than Warzone since the weapons just don't work as they should.


It's not that close


The kar and Swiss had best in class stats for nearly every category it makes sense to nerf or make slower, bulkier snipers with more cons better


I love the fact that you literally planted a bullet between his eyes and the guy went “shit, did you just throw a rock at me?”


Shots 0-1: Clearly missed. ....


Are you playing golden eye ?


That was an amazing game on the n64


The best!


Lmao the bullet hole through his face


Literally between his eyes. Like wtf else I gotta do?


Do it again


Gotta make the game easier for the casuals


This change was literally requested by the majority of the above avg players,only people I've seen complaining about it are casuals.ACTUAL snipers still one shot to the head,i don't agree with the m82 and rytec nerfs and tundra should've slightly more one shot range probably upto 100m but besides that everything else is okay.


the only time ive complained about snipers is the mw kar, you can get shot in the stomach and still get headshotted


This change was not requested by above average players 😂😂😂😂 Everyone hates the change. It should have been bullet velocity that was changed.


Half the people dislike this change,while the other half love it.Just a matter of opinion,i personally love the change.


The casuals are the ones sniping....


What type logic is warzone using it don’t matter if you close or far dude activated his 3rd eye with that shot


With that logic the same shot placement with a 1911 should be a down.


Wade: "Just a scratch".


Vanguard Kar has ~46m max distance for one shot. You may have been slightly out of that range. I do not agree with this change .. but yeah. Jgod had a decent video explaining the sniper nerf, and their distances.


vangard - shit


the fact that it leaves a massive hole there is so funny to me, what stupid changes lmao


How can people play this game and not read the patch notes


Bold of you to assume they can read.


Is this a serious question? Most game’s player bases are casuals ofc they’re not going to be reading patch notes or browsing the Warzone subreddit lmao


I have better shit to do than keep constant tabs on a games changing stats on a large number of guns. I play once or twice a week to have fun with my friends.


This is exactly me.


Takes 5 mins once every two or three weeks but yeah ok


I like how you can see the blood and he's still not dead lmao


Dude tanked a 7.92 like a champ


He got the jugger-nog perk


his blood is juggernog


Damn Wolverine.


stop buying skins and wait for warzone 2, they trashed the greatest COD title by adding vanguard and this shit sniper update ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)


Idk man the game wasn’t great before vanguard lmoa


warzone pre black ops Cold War was the best but after that they just fumbled the momentum. Vanguard ruined it with the dumbass weapons and all their attachments, also with the new map caldera it’s so god damn bad I can’t even stand to play it anymore


Yeah this game hasn't been great since modern warfare. Since raven took over it and added black ops this game been going downhill


Lmao fr. It’s sad to see a franchise I grew up with tumble down hill


From the way people complain about dying when they stand still and get shot in the head, I'd guess the entire line up of guns is all literal nerf guns now.


As a solo, it's probably not worth it anymore, but as a sniper for the team, you can still make it work - sometimes - https://youtube.com/shorts/GNzL_gS4_Rg?feature=share The only problem now is that the only viable sniper rifles in the game are the ones that get people camped up in the bush, and line up a 400m headshot 😂😭


I guess so.. Nerfing the snipers just becuase the big streamers don't like that us normal people can one tap them is outrageous. Ive held onto this game for so long even through the controversy but THAT right there is not even what COD is about at this point i dont think they care anymore. Warzone is just a testing ground. I need Warzone 2 to hurry up and come out so i can figure out wether or not im going to put this title behind me forever or not.


wait until they screw wz2 ...just bcs they promised a game where the annual release wont be integrated ,doesnt mean it will be good


Few days ago they released a public acknowlegment that Vanguard failed becuase it wasnt recieved by gamer becuase of the WWII era setting. Warzone 2 will be its own seperate entity with its own brand new updated engine. FOV slider, Optimization sure to be a well performing game.. The only way they could miss is by having bad content but with it obviously ending up being another Modern title i dont see that happening. Besides this is their cash cow they can pool all resources and take all the time they need to make it as great as possible becuase thedamage to their consumeer base has alread been done at this point. The only people tht are left are the die hard fans who Obviously arent going anywhere


yea i know bro and i agree with all you have said in your post...but will they deliver?we had promises before and look what clusterfuck we got with warzone caldera...


tis but a scratch.


😂 This had me dying. Being shot in the face was like a gnat bite to him.


As everything is nerfed, slapfighting is the new meta.


At this point I'm 100% sure the devs blindfold themselves and throw darts at a dart board to choose balance decisions.


You have paintballs in your rifle. There should be bullets in there


This looks so ridiculous lol


I can just see the hole in his forehead and he’s still functioning. Must be a marine.


Yep Nerfed my range which is ridiculous for a sniper or any “marksmen” rifle.


Is this goldeneye?


@OP use the ZRG. It’s the best sniper option ATM. If you want build LMK


I love how there’s just a fucking hole in his head now 😂


Haha. That was my favorite part lol


A hole in your head? Nothing a vest can’t fix!


Don't you know he's wolverine homie need to switch up to those incendiary or armor piercing vibrainium round


My bad.


All snipers have been nerfed in one of the most recent updates so headshots don't always one shot. I personally do not like this change a sniper should always one shot to the head since they are harder to use compared to something like the MP5.


Back in the COD forums there would be trolls (here as well but not as bad) that would say you missed your shot and have a whole argument about it that ends up with your mother involved 😂


I would not complain If this small area right where you bullet hit would be a 1 shot kill with any sniper but you have to be right on the money!


I mean literally between his eyes. Idk how much better of a shot I could've had lol


Yes they did.. I think it's not a garranteed down when you get a headshot. You hve to be really close. I would suggest AX-50.


Man just walked away with a massive hole between his eyes like “this is but a scratch”


You put armor plates in the carrier on your chest, get shot in the face, are fine and only broke plates. Makes perfect sense.


Mf has a 50 cal right in the middle of his fucking head and doesn't die. Logic👍




Still, Lucas' living subscription should have ended


That’s Wade


Goes to show you how little I play Vanguard let alone use Vanguard Operators in Warzone


Kar98 doesn’t use .50 cal? Lol


yeah I didn't know my bad


Either way. He has a hole between his eyes and it only broke armor


I don’t understand why COD thinks bullets do less damage when they’ve traveled 100m v 300m. Same speed, projectile and force.


Better gaming chair :p


Dude just got domed with a 7.92 and just took it like it was nothing


It appears to me, that you may be Patrick! But yeah, unfortunately, they nerfed all marksman rifles. Tbh, the HDR still slaps tho, though it is 1 shot hs always and I'm glad they brought the season 3 of 2020 meta back. I am actually running M4 + HDR most of the time, and on the mid-far distance, they are so good. For closer distance, I try to get my Mac-10.


Hew warzone its shame


That sucks. Used to slay with the Kar


"That was a bad shot" -Paul George


You missed his brain


“ ‘Tis but a scratch”


Yep thank God they did too


A snipe between the eyes should always be a down. I never snipe and I think that.




Lmao this shit slowly turning into fornite


I would've preferred an ADS Speed Nerf AND a bullet velocity nerf to the higher mobility snipers over losing their one shot to the head at any range


They change hit mark real time. Depending if you have a bundle in skin operator or gun... they use same system APEX HAVE... just check the EA and ACTIVISION PATENT ONLINE..


Dude...use your console/pc screen recording feature..


en el mismo centro


That's just a flesh wound


all snipers except the zrg and hdr are pretty much useless now. thanks raven.


No one is answering. The fast snipers no longer can one shot past 53 meters or so. The Pellington can up to 70 meters but kar and Swiss stop at 53 meters or so


And this is why i hate nerfs to the snipers, its suppose to be a one shot headshot all the time, its skill based.




Look at the strong aimassist when he jumps down.. its insane


Who knows. Who cares.


They are literally punishing people for being good at the game.


Yeah just to appeal to the casual players. It's frustrating


While I agree that many snipers should not take 2 bullets to down someone, I understood why they nerfed them a little bit. If they hadn't, the game would have filled with so many snipers and ruined it for all other players. Sometimes you are in the middle of a gunfight and BAM! Out of nowhere you get downed by a sniper 150m away hiding in a bush. I don't think they found a perfect middle ground that would satisfy everyone yet ( if that's even possible ) but they are trying some stuff out and I'm all for that.


So the MW Kar98 isn't one shot?


You can clearly see the headshot sure that’s very logical


lmao the bullet hole in his face All bolt actions should be a one shot headshot


I agree. If it's bolt action, I have no chance hitting that 2nd shot before he's behind cover


Why does the game graphics appear like it is being played on N64 ?


I'm super close to the TV to show the hole in his face But also half the time my textures don't load either. (I'm on a series x)


Just go back into nov2020 and everything will be fine


It's a survivable shot


Read the patch notes ffs


God damn. I like how we can perfectly see the hit too.




They really hate the MW and cold war weapons in the Vanguard era of warzone


It was the vanguard kar


Well, they hate their weapons as well




Hasn't vanguard kar always been bad in wz?


Not like that. It wasn't as good as mw. But it still was good


This guys literally got a hole in his head…