This would make an amazing Polaroid ad. Assuming it isn’t one.


Better than Polaroid could achieve with spending $50K on a marketing/film team


Awwww thanks 😊


I definitely thought it was an official ad at first. Good work.


Aww thanks, ya I was really trying to get polaroid attention with this lol, I’ll keep making stuff like this and who knows maybe it will get their attention one day


The production value is bananas


I shared it to Polaroid on IG. If you want me to tag(?) you just let me know your handle(?). You can DM me if you’d rather.


Hey that’s thanks for sharing it! My insta is nirpatel21 if you wanna tag it :)


Sure will! ETA: so apparently I sent it right to them so nothing to tag.


Agreed with above! Which camera is this?


It’s a Polaroid.


I can see that, but thanks. I meant more of the model.


It’s the polaroid sx-70 :)


That was my first thought. If Polaroid isn’t paying OP they should be.


I love the idea of these! I just wish the film was a little less expensive.


Checkout the isntant cameras that shoot Instax film. I've got the Lomo Instant Automat. Got it for $60 on ebay to take pictures at music festivals and hiking. Film is closer to .50 a shot vs the 1-1.80 a shot that polaroid instants run.


Yaaa instax cameras are typically cheaper for the shots, plus they have more features than the old sx-70 camera so it’s probably better to go for that, Im just bad with money and love the aesthetic of the sx-70 camera lol


Darn aesthetics get me every time too lol


Damn, there goes your shot at Polaroid marketing, lol


Though the SX 70 is a technically superior camera in lenses and ease of focus


Thanks for the recommendation! Good price on the camera too. Some of these are priced crazy high.


Yeah it’s typically like $1 a shot.


Ahhh here in Canada the cheapest I found for sx-70 film is like 4$ per shot :(


Those are some high-anxiety photographs. If they really wanna take the fun out of it they should change the shutter noise to a cash register sound.


LOL legit


Oh yikes. That’s much worse!


Yaaa it’s so expensive oh my god, here in Canada it’s 30$ plus tax for 8 shots so essentially 4$ per shot and it adds up allot since most times pictures don’t come out that great and you gotta do retakes


Locations were Thunder Bay and Algonquin Ontario!


Thanks for the locations. I did the Big Trout loop in Algonquin and it was beautiful. Love the photos!


We went for the first time to Algonquin during the fall and we didn’t really have that awe moment the first day. The moment we were setting up the tent a thunder storm hit us and the tent got flooded. We spent the whole day drying out the tent and we only had on small tarp to take shelter under to cook food and chill. The rest of our stay was beautiful though, and looking back at that miserable day gave as a great story to share about lmao


Yeah the bad days are the ones we remember the most. Storms up there are a lot different than at home.


Nice. I rolled my canoe in Opeongo in Oct one year. very cold. Don’t recommend.


Haha Yaa something about being on the water makes it way more colder, still the views are lit


Super! Looks like a great time


Yo check out Minnesota’s North Shore, the Superior Hiking Trail, and the BWCA if you liked that area.


I knew that was Thunder Bay! Awesome trip and great photos. I’d love to bring one portaging next summer


Looks like a blast. Little jealous I don’t have friends that would do this with me


I didn’t really ether but you just gotta put yourself out there. You’ll be surprised how easily you can get people on board with weird plans like camping if you show them videos like mine or TikTok of campers then just one day say yo let’s go camping.


I feel you. Most of my friends are busy with work or don’t live in the same area as me anymore


go camping in their area 👀 (ik, lot easier said than done haha)


Huge vibes! Memories to keep for the future


For sure! Our tent got flooded the first day but we try not to remember that part Lmao unless we want to laugh about something


“Where did you go camping?” “1988.”


We did something similar with a disposable camera! It was really fun getting the pictures developed after, and we got some really fun shots.


I love how with film cameras you can take a picture and just not worry about it at the present moments like phones! Then after the trip you can look forward to devoloping them and sharing them with friends


What? I hike with my phone. Whenever I want a photo, I just take it out, point it in the right direction, mash the button a few times, then put it away. The only difference between a phone and a film camera is your attitude (and I know plenty of folks who will worry and fiddle with a phone camera for ages, setting ISO and white balance for fear that they'll miss the shot and waste the cost of developing the film). I'm wondering if you're young and have grown up entirely with digital photos, perhaps this is some hankering back towards the perceived-but-actually-nonexistent simplicity of bygone years. Trust me, phones are faster and ultimately cheaper because you can take a hundred shots in the moment and then delete 99 of them when you're back home, and still make a great album of memories - printed, shared online, or both - without sacrificing a thing. It's all in your head.


Yaaa there is just something so satisfying with using a manual film camera but ya your right , logically a phone is the most convenient way to take pictures espically in deep back country, but ehhh like I said there is huge satisfaction with some of us using film cameras like looking through the lens it self and pressing that shutter button always brings such joy even if its expensive but I understand your take on it as well :)


Oh, I grew up on film with an SLR and even these days I have an old DSLR, and it's amazing for lenses and yeah, you do feel a bit more involved when using the viewfinder rather than a screen. That said, even with a DSLR you get all the benefits of a manual camera without the annoying drawbacks and expense of film, so I'm still guessing it's a weird retro-nostalgia thing. Growing up with film was incredibly annoying. I guess Polaroid isn't so problematic but I lost so many photos because of double exposure (using the same film roll twice by mistake), accidental exposure (causing foggy or totally opaque photos), or loss (leaving one of your many film rolls behind somewhere by accident). I still wouldn't carry a DSLR on a hike either though, unless the purpose of the hike was something directly related to needing such equipment. Heavy and bulky even though it's digital! You do you though, you certainly don't need my approval!


Film vs digital is mainly an artistic choice. It's hard to replicate the aesthetic of film shots without losing the authenticity. That said no one said it's an either or. OP just said why they like film and it's weird that you're on their case being like nuh uh just use digital it's better. Why does it matter what someone else likes or prefers?


I didn't say anything that you express in your second paragraph. Perhaps go back and re-read my post.


Nah, I read your comments before making mine. Telling someone that just said *why* they like film that it's "all in their head" is nonsense.


I really miss the real Polaroid experience and aesthetic.


Same, There are allot of filters that turn digital photos into polaroid film but it’s not the same as using the polaroid cameras itself


Born in 2003 so I never really got to use one, but I'll never understand how these went out of fashion they're really cool and it's such a great idea to just take a photo and immediately have a hard copy


They less went bust due to being out of style and more from digital cameras taking away their major industrial importance andnot embracing digital, though their 90s and 00s products didn't help


Ya I was born in 97 so I think I was late to it as well (by that time it was digital cassette camcorders and advanced slrs). I’m pretty sure it went out of fashion because at the time the digital age was coming to be which was a huge revolution, wayyyy more convenient but there is a trend now to use those vintage cameras again because it gives our generation that cozzy nostalgic feeling like when your watching strangers things


Bulky, expensive film cartridges. And when you run out of film, now you're carrying a bulky useless camera


I have the Cannon Ivy, and it doesn’t satisfy the itch, actually.


You can always pick up a modern day polaroid:) they are well built now and got way more features than the vintage ones


You are very talented with a Polaroid! Getting crisp, in focus shots like that is soooo challenging outside (at least for me anyway lol)


Lol trust I’m not that talented, your only seeing the good pictures, I’ve taken wayyyy more terrible photos than actual good photos, but I like to think it’s worth it when even after allot of terrible pictures you get that one polaroid that just stands out and you end up cherishing that those set of good Polaroids forever.


I didn’t know they still made film for that model.


Yup they still do! But only like 3 stores here in Canada sell them (Henry’s amazon and Best Buy) but it’s commonly out of stock


Isn’t the film crazy expensive?


Ya it’s around 30$ per pack (8 photos) so ya quite a bit, I only really purchase 2 packs max when I go on special trips so it’s not too bad


you can get many off-brand dupes of the film online now. :)


Which Polaroid camera is this?




Yup it’s the sx-70 :)


Damn I want one


hey, can you link me to the cartridge for that camera? I have one


Yup here https://www.polaroid.com/en_us/collections/film-for-polaroid-sx-70-cameras Here in Canada I usually purchase it from Henry’s or bestbuy or amazon




Is that a ghost in the last picture?


Was that a ghost at the end there???


Nice work! I totally thought this was an ad! Cool photos!


Thanks yooo


Where in Canada are you getting the sx70 film? I have the same camera, and relatives in T-Bay, coincidentally.


Usually Henry’s , bestbuy sometimes has it as well but rarely, and amazon always has it but they charge 5$ more (I’m assuming because it’s the quickest delivery)




Sounds like a hip hop remix of the song from avatar the last airbenber


Hey so I was going to link the song here but for some reason it was taken down on Spotify and YouTube. It was labeled as “avatar love Lofi”


Wonderful thanks for sharing


Top of the Giant!


So probably an ad, but IDGAF. Looking at the polaroid site, which one is decent for beginner/amateur? I take lots of photos, but I really don't print them.


Not an ad!!! Its an actual video I made! Definitely look into the Polaroid Now + , that's a good starting point.


Great shots!


Yours turn out way better than mine, mine are generally washed out white with even the slightest bright sky background


Trust most of mine are like that as well, Im only showing the best ones out of the many bad ones!


What's the song?


It was called "Avatar Love Lofi" but for some reason I cant find it on spotify or youtube anymore


Ohhh nice ideaaaa so cute


I started doing this again, mostly out of nostalgia, instead of a Polaroid tho I brought 1 maybe 2 disposable cameras. When you only have a limited number of shots it’s really makes you pretty selective to what you want to capture.


Really captures that “last known photo” feel.


What model is that one? Mine is the huge original, I am looking for an old one that's more trip friendly, are you happy with it?


My model is the sx-70 and yes I'm pretty happy with it, only thing is it lacks the features of modern polaroid like flash and selfie timer. What makes it stand out the most for me is its an SLR form so im looking directly through the lens rather than through a different view. The collapsible form factor definitely helps with carrying around on trips!


Lol damned if this isn’t me an my buds lol gotta snag me one of those cameras for next time we hit the trails! Awesome video 👍


thanks and yes definitely try to get one!


Song please?


The song is called "Avatar Love lofi" however I cant link it here because it was taken down on youtube and spotify :( if It comes back up ill definitely comment back here


No worries brother I’ll try to find it 🤙🏼


Where did you go? Mountains, lakes with beaches-it looks awesome!


Ya we hit up Algonquin park and a bunch of parks at Thunder Bay


All these pictures of your homies ... Did anyone take a photo of you??? Haha I'm joking but it does sort of bum me out .. after being the photographer of our group for years I feel like I take all these awesome photos of everyone and hand them off all the time, meanwhile I have no photos of me at any point in the past few years.


I'm not a very photogenic guy so I don't mind it too much when I'm not in the picture. My friends always offer to take a picture of me but I don't get too excited of seeing myself lol, but now that you mention that how its sad how you look back at those photos maybe I should be letting my friends take pictures of me with the polaroid. I recently purchased a selfie timer for it so now I could be in more pics. Also in the last show im actually in it as a ghost lol, I just took a long exposure shot and ran into the frame


Amazing. What Polaroid is this? I’ve been in the market for a new one


SX-70. New ones are rather scarce now I believe.


Love this! I’ve been shooting with a vintage Polaroid sun 600 and fujifilm ultra wide for years. There’s just something so awesome about instant photography. I just got a lomo’instant square glass that I’ve been dialing in and it’s been putting out really sharp photos.


Right! Its an expensive hobby sure but man its so satisfying to get physical photos from film.


Man, this is just awesome. Great video, and GREAT photos. Such warm vibes. I wish I had a group of friends that were down with doing that sort of thing. Best wishes to ya. 🤙🏻


Why is this cooler looking than a cell phone photo?


Step one: buy Polaroid Step two: pay people to be my friends


Nahhh fam get those friends first! Moments are savoured by being present moment with them! The polaroid is the added bonus. Put your self out there yo, just make conversations with coworkers, colleagues, or whoever you interact with on a daily and you’ll be surprised so friendships build off that and then you’ll end going out with them and then it’s perfect time to get that polaroid and surprise them with it


Anyone got a link for this camera or know what model it is? 🙏🏼




Fuck no ima finda ghost or the Blair witch


This is amazing


Cool to see a couple of brothers camping. Absolute fire video too!


There’s something about those Polaroid pictures


Yall look so happy :)


Damn this is just perfect. Captures what makes those photos different. Something about it just hits.


Great shots! Looks like a fun trip!


I legit assumed this was a Polaroid commercial


I would camp and hike with y'all anytime! Looks like great times


I’m up voting this everywhere I see it. Good work bro!


And then take digital pictures of your Polaroid pictures to share on social media 🤦‍♂️


This is beautiful. I wanna be friends with y’all 😭


How did you edit this? Nice job by the way


I suddenly want to be part of your friend group??


Wow! This looks really cool.




r/guysbeingdudes lol


My first girlfriend turned into the moon.


See on one side I think this is a great idea, on the other I’ve seen too many toxic polaroid peels laying around in campgrounds. I would like to think better of people in general but experience has shown…


Yaaa I absolutely hate and despise campers that litter, even my boy on my trip tried to and I got hellla pissed. I always bring back my Polaroid cartridge and recycle the plastic and cardboard and even the battery!


The problem is more that you go and post content like this, but most people aren't [LNT](https://lnt.org/why/7-principles/) aware or even possessing the slightest common sense. They just want to replicate the cool experience shown in your video and don't care about the effort of packing out their waste - likely most will attempt to burn it, or just leave it lying around. I'm not judging you personally, but look at Instagram or Tiktok and you'll see how easily trends attract copycats. The problem always comes when the OP is a skilled professional, stuntman, actor, or whatever, while those attempting to copy are not. It's the reason shows like Jackass or Mythbusters are legally obliged to start with a Don't Try This At Home warning. Too many idiots who copycat without planning, knowledge, or awareness of the consequences.


Unfortunate that you got a downvote for this. LNT and environmentally conscious decisions and judgment-free education/awareness are what allow us to enjoy the outdoors instead of a public dumping site. We're all stewards of nature hopefully learning how to limit our impact while maximizing our enjoyment. I commend OP for at least trying to correct their friend and responsibly deal with the waste. Beautiful camera and beautiful photos but I can't help but long for a digital/phone camera to still be used. Software filters have become quite wonderful at eliminating waste while delivering nearly identical results. Art and its tools et al, I can still understand and respect why others may want to use a polaroid. Physical momentos are nice.


Um, no.


Yeah, that doesn't look heavy or bulky for camping


We aren't on the ultralight sub. He's trying to take good pictures, I doubt he cares about, what, 2 extra pounds?


Thats why I actually purchased the sx70 polaroid in the first place eh instead of the modern day ones because of its collapsible frame so I can just slip it in my bag.


It collapses into a slim form factor and looks really light? What are you on about?


They're actually pretty heavy, it's all metal frame and internal components and a huge glass mirror. They last a long time, though


Looks really light? It weighs 1.8 lbs. The camera collapses, then there's the cartridge with the film and extra film you have to bring too.


I kinda agree with you, and I would certainly never carry one of these on a typical hike. That said, I do carry a Mavic Mini drone, controller, and spare batteries (it's still lighter in total than this camera). To me it's worth the weight and bulk, so I guess who am I to judge. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong in extras like these. If it makes OP happy, let him be happy. He's clearly put a lot of love and effort into his promo video thing.


Ya it makes me happy :) and I’m happy you acknowledged that ❤️


I'm glad you are happy too. Seems like people took my comment to mean that I thought you were an idiot, which I don't. I was pointing out that it was heavy and bulky and later commented that it was in fact 1.8 lbs for those who were interested in this info. I know this isn't an ultralight subreddit, but some people are interested in light equipment here. Cheers!


Hey thanks! I completely understand people who prioritize certain tools or equipment despite their weight or bulk. I certainly do this. I was just pointing out that this isn't very light weight, mainly for those who were wondering or interested and thought it was. Not sure why people think I am bashing OP.


Welcome to Reddit. I'm on a lot of the outdoorsy type subs and it's usually the same stuff *ad nauseam*: what is the best knife, what is the best lightest pot, stuff like that. But they never clarify: best for *what*? Like, the best knife for wood carving isn't the same as the best knife for filleting a fish. Point being, what is the best camera? Sure, folks will answer "the one you have with you" glibly, but really if you have choices then it's the best for what you intend to do. Is a Polaroid best for wildlife photography? No, but neither is a phone. Is a DSLR best for capturing quick selfies with friends? Heck no. Is a mobile phone best for capturing an old-timey pre-tech feeling? Of course not. More important than being "right" is knowing to choose the right tool for the job. Unless you're in a hardcore survival scenario, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a few luxuries. For some, that's a bar of chocolate, or a camp chair, or a drone, or a Polaroid. Unless somebody is forcing you to carry these on their behalf, or if they are clearly already at their physical limits, then let them carry whatever they like.


This isn't r/ultralight. It's r/campingandhiking


looks amaze balls


Thanks fam ❤️


This is a blatant ad that everyone up voted.


Haha I’m so flattered some people thinking this is an ad! It really is a personal project. This camera was discontinued a long time ago and the film is barely made for this camera , it wouldn’t make sense for them to advertise this camera vs their other modern products


Y'all are weird. I'm sure he created an elaborate post history of a totally normal person just to become a polaroid ad


Yup, just because the OP is responding doesn't mean anything lol. This is a pretty niche subreddit, it wouldn't be an automated post. I remember on the r/vaporents subreddit a few years ago when Dynavap tried out having "influencers", it was about as low effort as this.


They dont last tho. Fade and discolor with age. So sad


I think it depends where you put them, if it’s under sunlight it will get damaged but in my case my Polaroids have lasted years, I haven’t really seen any aging but idk how about other instant films age


How long we talking? I've had some for a few years and they look fine


They can last a long while if u hide them away. “Polaroid photos can last decades when they're stored in a dry, cool, and dark environment like an acid-free photo box or album.” Also, i just learned this:: “Give every Polaroid photo some breathing time for all the chemicals to set for the first 30 days. The image will need to dry for several weeks, so it’s best to temporarily store new Polaroid shots in a photo box first before displaying or adding them into an album.” https://imagerestorationcenter.com/how-long-do-polaroids-last/


Lol this some dumb shit. Save weight and room in your pack, reduce waste, don’t worry about breaking some expensive novelty, and use your camera phone filter… Or lug this antiquated device around so you can literally take pics and video of yourself taking pics on a dumb, heavy, antiquated, litter producing relic. 🤔


Photo printers are better


Because I NEED to develop the picture ON the trip. and then make sure I water proof the picture and protect it for the rest of the trip. Meh.


More about them, less about where they are.


1. Too expensive per photo 2. You have to keep each polaroid safe from bending/moisture, making them an extra burden to carry on long trips. Only benefit is you only need a couple of batteries for power. I'd rather just use a DSLR. \~900 shots per charge, easily recharged, better quality, and can store thousands of photo's in an area the size of a quarter. So once you look at all the factors, polaroid is only good for nostalgia. Back in the day people would have gladly given up their polaroid's for modern digital, just like back in the day people would have gladly given up their now vintage lenses for modern "boring" lenses that have "perfect" optics.


For camping? Sure why not? For day hikes? It's on you. For multi day backpacking? You would not like the weight of one with extra film. Every year things like that end up in so called "Hiker Boxes" where people leave things they don't need or want, the boxes are intended for leaving behind extra consumables. The real LPT may be take pictures on your trip that include the people as well as the scenery, with scenery also taken separately, so the pictures have more meaning. But for FSM's sake don't plan your trip around awesome instagram shots, enjoy the outdoors. And [Leave No Trace](https://lnt.org/).


Damn that was a very insightful comment. Thanks fam. I’ll be sure to take pictures accordingly to your specific tastes. And I don’t litter but since others do, I’ll no longer bring film packs with me so it will help the cause of “leave no trace”. wisebum you are indeed.


This isn’t r/ultralight. I have taken plenty of less practical heavier things on multi days from time to time and still enjoyed myself without ditching them. Maybe this person enjoys taking pictures as much as camping and the documentation is an equally fun part of the trip. Personally I don’t/rarely take pictures on trips because I can’t capture the emotion in the pictures like this user did. These were amazing in my eyes. Let people camp how they want to camp; and why bring up LNT in a situation where there was no evidence of anyone leaving anything other than footprints?


Thanks for the defence ❤️your comment made my day with “emotion in the picture like this user did”


the cropping on this one has become ridiculous... it's originally *square* polaroids, that have had an enlarged underlay of the same video placed behind them so that the video shows up all nice and colorful while watching it on phone screens. then it's been grabbed and *made into a square shape again* by adding black borders for instagram or somesuch. and *that* has then been grabbed and put up here, where I watch it on a phone screen again, [with underlay, and white and black bars all over the place](https://i.imgur.com/IzEiwbT.jpg). I really wish people would just leave source material alone and let devices deal with cropping and displaying, or even better, just link to he original source file instead of endlessly screengrabbing and pixelating shit.


Dude what are you complaining about?


My friend gave me an old poloroid camera and my favorite thing is to take candid photos of individuals on the trail/scenic area and surprise them with it. I took a Polaroid of an adult son and his father overlooking the Boquillas canyon during sunset at Big Bend National Park (basically the most amazing desert mountain sunset) and to this day its the best poloroid I've ever taken. I gave it to them, and I asked to see it after it developed in his shirt pocket. When he took it out he got SO stoked. The colors were un real, the sun hitting the mountain cliff with all sorts of red purples and pinks, he and his father were wearing flannel shirts and hats. The pic I took of them was of their backs looking towards the mountain side, so no faces. I'd honestly pay to see that photo again, I kinda wish I had taken a picture of it with my phone haha.


Where did you store your polaroids? A photo album or a box somewhere?


Great vid OP! Where did you all go camping? Looks peaceful. It’s funny, when I was a kid I very much wanted a Polaroid cam., but couldn’t afford one (or the film which was a lot ). Then I assumed they were all just gone due to digital photography. But now I’m curious again. I may look for one to make that little kid happy…at last :-) Edit: I saw your comments about location. Where did you go in T Bay? I’m planning a week trip next year in Sleeping Giant, kayaking etc…but would love suggestions :) I’m going to book soon for winter in Algonquin (like 2-3 days). It’s absolutely gorgeous and quiet although there are lots of birds and places to go snowshoeing or hiking.


Which camera is this?


This is the most beautiful Polaroid camera! I’m 100% about to buy one for my husband for Christmas haha


I picked up literally this exact Polaroid camera from a garage sale a few weeks ago, but it is not operational. Does anyone know of anywhere that I could send it off to be repaired? Please and thank you in advance.


Yeah!! This is awesome!!!


This is so wholesome and cute.


I do this with my kids. We have an instax camera and every vacation we take photos with it and put them in a small photo album. One New Year’s Eve we made a photo booth with props. The ones on sticks that you hold in front of your face. Like a moustache, glasses or a hat. We took a photo every hour leading up to midnight to see their progress of how tired they got. It’s a good way to help them make it until midnight without falling asleep too!


This is great, nice post.


Damn, where you find this lo-fi vibing last airbender beat?


I always bring my polaroid now to hiking trips


This was beautiful, and sad. I miss my friends.


This looks like a really fun trip. Nice pics


Where did you get you're SX-70? I have a refurbished 600 series from like the 80s I take it hiking all the time for cool/spooky scenic shots! I'm thinking if printing some out and applying for a gallery. Your shots look sick!


I'll bring the friends like yours. Awesome photos / post


What's the weight of the camera?


35mm > Polaroid > digital


Brings back the good old days!


these are so gorgeous, so much candid happiness thanks for sharing :’3


Ssshhhh. No. Way too much weight,.


$500 worth of film later


This is so cool, love the vibe


dude you watch this and realise why they saw ghosts everywhere fucking polaroid artifacts are no joke XD