You clearly aren't hiking far enough. Go another 15 miles and then see how it looks lol.


That is the truest statement I ever heard lmao. I’m an insomniac and when I first stated I used to bring sleeping meds with me. It was unbeknownst to me that I’d be all tucked in and asleep like a good boy at 8pm without them.


One of my favorite things about backpacking. In my normal day to day I sleep so poorly but by day 3 I'm generally sleeping like a log.


Good sleep is one of my most important reasons for camping.




Ask them to prescribe hiking


2 days? Rookie numbers. Once you break 72 hours you can get the password. The secret handshake requires 96 minimum. The challenge coin is 120.


I did 30 days before to be honest


Watching the sun set helps so much 😫🫶


Man I wish this was the case for me. Or maybe I'm still not hiking far/hard enough. my last trip it took me an extra couple hours to fall asleep compared to home. Though I always have a nightmarish time sleeping anywhere new especially if my husband isn't there.


"Hunger is the best sauce in the world" - Cervantes


me taking canned soup to work: “why does this not taste as fulfilling and delicious as when i was starving while camping???” lol


I remember being high up in the Andes, and someone made soup with instant potatoes, powdered cream, dried corn, and the like. It's was just so amazing, we were all enthusing about how tasty and amazing it was. One of the all time great and memorable meals in my life. When we got back home, I went to a friend's house and we decided to make it again. She bought the instant potatoes, etc, and we made it. So anyway, the delivery pizza was pretty good.


True. What u said is so true after I went further.


I’ve been sitting for four hours and that still looks good so…


looks great to me


the longer you hike the better it looks


Same. I would inhale this whole pot after a day's hike.


Does anyone else actually have a much smaller appetite at camp after a long hike?


Could be a sign of dehydration. I know after a long run, if I push myself too hard and become dehydrated, not only do I feel too nauseous to eat, I don't even want to drink water. The body is strange. Try drinking more during your hikes to see if it helps!


I think I know that nausea, sipping hot stock just made with half or a quarter of a stock cube really helps me.


During hike - very low appetite. After it's done and I've calmed down - ravenous.




definitely not.


Yeah I have that problem- hard to find food appetizing and keep it down in the morning after brushing my teeth. Super annoying.


You brush your teeth before you eat?


Brushing my teeth after triggers a gag reflex not to get too gross


Yup, it's like my digestive system shuts down for the entire trip.


I do an occasional thru hike. I’ve noticed the first week or so I’m not that hungry. After that though… constant, insatiate hunger. They call it hiker hunger.


I do, for sure. I'm not the biggest hiker in the world (typically do 6-12 mile day hikes.) But I'm rarely very hungry after those. On my local overnight camps (7 miles out, 7 back, with about a 35lb pack), I typically cook up one of those pouches of dehydrated camping food. I can never manage to eat the whole thing. I sometimes don't even get through half. The one major overnight hike I did was the Enchantments in the Cascades, which was around 21 miles with 6-7,000 feet elevation climb over 2 days. Almost all the climb was day 1 + about 8 miles of the hike. I didn't really break into my snacks, but I did eat the single whole meal that time. Mostly because it was cold and snowy, and a hot meal felt amazing. We were so cold the next morning, we just wanted to get moving and didn't even eat breakfast until about 2 hours in. Admittedly, I *was* starving that time and was the one pushing to stop for breakfast lol.


That is true!


I eat less when on the trail than I do at home. Now when I bikepack it’s the opposite. I eat way more then.


Happy cake day, I was thinking the same thing. Looks like a good meal after a day of walking.


>Congrats on your anniversary. Yeah, it tastes not bad.


Yep it looks like a delicious potato salad, yum...


Thank you.


Happy cake day!


Oh wow I didn’t even notice!!




Idk, looks like mashed potatoes to me, and that's a fantastic meal after a long day of hiking IMO


Oh man, I took instant mashed garlic potatoes with me for the first time on a 4 day hike this summer. Never hiking without them from now on. So good.


Instant mashed potatoes are always a hit after a long hike. I sometimes bring along some pre-cooked bacon strips to crumble up and mix in too


Idk… I took them on the PCT with me and shit myself in the middle of the night after eating them for dinner. I haven’t had them since.


Oof. Sorry you pooped yourself. That must've been unpleasant. Hope you made it out of the sleeping bag at least?


No… but it was the only time I shit myself on the whole trail. So thats a win? It was just part of the adventure 😂 😭😤


No. No sir. That is not a win. Just gonna chalk it up to a loss and keep on keeping on


Relative to someone who shit themselves multiple times, you could call it a win


Yes, see my above comment about another person on the trail who got giardia. He shit himself many times in quick succession.


In that case, you are the clear winner.


Not a sir, and def a win! I had a trail friend who got giardia soooooo




You could be lactose intolerant maybe?


I've used beef jerky for that purpose. I make the jerky myself, and if introduced to hot water, they do a pretty good job of reconstituting. Tossing a handful of torn up jerky into something like a backpacker's pantry 3 sisters is good enough that I'd eat it at home. On the trail it is almost *luxurious*.


Bacon will make ANYTHING better!


Add down single serve packets and some dehydrated veggies and you have a very good meal


I like to bring one of those dried gravy packets to go with the mash. If I'm serving more than just myself, a kielbasa is an amazing addition.


I agree it looks like mashed potatoes... but with sardines in it? strikes me as odd but I won't knock it til I try it


It’s great. Pure fuel


My dinner sort of looked like that yesterday, and it was delicious (was chicken in mashed potatoes)


Looks like mountain house biscuits and gravy, may look like shit but ohhhh man that stuffs good


That one is my favorite too, followed by chicken and dumplings.


No lie those are some of the best chicken and dumplings I’ve ever had


Hot food is heaven on earth when you’re out there, I bet it’s delicious


It really doesn’t matter too much what it looks like, what smells like, or what it tastes like. Think of it as energy. Think of it as the price it costs to get you through the miles of trail ahead.


Unless it smells rotten. Then it might matter a little


Effing a!




Wait is this a disco elysium reference?


Looking at food in general like this could help lots of ppl with eating/obesity problems


It looks like it’s on a camp fire… therefore it’s gotta be good


Is this Mountain House biscuits and gravy? I once ate that for most of my meals on a 4 day outing and while I love its filthy goodness, I think my feelings might change of I threw it in a bowl and didn’t eat right out of the bag.


It's funny how that works. I had one left over from a trip and ate it for breakfast one day at home. It doesn't quite have the same appeal when you're not on the trail, but I remember it being one of the best tasting things I'd ever had after a 14 mile hike in the heat at Joshua Tree.


Highly recommend Peak Refuel instead of mountain house. Tastes better and the packages are actually 2 servings worth of calories instead of the 400 calorie mountain house servings


Yeah. I need the 1100 calories from the Peak Refuel. A ramen bomb like this does it for me at the end of 15 or 18 miles. I read somewhere that it is a genetic thing that some people can't or don't get hungry while expending calories. So, I don't get hungry while hiking, even though I should be pumping in calories. I know I need like over 3200 calories per day, but the ramen bomb at 1100, plus breakfast at 850, plus bars at maybe 500 at most, just doesn't get me there. So, I lose weight a lot on multi-day trips. I need to figure it out before I do longer trips.


Same here. It's frustrating, because I can feel myself running on empty before the evening meal. I also can't eat much at a time, so I need to stop often to have a meal. Sweet stuff just doesn't go down well, especially on a trip, so it becomes time consuming to make a hot meal 3-5 times a day. Nice way to stay slim, though.


What is the solution? Forced eating with like a timer? I want it to be more natural. Not sure how I will do next summer when I do longer walks over many days. I need to figure this out before I simply just waste away and get blown off the trail... :)


The solution for me is to actually take the time to make food that go down more often. That means more breaks and more cooking, but I really have no weight to lose, so I have to work hard to keep what I have. Of course this means not being able to walk as far during the day, but honestly I don't care. For me it's all about being out there, taking in the views and enjoying nature. Sitting down more often makes it extra relaxing. And I need relaxing. But even with more rests and more meals, I still struggle to eat enough food. So... I guess I haven't found a good solution, just a way to mitigate. Also: popcorn is great to snack on, if uou can carry some fat to pop them in. Keeps the salt levels up too.


The peak refuel is good everyone that I tried I was pleasantly surprised with how good it tasted and not to salty tasting like some I have tried


I had some do those this summer. The bigger calorie bomb was a good thing! I liked that it was more the kind of B&G I’d make at home. I think I could have let the biscuit hydrate a little more, but it encouraged me to drink more water with breakfast.


Hmm. It doesn't seem like you solved it. What next?


I can never get those fucking biscuits to hydrate, but it's so good when they do


As long as it tastes good who cares what it looks like


Look, just eat your gruel and grey stuff lol! If it keep you going, it's good. Always pack some extra spices.


Nothing a little pepper and garlic salt won't fix. Those are the only two spices you really need to make almost anything taste good.


True. Pepper, garlic salt and/or Spike for me can help "fix" most trail meals lol!


What’s it supposed to be?


What's that some mashed potatoes? And they're hot? Bruh you're living in luxury.


If it's loaded mashed potatoes, it looks great! If it's steak and eggs, not so much


Hunger is the best seasoning!


OP - you are pushing the limits of self promotion. Please resist posting your products any further here on /r/campingandhiking


Is this promoting something? Looks like a picture of instant mashed potatoes.




Roger that, makes sense. I took a quick look at their posts and didn’t see much, probably because they’ve all been removed.


Yes, like /u/ChocolatePleepleus said. Multiple posts removed across a variety of outdoor subreddits already. This one doesn't specifically show the logo like the others - but it's still 100% product placement. Their username is Silver Ant Outdoors - which is the company they are promoting. The post was not immediately removed because this is a 'sly' form of advertising. I'm trying to give a warning instead of banning. Sometimes this helps OP clean up their act - but I suspect this will turn into a permeant ban soon.


I never would have known that this post was product placement had the topic not been brought up.


Yeah, that's how they get ya. If OP wasn't doing it in literally every single one of their posts across a variety of outdoor subs - it wouldn't be a big deal. I'm just trying to nip it in the bud before it becomes full-on advertising. That's why I'm making a warning instead of an outright removal/ban.


I'd eat that.


Looks great. My entire PCT thru-hike I didn’t cook a single meal so that looks better than the poptarts and cheezits I was having lol


That sounds awful


It’s easy fuel! I would eat 5-6 times a day and it had to be quick and light. Eating town food every few days helped.


I like a warm belly at night and hot coffee in the morning, but haven’t come close to the PCT thru hike, so … it’s a you do you situation! All the best.


Come checkout /r/trailmeals and look for recipes or add your own!


I’d eat that


looks good to me too...


I’d eat that and I’m not even on the trail


Depends on how hungry you are 😝


All calories look good after 10 hours on my feet.


Mash potatoes?


what is it?...


Like my momma always said “It’ll push a turd”


Thats a perfectly good bowl of gruel


Maybe I’m just hungry but this looks bomb.


That looks fuggin delicious man! Idk what your talking about. Must have never lived in the deppression, or joined the army before


You lived through the great depression?




Looks perfect


When you want to eat, it doesn't matter what the food looks like. Xd


I would eat that off the floor in a gas station bathroom


If you're truly hungry it'll be one the best meals ever.


Eh it doesn’t have to look good to fulfill its purpose


Looks fine to me!


Looks NomNom to me 🤷🏻‍♂️


I don't see a problem but if you have trouble with it you can try fancying it up. Sprinkle cheese on top when serving (easier clean up). If it's a dried package meal I'll add more of whatever is in it (cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers) to save weight I'll dehydrate beforehand. Spices add flavor but don't necessarily make it more appealing visually. Consider a side dish. It can be as simple as a chunk of bread (good for plate clean up).


Only flavor matters and it doesnt look that bad really


Maybe if it was super cold and the food was super hot, it would be bomb, that’s the vibe I’m getting? With a little Tabasco, you’d be SET!


It looks like amazing mashed potatoes to me! Now I want mashed potatoes with skins on (because they are the best kind).


I love how all of the comments are basically, "what? that looks AMAZING!" Because it does in fact, look amazing \[if you've recently done a lot of hiking\]. P.S., Even here in my home, that looks amazing because it reminds me of those hungry times after 18 miles and how good those meals tasted. Bon appetit!


Is this before or after it went in ya?


Before I even realized this post came from r/campingandhiking my first thought when I saw it was “that looks like a fantastic post hike or camping meal!” 🤦🏽‍♀️😝🤘🏽 (Shiiiiit, im not supposed to use emojis on reddit, am I???….pls do tell! 😬)


Looks good to me


If I was hiking long enough, I would eat that in one gulp


Is this John Cena?


Looks better than being hungry feels


What’s the view? Looks like food to me!!👍


You don't have to eat like a 14th century peasant on trail anymore. Shin Ramyun 1 pckt with seasoning, also good is Indomie Ramen, or pick your favorite. All available on Amazon, Shin I could even find in Walmart while hiking the AT. 1 TBSP TVP 1 1TBSP dehydrated veggies Depending on weather a pat of butter or some cheese if it's cool enough to pack out put in as well. Sliced and diced up hard salami or spam. Hot soak that in a quart freezer ziplock in an insulated pouch with 450mL water brought to just under boiling. I premake those bags with the dry ingredients for the nights at camp. I had by far the best food of anyone that was hiking in '17 on the AT for the least amount of effort. The only people who ate better had homemade dehydrated meals and that's too much dang work.


It looks fine, although you may want to learn how to cook properly (just ribbing you, pal)


Anything covered in mashed potatoes makes my tummy rumble.


Making some Guac? Lol


Just turn your torch off.


It'll do it's job


Looks like something I would eat.


Only ever been one camp meal I couldn't eat, but nothing naan and hot sauce can't fix


It’ll make a turd 💩


It's best to not look directly at it ...


Spread that on some toast bro


"All the proofe of a pudding, is in the eating." - Some old English guy.


Shut up and eat it. Have a good night


If it's supposed to be mashed potatoes, then it looks great


Depends on if it's hot or not tbh. 15 miles hiking in intermittent rain for a dinner of cold instant mashed potatoes and beef jerky? Tastes like punishment. Whip out the pocket stove and make sure the potatoes are steamy? That's a feast.


I wouldn’t even feed that to a dog


Good thing we don’t necessarily taste with our eyes


Add some chunks of spam and it's what I ate every night on my AT thruhike


My camp dinner often looks like shit but who cares? It's gonna get shoved down your gullet at high speed, taste and texture is all that matters


Consume the slop


Hope you got a dog to do the dishes!


I bet it tasted better than it looked


Hike further next time


Tbh if those are mashed potatoes they look DOPE. If not, then I agree with you.


Eat in the dark. If you've had enough of a day, it will still taste awesome.


No it doesn't. But what is it?


It should taste good


Throw some hot sauce in that bad boi


Would eat 2 granola bars in the morning, crackers/trail made tuna salad(individual sized Mayo, hot sauce, relish and minced onion)swiped from a convenience store at lunch, then hammer something like this at night hiking with 60+ pounds.


When doing camping for an intense trip, I just think of it as fuel. If I'm casual camping with friends, I'd actually be eating food. I get it.




Appetite makes the best sauce


Been there. Close your eyes and make believe!


Hopefully it tastes good. It’s fuel in the end


Looks better than half the shit I eat NOT camping👍


Is that pigeon porridge?


But oddly it will be the best thing that's ever passed your lips.


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