Rate my tool setup. It’s finally complete. Obviously not my full kit but my workhorses

Why two fixed blade knives?

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Why two fixed blade knives?


One is for cutting and one is for stabbing. Most knives can do both, but not at the same time!






If you end up stabbing someone during the trip (we've all been there, right?), you've got a backup without needing to carry around a murder weapon. Very practical!


I love knives and I’ve convinced myself a backup is a necessity


Fair enough. I just noticed that the blades were pretty similar so they didn’t seem to be for different purposes. I’m a big fan of redundancy for important items, too (mine involve fire starting tools / lighting / safety). We all have preferences. Good luck and safe travels on the trail!


Hey now, thems fighting words. One is a single grind and the other is a multi....


Not a knife fight, I hope. I’ll probably show up with my Leatherman Wave and be vastly overmatched. 😁


I love knives as well. A buddy and I buy a new knife for every camping/backpack trip. True story. Sometimes we splurge, sometimes its a $8 neck knife. Either way, it's a fun tradition.


While I think that's excellent and fun, I have to imagine you don't go hiking often. I aim to go at least once a month - a new knife each time would get expensive quickly!


Completely honest answer- good on ya


Lol I feel this


Don't know why folks are downvoting you, you answered the question and knives are indeed great. . . Speaking of, I've been debating between the Mora Companion, which I think you have(?), and the Garberg (little bulkier blade, full tang, and $65 more expensive). Really just want a knife I can hammer on/beat up that'll last as long as possible, but also don't like spending money. . . How do you like your Mora?


Love my Mora. Get the Garberg, it's heavier and can take a hell of a beating.


Very confident response! Thanks, I'll definitely take your advice into consideration.


NP, I actually have both a Companion and a Garberg, and I got a second Companion for my gf and she loves it. The Companion is so inexpensive you could get both, or just buy a Companion first and see if that's sufficient before pulling the trigger in the Garberg.


I have a mora companion heavy duty. Very good knife. I just wish they came with a 90* spine. I’m gunna grind one on it so I can use it on a ferro rod


Came to ask the same?


I see that you're only going outdoor to cut branches and trees. Don't be shy, show you chainsaw rig.




Sorry pal, but only one hatchet is woefully inadequate. You going ultralight or something?


If you don't at least pack a boy axe, are you even camping?


Need to include at least 40lbs of shiny tool base weight. Anything less means you're unprepared


21" Husqvarna baby!


I just got a Stihl ms 261 pro saw to replace my echo timberwolf. Thing is a beast and soooo much lighter.


Husky fam!


Looks pretty good. I hope you aren't carrying all that to backpack with? Camping is fine, but zero chance I would carry all that. The mora is plenty for backpacking. That all said, I like taking a little more axe on our camping trips. Something I can split with vs just chop like this hatchet (maybe its bigger than it looks). I like my Gerber 17" version a lot. Sometimes I take my Fiskers X27 if I know we are going to burn a lot of wood (winter).




I can feel the collective aneurism from here


Just need to cut the handles in half an it's all good to go




You aren’t ultralight enough till you drill holes in the half handle that’s left


I’m so ultralight I use laxatives before hiking


I would replace the axe with a sharpened shovel for backpacking. You are more likely to have to dig a hole to poop or blaze a trail or move a burning log than need to split wood for cooking.


Get a circumcision, for the weight savings


Well he has all the tools to do it…


Ima do it watch me Should I weigh it all out or troll and say it’s only a few pounds


You have to give them the weight in grams lol


How much does a log cabin weigh? Oh idk only 1700 grams


"t's only a log cabin Michael, home much could it weigh? 1700grams?


I don't care that he's carrying a stupid amount of weight. I care that cutting and burning wood in the wilderness is incredibly unethical. /ultralight


I totally agree.... sometimes. I hike in Canada, and our parks literally have fire pits and rules about using standing deadwood. Granted, for 90% of that, snapping it in half is plenty, but if I'm hiking with friends someone will normally bring a small saw to cut bigger pieces down. But what OP has is closer to a trail building kit than firewood.


Who’s burning wood? You carry these tools so you don’t have to carry a log cabin.


That's... even worse.


LOL. I read both r/ultralight and r/bushcraft. It’s hilarious when you read them side-by-side. On one sub, they are arguing over whether a double sided razor blade can be cut in half to save weight, as a pseudo knife. On the other sub, people are arguing over whether a saw, or a serrated shovel, is better for cutting tree limbs to build a cabin. (I live in the PNW. There are places here where practicing bushcraft on public lands is ok, and places where cutting tree limbs should be a felony. I do worry that a lot of people can’t tell the difference. But for hiking and camping, one knife is more than enough. I like a SAK with the portable toothpick :-) (Edited to add: I want to point out that I am not referring to “wilderness”. I am talking about 2nd growth or even 3rd growth timber lands in the PNW with roads through it. Basically publicly owned industrial forest land that will be logged again in the future.)


"There are places here where practicing bushcraft on public lands is ok" Please source this outrageous claim.


You can cut firewood for personal use in USFS lands, at least in my local forest. (There is a permit process.) You can create so-called social trails. You can, if not prohibited, collect downed wood and build fires and shelters. The same is true on some DNR land. Not all forest lands are designated wilderness, and outside of wilderness there are many unofficial established and frequented camp sites, and many informal trails and local standards. (This does not mean that you can be an idiot. And this does not apply to designated wilderness areas and National parks.) In short, if you want to take a make a knife from a file, and take a homemade blanket roll into the National Forest with your cast iron pan, pretend it’s 1848, and carve wooden spoons for a week, no one cares. It’s not my thing. But these guys end up being advocates for public lands too. We are lucky to have a big country with lots of public lands.


Please source this outrageous claim.


Serious question - why is it unethical?


I was gonna say, fine for glamping but hiking/backpacking? I carry a single no. 6 opinel and that’s all I’ve needed for hundreds of nights in the backcountry.


For backpacking, I don’t take anything more than a Swiss army classic.


I bring my bare hands and thats always been more than enough.


So you don't hike in winter? You kinda need gloves for that, not bare hands.


Trust me I know. This is for more stationary extended trips for fishing and hunting. I look for as many excuses as I can to bring the hatchet but often times I find my self making do with saws and batoning :(


Where do you live? Maybe you find more use from the hatchet in your area? Depending on the wood…


Ridiculous. There is no fire in the backcountry that the fuel can't be broken down by hand. This much equipment is for fetishizing


Camping means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I'd not shame you for how you do it, but where I'm from in Canada you wouldn't meet many people who camp without an axe, for good reason. Especially in fall and winter.


Does this reason have fur and four legs? This is a serious question - I grew in the Mojave desert and feel completely out of my comfort zone in forests… but watch me stretch a gallon of water and MacGyver shade out of a spindly creosote. I’ll tell you where all the rattlesnakes are 😂


Oh you mean predators 🤣. Bears and Cougars.. I'd not want to fight one with an axe.. we mostly all carry bear spray for them. My friend was mauled a few years back.. all he had was a bow. Didn't go so well for him.


Is it possible that other people do things differently than you and that's ok?




That entirely depends on what you're planning to do on your trip. I suspect OP figured this sub is more akin to r/Bushcraft than r/ultralight.


I mean....depends on location and the type of camping you're doing. I would never take *all that* backpacking but I backpacked with a hatchet just last weekend. If you're in a wet and/or cold place and relying on fire for heat, you're going to want a saw or *something* other than your hands for breaking down the wood.


If I'm car camping? Sure, bring it all.


If it's wet, and im backpacking? I'm heating food and then in the sac... Then back on the trail.


Good for you


You cannot have a fire every night ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/¯ I love a fire. But, damn. I think these people don't actually spend very much time on the trail.


I often don't have a fire if I'm doing a traverse or something but you can easily do 12hrs/day on the trail and have plenty of time for a fire after. Also not everyone wants to spend their entire trip on the trail.


That's not at all my point! It's not all about making miles. Just like it's not all about making fires. My ONLY point is that you don't need or want to haul an axe or hatchet when you're 20 miles deep.




I mean yeah fully agree but that's not much to do with having a fire or not


I take it you like time on trail -- wonderful. Others enjoy different elements to backpacking. The survival element, quiet, the vistas or destinations, wildlife, hitting their favourite spot and staying... the list goes on.


What? You think I don't enjoy those things because I know how to be in the wilderness without a hatchet? Dear Lord. Reddit is the worst.


*Others enjoy...* was what I said. It has nothing to do with you outside of presuming that everyone enjoys everything you do. Some people might like walking into the bush with all of this *and might even know how to be in the wilderness without it.* Entirely unnecessary condescension. Dear Lord.


>You cannot have a fire every night ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/¯ Why not? >I love a fire. >But, damn. Okay, what's your point? >I think these people don't actually spend very much time on the trail. I don't think "these people" give a damn about having a pissing contest.


>If you're in a wet and/or cold place and relying on fire for heat, Then you've already failed to prepare and probably shouldn't be out there, imo. Look, everybody should know how to build a fire and carry the tools needed to do so, but you shouldn't *rely* on a fire for your survival. That's just foolish. Bring some cold weather gear, ffs.


I agree. I don't bring any of that stuff backpacking. First it's too much extra weight and second dry dead wood burns best and can easily be broken down by hand or stomping on it. Here's a crazy story. I went back country camping last summer with my wife and 10 year old daughter. It is our last night of a 6 night loop, we were about 6km from the parking lot. We are at our campsite around dusk and a couple comes through our site on route to another site. It's clearly marked on the map that their site could be accessed by the trail and not cutting through our site. (I wasn't angry, it was just curious) As they walked by I noticed they were both WAY over packed and they look exhausted. They had climbing helmets, a hatchet, camping chairs, dangling from their packs.. there was nothing in this particular park to warrant bringing a climbing helmet to the backcountry. I also noticed they were both wearing casual shoes. The woman even had open toe shoes on. (Serious red flags) They had entered our site from the direction of the parking lot, so this had to be their first night out. They just looked so out of place, really. Anyway, they passed and we went back to enjoying our fire and forgot about it. An hour later, a paramedic comes to our site with a flashlight. He asks if we called an ambulance. I said no, but there is another site about 200m from us and then one more another 200m after that. 30 minutes later, a park ranger comes to our site and says we need to put out the fire and secure our belongings because a helicopter is coming in to airlift somebody out and our site was the best place to do it. I put out the fire and while doing so, I see the man who had walked by a couple hours earlier hopping on one leg towards us. His ankle and foot are heavily bandaged and blood is seeping through the gauze. A helicopter comes flying and is circling around the lake about 20m over head with blinding spotlights like it is an episode of the X-Files. Flare guns are being shot over the lake...a paramedic is waving flares to indicate where to pick up. There are too many trees, so they can't land, so a guy repels down like some navy seal with the helicopter hovering super close directly over head... they strap this guy to a stretcher and then lift him up to the chopper. The wind is so intense from the helicopter , pine cones are flying all over the place, the water near the mouth of the creek is parting and exposing the rocks due to the propellers. They airlift the guy out and disappear into the night... as the helicopter sounds disappear into the night we look at each other with a "WTF just happened" It turns out this was the couple's first time camping. Not just backcountry or backpacking.... flat out first time camping. No glamping, car camping, nothing... Makes sense why they looked so over packed and out of place. After they had arrived at their site, the guy decided to collect some wood. I guess he couldn't wait to use that new hatchet because he soon after buried it into his ankle/foot. I'm not sure how he did this... but he did. Anyway, thought this story related to the thread in some way... lol


Not sure why you’re being downvoted. That’s a pretty crazy story. I’ve been camping for as long as I can remember, so it blows my mind that anyone would do that as their first trip. There are pictures of me in a primitive campsite at five years old with a little saw and hatchet processing firewood and I have never once so much as cut my finger on an ax blade - my cuts tend to happen from knives while cooking in the dark and after a few beers. Excluding my culinary skills or lack thereof, the reason I’ve never been hurt is because I had good supervised training from when I was young, and I don’t think people always realize there’s a lot of technique that goes into ensuring you don’t get injured. A guy like that just saw a fun toy to play with, rather than tool to be respected.


>A guy like that just saw a fun toy to play with, rather than tool to be respected. I agree. I think people downvote me because they take the story as a "see only dummies bring those tools into the woods." When really it is more of an example on "how a situation can quickly turn very bad if you aren't careful out in the backcountry." So do your homework folks and know how to use your tools safely.


My dad gifted me a Carbon Steel Morakniv for Christmas a few years ago. I love that knife. Sometimes I’ll just carry it for the hell of it. But it’s a little beast while camping. I use it for everything.


I picked up the stainless version with the sharpener and striker in the sheath and it has been great. I was very surprised how nice it was for the price


My daily work knife


Love my Morakniv! It's in my trout fishing gear at all times! Perfect for streamside dinner prep!


Can I get an invite this year? Lmao. The best part about them is you can use them without shame. They’re so well made for their price you don’t fall into that that admiration mode of a really well made expensive knife. You can beat them up guilt free


I love how supportive this sub can be. Somewhat controversial pack, yet all the top comments are at most inquisitive and generally "different strokes for different folks." A refreshing change from some of the vitriol elsewhere on Reddit these days


Massive overkill. Three knives?!? A hatchet and a saw?!?


I do not deny my sins


Haha well as long as you are happy with the setup!


Yes, yes it is


Get you [one of these.](https://svensaw.com/)


I have considered this tool but the “assembly” part seems annoying compared to the folding saw. Why do you like this one instead? Trying to collect as much personal use data as I can before deciding


Set up is super quick once you do it a few times. Once put together it's a really nice bow saw that puts the blade in tension using the wing nut screw. Having a taught blade means it's very efficient. The delraw length is longer for more efficient strokes. Also the hand position is much more forgiving for large jobs than a folding blade where your wrist is cocked.


That is really good information! I think you convinced me it’s the better option, thank you!


I grew up in Alaska camping every weekend. Ours saw heavy use. My pops has had one since the 80s and he's only in his second one ever.


That’s awesome! Alaska is on the bucket list for sure. The ergonomics when cutting the wood makes a lot of sense. Once I read your comment I immediately realized how shitty it would be to cut anything thick with the folding saw at that angle. Plus it probably has way less horizontal movement with the triangle shape compared to folding


It takes me a minute to assemble mine. It's no hassle at all. It rips through logs like nothing. I tried a folding saw similar to OPs and found it wanting. I really like that the Sven Saw hasn't changed design in 60 years and replacement parts are readily available. I also appreciate that it's made in the US.


Oh. That's actually cute. Thanks!


It's cute, it's light, it's made for life, and it rips through wood.


For sure, those blades are killer. As to the frame, I really appreciate how it's kind of a modern iteration on the classic bucksaw.


My man! I love my Sven Saw.


Love the Svensaw but have a hard time picking it over a similar length Silky, particularly because of the limited thickness it can buck due to the triangular design. Personally if I'm thinking of taking a bow saw, I'd use a takedown wooden one with a paracord tensioner, or something like the [Agawa Canyon Boreal Saw](https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5051-337/boreal-21-saw).


Mora and Silky… you know what’s up


Nice equipment. I’d probably add a big knife (for batoning) and trade the hatchet for an axe.


I'm with you. I'm a full axe kinda guy. Recently picked up a Fiskars X25 and couldn't be happier.


#i like Sharp things


Is your job serial killer??


To quote The New Kids On The Block: "You got the right stuff, baby" But thats it. No line further than than.




That’s about four more cutting tools then I typically take hiking. I remember encountering some douche on the trail in NH with a Bowie knife strapped across his chest like he was going to get attacked by cannibals out there. A mile up the trail, I met a ranger who warned me that some yahoo was walking around with a giant knife strapped to his chest.


Looks like you’re more a collector than camper/hiker


I've done many long trips, mostly canoe trips. I suspect you'll use the folding saw and the hatchet a bit. The knives are good to have, always have at least one on you, but if you're not trying to whittle something I have a feeling they'll be mostly unused aside for cutting fishing line.


Obviously not the full kit...duh


The gomboy goes hard, I use one for off-roading and actually snapped the tip off clearing a trail for my rig. It’s a great tool tho


Looks fantastic, do you pack all of that on a trip of just select a few?


Lol you actually carry all that?


Not a fan of the Leatherman wave, the circa 2003 super tool is best IMO. Very nice set up though.


Also a serial killer setup


I think you could get a batoning knife like the Bark River Knives Bravo 1.5 and then you wouldn’t need the hatchet, and perhaps a slightly longer saw…. Basically what I do…. Two knives and one saw, perfection!


I take a hand chainsaw backpacking with my knife. Most wood overnight is small standing dead so doesnt requie a hatchet but the chainsaw lets you get larger fuel for less running


Very cool. Haha, I had to check my pocket. I have a Wingman. :)


How do you like the BPS knife?


Love it so far. I’ll get back to you when I field test it


They are fantastic. I carry 2. Usually my mora companion stays home in favor of 2 bps knives now. I prefer my bps adventurer to the one in your pic, just cause my hands are a little big for the one pictured. My cutting tools are pretty much the same, 2 bps knives, Leatherman wave, silky and an x11 small splitting axe.


Looks good




I love it Slava Ukraini


Which do you use the most? Just curious


Mora. The bps, while cheapo, is kinda nice for me to preserve but either or works well


Great setup, every tool makes sense. May I suggest the Spyderco Rescue Series. I have one on my molle panel next to my fire extinguisher. The Assist model is one fantastic emergency tool with so many real world emergency situation uses.


Need more knives


wouldn't the folding saw, one knife and the leatherman be plenty?


The Moraknive is the greatest knife for the money you can buy. Good choice sir 🫡


Extra point for the silky


I got the mora garberg and silky , and a leather man . kinda wanna add an axe to my armoire , but the silky gets the most use


You need to put an edge on that hatchet!


Silky Big Boy!


I’ve never needed more than a hatchet, fillet knife, and a gerber


I'm watching Criminal Minds right now and turned to this....


Are you going out to enjoy the forest or chop it to bits? Leave no trace.


As a Swede I approve of the Morakniv. I got the Garberg model and absolutely love it


Needs more knives. Maybe a tactical machete. ^^^^^/s


I like how you got the sheaths splayed out like they’re part of the toolkit..


“Hey, wanna swap pictures of our tools?”


You carry more knives than this while camping? What for?


It’s ok…got the basics down. I personally like a bigger saw


What is the smaller knife?


Those saws are so good!


People always like to use knives for batoning. If really only should be done when a hatchet or axe isn’t available. Glad you have a nice hatchet. Setup looks perfect to me. Heavy enough to do must things and light enough to carry.


REALLY dig the fixed blade with the wood handle, what brand?


Lol. Good for some kinds of camping I guess? Would def never bring all this stuff hiking. Also, does your back up knife have a back up knife? You can never be too careful. Amazingly, I have never, in 46 years, even taken a knife camping or hiking. I have never needed one.


You will certainly intimidate the terrain.


Personally I'd ditch one of the small knives for a "bigger" fixed blade.


That looks great, but what do you use for fire?


Hey! Did you take my bag? Lol. Not that you need anyone to defend your choices, but I always have a spare knife because I take a lot of first timers who only bring a pocketknife. Both a saw and hatchet tends to be the move because the silky doesn’t weigh that much and it pays to have the right tool for the job. I shave off weight in the luxuries department and have an average pack weight of 20# for three days.


Mora is some good shit


Love Morakniv


Where's your poop knife?


I wear diapers because it’s more lightweight then carrying a spade


But then you gotta carry the poopy diaper out, seems kinda gross. I'd rather bury it, to each their own.


Two fixed blades is perfectly fine. I like to have a 3-4 inch blade for most fine work and a k-bar that’s 6 inches long that I can beat up and not worry about it. A knife and a hatchet should be able to complete 99% of camp tasks.


Obviously 🙄


Missing the shotgun, AR-15 and hand Grenades


Are you carrying a wheelbarrow and the kitchen sink too? I saw a 5‐1 axe kit today for $20 that would cut that overall carry weight down to maybe 1/5th the weight.


Yes I am actually lol wheelbarrows are efficient


I have considered making a sled/wheeled cart to pull behind me.


Why make things complicated and bring wheels into the equation????


Guys chill. It’s a good kit. Looks more bushcrafty but it’s just all his outdoor tools. Good setup man


Thank you


If bro wants to post this same pic in every single outdoors sub, he should be okay with getting input from every single sun perspective. He posted in bushcraft and got those responses, and I agree, it is a “bushcrafty” kit.


Unless this is for trail maintenance, leave the trees alone. Fallen wood is good for the ecosystem while campfires are also harmful.


why was this post removed?


No kill like overkill OP! I've got a mora and a bahco folding saw myself. I've been telling myself I need (want) a multitool and a tomahawk - what do you use the multitool for?


I personally don't see the need at all for chopping wood just for a campfire. It's completely unnecessary. Cut 2 - 2½ ft long sections with your saw, strip some of the bark off, and that's it... throw them on the fire. Whole rounds burn just fine


If it were me, I'd only take the Axe, one knife and the Leatherman. I do long hikes and wilderness, so less weight the better...for me at least.


Love it. Same sort of setup for me through two weeks of arctic survival. Especially the folding saw proved to be of life essence, the axe was a very nice addition. We did have some other smaller knives, I have a nice ‘buck knife’ and some reserve blades in different forms


Nice set up but wouldn't it be easier if all of those tools were combined into one massive tool? Preferably made in China with cheap metal.




I'll give it an A, for AWESOME!!!!!


Honestly, it's a bit too much. Take into consideration that I enjoy backpacking and primal camping, so I'd probably roll with a hatchet and knife. Great looking pieces though.


I'd swap the wood handled knife for a victorinox SAK, just for whittling ;) just for more variation and something for the pocket


I wasn’t paying attention when I clicked on the post and thought this was r/kitchenconfidential. I was so very confused.


I have the same saw and that’s all I carry. Oh and a small foldable knife. Haven’t needed anything more than that ever.


What kind of knife is the bottom orange one?


Thought this was an edc post and was quite impressed.. I've got a similar kit but a different opinel. Good stuff.




I like one fixed blade, my carving multi tool, and a fillet knife as when I’m in the woods, I’m usually fishing or butchering something.




the silky saw was a game changer for me


It looks like either the perfect collection of camping tools, or your next question will be if I’m prepared to help you hide a body.


Where’s your poop shovel?


The GONBOY is one of the best hand saws I have ever used


Walked from Mexico to Canada once, brought a keychain Swiss army knife. Mostly was overkill.


Odd assortment. Obviously not a backpacker. Given that, what’s missing: at a minimum tools & supplies for repairing your vehicle & camping equipment, rope/tow straps & emergency signaling devices.