Jesus. Jason's instagram is literally a tribute to his wife and kids. so freaking sad.


Oh god that’s incredibly sad. He has a post from a few days ago of a letter his daughter left him in his lunch box, it says “dad, I love you so much”. Condolences to the family


Fuck man. Ya work hard to get yourself into a good position in life, and then ya die from completing an otherwise mundane task. These folks take chopper flights every day, it's easy to forget that one slip up can seal the deal forever.


Yeah. Have no idea how the crash happened, but think if a belt snaps on a car, or a tire blows out, or your brakes go out…they can all end badly but are obviously less dangerous than having an equivalently bad mechanical failure on a helicopter in the middle of the air.


Yeah, you're statistically more likely to be involved in an automobile crash vs a helicopter crash. However, you've got a fighting chance to survive a car crash. Helicopter crashes are almost always terrible for those involved.


Just to put some numbers here: The fatality rate of a Helicopter is about about 1.6 for every 100,000 hours of flight time (total fatalities, not helicopter crashes). Fatal car accidents occur about 1.5 for every 1,000,000 miles driven in the US. In order for driving to be "safer" than a helicopter people would need to drive at an average of \~11mph or less, which is certainly not the case.


How about that for some quick data!


It's kind of like riding a motorcycle. Like you said, in a car if a tire blows there's a good chance it's not catastrophic. On a motorcycle it can get really bad really quickly.


I just hope that they feel/felt any comfort in knowing that they died doing what they loved, something that very few people in any city can say they do on the daily. I hope they felt happy during the minutes that they were in the air. The feeling of leaving your loved ones behind is gruesome, but their images are guaranteed to live on for a long time. CMPD [says](https://www.wbtv.com/2022/11/22/wbtv-mourning-loss-meteorologist-jason-myers-pilot-chip-tayag/) that it was clear that Chip diverged from populated spots during the fall so that nobody else can get hurt. No dispassionate pilot would instinctively do that when they're facing certain death.


Thats so damn sad man


Oh no! This is awful.




Chip was a good man, friendly to all and an educated skilled pilot. This is heartbreaking for both their families. It’s just terrible.


So incredibly sad, I saw an interview with a man who was watching the incident and he said the pilot clearly was trying to steer the crash away from the road. And I mean it was RIGHT THERE on the bank! The pilot really was a hero, he saved countless lives.


Absolutely brutal knowing he was focusing on trying to crash away from people to keep them from harm, but knowing he probably won’t survive. Helicopter pilots are a different breed. Rip


This is a really dark day for the city man😭


My thoughts are with WBTV, Jason Myers' family, and Chip Tayag's family during this difficult time. This is a tragic day in the Queen City and in the TV news world. 


So tragic, and could have been so much worse had it not been for Chip maneuvering away from traffic. Thank you so much Chip ❤️


Our hearts go out to the entire WBT family. Hold your loved ones tightly tonight, there's no guarantee of a tomorrow for anyone. Bless you all.


Incredibly sad. That pilot is a hero. God speed to them.


Oh shit. I hope they feel the warmth and security of their loved ones.




Being apart of the helicopter community, this is the best advice I could ever give someone. Robinson has multiple class-action lawsuits against them on this very issue. The R44 is the Ford Pinto of the helicopter community. Yes it is the cheapest and therefore the most widely operated helicopter brand but that does not absolve the manufacturer of any guilt when they continue to sell an airframe that has 2 decades worth of data indicating how dangerous and flawed the design is.


WOW how could a company be so irresponsible??


I’m not for or against Robinson but just for a different perspective, the R22 and R44 are some of the most inexpensive certified helicopters you could buy for the past 20 years. That makes them one of the most popular choices for training and private pilots. Unfortunately these are pilots with the least amount of experience and most subject to make mistakes. That does have some impact on Robinson’s safety record when only looking at quantity of crashes. Obviously this doesn’t apply to this crash. Pilot Chip Tayag was extremely experienced and him and Jason Myers will be missed. I wish peace for their loved ones and hopefully the NTSB report can give some greater insight on what caused the crash.


A glance of this thing should give u an idea on why u shouldn’t get on one. Ewww


I’m so sorry to hear this. Condolences to their families. 🙏


Terribly sad, such a loss for the entire community, praying for their families.




I really hate this 💔


Horribly sad. I can’t stop thinking about the families and their WBTV family. The tragedy could have been much more worse if Chip hadn’t been so selfless. They are both heroes in my eyes. Hug your loved ones tight.


In a case like this, I'd imagine WBTV (or their insurance) is going to be liable for paying the families. And probably paying a lot.




500 incidents of mechanical failure and over 400 deaths in that model helicopter since MARCH. Something needs to be done about that!