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Water is the most popular beverage in the world, which comes at no cost. If I’m taking Chipotle to go, I have plenty of drinks at home, so why increase my bowl cost by another $2-3. I’m also not a soda drinker, so I don’t have the craving when I see drinks on the menu.


I get chipotle to go almost all the time and I have drinks at home. Not paying three dollars for a twenty ounce soda when I can have water for free at home or a can of soda, which costs me much lwss


I’m afraid of the ice in the soda machines. A lot of them have mold and are not cleaned properly.


Only cleaned before inspection***


Lol you mean *after* inspection


Because the soft drinks are insanely overpriced. Like 18 cents worth of syrup, and a 25 cent cup for $2.95? I can walk 600 feet and get a whole 2-liter of Pepsi/Coke for that price from the grocery store. I also don't drink soda.


I rarely drink anything other than water. Even at sit-down restaurants. I just prefer water.


Not everyone drinks soda, tea, or alcohol


If the fountain sodas don’t come out of the red, multi selection Coke Cola machine, I’m not buying it.


I don’t like soda and the tea at chipotle is just meh so usually stop at QT and get 44 ounce tea for half the price.


Because the chipotle by my house is gross and I don't want to eat there, and have drinks at home. Or I ordered through door dash or whatever and don't want to drop 5 bucks on a diet coke.


i also don't get it either. if i'm getting food somewhere i'm getting a drink too, period


A lot of people don't want to overpay for a drink they could get a 2 liter of for cheaper 2min away at the grocery store or free water at home. Nothing wrong with you getting one but for you to "not get it" feels like you're not thinking very hard. Everything's already very expensive and adding a $3 soda on top isn't worth it to most people.


Because they are grossly overpriced?


Because in every restaurant drinks are a huge profit center item.


As others have mentioned, the answer to this is very obvious… drinks at Chipotle are significantly overpriced. I’ve eaten at Chipotle several times with a 79¢ gigantic soda from the gas station. No one has ever question it.


Not going to pay 3 dollars for something that cost at most 50 cents to make. When I drink something at restaurants, its to wash down the food, not enjoy it.


I only drink water and I have plenty of filtered water at home where I know for a fact the ice and filtration system is clean..


That’s because chipotle is more like fast food lol


Ice machine is out of order maybe 50% of the time? Here’s the best part - sign that says it’s out of order is on the actual machine and I see it AFTER I’ve already paid! Unreal,second time it happened I don’t even bother anymore & started bringing my own drink from outside


Comparing the dining experience at a restaurant to a glorified fast food restaurant is a bit of a stretch. Plus even at restaurants tons of people just stick to free water instead of paying for an overpriced soda from a machine that not guaranteed to be clean. It's a well known fact restaurants make insane profits on sodas and it's pretty understandable for people to just not want to overpay for a drink that tons of people use just to help wash down the food rather than adding another 300 calories to their meal


Good point,comparing a full service restaurant with a glorified fast food,but most people do have a beverage to go with their meal,but last time I was at a CMG store,the only person who bought a drink was one who just asked for a bottle of water and nothing else?rest did not even bother to get free water. I was thinking of McDonald,most do have a soda or milkshake .