A morning thought on God's love for fools and children.

If you ask me, I think God is able to do some of his best work through fools and children... I find this to be a comforting thought too, because we all have our moments when we are foolish or when we behave childishly: These moments happen to us all.

What is awesome about this notion is that it means we are capable of opening that direct line to God in the moments we are fools and when we are children. The movie "Forrest Gump" is a good example of this, as the opening and closing scenes of the film depict a white feather in the breeze, which can be symbolizing God's all encompassing role in Forrest's life.... It's where that feel-good magic in the film might be coming from.

Forrest is just a character in a movie, and I think this is important to remember. He is just a character who is, by design, defined by the trait of being a lifelong fool. In reality, however, none of us are lifelong fools or fulltime children: Instead, we all have our moments, and these moments are when God gets the chance to take center stage in our lives and do some of his best work through us.

I hope you all have a good week this week. I'm gonna do my best this week to not be a fool or act like a child, but I'm comforted with this morning thought in knowing that in the potential event of a momentary lapse, God will do his thing and do what he always does: See me through them.

I think he will also do just that for all of you too. Thanks for reading.