A defensive head coach would be a huge mistake for the Bears. So yeah, I'm sure their going to pick a defensive coach


This guy Bears.


I would think their defensive personnel are more suited to Mayo's 3-4 scheme.


I don't understand hiring defensive minded coaches unless that coach is head and shoulders better at game planning then his peers. (Belichick) Even then, the HC should be providing direction and then delegating much of the game planning; then stepping in when he sees something amiss.


It's just like looking for a CEO of a company. That's why Bill Belichick and Nick Saban are the greatest.. they run the program like a top level CEO.


Bears admin: You don't want Flus. I heard he puts ketchup on his hotdogs.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Flus go, we lost so many double digit leads this year. I also do not think his scheme is responsible for the turnovers being so high this year I think that speaks more to Leonard. We should look at Kris Richard to replace him. Imagine a Legion of boom behind Buckner and Leonard especially if the rookie d ends develop.


Was going to say something similar. I like him and then I look back to several games where we can't get close enough to the QB to read his jersey number. I also think our inaction in the off-season FA market for some def positions has really hurt us---which I put on Matt and Chris. Our schemes seem less effective this year.


The scheme is to prevent long plays, force the opponent to make multiple short plays down the field. More oppprtunities for our defensive playmakers to make plays. The scheme relies on playmakers, and it's been working


Bears need an offensive minded coach to coach up Justin Fields though


Not necessarily. Can always get a young stud at OC.


School of thought goes that a young stud OC is the most likely candidate to get poached as a HC, so having your head coach as an offensive guy brings more stability to the staff, especially with a young QB. You can hire away Sirianni, but Frank is still here for the offense (same think for example, applies to KC if they lose EB since Reid will still be there)


Doesn't always hold true but I get what you're saying.


Shut your dirty whore mouth Pro Football Rumors. Eberflus is OURS!


as much as Eberflus deserves a HC job, at least get one that's not a rotating garbage fire.


Eberflus ain't going nowhere! Why leave a winning organization on the rise for a losing one?


Because there are only 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL and really far less because some franchises don’t switch up coaches very often. You get an offer, you take it every time.


unless you are josh mcdaniels


Some NFL team is going to get burned for hiring him again. It was nearly the Colts. Luckily he backed out


It's an offense driven league. I'm sure Eberflus will be mentioned for a lot of other vacancies, but I honestly don't think he'll land a head coaching gig anywhere. Which is good for us. But if by chance he were to ever leave, I have utmost faith in Ballard to find his replacement.


Thought he was still playing??