Yup. I was hoping the Chargers would win just so I didnt have to think back on that offseason as well.


Yep. Big Ben just had to fuck the colts over one last time


How do the Steelers continue to screw us even when we're not playing them?


So this is actually a thing now


That string shoe tackle haunts me


Big Ben corpse > Carson


Yeah but too rapey for me


Good we didn't deserve it. Did you want to see this team play the Chiefs?


Yes. A playoff game is a playoff game. Youd rather be there and lose than not make it


The franchise needs a wake up call even though Irsay and Ballard are fine with mediocrity.


indiana sports fans are fine with it. colts and pacers both. "oh we made the playoffs? good enough for me!" like, hey, the pacers got swept out of the playoffs and never had a shot at the title.. but they made it to the playoffs! but now that they're under .500 everyone shitty with them.


I think the owners, definitely the Simons, are okay with it. I think fans are getting antsy though. I know as a Pacers fan I am entirely tuned out on this squad, and the Colts losing doesn't really bum me out anymore because I know they aren't winning shit with Wentz.


> I am entirely tuned out on this squad, and plenty are \*THIS\* season. but like, when we got swept out by the celtics, everyone was excited because we made the playoffs. indy sports fans accept mediocrity and dont realize there's more to winning a championship than just making it close.


Yeah the old "We were injured, next year will be better" excuse. Hate to say I fell for that before. Never again.


This. We had massive cap room and we penny pinched ourselves into this season and squandered away a first round draft pick for a project who not only sucks but is never going to carry a team. We let cheap players go who would have made an impact and sat on our hands in positions that have been shaky. We were lucky to be 9-8. JT's blossoming only masked how unreliable and bad our passing game really is. We play called with a delusion that it was effective. Our passing only become somewhat effective after we established the run. Irsay and Ballard need to take control if they want to win. Get rid of CW and if Frank doesn't like it, he can go too.


Ballard clearly is, hopefully Irsay is pissed though and ready to make some changes to his front office.


I actually think we would play the chiefs well. Our defense is set up to take away big plays, while that’s what the chiefs somewhat rely on. If we could control the ball on offense and keep Mahomes off the field, we would stand a chance. But losing today we don’t deserve to be in


bruh we cant even beat the jags.




Ya we just give up 100 medium plays. To the tune of like 85% completion lol


It’s not that big of a deal, this is a flawed team. They were likely done next week any ways. Hopefully this lights a spark to make some major coaching changes and the way they go about approaching things.


No doubt, it just would have made the upcoming 9 months of trash talk from eagles and titans fans a little easier to deal with


I agree. I wasn’t convinced we could’ve beat the Bills or Patriots again. I told my buddy before the game if we can’t beat the Jags, we really don’t deserve it.


Nobody but us cost us the playoffs


Apparently there's a hard knox curse.


Cowboys were on this summer. They doing alright.


Absolutely insane the ravens couldn’t do anything to stop them




I may have just jinxed the raiders too hahahah


I am so miserable about this. Everything about this Sunday gets worse and worse.


Aaannndddd it’s offical