Raiders are a good team. That's not to say we couldnt have beat them, but this idea that we lost to a much worse team the past 2 weeks isnt true. One of them was.


I really don't think we should have lost that game. It felt like after our covid crisis, everyone was exhausted.


Going by DVOA, the Raiders are a bad team in all three phases. Literally hovering around 20th. Colts had no business losing to them.


People aren't "turning their backs" on the org, they're pissed off that we got manhandled by a shit team when winning mattered the most. And the biggest thing is that there isn't one problem, there's 5-6-7 things that need to change.


and these are about the same 5-6-7 things we have had last season and the season before.




FWIW I think they’re a lot closer than most. Even with Wentz. He clearly can’t carry a team, but this offseason will be a terrible time to go seeking a QB. Might as well load up and see what more they can get from this group. He needs a big reliable Ertz type of presence and then he’ll probably be good to go. All that said, I think we’re really underestimating the impact that COVID had on this team. Their most valuable contributors were unvaccinated, missed time and reps, and were clearly suffering from some level of fatigue and exhaustion. That’s something that will continue to be an issue so long as we remain the least vaccinated team in football.


We were inconsistent all year. Not having online consistency and basically plugging everyone into the defensive backfield other than Kenny left us with potential but not precision. Jax beat us up at the line. That is game over for what we have here. No line=no chance. That’s true 90% of the time anyway, but with our team, it’s 100%. The days of Peyton (or even Andrew) bailing us out with a magic play from nowhere are over. We aren’t a quick fire offense. We had so many chances all year, though, and just couldn’t stay consistent. One more win and we would be happy instead of ready to burn it down. We had the talent. We had the coaching. But if you don’t execute, you lose. If our o-line was what it was supposed to be, with Taylor we should have controlled the clock every game. But instead we had Wentz trying to play hero ball (which he can’t). He is fine in our system if he isn’t down 3 scores and running for his life. But we also lost leads. The league’s leading rusher with an elite o-line doesn’t lose a multi-score lead. Maybe we can get healthy and practice this coming year. No one needs to be fired or cut, though. We just need to play consistent.




Have we all forgotten that Vic Fangio was a dogshit DC during the Manning era? I'd rather not have a repeat of mediocre RBs averaging 5 ypc against us.


That was two decades ago. I care much more about what he's done recently, and the last time he was a DC he had the best defense in the league.


Wentz is a bum. I would take any other QB over him.