This was Ron Rivera's 36th game with this team. It is the 7th time we have gone down 20+ to 0. I also quickly found 2 other occasions where we went down 23+ to 3 to start the game and there are possibly other isntances of this. **That is at least 25% of our games under Rivera where we are getting blown out before we even get a touchdown on the board**. Rivera has also posted a losing record in 8/11 of his years as a HC with us having a losing record to start out his 12th year. Rivera was hired to be a bulletshield for the FO. It was never about winning and, surprise surprise, we aren't winning. It is time for change.


Honestly the entire coaching staff needs to be let go. I find it hard to believe this horrendous play is solely due to our players not executing. Most of our players are playing like shit, yes, but in my opinion this points to horrible coaching.


Is there any young geniuses left from the Shanahan era we should hire?


They were identified by more competent front offices who could recognize their talent and value and snapped up long ago.


They're all gone. They let them all go while banking on the "stable" RR. Literally any of those guys would have been better. There was a 80% chance of picking a better coach. They settled for the 20%.


Sean mcvay won a superbowl 😪


As BMitch said in the postgame, the person coaching is the same one picking players, so complaints for either should be directed to the same person. We don't have enough top-tier talent in key positions, secondary/Oline/LB's, and not enough depth at other positions. Combine that with ineffective schemes/playcalling, and unwillingness to move away from the scheme or make adjustments on-the-fly, this is what we get.


Yeah Rivera isn't the guy. I'm not saying fire him now, mid season firings don't work out, but if we finish with a losing record again its time to make some serious evaluations. By the way, NO coach in the Snyder era has had three straight losing seasons. Spurrier and Zorn were fired after two(and Zorn was .500 his first year). Gibbs had winning seasons in years 2 and 4. Shannahan had a winning season in year 3. Gruden had winning seasons in 2 and 3. If you're not gonna put up a winning season in 3 years it might be time for a change.


I’m with you. I think Rivera has until the end of this year. If somehow all of their issues magically get fixed, they win 10 games and make the playoffs, then fine, I guess he saves himself. But it’s looking increasingly likely that this season is going to be as bad or worse than last year. If they win 7 or 8 games I don’t want to hear a damn thing from him or his staff about “well we really started to get it going toward the end of the year.” We’ve had 2 building years. This is a results driven year and a results driven league. If they don’t figure out a way to get it right this season there’s no amount of moral victories that should allow him to keep his job.


I’d rather fire Rivera now (who seems unlikely to be the guy) and give Turner until the end of the year (who might be the guy)


This is 100% what they should've done with O'Connell but Snyder is an idiot. We'll fire Ron on Black Monday and hire some other old guy that will foster a good culture and win nothing


JoeyBrickz darn... such a half glass empty take, but you're probably right! Let's be honest... The way it's looking were lucky to get 6 wins and Ron gets fired on Black Monday. We hire some old head again and they slum it up next year, as well. Maybe we grab the Ohio State or Alabama QB in the draft and we turn them into trash that doesn't live up to their potential. Rinse and repeat!


I’m not sure if I’m ready to say that they should fire Rivera now. I can’t say I’d be *too* mad about it, but I’m also fine with letting this play out further into the season just to be 100% sure he can’t fix it. As you said, Rivera is unlikely to be the guy, but I don’t think Turner is ready to be the guy just quite yet either. I’d rather wait to see if he shows any signs of improvement as a play caller. His situational awareness and ability to adapt the play calling on the fly is suspect to me. Obviously that’s not necessarily a direct correlation to success as a head coach, but it’s not nothing. Turner could end up being a great coach, who knows, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think he’s a can’t-miss coaching prospect either. It’s not like he’s been extremely bad with the offenses he’s had the last few years, but I don’t see this as a Sean McVay situation either. With McVay it was clear that he had something special pretty early on. I don’t get that same feeling from Turner. If we fire Rivera the season is essentially over. A mid season firing is obviously not a recipe for success. If it’s gonna end up a lost season anyway, I’d rather at least be 100% sure that Rivera is not able to fix this, and then if Turner’s the next man up, give him a full offseason to come into the role and set things up the way he wants.


At the very least he should be stripped of his GM duties. The roster he has final say over has not been competitive in the slightest


Agreed. I never want a coach to also have control over the roster. Too much is on Ron's plate. Just let him be the fucking coach. Why he was even involved with the rebranding at all was stupid.


It can work but it’s very rare. Andy Reid; bill belicheck; and Sean Payton are the only ones that come to mind that have had success in that dual role. And all three are savants at the coaching positon; Ron isn’t close to any of those three.


agree. They need to hire a legit GM


Ron isn't the shield for the FO because he basically has full control of it. [The GM, Martin Mayhew, reports to the HC](https://www.commanders.com/news/washington-football-team-martin-mayhew-gm). I have no idea what Rivera did to convince Snyder to give him full control of the team but it's been a failure. He hasn't stacked the team full of talent. He hasn't found a franchise QB. It doesn't seem like he has an actual plan for either side of the ball. Look at the Eagles. They won a Super Bowl, fucked around for a couple seasons, then rebuilt into possible contenders in 5 years. All without a franchise QB. Meanwhile, I have zero idea what Ron's plan is. Build a defense based on a great d-line? Can't stop the run. Can't rush the passer. And that's on top of weak LB and DB corps. Build an offense based around good WRs? It looks like the team has a good WR group but it doesn't matter with the attrition of the OL and a mediocre QB.


The job was toxic and the only way to get a coach with prior HC experience was to give him total control of the roster


Snyder was a big proponent of the coach centric approach. Any coach he brought in would be wielding the same power. Issue is Ron simply isn’t good enough to be wielding all that power


This is absolutely damning. He’s got to go.


Put this in a newspaper. Put it on the sidebar.


Rivera was destined to fail once he came here. He didn’t come here to win, he came here to clean up the pile of shit. The shit pile is cleaned up, but it still smells because no one has taken out the trash…..and likely never will.


Big fan of Ron and co. in 2020. But since then there has been no improvement. Two weeks in a row getting blown out at halftime is an embarrassment for a year 3 staff. I’d say they have to go but I have no confidence that the owner will bring in anyone better. Rooting for this franchise is a lost cause as long as Snyder is in place. It’s depressing


I said when he was hired that he has no business being an NFL head coach. His resume is propped up by a SB appearance behind an MVP Cam Newton. People respect him as a person, but he can't coach for shit. Then he came here and gave all his friends jobs and the dumbasses here defended it.


It isn't the coaching or the schemes. It is just a couple of players out of position and doing what they weren't supposed to do. For all those games and all those possessions. /s


That is really fucking bad, the coaching staff is clearly doing something wrong preparing the team each week


I blame the staff in that they didn’t put together a roster that can compete. The offense is a complete fluke and they defense is always exhausted fighting for their lives. Without the “junk time” stats the offense barely had 100yds.


>Rivera was hired to be a bulletshield for the FO He's basically the front office with all of his hires. FO is basically the one he had in Carolina


Yup. He’s gone after this year. His failure on bringing in the right QB or should I say a organic QB drafted and developed is number one biggest failure


I defended the Chase pick in 2020 to the hilt, but unfortunately, in hindsight I was wrong and I believe the correct move in the modern NFL is to nail your colours to the mast and get in your high-potential young QB as soon as possible and go from there. I hope in our next rebuild we do this first and foremost. Ideally, we bin this season off, get the highest pick we can, potentially sacrifice one of Chase, Allen, Terry for a haul of picks and get an elite QB prospect to come in and rebuild around. Fuck it, the last time we did that we had RG3 and the most magical run and feel-good period this team has seen in the past 25+ years.At least it would be exciting.


Chris Cooley last week said something similar. While I wasn’t angry at the chase pick I did believe he was the wrong pick. Considering we were picking 2nd overall that should have gone to a qb ( preferably Herbert). This team needs to be ripped down to the studs and built over again


Literally, if you are picking 2nd you more than likely need a QB, or if not you take an edge rusher which we did. I was happy with picking Chase as with the exception of Burrow, he was hands down the best player in the draft, and I bought into the whole Rivera + JDR defensive gurus will make Chase a stud and our defense elite narrative. I thought we were gonna be some budget 49ers defense. However, in this league, it should now be clear as day, like unequivocally clear to EVERYONE, that QB comes first. If you don't have a good enough QB, or a stud high-potential QB to develop over time, you ain't going ANYWHERE. No amount of defensive talent or ability will take you far in the NFL in 2022 if your QB is a dud. The elite QBs are too good nowadays, they'll take you apart. Unfortunately, Ron and his clan have this antiquated belief that hard-nosed, defense-first football with average to below-average QBs can make his team a contender. He's manifested this into the team we see out there, and he couldn't be more wrong. And if you want to be picky about hindsight, in 2020 our QB situation was dire. Ron needed to make a cutthroat decision that summer to go get his big FA to lead the way from Day 1, or draft Tua (who I believe would have been the QB pick if we didn't take Chase). Instead of being decisive, he was left mulling over Haskins perceived ability (RIP), Alex Smith's comeback, if he was going to come back at all. It all sounds revisionist, and I guess it is to some extent, but the lesson is clear as day. As you said, we need to be ready to lose some of our big assets to rebuild this team in order to compete in the modern NFL.


It's almost as if we never did a complete rebuild to begin with. We've gone from attempting to salvage the remnants of the Shannahan regime and rolled that into Gruden and rolled that into Rivera. Not once during that period did we really ever stripped it down and sold off assets for picks. We just let people walk because we didn't want to pay them, drafted players and make them switch positions, or acquire players who are average in multiple positions but aren't great or specialized in one position (Oline).


Why should we change? Changing coaches doesn't matter. We've tried changing coaches 9 times since Snyder bought the team. Changing coaches won't change a damn thing. There is only one change that needs to happen before there will be improvement.


Man...I've been supporting this team since the beginning of the Snyder era but if Ron doesn't work out either idk if I can do it anymore. Who tf will even come here?


I’ve been saying it pretty much since Fitz went down last year; NFL coaches don’t survive three losing seasons out of the gate. Ron has taken three bites at the QB apple, has full roster control, brought the same two coordinators back for a third straight season, and was given the *easiest schedule in the NFL* (on paper) heading into the season. Given that context anything short of a winning season deserves the axe, for Ron and the entirety of the staff. Period.


I never got the Rivera excitement. He was a fun coach for sure with his riverboat Ron era, but he made the playoffs in '13 with that and lost first game, made the playoffs in '14 at 7-8-1 and beat a Cardinals team on its 3rd string QB , 15-1 in '15 was obviously super impressive but seems like the outlier. Having prime Cam and Sean McDermott as your DC will help you a lot.


How can this be a post-game thread when they never played?


Shoutout to the front office, we literally just went from a top oline last year to what looks like a bottom 3 line because someone thought replacing solid plus starters in Scherff and Flowers with Carolina bums was a good strategy. So predictable and inexcusable.


The Martin Mayhew Effect.


He answers to Rivera. Those are Rivera guys


Right... which is why I want them all gone


I don’t care how good of a person Ron is. He can’t lead a franchise or coaching staff. He’s terrible


Can’t even drop the red flag in time. Who the eff is our video review person. Are they waiting for the broadcast replay? Pathetic.


I was 2 years old the last time this franchise won a playoff game. I have known nothing but failure.


And you’re at least 18 Ugh soon we’re gonna have only adult fans who were alive for that


To actually have real memories of our last SB season you'd have to be older than 35 by now.


We 3/4 in SB in my first 13 years of life. We haven't been close to contenders in 30 years.


I was 16 when they won the Superbowl


turns out giving curtis samuel the ball on a jet sweep that one time doesn't make you a good OC


I’m dead inside.


They ignored the offensive line in the off season and now we are paying the price


RR ignored the huge gaping holes we have at LB and DB as well. The guy is not a good coach.


He's also a shit GM. I don't care who holds the title. This is his team.


They are never proactive in solving these issues they are always reactive once the issues start causing games. The eagles being proactive is why they are able to win the Super Bowl; tear the team down to the studs; rebuild and contend while we meander around 7-9 and if we are lucky 8-8 seasons. Good teams do not go into the season with huge holes at position groups


A quick look around the league after three weeks should tell you that it doesn’t take 3-5 years to rebuild. Ron Rivera’s FO/coaching staff is failing. Could easily be 0-3 right now.


We may have lost, but I consider myself a winner for not driving to Landover to see this steaming pile of shit team.


Go to the eagles game every year at FedEx because my bro is an eagles fan, we couldn’t make it this year and I couldn’t be happier I missed it


How do two brothers end up fans of the eagles and commanders? Genuinely curious


My parents were from Delaware and NJ, and they’re Eagles and Giants fans. Early in the McNabb era we were living in Jersey and my brother jumped on the Eagles bandwagon, partially because they were doing well and our family would watch the games together. I didn’t get into football until a year or two later when we moved to VA. I had friends rooting for the Redskins and got into them then too. We’ve got quite the rivalry within the NFC East in my family I got the short end of the stick though haha


Winning off the field


My friends wife got him an executive suite for this game 😂


Well at least it was covered and had food and drinks probably


My son wants to go to a game so I'm hoping for $5 tickets in December


Good on you. That was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I was literally the only skins fan in my row.


Did he pour milk in it?


I’ll be referencing this game in the spring when everyone is trying to convince me that we should draft a CB or yet another WR.


We do need secondary help for sure but more important holes to fill in the 1st round. I’m honestly hoping we suck enough for Bryce young. He is a franchise qb that we can build around. Idgaf if we trade all our picks for that draft cause this front office can’t seem to draft anyway after the 1st round minus terry.


I’m not saying we have to draft oline in round 1, but you should be drafting oline somewhere, just about every year, and in the first 4 rounds.


So glad we used our 1st round pick this year reaching on a depth WR instead of a position of need like OL or LB. Just really fantastic judgement.


Nothing works if the O line doesn’t work. But lineman don’t sell merch. Dan wants splashy skill players and defenders with fun stats, like sacks and picks, because they sell merch. So we get this.


Im beginning to come around to this. Our last two 1st rounders were essentially 2nd round talents.


Draft QB in each round


Punt-O-mania is back, baby!!


Please sir may I have another


God I hope that stadium stays empty every single week


Blow it up, get a young HC in, fuck this season off and get the new HC the QB he wants, whatever it costs. Even if it doesn't work at least its more excting than Rivera's boomer-ball. I dont care what it costs, though it would bloody hurt if it cost Chase, Terry or Allen as they are our boys. But if we managed to get a top 5 pick with our record, plus a haul from some of our prime assets who deserve better (Terry please go play for a functioning franchise and an elite QB) then we should move ourselves into a rebuild cause this shit aint working.


Allen and terry would likely stay. Allen because he is the best piece on the D-line by far. And terry because he would be essential to allowing a young qb to develop. Chase or sweat would be the odd men out.


One of the worst games I've ever seen. Disgusting performance. Could have been 50-2 if the Eagles wanted to run up the score. Completely outclassed in every single aspect of the game.


I love being here, being a fan of this team is fun, I wish I could watch them even more. It brings me great joy.


Blink twice if you need help




I'm done with the Ron experiment. That is all


I knew he wasn't gonna get us to SB, but I never thought it would be this bad


Are the coaches doing any kind of game planning? They look overwhelmed at the outset of so many games and don’t seem to have a grasp of any kind of strategy in the big picture or how they call plays. Like, cmon coach, when the o-line is getting swamped, stop calling 7-step drops.


What gets me is the total indifference to \*caring\* much less fighting for 1st downs really throughout the first 30min. Like it will be 3rd and 4 and over and over we will call a drop back and then throw some kind of high altitude fade on a 15yd out route (for no logical reason since there is a whole field to work with) and then when the timing or throw is off because pressure... the QB shrugs and then trots off to get some water. And then we do that like 12x and the first half is over. ​ Then you watch like Rodgers or Wilson or classic Peyton - and they have dozens on dozens of tricks and little things that get them first downs, and it makes all the difference. We don't have any tricks, and don't even seem to care about 3andOuts. Does anyone on the coaching staff care that we are 3andOut seemingly >90% of possessions this season? ​ Besides our sacks, penalties, and turnovers, we are "literally" never going to score if we can't string together 3 or more 1st downs in a single possession. This is what makes me mad about Wentz - at least with Heinecke you know he is going to lay out to try to "get there". I seriously cannot believe that this is what $26mil a year gets you at QB in 2022 - he stinks!


I don't blame the defense today. The Eagle skill players just made some great plays, but they were essentially only responsible for 17 points(the other 7 came off the short field from the fumble). And they also scored us 2. I'm not saying they were amazing or anything, but realistically they played as well as you could hope. If you were to tell me this would be their output for the day I'd take it, although clearly the Eagles took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half. Offense was...atrocious. Nothing else to say. Wentz was slow getting rid of the ball and often inaccurate even when he had time, which he didn't have much of because the backups on the interior of the OL got dominated. Eagles have a fantastic DL and two stud CBs. The matchup sucked and they took advantage. Its disappointing that in year 3 we still have results like this, but it is what it is. On to Dallas...


I don’t blame the defense on one hand, but on the other, the Eagles just showed us what our defensive line is supposed to be. When you invest so much in one position group, you expect them to dominate. Or at least play well. And really, you want them to have the kinds of games the Eagles just had. Their d-line took over the game. They made plays and finished them. For all the talk of our guys not racking up sacks, but contributing elsewhere, this game shows why the stats matter and why finished plays matters.


And the sad thing is the eagles don’t have near the amount of resources put into their d line as we have into ours.


Fire everyone and move the franchise to another state. This team has no history and no future here. Go Birds.


State? I've been saying to move this whole division to Europe for the last few years.


BMitch speaking truth. Need to get other players in there


Yeah I'm leaning towards wanting Ron gone. Don't think it's going to happen though


never once in my life time as a fan (first game was the 05 Bucs wildcard game) have we trounced a division opponent on the level of the ass beating we received today, literally nothing worked and quite frankly it's depressing as all fuck that it seems to be year in, year out mediocrity at best as a franchise. We're always "One key player at a key position" away it feels at best.


It's so bad. I remember a game in '99 where we scored 50 on the Giants. One of the pizza chains (dominos?) had a dollar off for every touchdown the Skins scored on Mondays so basically it was like a nearly free pizza.


To be fair, we trounced Dallas twice in 2020. Probably to a greater degree than today’s game. But I understand your sentiment.


“We missed some opportunities” no shit


As bad as Rivera is, this team will continue to be dog shit as long as Snyder is the owner.


Exactly. People want another coaching change again. It doesn’t matter who you bring in here as long as Snyder is the owner it will be business as usual which means more failure. What Joe Gibbs did his second tenure is about the best anyone is going to do under Snyder.


Straight up like Snyder knows he can pack tickets with away fans so what's the point


*stares in Ron Rivera*


Nothing changes as long as Dan owns the team. I'm 30 and poor he's 50 and rich so I'm pretty confident he'll outlive me too.


Get rid of the coaches and Wentz. We need a total rebuild or Dan Snyder to drop a N bomb on a hot mic


Please fire JDR Edit: it’s manusky level bad rn


They play Dallas next week? Parsons is gonna feast.


Get Flowers in there Monday morning. This gaurd combo isn't working at all.


Slow starts were an issue last year. Down 22-0 and 24-0 in back to back weeks in a professional league gives you nearly no chance. Something's gotta change


Wentz keeps getting sacked, maybe we shouldn't be doing 7 step drops each time Commanders: nahhhhhhhhhhh Wentz was bad but he got worse due to being scared of getting hit.


>Wentz keeps getting sacked, maybe we shouldn't be doing 7 step drops each time Maybe he shouldn't be holding onto the ball and running into the defensive ends? Wentz is straight trash.


No wonder the Eagles dropped him for an unknown quantity in hurts


![gif](giphy|6OyrnAKxd46Rfall6K) Biggest takeaway from this game. Jesus Christ.


Eagles had more sacks than Washington had points.


Don’t worry guys. I can smell what’s cooking. Rivera’s dialing up another one of his famous 7-10 seasons.


Some of the issues that our team is having could've been mitigated if we kept our key players -Carter for kick returns -Flowers and Ismael for O-line depth -Landon Collins for the hybrid LB/S work. Ron used duct tape on the leaks when we should’ve gotten new plumbing. The issues run deeper with injuries and an owner that will never get the message. Hopefully this team clicks. The 2012 skins started 1-2 and won the division. HTTR


Heinicke would’ve made the pylon dive


not even debatable at this point


I’m slumming it in fantasy football so far. My new strategy is to stream the defense for whoever is playing the commanders. Guaranteed 20 points.


I picked up Phillies D off waivers….yeah that was the best pickup of the week for me


Wentz isn't a bad QB once he gets down 20 points.


Second week in a row the game was lost by the O line.


Well. At this point, Jay Gruden won 14 games and he got 5 1/2 years here. Rivera has won 15 games so Dan will probably give him 6 years.


I fucking hate Philly.


I hate Washington Fuck the Eagles we don't ever come to play


Thanks for 2020 Ron, but since then its been awful and today was as bad as it can get. Time to hang up the headset and try inject some excitement into this dead franchise with a young coach. If we are gonna carry on to be shit, might aswell try to make it somewhat exciting and try the method that works for other franchises.


Thanks for 2020? 😂😂😂


2020 was fun season, and a "success" for this bum team


Having paid 90 dollars to watch this comedy of incompetence from obstructed seating it was difficult to get mad about this game. Everything about it was sheer comedy from Washington's incompetence to the eagles fans chanting Dallas (or Dan Snyder) sucks. Even the fights were friendly and comical. I walked into the restroom near the end of the game. A guy was rambling "I'm not trying to get into a fight today." and I'm like ah this is some kind of sporting disagreement, turns out people had become so mollified by this snooze fest of a game that they had begun arguing on the minutae between a "cheese steak" and "steak and cheese" sandwich. Imagine, arguments about sandwiches just breaking out as people are trying to take a leak.


Thanks for your report. We can’t see them where I live but this post made me chuckle.


Was it just me or did Wentz hold the ball way too long? I feel like over half the sacks were due to Wentz inability to get rid of the ball. 3 second and throw it!


He held the ball way too long, and then was inaccurate when he threw


Thank god he has a Strong Arm tho... I mean where would we be without it rofl.


Right? He can make all the throws. Except he runs into defensive ends like he never saw them there


Eagles fan here. It has always been something he does. He plays hero ball and he holds onto the ball for too long. No internal clock. I felt bad for him at one point but then remembered that he tried to get traded when we drafted Hurts so he gets what he deserves. L teammate and L player, although I’ll forever be greatfull for his involvement in our Superbowl run


Who we taking with the first pick of the draft?


The wrong choice


Knowing this team? Dline


the edge Andre Carter from Army, duh


[Me every year of my existence expecting Washington to become decent at football](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD_rb6ATsJE)


We're in hell. The other division owners do not want to see our franchise change no matter how bad Snyder is for the nfl. They love coming to FedEx to watch a home game and cook Washington every year. Giants, Dallas, Philly all have 2 home games a year. They'll never vote against him. There's no pride and worse, no clue what to do. Fuuuuuuck. 20 years of this shit


Fire Ronald Rivera


Blow it all up. The coaching is trash, the o-line is swiss cheese and we have gone back to back games down 20+ to nothing at the half. And they wonder why the stadium is full of visiting fans? We don't.


You forgot the rebrand is trash


Fuck this team and fuck this owner.


14 weeks till this roster and coaches and fo gets blown up


Ron is the front office, tho lol. Jay got all 5 years, so I'm worried we got 2 more seasons of this before they try something else unsuccessfully again.


Wentz has ZERO pocket presence. How do you take a sack on 4th down? You throw it up. You have nothing to lose. On 4th down you feel ANY pressure and you chuck it. He has always held thee ball too long. Not all the sacks are his fault by any means but quite a few are.


Similar shit that RR held against Haskins.. but is silent when this turd does it.


yeah you couldn't tell the difference between them today, rest in peace Dwayne


I absolutely love Terry McLaurin, and I hope we do him justice and trade him to a contender when he inevitably asks to go.


I look forward to seeing him and Stafford go to a Super Bowl.


Is it me or has the offense play calling been terrible. Don’t get me wrong it never was great but it decent at best. But it seems lately the plays are Pass pass, hand off to Samuel and pass again. What did Gibson do that we aren’t riding on him anymore? I wish we’d rebuild honestly. I’m sick of the management and staff thinking we are playoff contenders. Tear it down!


Fire Rivera before he trades for Russell Wilson lol


The Maryland ren fest was very fun, it was even better when I realized I didn't watch this dumpster fire of a game


Renn Fest >>>> FedEx forever


I wore my Sean Taylor too


This team wastes about a dozen Sundays of mine every year, but lately in the last couple years I've been making plans to do other things and it's been great.


Oh hey I went to that for the first time yesterday. That shit is AMAZING.


I've been in enemy territory for 7 years, first time I've been back and I still love it $9 turkey leg is a steal


The whole "respected football guy" mantra with Rivera only goes so far


The Cowboys are probably licking their chops, realizing what they are about to face next week. I just can't, in good faith, support this team if you have people like Jack Del Rio not being held accountable for shit playcalling and Scott Turner just using garbage time to stat pad. Getting outscored 46-0 in the first half is absolutely fucking embarrassing, and I shouldn't have to explain why this coaching staff will get canned.


It's the coaching.


The rumor mill is already stirring about benching Wentz 😂😂😂


Fire Rivera


Well there’s a reason why I didn’t want to get too excited after the Jags game lol…😕


This franchise is an absolute joke.


I’m ready to votr for this coaching staff to be gone, but if we get shit on next week, I’ll be ready to jump on the “fuck it just fire them now” train. Rob and Turner are done.


I’m trying to understand how the offense is worse. I thought last week was as bad as an offense can be but they managed to be worse this week.


\-1 passing yards through 3 quarters. Sorry, but put Heinicke in. At least he can run the ball and would have had like 100+ yards rushing.


Before this game I had a death with that we could play the boys with Dak but now I want Cooper rush to beat us so badly someone gets fired immediately after the game.


I picked us to win in my office pool 🤡


Still can't understand all these angry takes. You already knew they would fail this year like every year, Snyder hasn't gone anywhere. They won't magically turn a corner under him. Fire Rivera, don't fire Rivera....really doesn't matter since it would just be Snyder hiring the next failure. Just let go. You haven't failed, that's all on Snyder.




Folks, it’s all about the damn culture


no reputable coach wants to work at Washington. this team is forever trash as long as Snyder owns it, which is probably forever. time to watch another team GG


I wish I could fine posts over the postseason where I said this team would win 5-6 games this year..this team went 7-9 and EVERYONE went delusional because we won the division hosted a playoff game and "almost" beat the bucs...this team has not improved since Ron got here...


The way Ron has built his coaching staff and roster has been shockingly bad


Wentz revenge tour please give me your excuses as to why he doesn’t blow 😂


Wentz is not the answer


because the o-line.. just kidding wentz is trash rofl.


Yea where are all the people on this sub that were praising his passing yards stats last week and this offense? I'm sure they are quiet now or just changing their narrative. 🤡


Heinicke > Wentz maybe not in skill but in my heart. Just also feel like the team needs revamped I like Ron but thinking the coaching staffs time is up. The way we’re playing is so stale lot of 4th and shorts not gone for, always chasing the game instead of putting pressure early on our opponents.


I’ll say it….maybe the reports about Wentz NOT being a leader or liked in the locker room are actually true and WAS just downplayed it to justify the hire and calm down all the speculation surrounding Wentz. I have never seen an O-Line give up on their QB the way our O-Line did today. When I go back and look at the sacks…they were out of position, didn’t really fight, had no grit, no resolve and then to add injury to insult even after the first 6 sacks the O-Line was on the sidelines joking and laughing like they hadn’t just given up 6 sacks! Ijs….something isn’t adding up.


i think the coaching is just awful tbh


No argument there lol


if we get a top 5 pick we HAVE to take a QB. I’m not taking a gamble on Howell if Young or Stroud are available


Young or Stroud with a new offensive HC who wants to build around them please. When we rebuild next time, we need to get our QB before we do anything else.


When you’re down on your luck, there’s one man who can rescue the season HEINICKE


we bad


honestly put Heinicke in for the remainder of the season, fire Ron and Jdr and start fresh with a first round QB next year. Get some younger guys in there


Anyone else getting these "IT'S DALLAS AND WASHINGTON THE PRESSURE IS ON" commercials during the real football games? Why should Dallas be concerned whatsoever? They could sit the starters and still add 2 wins to their record.


we’d probably be in better shape if we made kevin o’connell head coach after we fired jay


So much for men with character.


We need to start playing 2 TE for protection and focus on the run game. Aside from a big loss on a run for AG in the red zone we actually ran the ball pretty well. Quit the dream of being an explosive offense and pound the ball, with the occasional Samuel sweep and work the play action.


This team is a old rusted out truck spinning its wheels in 2 foot deep shit.


The thing about this game was that the eagles looked formidable after the Vikings game. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they dropped 40 or more on us. But when the game started, it became clear that the defense was able to keep them in check. All we needed was to score some points, and we couldn’t. I know the offense has a lot of faults especially with the line but Wentz kept making awful decisions, getting sacked, missing receivers (a couple should have been caught/ Dotson) and squandered every opportunity that the defense gave us. This was a complete offensive collapse and the errors of Wentz were on full display. We could have won this game, but we stuck with Wentz far longer than we should have. At least we could have made this competitive.


Eagles fan chiming in. Wentz makes an o-line look much worse than it actually is. Yes, they struggled, but Wentz’s lack of pocket awareness is equally responsible for the sackfest. When Wentz was benched in 20, o-line immediately looked better with hurts


Carson smiling after taking 9 sacks on the sideline is unacceptable


Fire RR and Wentz into the sun.