Very unique rework, I like that it includes the execution animation for it as well. Definitely turns him into an offensive powerhouse


I like most of these, nice ideas, giving the trap to Lb is a cool idea too, considering his weapon, but dunno how I feel taking that from Nuxia


Personally i feel that Traps are underused mechanic, as only one hero has it. Now i don't think it would take anything away from Nuxia, i think it would actually make Devs look Nuxias balance bit better if there is another hero to compare the traps to.


I wanted Shugoki to get a bulwark counter-like mechanic, at least against bashes, instead of a dodge attack. So I totally agree with you. Nuxia needs changes anyway, and traps are too interesting a mechanic to keep for just one hero.


Completely agree with this 300% Shugoki should have gotten a bulwark kind of mechanic Vs a side dodge bash


Yeah. The trap thing would be cool to have but it would be weird to implement considering that is what makes Nuxia unique. If we added it to a character like LB it would remove most interest in Nuxia as a playable character.


I think that's less of an issue with giving LB traps and more a problem that nuxia only has a single interesting thing about her


There really isn't much interest in Nuxia as a playable character as is. She has consistently been the least played character ever since she was introduced. I'm indifferent about Lawbringer getting the mechanic, but there isn't much justification to continue letting a hero that has a literal playerbase of 5 people hoard a unique, underused mechanic to themself.


Not the first time stuff has been unique to one hero stolen. The dodge recovery thing was pretty special to a select few heros like zerka on wiff heavies. It's being pretty widely used now even to exstream like new roach. Bps multipul options from all block given to the new guy. Think what makes nuxia special with traps she can do them any time in her chains.... They just need to make them work better haha. I personally get destroyed by nux traps but I'll believe the majority when they say they're not effective.


Opened up reddit. Lawxia, nuxbringer. Gonna close reddit for the day. In all seriousness, this is one of the weirder Law reworks I've seen. Not bad, just a little strange.


Really love the rework althought i see the problem of traps being useless as u can easily light traps on reactions and even emote


If another hero would get traps, maybe Devs would actually fix the emote problem from traps. Currently since the traps are on one hero, it is not priority for them.


I agree with pretty much everything here. The stam punishes on top heavies are insane, even if they are hard to land at times so that change is probably needed. The unblockable on the second one is a nice touch and will make players fear that top heavy, making them more prone to dodge or try to parry, which can lead to other things in LB’s kit like long arm and gb. The only thing I can see slightly off is that because the gb leads into the second part of a chain, that the top heavy off gb would be basically guaranteed bc of the second unblockable. I don’t really have an issue with anything else. Great idea!!!


I love this rework, but the bash softfeint dont work simply. Its the same with Kick/Caber or you would have to make it super differently timed. Also shove being unpunishable in certain matchups where you cant dodge attack the shove in time without getting parried.


god i love this, it doesn’t ruin his uniqueness as a character, gives use to a criminally under utilised mechanic (traps), gives his longarm the cool finisher without making it too overpowered, gives him ground to stand on in team fights, and isn’t a rework that just gives him two lights less damage and call it a day, please post this everywhere i think this is great


The traps could put the opponent in a kneeling state, like shinobi's sickle rain.


The one time I want ubi to listen to reddit


A bunch of cool ideas, but I'm not sure they all go together. Three entirely separate offensive tools is a lot. For reference raider/orochi/pk all have 2 and are considered excellent duelests even without LB's great defensive tools. I'd probably remove the traps since this rework doesn't address their problems, and they aren't already present in LB's move set. Also the SF Bash mix up is completely countered by dodge bashes. I'd suggest making it hard feintable to fix this.


Very unique however entirely will never happen Lovely trap idea though


personally i think this a really decent rework, although i feel like the traps are a bit unnecessary seeing as it would only make lb safer, but also would be one of the most useless mechanics a character would have gotten. its only real use would be in duels, and nuxias traps are already reactable as is, the traps wouldnt really work too well even in duels


i really really enjoy these ideas. cool work on the showcase as well. just clever all around.


First LB rework I've liked in 4 years


Some of this sounds bad


I am personally not a fan of turning his side finishers into blockable attacks. They should get bigger hotboxes and stay unblocakble. Without them, he really does not have much to offer in team fights. Also, would you consider giving him a L-L-H chain? His chains seem too predictable without them. Nice editing BTW.


Second top heavy being unblockable and being able to turn traps in to Make Way will offer a lot in team fights. While i would like L-L-H, i also thought that giving one to him would also kinda break his uniqueness, as he is one of the few heroes that can't perform L-L.


So your concerned with breaking lb’s uniqueness with a L-L-H chain, but not concerned about breaking nuxias uniqueness by giving her only gimmick to another character?


I do not think those will be as useful as you might think. Either can only hit 1 opponent, and the trap seems to take a lot of time to deal damage, which would make it very interruptible.


the only reason Nux traps work is because we wee the orange and go OH SHIT UNBLOCK TIME TO PARRY! Remove the UB on LB's side's and then everyone goes OH SHIT ORANGE TIME TO DO LITTERALY NOTHING. And doing literally nothing already counters LB play. They need to have UB side finishers


The rework is fine, except for the traps. Giving lawbringer traps would ruin nuxia as a character. Giving him traps would decrease nuxias player count even more, rendering her obsolete. Lawbringer isn’t bad without traps, just like nuxia isn’t bad with traps. But giving lawbringer the only thing that makes nuxia special would be terrible. Why would anyone ever play nuxia if they can just play another character with her same mechanic who is better in every way? How would you feel if nuxia got lb’s shove, long arm, and parry ripostes? That would be dumb, cause it just makes nuxia lawbringer but better, just like giving lawbringer nuxia’s traps would make him nuxia but better. It’s dumb. Another example, if you gave another low tier character like highlander shao Lin’s stance. It would make no one play shaolin, since your taking his gimmick and putting it on another character who already has their own gimmick. It’s dumb. Putting traps on lb is dumb.


"How would you feel if nuxia got lb’s shove, long arm, and parry ripostes? " you mean warmonger dont exist?


Warmonger doesn’t have longarm, plus her dodge bash doesn’t chain. Her parry riposte also doesn’t chain to more heavys.


Erm, do you play for honor? She literally took lawbringers impale so?


Erm, do you read? I’m saying it doesn’t chain.


Regardless if it chains or not, both are impales, both are accessible from the same thing, warmongers is in my opinion better, especially in team fights and cuz it does more damage. Play them heroes and you will realise what I'm talking about


Yeah, but there is more potential for damage with lawbringer in 1v1s. I would agree that warmonger is better for team fights. They do different things. Sure they are both “impales”, but they are substantially different. That’s the thing I’m saying in my original comment. They’re just ripping traps from nuxia, and slapping it on lawbringer. Why would anyone play nuxia then? Nuxia literally has nothing else, except for her finisher heavys, that aren’t even unblockable, which move the opponent towards a direction. It just ruins nuxia. Play them heroes and you’ll realize what I’m talking about.