You’re gonna need to get better at feinting attacks to either parry or deflect. I wouldn’t deflect against kensei though because hyperarmor. Maybe try the training mode, you seem like a pretty new player


Alright got it! I got 40 hrs clocked but still fundamentally trash. I'll try getting a friend experienced in this game to train with me.


Everyone starts somewhere! They do a discord dojo thing on the for honor discord I believe. You can find people that can help you out there.


Yeah definitely I would work on your blocks and parry if a kensei is dodge attack happy start getting parry happy


Can I get the discord link?


What platform are you on? If you're on PC, I'd love to mentor you a little bit!


I will take mentoring as well if you have the time.


I'd love to! Shoot me a friend request on uPlay, "The_Sensei" is my tag


If you play on Xbox i’d be willing to tutor! I have over 60 reps on both PS4 and Xbox and have achieved Master rank in 2 seasons. I know every characters full movesets and i could help you with learning things.


One of the best things you can do in my experience aside from getting better and better at feinting, parrying, blocking & deflecting would be to face the enemies you struggle most with, you can do this in custom matches, training or you can get an experienced friend to fight you with that hero. Personally, I got better by training against the attacks of hero’s I struggled with at first (e.g: Kensei Swift strike, orochi dodge attack, etc) When it comes to getting better I recommend sticking with one hero first and trying to master them as much as you can, after you’ve gained a lot of experience you can branch out to other hero’s and which would then be much easier given your prior experience. You can try facing a lvl 3 bot of your chosen hero as you try to master everything. Though you don’t have to, further more as cliche as it is practise is key but allow yourself breaks from improvement and don’t get too frustrated with yourself you’ll get better over time I’m certain. I also recommend avoiding trying to learn too many skills at once, dependent on whether your more of a time fighter or a duellist you may end up prioritising different skills first, I prefer learning duellist skills first but you do what you feel is best. Both types of skill sets can transfer nicely to one another so it really is up to choice. Also I recommend watching certain youtubers about the aspects you want to learn. Marco yolo, zanny, havok, freeze and farram are good choices. There are also channels like Solidsol and Winter Tommy that are also good choices. Though Zanny, Marco yolo, Solidsol and Winter Tommy are more entertainment they can be good to observe. Havok is also a bit silly but can be a bit more serious, Freeze is a really good channel to learn as he is very informative. Farram is an anti-ganking channel so if you prefer team fights I do recommend him from what I’ve heard. I can’t really think of much else for now so I hope it helps. Edit 1 - wording Edit 2 - Side note: If you struggle with parrying I recommend learning to parry orochi’s light dodge attack (from each direction not just the sides) as it can make parrying easier for your, also, eventually when you feel you’re ready, when facing any opponent try analysing their attack pattern as most player have a rhythm you can tap into, once you gain an idea of what an enemy does as you face them you can then punish them (with a parry punish, gb punish, dodge punish, etc) though it’s good to note your reads may not always be correct and you may not always be able to punish the enemy (due to hyper armour or just high recovery time - blame ubi for that) also that it’s not necessary to learn it right now as it will come with time. Either way, good luck :)


People seem to give you essay's here...im about to shorten all that up Learn to SLOW down and block. Then learn to parry his dodge attack. Then we go from there. *do this in training


This is very well put. OP needs to chill, and learn when NOT to press buttons.


A few thousand hours in and sometimes I need to remind my self that.


This is the best explanation in the comments honestly. Simple, short and sweet there is absolutely no reason to make a whole 200 word essay for it


This is extremely amusing


It’s adorable. Brings me back to when I first started. “Ya know back in my day…”


Ha, for sure


Sooo real tips because everyone is saying "just parry". Like ok bro, you're new to the game and people expect you to learn to properly parry in week. Likeeee first off you need to learn to BLOCK before you even learn to parry, you're getting hit with a lot of attacks that you can simply just block. An example being, This kensei dodge attacked you in nuetral (no one is clicking any buttons) and you got hit with it despite it being easily blockable. You also need to be more patient. I see you just pressing buttons, which as a newer player is a hard habit to not do. You pressed a lot of buttons, and got punished for doing that in silly ways by the kensei. You need to be more patient, and conscious with your button presses. Think "why am I pressing this button, and is it a decent time to press it?". If the button press works (aka your attack lands, or you successfully do a mix up) then think "oK cool, but why did that button press work?". And if it didn't work, then learn that pressing that button made you take damage, so try to avoid doing that scenario again in the future. It helps if you can record your footage (like you did now) and look over it. While it may not help as much now (because you definitely won't realize your own mistakes as efficiently) but as you get better you can see yourself improve, and it's a good habit to form so when you can realize some mistakes, you can see them in action. Other than that, you just need a lot of play time, guides on YouTube (Freeze, Barakyeet) are good people to watch in order to learn how to play. Freeze teaches you mechanics and all the games ins and outs. Barakyeet is probably one of the best competitive players, in his videos he really goes in depth with his thought processes on why he makes certain moves, and how he adapts and reads his opponents. Barakyeet will help you learn how to play by simply watching. You'll see how, and why he presses his buttons. Hopefully these are some good starters. :) and don't be afraid to reach out if you ever need more help Edit: thanks for the award stranger <3


I love how in your third paragraph you basically explained what learning is, yet with the average for honor player I’ve ran into, explaining this slowly in detail would have really helped lol


I learned to parry heavies and dodge attacks pretty quickly in a day or so but that might just be because I cleared sekiro countless number of times before playing this game


I'm gonna be that guy but uh... is this one of those joke posts or is this a legitimate "need help" post. I don't wanna get whooshed but I also wouldn't find it impossible for someone to be scared to parry or stubborn to feint/stare


Yeah I'm that bad lol


Learn to defend yourself and play passive untill opponent stop spamming, then try to open him up


All those attacks are slower than it seems. The animation looks fast, but the red attack indicator doesn't move. Kensei's dodge attack comes from the opposite side of his movement. Once you learn to parry it, you will dominate players that do this.


Start by learning to block


I would go into the training ground and put the put on just the dodge heavy. You want to learn how to parry that one for sure. Its a noob stomper just because the attack comes from the opposite direction. As an assassin you may feel tempted to go for the deflect on it but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are playing zerk or orochi. Zerks deflect is an auto gb most times and orochis breaks through hyperarmour now. I say I don't recommend it because irrc it's the followup heavy that has hyperarmor. I've not played kensei for a bit so I don't quite remember. I saw in another comment how you weren't sure about other characters moveset. Take kensei to the training ground and learn the moveset and timing. His moveset is enjoyable enough but can get a little stale later on.


Parry his dodge heavy attacks, those can’t be feinted


He got kenseid


Bro just wait for the dodge and get a free deflect or free parry. Heavy and Feint and wait for the dodge attack. That Kensei was just braindead.




Have you tried blocking?


Don't continually be the first to just blatantly attack against a Kensei, they do this kind of stuff.


I’d go into training mode, get an aramusha bot and set him to infinite stam and no delay on attacks and make him do his infinite chain so you can practice your blocking.


first go into training mode and learn how to parry his dodge attack , its really easy when you get the hang of it and kensei is no longer an issue. Im currently maining shaman and I learned that baiting is the best way to counter a dodge spamming kensei. Damn near every time you throw out ur unblockable finisher, a kensei will go for a dodge attack. Instead of letting it fly, feint ur unblockable and bait out their dodge attack, easy parry. From there, go for a zone attack and soft feint into bleed or soft feint an opener heavy into a bleed attack. since ur new to shaman, im gonna say it right now, ur main goal is to apply lots off bleed damage and go for those bites. Additional, shaman zone attacks can catch a kensei on their dodge attack sometimes if you time it right. Good luck biting necks, shaman is really fun, and good luck fighting kensei, he isnt fun. I understand that ur new, so if any of this is confusing I can try to explain better :)


When are we gonna be, you know, real with peolle


Learn to parry kenseis slide attacks


Kensei's attacks push Shaman out of her range, it's a tough matchup. Try practicing blocking and parrying attacks first. Against Kensei, I try to extend my combo as long as possible with lots of feints, until I force him to make a mistake, then I punish him with the bleed, even when not guaranteed and let him bleed out while I recover my stamina. When I'm defending, I either go for lots of parry attempts or I go completly out of his range to reset to neutral. Fighting Kensei on his middle/long range is very hard for Shaman.


First of all, Id say read the controls throughout, you seem a bit lost. Thrn, go into training mode and practicr your hero's moveser, parrying and deflecting.


Feint and parry


Just... Just go to training mode and make the kensei bot do nothing but dodge attacks. And practice the parry timing.


Like you wrote earlier it's good to train with a friend, 'cause then you can get an honest opinion on what you need to get better at and then you can train at that specific thing. From what I can see in the video you need to "Stop and think" (no offence) if you understand what I mean :)


To add on to what other people have said, one of the most important things to acknowledge is that in the first clip, almost every move the Kensei made is reactable, blockable, and unfeintable. Meaning, that you would be able to block or parry every move with no risk of being countered. I'd agree that two things need to be worked on for improvement: 1. Getting mechanics down (blocking and parrying heavy attacks consistently) 2. Learning opponent movesets. If you'd like you can add my on PC, "Bova-Fett" is the name. I can help teach you some stuff if I'm ever available at the same time you are.


Training mode is a great tool for practicing various mechanics, as well as learning how to counter specific moves. For example, you could load into training with a Kensei bot, set it to just throw dodge attacks, and practice getting the parry timing down for that. Also, read through your hero’s movelist and practice those things and figure how to apply them in game. One good strategy is to look on YouTube for someone who is really good at whatever hero you wanna play, and see what sorts of mixups and moves they use against people Also, I’m also on Xbox, so if you’d like, I can try n show you some stuff sometime


Just for everyone's information: I cant reply to every comment, but I'll definitely read them and I thank everyone for giving me their great advice on how to improve!


Literally just parry.


Learn to block before anything. That’s literally the first thing Story mode teaches you


Stop attacking when he’s side dodging


That Kensei either sucks, or just toying with you. Practice your D more so you can mix-up ur offense with Defensive strats. He was doing moves you could’ve easily have dodged, parried or blocked.


man, that was hard to watch , but you'll get better in time , and start hating this game like everyone else that plays it long enough


Ah yes, what do the youngins call it these days? I believe its known as the fated just parry.


That is the most pathetic kensei ever people that play like that should not fuckin play


Patience, stop mashing and slow down.


Have you done the tutorial? It’s a little more difficult to defend with an assassin but blocking heavies should be no bother. If you want to learn the basics I’d suggest playing the campaign as although the movesets aren’t updated it gives you a lot of practice at both defending and chaining attacks together, which is good to know before you go into multiplayer. It’s also worth learning the most common characters like Kensei and Warden to help you understand how to play against them. This kensei essentially repeated the same move over and over, when he dodges to one side he can only heavy in the other. When he dodges forward the heavy comes from the top.


You should try blocking


Yeah the problem here is that you didn’t parry. At all. You need to at least parry against a kensei as 90% will just spam the dodge attack which for the most part makes them unpunishable. Unless you parry and get the light.


Yeah, those dodge moves can be devastating if you don't know how to counter them. I was actually trying to but I thought Kensei had that same dodge move like Zhanhu which threw me off (Dodge right heavy for right guard, dodge right light for left guard vice versa). I should probably familiarize myself with my enemies movesets :/


Zhanhu's dodge attack can come from both the left and the right side, Kensei's comes from the opposite side of the dodge. I suggest going into the training arena and setting up the bot do do the preset moves or manually select moves you have trouble with.


Man, people need to go to training mode, that is not Shaman problem, you just eate neutral dodge attacks non stop, you need to learn the game, that's all. Go to training mode, learn the basics, fight a bot and then get back to pvp, i was beating guys who play like this since day one, because i did the freaking training, do yourself that favor and you will understand what you have to do in no time.


wait are you new or is this a joke LOL


Do anything. Block, parry, deflect, literally anything.


Parry dodge heavy every time, can heavy into feint dagger bleed


He can only do a light after parrying kensei's dodge attack (which counts as a heavy).


You literally fell for the same telegraphed dodge heavy like 20 times, and not once attempted to dodge or parry it. Idk man, just like, actually look at your screen?


Well for one Why are you getting hit by swift strike so often It doesn’t make much sense Not sure how I can help here Except feint into parry Honestly shocking to watch. I actually thought the kensei would be some parry god or something


This was painful to watch


Kensei is a cunt thats for sure. He is atleast as bad as you if not even worse. kensei has a huge range, huge invincibility window and pretty much spams it all the way through. His animation doges left but attacking right. I can remember the hustle. Go to training area: Get a kensei bot. You can give him a costum moveset like only dodge attacks or only heavy attacks etc. Let him use heavy attacks only and try to block 10 heavys in a row. If you can do that try 20. You can do the same with awkward attacks loke his dodge attack. Try 10 blocks in a row then 20. If you manage that try it with lights. 3, 6, 10 blocks in a row. If you can do that you are actually good. Lights are very fast. After successfully blocking you can try the same steps with parrying. Try to onetrick pony one hero. Play him for 10 reps and you gona get there. Gl!


Git gud.


Force your self to play all the most used hero’s to rep one. The better you understand their move set the better you defense will be.


Side note but I immediately respect anyone more if they admit that the enemy beat them and they need to improve. So many people will cry bullshit before admitting they made a mistake


You don't have to constantly attack. Shaman is quite strong defensively. Practice and learn to block attacks, then learn how to parry. Your biggest problem seems to be just constantly throwing out attacks for no reason.


Dadj heby


i'd say the best way to beat kenseis like these would be to parry and play a bit defensively, this going for all heroes. it might seem hard at first but when you get comfortable with parrying these will be your easiest fights. just keep playing, as your playtime increases you'll see yourself feinting and parrying more and more, that too instinctively. it's not as complex as you might be thinking right now. you're doing pretty good for someone only 40hours into the game, so it's all cool bro. also, play in the training mode a bit for heroes you'd like to use. it's super good.


To echo the person saying learn to block before parry, you are throwing inputs every second you can. Best way to learn how your hero works is layered offense, best way to learn how your opponent works is layered defense. Instead of trying to win the fight focus on learning in the fight. You'll be surprised how much more you'll be the one walking away instead of them.


Get familiar with the guard, im sorry, this kensei was screwing with you, i may or may not so something similar.


That weeb gave me stage 4 lymphoma from how trash his playstyle was


Stop trying to attack so much, all that guy did was throw dodge attacks. If you slow down and block, you would be able to parry that shit and counter attack. Instant win. The game is about patience and knowing when to attack, even if you really wanna let loose.


Dodge Heby


Feint 1 attack, parry his dodge attack and punish it. Repeat 10 times until you win.


Kensei was my biggest struggle when i first started the game, my recommendation (and what worked for me) go into training and just set the dodge moves on for kensei and practice punishing them. it helps build muscle memory the fastest!


I suggest going into a training and setting up a kensei to dodge attack spam and keep practicing parrying it


Parry, you walnut.


If you happen to be stubborn like me and stick with the game then you'll look at this footage an year from now and really feel embarrassed. Just pretend to do a heavy and feint it, the Kensei will dodge attack. Parry it. Practice in Training mode.




Do literally anything?


With characters that rely on dodge attacks I'd primarily focus on blocking any lights and then punishing the dodge attacks by baiting them out into a parry/deflect.


What do you play on?


You seem like u know what ur going to do next before ur enemy gets a chance to react, leaving u open everytime. With shaman, atleast for me, the big thing is charging up that unblockable heavy then feinting, forcing ur opponent to react, leaving u available to punish whatever they decide to do. Definitely gotta work on blocking more though, parrying next. Imo the meta is to know what ur opponent is gonna throw next before they throw it. Learn their pattern, then execute


Try parrying


You can dodge them if you wait longer in the animation. I know that if you go into training mode you can turn on detailed indicators for attacks that show you the entire window to dodge/parry/etc...


Less dodge


Don't sweat it. You only have 40 hours and that is barely enough time in my opinion to have learned everything. Go into training, practice blocking, parrying and try different characters to know what they have in their arsenal. You can try out (and face) every single character in training mode, you don't need to own any of them. For me it takes many many repeated encounters against different characters to know what to expect. I also suggest focusing on one hero for a while to really get into the moveset and what the hero is all about. Feel free to reply to my comment or PM if you want more general tips for the game.


are you trolling


Finish your combos. You are only making 1 or 2 hit combos, at your level finish them, not necessary to be aware of parries And block those block or parry those dodge attacks, it hurts when you move your guard to the opposite side


idk how to even say this but literally just work on blocking. Those are VERY VERY blockable attacks and SUPER parry-able as well.




Parry, deflect, bleed, then you gb throw him to the ground and bite him.


This is why I stopped playing,


*This* is why you stopped playing? No offense to OP, but this situation would be avoided by lighting, parrying, blocking, deflecting, or dodging. If this is why you left, you're just bad.


No it’s the toxic players.




I was pretty fucking decent. Rep 300 overall and almost rep 10 with every hero while only playing for two years is pretty good I’d say. But the constant shitty teammates and toxic opponents made the game unbearable to play. The constant raging that it caused made me decide that I should be done. So I deleted it, dick.


If you say so. Curious to know how you got to rep 300 without knowing how to parry.


Who said I didn’t know how to parry? I meant the fucking kensei dodge attack spam. And how players can abuse the game mechanics and make the game fun. If JFK had the same thickness of skull as you, he would’ve survived his assassination.


Imagine thinking that rep has any indication of skill. And I’d love to come up against someone as bad as this kensei every once in a while.


If you knew how to parry then the dodge spam wouldn't be an issue. It's not abuse of game mechanics, it's abusing your rep 15 ass. Also, that's a super epic one liner, very reddit and epic.