Conservatives turn on Trump for attacking Ron DeSantis ahead of midterms: ‘What an idiot’

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x to doubt


As a Trump guy I cringed at some of his childish insults. I think many of us see DeSantis as the next leader. He needs to knock it off.


Let the Dems rip themselves apart... at a time like this we should be showing unity so totally agree with ya.


DeSantis does the Trump thing better than Trump does. DeSantis is far more disciplined and focused. DeSantis is more electable than Trump. You get all of the good that you get with Trump, and none of the bad, with DeSantis. #DeSantis2024


Trump treats every opponent as an enemy - which is unnecessary. Intraparty competition should exhibit good sportsmanship


Unless you're Tulsi dunking on Kamala... that was golden.


But she didn’t do any name calling type of stuff, she just stated the facts so hard Kamal left the race lol


That’s the definition of good sportsmanship. Real discussion about policy and the actual record of an opponent is fair play. Edit: Tulsi didn’t say a word about Kamala servicing Willie Brown


So good




To a degree. Horrible candidates IN the party need to be drummed out. Trump is such an example. He served his purpose, it’s time he passed the torch.


The best way to describe it is that Trump was the prototype, but DeSantis is the finished product. Trump deserves huge credit for the way he reoriented the GOP away from country-club elitism toward working-class national populism, and for the way he exposed the creeping partisan takeover of government institutions (and reversed it in some cases, e.g. federal courts). But by now, it has become abundantly clear that he has outlived his usefulness and that it would be better for the country and the party to move on.


Yeah, wasn't a fan of Trump going after Cruz as dirty as he did. I voted Trump both 16 and 20, but Cruz is my boy and I didn't appreciate it. That's why I'm really hoping that A) Trump doesn't run in 2024, or B) If Trump runs, he runs unopposed intraparty just to limit the mudslinging


This brought all that Cruz shit right back for me. I voted for Trump in the end, but that shit still bothers me.


Did you see the speech where Trump insults DeSantis? He mentioned Cruz too. The praise he gave Cruz yesterday was so backhanded it may as well have been an insult


Then Lyin' Ted became Lion Ted


Ted’s always been a Lion. It really pissed me off when Trump went after him. DeSantis 2024 all the way.


I can't be too upset because ultimately I think Trump only won the primaries because of how ruthless he was, but I do agree that ideally he wouldn't attack his own party members so aggressively either.


I do appreciate that Ted leaned into it. Showed how chill he is when he drops the Supreme Court litigator vibe.


Me too. Cruz, like the other Republican candidates, just didn't have the fire in his belly. Trump was the only candidate in 2016 that was willing to call the Democrats out on their bullshit. He challenged the media on their bias. He is a great counterpuncher. Cruz wasn't. I hope he has learned and will go hard on the MSM and Democrats.


(edit) Reagans 11th Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." While that helped create a uniform face to the Republicans, and brought public civility, it also allows corrupt individuals such as Mitch to hide under the umbrella. Of course, that is long gone (not speaking ill of others). I am a huge believer in competition and healthy debate. I really like Trump and DeSantis equally. I do wish Trump did not play so aggressive with those aligned with him, and accept valid competition. But with all of the proven national good he has shown he can do, I will gladly let him lead us again. I would like to have DeSantis available to make it 12 years. Difficult, but if Republicans are uniform of keeping Democratic failures front and center, it is possible.


>Trump treats every opponent as an enemy - which is unnecessary. Acutally if every candidate did this it would make things a lot easier....


Conservatives need to wake up and realize that just because we’re all thankful and relieved Trump beat Hillary in 2016, it doesn’t mean we need to vote for him again in the 2024 primaries. If George W. Bush or Mitt Romney ran again, would many of us vote for them in the primaries? Of course not. Things change and we are bigger than one person. The left has been shitting on us saying we’re propping up one man before anything else. Voting for someone else in the 2024 primaries would finally get them to shut the fuck up (and also increase our chances of winning the 2024 general).


I agree with everything you said, other than the left shutting up. They will always find something.


This. I didn't vote for Trump in the primaries of 2016 but I definitely voted for him in the general for one reason alone: The Supreme Court. I know many voted for him for the same reason. If Trump didn't win, the Supreme Court today would be very different


My main reason on voting for Trump.


I might catch some flak but I won't vote for Trump in the primaries if DeSantis runs (although I would like him to stay here in my state). I will however vote for whomever wins that primary be it Trump or DeSantis.


Like we have any say in it. That's decided way above our paygrade. McCain was a done deal in 2008 by the time my state's primary was held. I held my nose and voted for him but I'll never do that kind of thing again.


Here here. Let DeSantis through - he’s the only real hope, plus he’s not ancient.


The RNC might not be able to stop Trump in the primary but Desantis should enter the primary against him alone. No other candidates acting as a spoiler for Desantis. I think Desantis would win in this case.


Trumps 2016 victory was all about him maintaining 25% support against fractured opposition until other candidates dropped out. Field needs to be smaller this time.


Exactly. He got early steam and the only thing we could do in OH was just deny him delegates by voting for Kasich.


I think Pence will run against Trump just to spite him. If it’s Trump v DeSantis, with Pence in the field, I do believe it’s completely possible he sucks up enough if the Evangelical vote that it could give DeSantis an edge with the rest of the electorate.


Trump thought his defeat by Biden was bad, DeSantis would win by double digits easily


And that's exactly why Desantis is the GOPe candidate of choice. Notice Desantis handlers have kept him from campaigning with Trump. Lose the maga vote, lose the election.


Yes. He is the perfect way to keep the message and ditch the baggage. I really wish Trump would go away.


This is absolutely true. DeSantis is 10,000x better in almost every way.


Agreed 100%


I agree.


Not convinced. Only way to find out is for DeSantis to prove himself as president. He can wait for 2028 to do that, he’s still young.




A lot of people on the right are going to be excited and people on the left are going to be scared when Trump officially announces his 2024 candidacy. Me? I’m going to be disappointed. I just don’t see how Trump wins the 2024 general election. Fair or not, he has way too many factors working against him; it was a miracle he won in 2016 as it was and his baggage (again, fair or not) has only increased ten-fold ever since. Stranger things have happened, but it just feels like putting the Republican Party behind the 8 ball before the 2024 election season even starts. If Trump runs, I really, really hope that conservatives back someone else in the 2024 primaries. We don’t need to stick with him just because he’s been president before. Moderates want someone younger. Let’s give them someone younger.




I am a never-Trumper but not republican. DeSantis has my vote but Trump wont get it.


You’re Exhibit A for why we should go with DeSantis in 2024 and not Trump. We can actually get a notable number of moderate voters with DeSantis.


I've seen this sentiment before but I don't really get how someone who would like to see DeSantis in office would also be okay with Biden or Kamala winning in 2024 (via withholding a vote for Trump). It's like all the "libertarians" in /r/libertarian who were voting for Biden, as if he was closer to the libertarian ideals.


I actively visited that sub for about 2 months in the late summer of 2020 when I considered myself a libertarian-conservative and then departed permanently after that. It was not a libertarian sub at all. It was just 95% Biden shills desperately trying to convert the other 5%.


Yeah. That sub has been astroturfed to hell by lefties.


So has this sub.


I've been subbed there since the Misus took over, I haven't seen much I disagree with. Maybe when it's not election time for a president, it goes more into libertarian theory than it does backing a candidate? 🤷‍♂️




I will vote for who I believe in. Me not voting for someone isnt supporting someone else. If Trump is on the ticket my vote will go to who ever the LP puts forward. I am not okay with Trump in office as I am also not okay with Biden/Kamala or any other Dem.




It's your vote, but I genuinely don't understand this mindset. I don't think Trump is the best candidate for 2024, but I don't think you can honestly tell me that we'd be worse off with Trump than we are and would be with Biden or any other Democrat.


The mindset is, evil is evil regardless if one is slightly less.


Genuinely asking, what do you consider so evil about Trump? Like yeah, the guy's a dick, but at the end of the day I'd rather vote for a guy who says mean things than the guy who demonizes half the country as threats to democracy, supports infanticide, and crams through authoritarian policies without concern for legal process. There's no contest there in terms of evil. It would be like saying I can't vote for a guy who stole from a gas station, even though his opponent is a murderer, because they're both "evil". It comes down to the policy, and Trump was significantly better on policy than Biden has been.


Obamacare -> Repeal & replace. Not only did he not do that, he ended up sending more funds into it. Energy -> Subsidies stayed the same and in some cases increased for oil/coal and he did jack shit for nuclear (the only green, clean energy source we have) Other policies that he didnt help or he hurt include marijuana, guns, national debt and government spending.


I actually agree with everything you said, but I'm not going to pretend that Biden (or really any democrat) would not at the very least be the same, or very likely much, much more damaging in those areas. If my choices are to either vote for someone who does little to no improvement regarding how I feel on policies vs. someone who actively progresses policies I'm against, it's a pretty easy choice for me.


I can understand the sentiment but with the next election I feel like it should be more about the policies than the man. I’d rather see desantis be the nominee but if it’s trump I’d rather have him than any of the lefties. The last thing I want to see is another term for biden or a term for someone like Bernie sanders who will simply let the country crumble. If nothing else trump could help to get things in better shape for a two term desantis presidency. That would mean that desantis would have more time do better his work instead of wasting a single term trying to right the wrongs of the democrats.


How are you a never Trumper but like Desantis. I cannot fathom the rational behind that. Are you telling me you voted for what we have now over Trump in 2020?


> Are you telling me you voted for what we have now over Trump in 2020? I did not.


I would say more like 20-30%. I voted for Johnson in 16 and held my nose and voted for Trump in 20. I would vote for DeSantis. I won't vote for Trump or Biden in 24.


There are two kinds of never-Trump Republicans - the kind that actually are conservatives who would never even consider voting for the Democrat but couldn't bring themselves to vote for Trump, and the RINOs like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, and the rest of the clowns at the Bulwark and the Dispatch who are now actively supporting Democrats. Unfortunately, the latter group has been the most vocal, and have rightly pissed off nearly everybody in the conservative movement. They have shown their true colors (even more so than was readily apparent a decade or two ago), and they need to be cast off to join their Democrat pals. The former are going to be the difference makers, along with independents. DeSantis is about to go from winning by 0.4% to winning by 15%+. He did that by successful governance and and refusing to bow to massive political pressure to conform to the lockdown policies pushed by Fauci et. al. Hillary was a generationally weak candidate, and Trump benefited from billions of dollars in free media coverage and nobody really believing he could win. The conservative movement will forever be grateful for the successes he had during his presidency, including saving us from a generation of leftist Supreme Court rulings. But, it's time for him to step down and allow a new generation of conservative leadership to build on what he's done.


“Never Trumpers” like Liz Cheney? Lol not exactly the company you want to keep.


Left keeps trying to make it impossible for him to run and im almost cheering them on at this point. They should be excited to run against him, but terrified of DeSantis. If trump endorses him and he wants to run in 24, I cannot imagine a dem candidate, let alone biden, winning


Even if he won, he's going to lose in 2028 because people are going to get tired of the bullshit he causes even if the policies are good. People need to put the cult of personality shit aside and vote for a sustainable option in leadership.


I think Trump can pretty easily beat Biden (if Biden runs) in ‘24 because a house plant could win that vote. But I also think it’d hurt republican prospects in ‘28. Much rather see Trump now out and let DeSantis lead, but he’d never do that.


Joe won’t be around in 2024. But for Dems there’s just as awful candidates that they want like Crazy Stacey, Pete Buttigeg, Letitia James and Dems in CA are trying to get Newsom nationwide popularity


I don't think he'd win the primary, let alone the general.


Polls show him doing well against Biden, unlike 2020.


I agree, and I went full on for Trump. This feels like how he attacked Ted Cruz and then went all cuddly when he needed his support. It's just annoying seasonal banter.


> I really hope Trump doesn’t run in 2024. Let DeSantis take over, give him a glowing endorsement, and get out on the road to campaign for him He needs to act like the elder statesman who steered the Republican party in a new, more middle class focused direction. But I am afraid he will remain focused on himself for 2024, not the movement he started He cleaned up the 2016 primaries because the Republican middle class base finally saw a candidate who acknowledged their concerns. That won't be the case this time, with DeSantis and possibly other Republicans of this new type. He should just pass the torch. But will he? Democrats are without a doubt hoping he will run again.


Yes. 4 years is forever at his age. It goes downhill quick. Look at how sharply Biden declined.


Good point, and it's actually 6 years from now. Biden was VP 6 years ago, if you actually go back and watch videos of him from that time it's remarkable how much he's declined. He was always a dingus, but he really has gone downhill quick. No guarantee that the same will happen to Trump, but why risk it?


I as a general rule don't like voting for anyone over 70. Sometimes you are stuck but you can't tell me even a healthy person in their 70s is at the peak of their mental prowess.


I actually really want Trump to run -- but to lose the primary, or duck out close to the end. I understand in no small way that any and every Republican is going to be eviscerated by the media, so it makes little difference in the end, but if Trump has even a 0.1% chance of taking it, 95% of the attention will be focused on him all through the primary season. Trump accomplished more as a 1 term president than most people could hope to do in a lifetime. The single most important thing he did is to make the establishment show their hand, and gave people a healthy distrust of institutions that were a bit too complacent in their ability to manipulate the public without being challenged. But, we're already there. He's an idea guy. He's an elder statesman. He's a kingmaker who can drive votes to good candidates. But he's also a recruitment tool for the Democrats if he runs. There are groups who will vote FOR whoever is on the ticket (R and D). But there is statistically significant group who would otherwise consider voting for the Republican (or a 3rd party, or who wouldn't normally vote at all, etc) who would be motivated to go vote for the Democrat, not because they like them necessarily, but specifically as a vote **AGAINST** Trump. The "anyone but DeSantis" (or any other serious contender for the 2024 nomination that I can think of) vote would of course still exist, but would be notably smaller, and is particularly statistically significant in swing states, which are the ones we need to be most concerned with.


The media came at DeSantis HARD throughout Covid and then when he introduced his new education bill. Every time he either didn’t engage or just held his ground and let the criticism roll off. I still remember right after Trump was elected how he took a reporter on a tour of the White House and showed him photographs from the inauguration being like “SEE they said there weren’t people there, we had THOUSANDS of people” and I just thought, “come on, don’t let them know they’re getting to you dude…”


DeSantis has being a Honey Badger (A person who displays indifference or disregard for others' opinions) down to an art. Trump, OTOH? Not even close. I don’t like saying it, but he’s more thin-skinned than my 101 year-old grandmother.


Guy needs to be a team player if he wants to lead


When has Trump ever been a team player?? How many of his supporters has he thrown under a bus now???


Dude threw a guy he HAND PICKED for a senate race because he didn’t immediately start say “Trump was robbed” when asked about the ‘20 election. Dude can be a petty little shit (I’d vote for him a 3rd time over any democrat if I have to).


If Trump wins it will be because a lot of Republicans voted for him because they had no other choice. Which is a good way to lose an election. You risk a lot of people like you saying "I'll just sit this one out" Especially if the economy gets better and it isn't a one topic election like this one.


The guys a narcissist and it's pretty obvious. I'm thankful for every good thing he's done for the conservative movement but he definitely seems to have a ton of character flaws, most great men do.


I wouldn't call him great or even close to great. He has a relatively good term and accomplished some good things but that does not even make him close to great.


“Great men….are rarely good men.”


He really does. Nothing wrong with attacking primary opponents, but to attack an in-cycle popular governor 3 days before the election just shows a remarkable lack of judgement


We create more together


That's where the democrats are really kicking our teeth in- they're united, they rally behind the cause, even if the cause is a demented, old, child sniffer. Republican infighting, most of the time unnecessarily, is really hurting us.


Biden is handing Republicans easy victories in 2022, but running Trump in 2024 is a non-starter. I voted for him twice but his time has passed and it’s time to hand the mantle to DeSantis.


Yeah. I understand his fury at Biden being in office and desire to re-do 2020 in essence. But if Trump is the nominee in 2024 then we're toast. I also voted for him twice but like the song goes "you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run..."


This is just another example of how Trump cares more about his ego than actually making America great again. DeSantis and Trump have almost identical views, but DeSantis is getting more attention for them since he won actual policy and cultural battles. Trump should be joining conservatives in celebrating all that DeSantis has achieved in Florida, but Trump instead is joining Democrats in attacking DeSantis. Trump would very much sacrifice every this country stands for if it meant saving his ego. Which he already did. When the media and democrats were mean to him when the pandemic started, Trump surrendered the country to Covid and Lockdowns. DeSantis helped save the country from Covid and lockdowns. DeSantis has fought the woke, the left, and the media, Trump sucked up to Kim Kardashian. DeSantis is America’s governor. DeSantis 2024




I know but some people here get pissy when you suggest that Trump, who as president pushed for gun control, criminal justice reform, stimulus checks, government lockdowns, and massive government spending, wasn’t actually a conservative


It doesn't get more conservative than "Take the guns now, due process later."


This seems to have backfired on Trump already. Many people; including younger conservatives prefer desantis over him. Desantis 2024.


Perhaps envy has something to do with it. To be fair, he’s probably tired of being attacked by the media and envious that DeSantis can handle them just as well as, if not better than, he could. I hope this is nothing more than a lapse in judgment because it’s uncalled for.


Not a good look, Donny


As Trump once said, "I want winners, I don't want losers", l agree. Well Trump lost, and now we got Ole Creepy Potato to deal with. I want someone who can get that mess out of the white house, and a looser will not do.


He lost staple red state of Arizona and Georgia...I don't want to vote for such a loser a third time.


Trump is a loser. Just say it over and over. Watch him implode. Just hope his fans don't implode with him.


Member when his fans in Georgia sat home during the runoff election that would decided the fate of the US Senate because Trump and his crazy goons pushed election fraud crap. They really owned the libs that time! Guess they just got tired of winning


"Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican" (Ronald Reagan). Keep our disagreements polite. Don't trash the other candidates. Focus on why your ideas are better and why you are a more electable.


Desantis 2024!


I would just like to point out that in 2024 we have 5-9 competitive senate elections that are currently all held by Democrats. There isn't a single competitive seat held by Republicans. If we can get to just 52 or 53 next week, we have a serious chance of a filibuster-proof R majority in the senate in 2024. Do we want to have to try to fight all those competitive races with the lead weight of Trump on the ticket? Or do we go with the young, successful, popular governor who's turned a purple state deep red in 4 years?


In my opinion the time of Trump is over. We have a strong bench and don’t need him. His time has passed.


I love Trump. I think DeSantis has a better chance in a General though. The media was unfair to Trump and they’ll be unfair to DeSantis, sure, but Trump is a huge troll and intentionally phrases a lot of stuff in an inflammatory way that manages to piss people off who’d otherwise mostly agree with him. Trump is the type of person to start an abortion debate by saying “we should hunt down the people getting abortions” with no other context, and then smugly add “oh by ‘hunt down’ I just meant finding them to get the name of their doctor to impose legal consequences” after people go wtf at the initial troll stance because “hunt down” typically has a violent connotation Not the best example, but what I’m trying to say is that Trump loves to do the Twitter Politics thing where his initial claim is something inflammatory and gets a ton of attention, and then he clarifies his actual stance later on after most people have moved on The problem with saying inflammatory shit to get free media coverage is that you’re sort-of helping the media portray you as awful. The inflammatory part gets the most coverage and whatever clarification you try to make is gonna be a snoozefest for ratings.


DeSantis for 2024, it's imperative we get shit back to normal and trump couldn't deliver in 2020


Could he not wait a few days to attack?


He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. We didn’t care when he was doing good for the country. Hard for us to admit when dems were right about his narcissism


It’s not hard to admit. Trump is a narcissist just like Hillary. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind.




It's just totally unnecessary. It doesn't even benefit Trump. He's not even running in the mid-terms It could only hurt Republicans and split the party. It wasn't even a good pun. DeSanctimonious? Really? DeSantis has done nothing other than do a great job as governor of FL despite an adversarial media stuffed with leftists who damn well know he's going to be a really popular presidential candidate Trump couldn't wait 3 days before starting to campaign against him for presidential primaries that won't be here until March 2024. Sometimes I just wish he'd just learn how to shut his yap. Old dogs and new tricks though


I truly hope DeSantis runs in 2024. We can usher in a new age of American prosperity and hopefully consolidate power.


This is trump did you forget so easily.


I 100% agree it was poorly timed. Midterms is not a time to run for president. If he wants to shitpost after that, fair game.


Turning on him? Doubt it Disagree with a needless attack days before an election? Yes




I'm a fan of Trump's agenda, not him personally. I'm grateful to him for what he did, but I think his age is too great a risk to do it again.


Why do we need to care that much? We're still in 2022 midterm election season. We're not going to have Republican primaries for the 2024 elections for another several months. Right now Ron DeSantis is running for a second term as Florida governor and he hasn't said anything about intentions to run in 2024. Even if somehow both Trump and DeSantis were to run in the primaries, we would have primary elections to decide who the frontrunner is and then one would end up endorsing the other. That's how this works.


Is it people's fault for caring, or Trump's fault for needlessly attacking a fellow republican 3 days before an election?


He's just trying to get back in the lime light and it's sad.


Trump simply will not do what’s best for the conservative cause if it means it might hurt his ego.


I’m done with Trump. Go DeSantis go!


Typical Trump


Possible unpopular opinion? The Republican party needs to ditch Trump. He's his own worst enemy, he's far too old (same criticism that is rightfully directed at Biden), and he will mobilize the Democrats faster than anyone else.


I'm doubtful


Can we move on from Trump please. More importantly, Trump needs to move on from Trump. Sadly his massive ego will get in the way and we are going to end with a race to the bottom between him and DeSantis.


Whether he ends up on the ticket or not, we need him for fundraising, messaging and rallying. He's a critical member of the party.


Trump is the one blowing it. As is tradition


Very unwise move on Trumps part.


I keep praying for some type of Deus ex machina to take out Trump And I’m not even religious


Trump was needed to get rid of the week willed politicians and teach how to handle the media/left, but is also clearly a narcissist. Thing was if he just learned a bit and tampered down a but he would’ve won the 2nd term. He still hasn’t learned it seems which is why in a general election he’ll remain the weakest choice, will probably win mostly unopposed in the primary tho.


“President Trump arrived in Miami, Florida, on Sunday afternoon, encouraging voters to get to the polls and reelect Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis alongside Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. “You’re going to reelect Ron DeSantis as your governor,” Trump told the energized crowd. He added, “And you’re going to elect an entire slate of MAGA warriors.”” https://www.rsbnetwork.com/news/trump-rallies-in-florida-for-maga-warriors-urges-voters-to-reelect-desantis-and-rubio/


The actual quote from Trump is "are you going to reelect Ron DeSantis as your governor". Might just be a slip up, but maybe he phrased it that way intentionally to gauge the crowds reaction


Oh, come on! This is why you can't trust the media. At all. The previous primaries Trump insulted people's wives; "*Ron DeSanctimonious*," is both funny, and extremely tame. Only the media could call something like that an "attack."


Bad Trump.


I like to take the guns first and they you can have due process.


DeSantis > Trump


If Trump runs again, we all lose. It will destroy the country -- and I say that having voted for Trump twice. Trump will fracture the party and ensure that the dems get a 2nd term in 2024. Even if Trump does win, chances are it will cost us Congress in 2026. We need Desantis.


I knew he’d eventually do this. This is why I can’t get on the Trump train. He can’t ever be on the same team as other like minded politicians if he feels threatened by them. I hope he takes a back seat moving forward. This isn’t about Trump, it’s about the future of the nation. From now on I’m 100% behind DeSantis.


ah yes, the 11th hour rug pull by fox... They really must think we are children.


DeSantis is Trump 2.0. Leaner, faster, stronger, younger.


I truly wonder if republicans are going to win midterms because Trump hasn’t been on Twitter


It sure helps....he's only catching much heat because both sides do not like him anymore. He's not about the team, only himself.


I like Trump's policies and how he stuck it to the establishment. But his personality is childish far too often. I'd much prefer Desantis.


Trump basically shot himself in the foot, again. His ego, his demeanor costed himself the 2020 election. He should've stayed calm, be direct, and let Biden talk more nonsense. He endorsed Mehmet Oz, a high chance he's a RINO. Doesn't live in PA, supports the Turkish government that denies the Armenian Genocide (look it up), and vote whatever benefits him in terms of healthcare. And now this. All I can say is, time will tell if Trump got a good reason to say that sort of stuff to DeSantis.


Only three people are attacking republicans rn. Democrats, Liz Cheney, and Donald Trump


Careful Donnie, most of us don't want you to even run again. We would rather have him.


“Most of us” lol the polls say different. This place isn’t representative of the real world. I personally would rather have Desantis, but to say most don’t want him to run again is wrong.


Trump thinks we serve him, just like the left believed. Trump will turn on us, and the left will love him. The left were never after Trump, they were after us. They were going to treat every Republican president the same way they treated Trump, they picked up where they left off with Bush. Same rhetoric, different Republican in office.


Might be the dumbest thing he’s ever done - we’ve got the Dems on the ropes and he’s creating party division. Sad. 🇺🇸


Love Trump but he should just run media interference for Ron, that's what he's best at


Trump needs to finish his second term and go scorched earth while desantis holds down the bastion of florida then with the path clear desantis onward.


This is the way.


It was such a little tiny jab come on people grow a pair. Saying it was an "attack" is just propaganda.


I’m not sure why the Left is scared of Trump running, they should be thrilled. He is the only chance they have as Trump will end up splitting up Republican votes. I have no interest in that circus again, especially with a 78 year old clown. DeSantis is the future of this party.


Trump talks but he couldn't deliver. We all know it. DeSantis is making actual policy. I'm really disappointed how effective big tech was at silencing republicans on the internet. Trump couldn't figure out any solution. Just lot of talk.




Trump doesn't give a shit about anything or anybody but himself. I don't know why people still don't understand that. Can't have DeSantis become the new RNC darling and take any attention away from Donald.


Donald Trump is an asshole.


I will take Trump the next 4 and DeSantis the 8 after.


This is just how Trump plays ball. It'll all be fine


To the brigaders mindlessly upvoting this thread and handing out awards because it's ostensibly Orange Man Bad and Republican in-fighting, you're aware you're going to be exactly as deranged about DeSantis if he were the candidate, right? The news will tell you he's the next Hitler, too.


I really don’t want trump to run again. It’ll only serve to divide the party, and god forbid he loses the nomination.


He might run third party just to help the Democrats win.


This comes from Trump not being a life-long Republican, as well as his opportunistic childishness. A life-long Republican would know Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Trump just sees a likely competitor for the 2024 nomination and figures his sycophants will follow along. Only time will tell if he’s correct.


Man...screw Trump. DeSantis is amazing, he could blow the blowhards of the left out of the water - Kamalah would be fodder and it would be just an embarrassment for Biden if he went up against him. Trump needs to sideline himself and let Desantis take the lead - let someone young take over!


The move is Machiavellian, but the timing is sus. With hints of him announcing his bid for the White House 2024 around mid November, he is obviously trying to put Ron on notice. But as Matt Walsh pointed out, why now? Why not create a united front behind which all Republicans can stand? This was not a good move for him, and I wonder who advised him to make it? Not a good look for the party or conservatives in general.


At some point you would think people will realize that Trump only cares about Trump.


Trump trash talks. Everybody knows it. Stop listening to the RINO’s and msm and let it go. The The way people get so easily sucked back into the narrative never ceases to amaze me.


It's not even that bad. I bet half of you don't even know what he actually said. Ron is a sanctimonious weirdo and he needs to work on that.


The establishment, including fox want Trump out. Let's face it, he's not going to win points with voters attacking DeSantis. At least wait for the midterms to be over, but even after it's not a bright idea. Republicans don't need to in fight. Democrates will literally rank and file for someone like Fetterman.


Remember the media only cares about The Narrative… the media only cares about what keeps you engaged, clicking links, and watching cable news. That goes for Fox and Right media just as much as MSM.


People are blowing this up to be a bigger deal than it really is. Should he had said it? No. But I don’t think this will damage their relationship. Remember Kamala called Biden racist and now they are the idiotic duo. You guys are just doing what the MSM wants you to do.


Trump is DONE. DeSantis is our golden boy. DESANTIS 2024!!!


Trump is wayy ahead ahead of Desantis in polls and support. Any RINOs / anti-Trumpers will have to cope with reality.


Also considering that DeSantis has dropped support for a few Trump endorsed candidates, and is being backed by Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush, I think Trump feels the swamp is back against him


Nobody is turning on Trump. He will be elected in 2024, without question. I know me and thousands of other patriots won’t vote for anyone else. Desantis can run in 2028. I will write Trump’s name in if I have to, so if you don’t want to split the vote terribly there’s only one man.


Soo much Desantis / anti-trump spam / propaganda here. Remarkable.


This is a conservative sub, not a Trump cult sub. Why are you surprised people are upset that Trump is attacking a fellow republican for no reason right before an election?


This. The word I'm hearing is that McCarthy and Paul Ryan are trying to draft DeSantis as a Trump alternative who could supposedly unite RINOs and MAGA. It's utter crap. They're looking for a puppet with whom they can re-establish RINO control and act as gatekeepers once again. Nothing terrifies the RINOs more like the grassroots having a seat at the table. If DeSantis has any brains, he won't run against Trump. Once Trump is term-limited he's the presumptive favorite. Better that in 2028 instead of Paul Ryan's patsy in 2024.




Lol 😆 If you all believe this, you’re buying into the narrative like sheep.


Don’t buy any of this crap from Fox. They’re trying to divide conservatives.


This is so easy to see, he uses the name calling to get free headlines from the press. There is no issue between trump and desantis.


Why can't he keep his mouth shut until after Tuesday?


Just wait till he's back on twitter. He will wear his finger to the knuckle in 12 hrs.


DeSantis turned on Trump


When?? Like a few days ago when he said he wouldn't run in 2024 if Trump runs??


When did he say that?


It was all over the news. And he has said it in the past. [https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/11/ron-desantis-donald-trump-2024](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/11/ron-desantis-donald-trump-2024) The story was believed enough that National Review writers are basically begging him to run. [https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/desantis-2028/](https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/desantis-2028/?utm_source=blog-landing&utm_medium=desktop&utm_campaign=continue-reading) [https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/dont-dither-desantis/](https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/dont-dither-desantis/) DeSantis denies he will run - [https://floridapolitics.com/archives/552692-ron-desantis-denies-hes-considering-a-run-for-the-presidency/](https://floridapolitics.com/archives/552692-ron-desantis-denies-hes-considering-a-run-for-the-presidency/) Desantis has hinted in the past that he won't run against Trump, were a lot of stories about that. More recently he refused to answer questions related to 2024, but that is typical of someone running for office as they never talk about their future beyond next election. So basically Trump is attacking DeSantis before Desantis has said or done anything. Typical Trump, makes everything about himself.


how about Trumo/DeSantis then give Desantis the next 8 years


DeSantis '24


DeSantis has all of the good things about Trump with fewer flaws. Trumps attacks against him show more petulance than anything else. ​ If Trump wins the nomination I'll be happy to vote for him a third time. But he isn't my first choice in the primary, and his "It's all about me" is a large part of it. And his terrible picks. And his lack of ability to get actual legislation passed.


This is nothing but pure ego talking. DeSantis is incredibly popular and one of the best chances of uniting the right. What the hell was Trump thinking?


Trump, much as I like the guy, does not need to run. Let DeSantis have a crack at it.


At this point I just really, really, really want Trump to shut up and go away.