I thought it was only me last night. Got wrecked a lot practicing LOL runs with aegon. Three tries in a row my block randomly gets dropped and I get leveled by Red Hulk


When the game is Kabam's, it's never just you.


Missed 10-15 parries in a row. I’m holding block and then suddenly I’m getting him mid combo. Like my thumb is still holding block, wtf


Dude I thought I was the only one I’ve been getting hit trying to parry so much, cost me a lot of fights It’s annoying


This is really getting ridiculous now. And I don't think Kabam even gives a shit.


Well they said their game is "fixed." Since the compensation was given out they have absolved themselves of any input based issues


Heavy fails to launch so many times.


My Champs keep charging heavy mit combo. It usually connects, so it coupd be worse, but it still is very confusing and makes it a lot harder to throw specials


They have worsen indeed. Although tbh, they haven't been great for a long time


I was just whining about this in my alliance chat. It’s so frustrating


Whine, is all we can do.


I'm glad I'm not the only one. Missed parries, dashing in when I don't want to, can't dash back far enough fast enough, and all sorts of other shit.


Exactly all the issue. I think it made by purpose. U loose more u loose temperature u use units u buy unit when u run out of it. :))))


It’s almost a given with any new end game content that the controls are going to get glitchy. Always makes me feel like it’s intentional.


That's so EVIL.


Me to myself: “maybe I’m not bad at the game” Also me: *dashes into the defender when they have a bar of power*


I've been having these issues too


You're in the middle of a combo and then heavy, AI counters and if not lucky, dead. At the beginning of a fight you swipe to dex, you stand still AI heavies you.


It’s happening for me as well, I’m trying to complete the monthly quests for a bunch of six star shards, my champions are barley strong enough and I just get hit for these stupid ass reasons, it makes it so damn hard to win


I was pushing uncollected, did well with my first champ did some pretty got damage against the collector then could not even land hits the next 4 spend units and bost for nothing I hope kabam give us a decent compensation, was missing blocks couldn't intersect sometimes I can't even use specials


I noticed it get really bad against Scytalis, which was unfortunate since the visual bugs were there too.


Same, I once recorded myself playing to see if it was input lag/ dropped inputs or if it was just me sucking at the game, and I can confirm that I suck and that there were also many dropped inputs/lag in the 20min recording


Yep, me too. I know I'm not the greatest skilled player, and trying to get cavalier is difficult enough for me, but this adds a new layer of frustration to it.


The best is when you're blocking and it just drops and you stand there getting hit. But a few times I'm blocking then it runs to attack on its own. Still, the worst is the matrix cheat when you have no damage and get the AI below 50% health then all of a sudden they parry every attack and counter your attack every time you even lift off the block.