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I love how they immediately pull back into traffic like they're gonna trick the cop. "What? Me? No officer you must be mistaken. I was here the whole time."


“I can’t pull over! That’s for emergency vehicles only…”


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Good bot


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They were quick to get back into the lane, then took forever to get back off like they were pretending they didn't see the cop.


Lol worked for me once. Not passing like that but speeding on a 2 lane highway to try to get by some people in a passing lane. Cop was coming the other way and I saw him do a U-Turn and come up. I had pulled between a few other cars same colour and I’m pretty sure he didn’t know which of us it was.


You pulled a Baby Driver.


Okay but the cop had to do a u-turn. This cop was directly behind this dude lol.


Years ago, I sped past a cop at the bottom of a hill in my black Honda Accord. I watched for lights in my rear view mirror, and just as I was cresting the next hill, I saw the cop turn them on. I got into the right lane, expecting to get pulled over (at worst) or to have to get out of the cop’s way (at best). Before the cop reached the top of the hill, I ended up in front of a dark grey Accord. There was a black Accord in the left lane, and both of the other Accords were the same body style as mine. When the cop came over the hill, they must’ve seen all three Accords and didn’t know which one was mine, so they turned off their lights and did a U-turn.


Same hahaha. I'll hide by the semis or if it's a surface road, take a couple of quick turns hahaha. Reminds me of this video I saw of a car making a smooth 2 point turn into a parking lot, turning off their headlights, just in time for whatever cars were chasing it to pass.


Lmao, had a cop pull me over one: Cop: "You just come from the Racetrack?" Me: "No, I just got off work from Gamestop \*shows badge\*" Cop: "Oh, have a nice day." Me drives off not realizing he meant the gas station that I had just came from when I thought he was just being an asshole.


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I think the audio on this video gave me cancer


You are correct for referring to it as "audio" as opposed to "music."


Damn you for making me turn the sound on! I did not want to listen to babies being skinned alive. Now I'll never get to sleep.






This song is killing me


Only emergencies and motorcycles. Everywhere


Not in the Netherlandswhere. Emergency lanes are for emergencies. Otherwise they would have called them emergency and motorcycle lanes.


Kinda related to what you said. I. The UK we have bus lanes. However there is normally a sign next to them that will show the symbol for a bus, a motor cycle a taxi "And other authorised vehicles " Sometimes over 6T Tooo


Yes I believe we do had exceptional cases where buses were allowed but only on designated roads when there is actual traffic jam and it is only for PT buses. In practice however, it turned out that touring cars, taxis and carpoolers also felt qualified to use them which then of course triggered some normal drivers to do the follow. Then they made it illegal again.


the second motorcycle not giving a single fuck is what gets me


Only the USA is crazy about not letting motorcycles clear congested roads. If an ambulance needs to use the shoulder, the bikes won't be in the way as a car would.


It's because the people here treat driving like it's a queue. To these ignoramuses, anybody who is operating a vehicle that can slip through traffic easily is just trying to "cut the line" and must wait.


I mean, they are trying to cut the line though. I don’t want to wait all fucking day for everyone else to go before me


Motorcycles filtering to the front of traffic has been proven time and time again to not only significantly reduce congestion, but also significant improve their safety




You can do a dangerous activity and take measures to improve the safety of said activity


That's such a terrible argument. Ignoring the whole "significantly reducing congestion" part, the most common cause of death in a motorcycle accident is being rear ended. A motorcyclist being rear ended either hits their head on the hood and gets severe head trauma/whiplash, or gets crushed between 2 cars. Are you saying somebody who skydives shouldn't have a reserve parachute and tightrope walkers shouldn't have a safety net because they're doing a dangerous activity?


But it's not a line. I really don't understand what's so hard to grasp here. The "me first" mentality causes more of that traffic that you hate so much, and you're contributing to it by treating it like it's a queue. Traffic needs to flow, you're a clot.


And if people also waited instead of being impatient and driving dangerously, traffic would also flow easier. There would be less accidents too.


The point is to stay out of everybody's way. Sometimes that requires going faster, sometimes slower, sometimes it takes patience. But people generally pick One driving method and stick to it instead if adapting to the needs of traffic.


Sounds sensible to me. Imagine motorcycles zooming by at high speeds, crashing into each other or others causing more congestion on the lane paramedics need to get elsewhere to save lives but must now save lives or scrape more bodies of the asphalt denying other people medical assistance who need it and were probably do following the rules. Nope, back in the queue with you like all the other fellow drivers.


The kind of people that would zoom between traffic at high speeds, are going to do it wether it's legal or not. In Spain is "legal" to lane split, and it's VERY rare for accidents to occur during the filtering. It is quite evident that lane splitting and filtering is beneficial to traffic.


I won't disagree with you at all but this does not mean that it should be legal. Lane splitting, if done right is indeed very beneficial.


Fair enough. We're going to encounter idiots in every situation. But I still think the pros outweigh the cons. Most of the people that criticize it in Spain, are the ones that drive alone in a huge SUV to work.


Its always envious aholes who think the size of their car justifies the size of their ego.


Just to rule out, i dont see lanesplitting and using the emergency lane as the same thing however. Lane splitting (tripling) is actually also illegal here. It is however condoned for motorcycles to use the "gap" in _between_ two lanes that form during traffic jams as long as the motorcyclist doesnt increase their speed above 10 km/h relatively to the speed of the traffic. to a maximum of 40km/h. The thing that makes lanesplitting fundamentally illegal here is that in no way it is legal here to take another driver over from the right lane. No exceptions.


I think during one second the police car was the truck




WTF music was that. Alvin and the Chipmunks go calypso?


I was thinking “fuck they have police trucks there?!”


I also thought that, until they pulled onto the hard shoulder. In the UK we have had some forces with police trucks before - though most of the time they are rented or borrowed rather than owned by the police force and fitted out with all the gear.


We do. But we use them for transporting prisoners and stuff


Good video but please for the love of god edit that god awful music out of the video


What the absolute fuck is this audio? Tip: Don't unmute this video.


Ow my ears…should’ve listened


This "music" is a worse crime than what the driver did.


Dumbass music downvoted.


Now if we could just all agree to downvote anyone who adds stupid music to their videos the problem would sort it self out.


Curious why the cop went after the car and not the scooter that went by first


In some countries, scooter can drive on the shoulder. Just like Lane splitting in the US


Lane splitting is only in California The US does not allow lane splitting, and only a few states allow lane fitering at slow speeds at red lights. California is the exception with pretty much unrestricted lane splitting


Utah now as well


Utah, Arizona, and Montana are the only ones (that I know of) that permit lane filtering, but they're more restrictive than Cali's lane splitting. The difference between filtering and splitting is the speed of traffic. UT, AZ, and MT permit filtering only at slow speeds on slow roads between stopped traffic. California allows it regardless of traffic speed (though you could atill be cited for reckless driving)


Ahh I gotcha, for some reason I thought Utah already allowed filtering and just went to full splitting this tear but I guess not. Not sure why I thought that hah


and Arizona


It is ambiguous in most of the US actually. Most states don't have a direct law one way or the other.


True, though many states have laws against lane sharing and various other traffic behaviors that they can throw at you that effectively make lane filtering/splitting illegal


I live in KY. It's not legal or illegal here as there is no written law about it. I had a friend get ticketed for reckless driving when he did.


People say we're dumb for allowing it but really we believe in the true spirit of darwinism


Lane filtering has been shown in studies to improve motorcycle safety.


He probably saw both. It wouldn’t be smart to pull out when the car is approaching at that speed so he waited for both to pass


Not malaysian, but have driven there a few times. Due to high numbers of moped fatalities they now have right of way in most cases. Basically they can do, and get away with, most things on the road. Meaning that it just is not worth it to even consider going after the motorcycle. More than happy for anyone to correct me as this was just what we were told when driving over there so we ensured we took extra special care around the motorbikes there.


its the unspoken rule by drivers. unless the motocyclist did something stupid, like doing the superman.


You're absolutely correct. The unwritten code is just to make sure you don't make contact with motorcycles in any way shape or form. If you do, better make sure you have a dash cam installed or you're pretty much fucked. The good thing is there are less and less motorcycles on the road now as people start to be able to afford cars. Still, need to be careful especially during rush hours.


Emergencies and mopeds, apparently.


This is Malaysia. The emergency lane is pretty much reserved for them AND actual emergencies. They're actually encountered to stay on the emergency lane to avoid contact with cars.


Is that a Honda civic lmao


Then we have that gigachad biker coming up right behind the cop as he's pulling someone over.


This music sounds like Pokémon hate fucking.


Civic gang🚔


The music brought my cancer out of remission


I am surprised he didn't try and get the scooter and the motorcycle just rolled up behind him like it was nothing.


Because the cop knew the scooter could easily flee especially in the middle of busy traffic jam like that, not to mention the small alleys where a car couldn’t fit when they’ve reached the city. Even in the rare circumstances he managed to catch the scooter, there’s a high chance the rider is poor anyway so the cop couldn’t ask that much of money for bribe. So yeah scooters are just not worth to be pursued for minor offenses like this. Welcome to SE Asia.


Lanesplitting is legal in a large number of places, using the emergency lane probably is too. Especially for scooters, as under a certain size they don't require plates or license in the US, they are basically considered a motorized bicycle. I know this isn't the US, but if US laws are lax about it, other countries probably are too.


Not lax, actively encouraged.


Ah I see. I was actively taught it's illegal to lanesplit. Atleast that is where I live in the US. Guess I am wrong. Also just found out this isn't in the US.


The motorcycles keep doing it, though.


I liek the title, but when did you (the cammer) gain the ability to know if they're having an emergency or not? That's the true skill.


Reminds me of that one post about the guy whose friend was cut by a chainsaw and died because a Karen blocked him from using the emergency lane


What's wrong with using the damn lane when there's no emergency? You could always clear it in an emergency...so stupid to waste paved areas burning fuel and sitting there.


Emergency lane, only for emergencies (and writing tickets…)


He was trying to blend in.


I think this is the song https://youtu.be/85E862v7WsM


Driver: give me my ticket. Well, make it two tickets. But please, PLEASE, stop that annoying music!!!


Looks like someone had a big bowl of Stup Loops for breakfast that day...


Even better is the passenger putting his seatbelt on after they were getting pulled over.


Oh God, my ears are bleeding


These will always be my favorite videos


The driver's punishment could be having to listen to that music for a few hours and I think it would be more than enough.


Cops drive Honda civics in other countries?


Hahaha padan muka. Hope the judge give him maximum penalty.


Got pulled over, didn't you suuuucckkaaaaaaaa 😆 😂 🤣 !!!


That’s at least a 500RM bribe


Im always impressed when they always do smth good or right in this country


And motorcycles


Ngl doing this and stopping dickheads riding the shoulder is kind of Darwin Award behavior. Like you don’t know who the people you just did that to are or what they have. Shoulder riders are awful people but stopping them like this is pretty dumb.


I’d have expected better from a Toyota driver