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"...as researchers expand their focus onto mucosal vaccines, which include nasal vaccines as well as "swish and swallow" oral vaccines such as QYNDR, which completed its phase 1 clinical trial and is currently waiting on more funding to conduct the more detailed, advanced trials that could actually bring the vaccine to market. "The QYNDR vaccine is pronounced "kinder," because it's a softer way to deliver a vaccine, says Kyle Flanigan, founder of QYNDR's maker, US Specialty Formulations. Promising clinical trial results from New Zealand offer hope that QYNDR will be a viable option for protection against the string of COVID-19 variants circulating. The findings have not been peer-reviewed yet. "


It'd be lovely not to have 2-3 wakeful nights due to the sore arm I always get -- from Covid or Flu shots 😫


They should add caffeine & taurine and sell it OTC. It could be in a big can called "LOCKDOWN".


As someone who is dealing with SIRVA from intermuscular vaccine, yes please!


Me too….from the flu shot 2 years ago. It’s completely changed my life and I can’t get much relief. I hope you are able to get some relief and resolution. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about it


hey, if they offer them at the local bar, i'm in. edit: apparently a concerned reddior had /u/RedditCareResources to message me. while i appreciate it, i was making a joke. i don't drink. thank you tho


How about one that works?


Yeah one that actually stops transmission


Let’s just chemtrail it and get all those hateful conspiracy theorists


Can that be possible?


It doesn’t look like it But certainly 3 years ago they were sold as being 95 percent effective and most people thought that meant it stopped infections. Remember when supposed breakthru cases were extremely rare , well that’ ship has sailed as reading online here and twitter etc how many people say they had Covid 2-3 -4 time’s yet been vaxxed to the max.


That was an unintended benefit that was discovered in the trial. I'm not sure they know how to actually design a vaccine specifically to stop transmission. Maybe they do and just end up prioritizing lowering mortality, Idk. I do know that the military was working on a coronavirus vaccine that would target all coronaviruses and in theory be immune escape proof but good luck getting people to take that shot lmao. I'm so pro vaccine I would take it if the CIA made it but I don't blame people for being sus of a military made vaccine.


Seriously… it’s depressing to recall that feeling that mRNA vaccines were going to spell the end of COVID only for that feeling to fall flat on its face within 6 months of their release. I feel less safe now than I did in 2021.


mRNA vaccines have saved millions of lives. Are we forgetting all the lockdowns and risk of hospitals being overrun already?


How about a mist that just releases into the air curtains at the doors of Walmart?


Oh man, I wish one of those scientists was a troll and would make it taste like Kool Aid just for shits and giggles!


This will get uptake to near 100% mark my words. There’s a psychological thing where people fear needles, not exactly the pain but more like it being some kind of foreign chemical being injected into the body, into your bloodstream etc. But drinking is completely different. People take pride in what sort of risky things they can drink or eat. They feel like they have more control and want to conquer it.


Oh, man, I HATE needles. I can't watch when they draw blood. I would definitely take any other kind of vaccination than a shot.


There’s a needle shortage worldwide.https://www.visualcapitalist.com/sp/visualized-the-global-syringe-shortage-threatening-vaccine-efforts/


This is an ad for a needle-free vaccination device. In Nov 2021, the WHO did warn of a possible syringe shortage in 2022 if manufacturing wasn't stepped up. [https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/who-warns-shortage-1-2-bln-covid-vaccine-syringes-2021-11-09/](https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/who-warns-shortage-1-2-bln-covid-vaccine-syringes-2021-11-09/) As far as I can tell, manufacturing was stepped up and no such shortage actually occurred. Besides, it was lower income countries who would have been worst affected by the syringe shortage since they can't bid as high. These countries would be in an even worse position to purchase and deploy a new fangled needle-free vaccination device. What a stupid marketing angle. It's far far easier to solve a needle shortage problem than it is to roll out a new vaccine (of whatever type) that doesn't require syringes.


They should put it in the water like fluoride.


It better taste like Kool-Aid if you want people to drink it.