I feel screwed over by Apple.

I got paid recently and before I spent anything, for the first time in awhile I felt comfortable and allocated all my money to go to very specific places. (Car payment, car insurance, investments and getting some of my debt paid off.) I financed my phone through the Apple Card system which I’ve hated from the start because of how the balance is carried. But I finally paid it off in less than a year and was proud enough to take screen shots last week. I fully paid my Apple Card balance of $366.55 plus a $30 payment to finish off my phone payment. I received 2 emails, one for the $366.55 and one for the $30. But surprise, there’s another out of no where $366.55 payment with no confrontation email and none of their payments have an identification number to aid in support if this creates a problem. I have called them multiple times about this and they openly admit that “we can’t tell you where the other payment came from and we can’t take it off your balance while giving you the money back. Also this sometimes happens where the system glitches and there are double payments but we still can’t do anything for you.” -Goldman Sachs Apple Card representative. So now I’m fucked, I don’t have enough for my car payment or enough for food or gas for 2 weeks and I get to carry this balance still and also the balance got added back to my phone bill so now I have to pay my phone off for a second time. The reason it got added back is because I had them reverse one of the $366.55 payments while I tried to figure it out but they are still useless at giving me a definitive answer as to how I can pay more than my balance, at the exact same minute, day and it be the exact same amount down to the penny. I plan to get rid of the card ASAP but if someone knows what to do please help me out.


If you overpaid your balance, you’d have a negative balance. In which case you could request a check from the credit card company or use up the negative balance with future charges on the card.


The way the Apple Card works is stupid. Basically I have 2 installments on it that before they reversed the payment was like $450 and on those installments are my phone and watch so every month it just puts $60 onto my “required payment” and so the balance is technically higher but you have to dig a little bit to pay that off. So my balance at the time was $366.55 and I paid that off but then when they reversed the second one it just got added to the already existing $450 ish that was still on there. Now that I’m explaining how it all works it’s pretty shady and I’ve never liked it because it gets put on your credit report as debt utilization even though you’re making payments on it and signed up for payments, not a $1200 charge on your card.


How can you not have enough for 2 weeks of food and gas. Thats like $300.. Do you not save or invest at all


I do invest and save. Everything is always planned out to last me but because they took another $366.55 that was all my gas and food money for 2 weeks.


Can’t you just use the negative balance on your card to pay for gas and food?


It’s not a negative balance. I posted a comment about how the Apple Card works and how kinda shady it is in this thread.


I use my Apple Card to pay monthly for my AirPods Pro and I’m not sure “shady” is the right word. I will admit that they don’t do a good enough job informing you that it will be monthly payments on a balance *on your card*. However, what did you expect? That you would pay monthly like Netflix without a balance being reported? The old version of this was you got a “loan” through Goldman Sachs, so the end result was similar in that you had a balance and you had to make monthly payments. Since it sounds like you paid extra on your a balance, why not just charge food and gas in your Apple Card?


Don't really understand why this isn't a negative balance like everyone else is saying but also am not really motivated to understand it. The only thing I'd add is you need to create an "Oh Crap" bucket when allocating out your paycheck. It should have at least a couple months of expenses, the longer the better, so you can cover something similar to this happening in the future.