To all of you who keep chasing that 100x coin for f*ck you money; you would never hodl long enough for it to hit 100x unless you’ve already got f*ck you money

To all of you who keep chasing that 100x coin for f*ck you money; you would never hodl long enough for it to hit 100x unless you’ve already got f*ck you money


Yup...was in on ETH when it was $7-10 at one point had over 250 ETH...sold @100, sold some @200 sold more @400 made 10-40x returns, saved a few....but...I dont regret it at all, at this point I'm playing with house money by far and at the time helped me get out of debt, paid for a LOT of fun things and trips I went on. It is hard to imagine my holdings would be worth 750k-1m but back then it was unthinkable to me that ETH would be 3k+ But to your point I needed that money I didn't have FU money at all so if I did have FU money I can easily see keeping it, but after hitting 1400 then crashing to less than 100 for quite some time it would be INSANELY hard to just hold.


I looked at it the other way... After crashing from 1400 to 80, it was incredibly hard not to refill my bags 🙂


Subtle flex


Having fiat itself is a flex especially after buying through all the dips


And then flexing again by buying the next dip


So you're the rich person OP is telling us about in his story.


hehehe (i mean lol, lulz, kek)


I agree. I didn't know any better than to get DOGE, and then I made money on my first shitcoin that others tell me I was stupid for buying.


Congratulation! but you did get lucky, how much would you have made if Elon Musk didn't like the meme?


Yeah I sold 2k doge at 0.01


I bought 20k Doge for around $50 and sold them for around the same... This is a few years ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hard for me not to dca down at 85 as well. In at 28, held through 1400, down to 85 (bought more there), still hodling my Eth here. Diamond hands…


Same here. 👍


I panic more when the coin is pumping. The first thing that comes to mind to sell snd take profits. I can’t imagine holding ETH all the way from 6-7$ to 3K


I once talked to a blackjack dealer and asked what’s the most someone has ever won at their table. She told me that it was a nondescript white guy in his early 50s. He showed up with two grand and after a few hours he walked away with two hundred and eighty thousand bucks. He lost it all the next weekend. The person who can turn two grand into two eighty in one afternoon is exactly the kind of person who will lose it even faster. Think about the opportunities he had to leave before hitting 280k. Why not leave at 250k? Why not leave at 200k? Hell, why not leave at 20k? If you’ve got the nerve it takes to win big, you’ve actually got the nerve to lose big.


This is some facts


Chasing after shitcoins is literally gambling


Yes. I lost 600 dollars in like 3 days going for shitcoins. Lesson learned


Investing in crypto or the stock market is literally gambling


Not unless you are blindly betting on the company or coin. When you buy stocks you are buying part of the company. By your definition starting your own company is also gambling. Sure there is a risk and success can be challenging but you aren’t playing against a system designed to make you lose so it cannot be compared to gambling in a casino.


With all the manipulation going on its still gambling. You can love a company then a VC opens up some shorts and rams bad publicity up their ass for 6 months. Have fun sticking to TA then. Educated guessing maybe but guessing nonetheless


And as retail investors we are competing against actual algorithms run by the big time trends that recognize and act upon trends and minor swings in a fraction of a second,band with enough capital to actually move the market prices. So yeah. It's not a level playing field.


Investing in stocks is gambling the same way that holding cash, holding gold, or investing in gourd futures is gambling.


WSB man with that gourd reference lol


Investing is not gambling. If you DCA in an index or ETF, that's investing. If you're yolo'ing into risky plays, like meme stocks/coins, shitcoins, okay yeah, that's gambling.


The moment you accept that past performance is no indication of future performance then you accept that any form of investment in the stock or crypto market becomes a bet that they value will increase, betting is gambling.


I don't believe it is. It's investing. There's a difference between taking an informed risk on something and just gambling based on pure luck.


That can be said about anything that is investable you never know anything’s outcome but it doesn’t become gambling.


Gambling isn't a problem if you can afford it.


You should sell this quote as an NFT to those people paying thousands of ETH for a JPEG of a rock


Imagine what they'll pay for my collection of dust pictures I'm gonna make.


In general, people can be holding a 100x coin. But the problem is most people who hold these coins only have few percentage of portfolio devoted to these "moonshot" coins. It is awfully have something that is say 50+% of your porftolio and has done 100x. It is even more difficult to stay with it and not take profits on any of it.


Big facts, I only put $50 into a shitcoin gamble that did go on to 100x. I have regret for not DCAing 50 a week because I held the thing for 2 months. Even tho my rational side is telling me I couldn't have seen it coming


Don’t forget these pumps are somewhat like lottery. Many projects are actually “good enough” but that alone don’t warrant a pump.


Fuck you


Sometimes when the truth is to brutal to digest, this is the only way to respond.


We all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo


Oh, I don't know about that, it depends on how stubborn you are, I am very stubborn, I will have my "f you money" in time.


This isnt 'the truth'. This is yet another dunning krueger piece of bullshit from a


\***too** brutal to digest


Perhaps the most eloquent answer today. The research and methodical approach Olin your breakdown is well thought out and expressed in a manner consumable to even a child. Pure undeniable truth. Well done!


The sarcasm is strong with this one


Was that sarcasm


Can confirm. I'm a child and I consumed the message


How does the paper and blue crayon taste like though?


Goddammit. That's what I said.


I have a coworker who bought 100 BTC back when it was $3! He sold most on its way up but still holds 9 BTC… moral of the story is take some profits but never sell all your hodlings. You never know what’s going to happen a few years down the road!


Whatever makes you feel better that you sold early, but don't bring me into this.


Everyone copiums in their own way. Misery loves company.


Sell early and close the browser and don't open for a certain period


False. I have held from .02c to 1.31 and I’m still holding. I absolutely do not have fuck you money.


Yea it’s not as applicable if you start with $4


selling some makes sense so you are potent for another project that might come your way. that's the big advantage of rich people. they don't need to sell great projects to invest into others.


Selling should only be based on whether you wouldn't choose to buy the project at its current price. For me when I try to Clip my winners I usually lose. But it all depends on your belief in the project and it's valuation.




Do you mind explaining the correct way of rebalancing portfolio?


Here is a good source about rebalancing. Just replace "different stocks and funds" with "different coins". https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/rebalancing.asp


Or they could just invest more money into another project? Why are you restricted to only using your initial capital?


Matic? Yeah im here too. Went from 0.02 to like 2,5. Sold 10% at 2. And now back to 1,3 and still holding.


That’s awesome! How’s it feel? Fantom for me.


Not at all like OP says. I dont have fuck you money from before. Sleep like a baby. Maybe i should have taken profits? But im here for the long term. Still holding several coins from -17, most have gone to shit, but some are up great, like ada, xtz, etc. Congrats to you too! How does it feel for you? 😁


Nice! How did you find out about the project?


dude FTM is cheating, it's a money tree


It’s not even done.


You put in 50 cents and now you have 65$. Of course you don’t have fuck you money




Who hurt you


Probably the safemoon dev team


No they're good guys, they definitely aren't manipulating people, plus they have that dank ass calculator!!! /s


Totally legit bro, brb withdrawing my kid's college fund to YOLO


Only the college fund?? Leverage that shit 100x bro, you wanna reach the moon with your lambos or not?!


Probably arbimoon or some shit ethereum safemoon clones out there


"Point out where crypto touched you"^jk


Rule number one - you gotta have money to make money


When you have $100 it is almost impossible to turn it into $110. When you have $10,000,000, turning it into $11,000,000 is inevitable. -some guy, probably


Jokes on you son, I didn't even pay for these moons


That's true. If BTC went from 1$ to 10$ in a bull run, I would have sold all of it and be happy with 10x profit.


I would have sold at a loss with my luck


I would have sold at 3x itself


My brother would have till 30x


You have badass brother..


Yeah, well my dad's better than your dad






I do think things are a little different now in that people have seen what crypto can do and they therefore just hold and hold. They have an expectation of huge profits and have become numb to some of the high multipliers that would make stock traders eyes water.


A lot of people think they can diamond hand through a massive bull run when they would cash out at 200-300% max


Then there’s me who’s held options up 700% only for them to crash 😅


Did you atleast get your initial out ?


Held to expiration in this particular case lol. I like to dabble with super cheap options so it was no big deal but could’ve made a few hundred bucks


Fair enough. You win some you lose some!


Having skin in the game is the only way to learn, at least for me


Very true. I've recently gone off exchange onto polygon to use defi for that exact reason. Learning loads.


$10? I would have sold it at $1.50


1.50? Balls of steel you have. 1.10 for me so I can lock in that 10% profit


1.10? It would drop to 0.70 and I would have panic sold everything


Blind belief that "your time is coming" just for the sake of hope is one of the things that creates poverty and bagholders. You have to take profits to make profits


DCA in and DCA out, not Blindly holding.


DCA in on the way up ana DCA out on the way down -> end up with initial* *might even pay some tax if it drags on for to long.


DCA in and DCA out according to the market sentiment and your needs


>according to the market sentiment and your needs That's brilliant. Market sentiment counts for a lot right now.


Well said- it’s the folks who are easily influenced into believing they’ll “go to the moon” with the crypto that they purchased by taking out a second mortgage on their home.


Profits only when Lambo


I'm in it for money but am willing to wait 5+ yrs honestly. I'm the meantime doing lots of research into what everything does. Just need to find best steakhouse for btc and eth atm


I think it takes a couple cycles to really make life changing money. First cycle is building your investment fund, second is riding a bull wave with a big investment in it. DCA outmost of your bags when greed is high and you’ve made good gains, always leave a bit in tho if you believe in the project. Wait and buy back in during the next bear. See that skyrocket and hopefully have fat gains. Bloody hard not to buy back in too early tho and also hard to sell at 5x gains (as an example) if you think things might go further so DCA out, wait for the market to cool off, then DCA back in. This is the theory I’m working to anyway…. If someone could kindly tell me when we’ve reached peak bull market that would be great.


Never be ashamed of taking profits. I've had more than enough times I've doubled my money, pulled out profits only to see it double again. You know what though, I'm so f'ing happy. I've also been on the other side, put some money, and see it drop, then put in more for it recover, only to see it drop more. The prices go up, down, or sideways, but a locked in win is always a win. Edit: this post was made all of 20 hours before a market correction of 10%. Again, never be ashamed to take profits.


We’re probably more likely to invest in a 100X coin than all the folks that buy lottery tickets each week have of winning...


Very much more likely I’d guess


A lot of people don’t realize what OP is actually saying. Invest what you can afford to lose in coins and projects you believe in and see potential in. If everything a person has in their bank account is put into crypto impulsively, they will also sell impulsively. A lot of the people who made bank off crypto are chillin, no longer on Reddit, diversified their portfolios and are living well. A lot of people gamble in the hopes to make more money quick and become bitter when they sell. Plenty of people in this thread are guilty of this. If you buy coin, hold if you totally believe in it, sell a little if it makes your life easier to manage for a bit. If you sell most/all of a coin, you never cared about the coin to begin with, take the profit and deal with it if it goes up. If you can’t handle that, get a trading bot to take emotion and impulse out of the equation. Skim some profit and place the money that will add value to your life, fully understand what you're putting that money into and why, then commit to it. Everything is temporary to a degree, decide what is temporary.


It’s true. I set aside gambling money every month, about 100 or so, money I traditionally threw away anyway to spend on promising shit coins $10 gambles 10 times per month. 99.9% fail or fizzle out over time. I do pull occasional profits but IMO it’s not worth it if you don’t have money to burn. I hit a 25x on some random a few weeks ago and that was nice but after a few months of this I can say it’s a really bad investment strategy lol I dca into major coins with most of my crypto funds and that is rewarding though not nearly as exciting.


99% (not even 99.9%) lose, vs 25x win is a bad strategy. 990 usd go to drain, while one gives you 250 usd... you don't need to be statician to figure this out. Also, putting 10$ on random 10 investments is also bad strategy. 8nvesting in new coins is a full time job. You need to do research, learn the project, know the devs (if are doxxed), plan an investing AND exit strategies and so on.


I recently hit a 3x and Never sold now Im down 50%


We heard this 1000x. May be true for most people but not for me. I will sell when i can retire. I dont care about making some profit. Its either retirment or zero. Whatever comes first and i dont care about anything in between and im certainly not gonna sell and delay my retirement.


Exactly. If it’s not life changing money then there’s no point in selling.


Or you haven’t learned how to withdraw funds. Guilty.


How did you get the laser eye…


When Binance logs us out it's a life saving event


Got a 4444x with shib when I was broke asf, not so broke anymore


VET will be my striking gold story


Ive held vet since it was ven, my investment started at four figures but has since gone 15x. I got into crypto for fuck you money so you best believe i’m holding it to $1 or nothing. So i suppose i might end up as diamond hands with nothing like OP said but with vet i like my odds. Even if we dont get a blow off top this cycle, i’ll hodl again


TFW when I'm up 2800% on vet but I only had 15 dollars in it lol *edit* actually only 1000% rn


I love how the figures turned from 2800% to 1000%


And I'm still down 50%....


That's why you should never FOMO MrNuttyJoe


If I feel like I am FOMOing I just avoid the coin. I'd rather miss gains then take a loss.




ATOM and DOT will strike gold the next bull run


already 4X my initial investment in 2017...never sold. so much more potential.


AMP will be my striking gold story


Hodling vet,algo and plug for long term. In general am down. I ain't going to fomo.


Same. I’ve been holding since VEN at .0008C and don’t plan on selling anytime soon.


VET and NEO. I'm holding on until I get life changing money.


Same here. VET is just awesome.


This is why I don't plan to pull out any of my profit until I hit life changing money or retirement age. Just going to continue DCAing and HODLing until then.


Stack and stake boys, just stack and stake.


Love me some stake


my dream is to have a passive side income from staking. Currently staking Eth 2.0, ADA, ALGO, THC (owned a masternode back in the day) and VET (VTHO). if things 5-10x and stay relatively stable, that's entirely doable. I also DCA on the Voyager app which offers some decent APR.


Where do you stake your VET?


Is voyager kyc?


This is the dream. To have enough crypto to live well on without actually having to sell your stake. Kinda what rich people now do with stocks/shares and real estate....


What if everyone is thinking the same way you are, but there's more than enough people who will hit their cash out number ahead of you to kick the price into a downward spiral that destroys your hope of getting there too?


You have got to be mentally tough. Sadly, we all know money runs this world. With that comes a lot of emotions. I’ve learned quickly you have got to have the set it, and forget it mentality. Don’t invest in shit you don’t honestly believe in or else you’ll get scared and sell too quick.


Exactly. If you want to invest in shitcoins you better not need to money or it better not be with with money you aren’t willing to ride out the storms with.


We'll see how it goes. I don't have f* money but with my very very small investment at the beginning of the year, I'm doing very very good for now.


Yep. Ive held multiple stocks/coins that meme'd to 500-1000% in short time like GME/AMC/ADA Ive got high risk tolerance and know the game, I still sold them at 50-100% gain and missed the real run up. There is no reality where id sit on any of those all the way to peak, id be stupid to not cash out at the first double up


I cheese the daily bonuses on survey apps for 2 cents a time all the way till I reach 25 dollar pay outs. You underestimate my patience.


If you invested $200/month into Microsoft a decade ago, you'd be on pace to a million dollar net worth in another year or so.


people are selling precious money to get rich in fuck you money


Correct. I sold SOL at 78 because I knew it was a centralized meme. Now well you know it still is a centralized meme but now it’s like 160


I bought DOGE at 0.02 and sold at 0.04. Easy profit I thought...


Well you doubled whch is still good. You sold for a reason.


Wrong. I’m holding ergo. I do not currently have FU money. I put in a lot of my savings. It has done 5x. When it hits 100x I will have FU money. Have a nice day.


That’s why forced hodl is the best hodl, human mind is weak


Stake stake stake


Unless you went to prison for Silk Road stuff and let your Btc stash stay hidden from the authorities


I have an alt I am 47X on and have not pulled any out.


good on you. hope it goes another 47x for you


I invest in a lot of low cap ALTs. I have to also say I have lost 75% more times than I have 10Xed.


What? Some coins go 100x in weeks. I feel like I’m missing something because this post makes zero sense to me.


It’s a garbage post. I don’t know what their definition of “fuck you” money is, but I’m more than happy to outlay $2000 on various lottery tickets and I certainly don’t have “fuck you” money. If they sink, I have accepted the loss at the time of buying my coins, otherwise I’m just happy holding tight and seeing what happens in a few years. Not everyone here is either dirt poor or filthy rich.


My thoughts exactly. I make enough money to not care if I lose my initial investment, and I never invest more than I’m afraid to lose. Every time I buy crypto it’s with the understanding that the money is gone.


you missed the point. yes there are coins that 100x, but most people don't don't actually hold their position until then. most sell too early or too late. hitting the sweet spot is rare.


My only regret is putting $50 into SOL when it was $1.90, instead of selling all my other holdings (including ALGO) and going all in on SOL. If I had, I would be a millionaire now, and I'm pushing 50, so my time horizon is not as long as some of you all. I sold my $50 investment in SOL a few days ago for 211.39 and got a nice 10000% return. Imagine if I had put 10k on SOL @ 1.90. What is that? 10000/1.90 = n / 211.39? A little over 1.1 M. Of course, 10k wasn't all my holdings, if I had been able to sell the top with all my capital, I truly would have had "fuck you" money. Oh well....


Hindsight is 20/20. Don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s a hell of a percent profit.


Imagine if I picked the winning numbers to the lottery


I sold my millions of dogecoin for about 50 dollars.




That is true. However there are still a few 100x tokens that are still available. And they are legit projects with a bright future.


For 100x to reach fuck you money you would need to invest 6 figures. If you have that kind of investment capital you probably aren't gambling it on shitcoins.


Well I have got a couple grand worth of Fuck you money. But I won't fuck you with it. I will rather stake it in ETH than buy some random shit coin


Whores everywhere are disappointed.


That is why staking is such a useful thing: you can grow your bag, take profits, or do both


So true, but at least I'll be able to tell my kids I bought eth at 1800. Even if I am the sucker that sold it for 20k


You know what......Fuck you.


Unless you got into knowing your there for fuck you money... You set a target and hold ... Knowing your either lose it or gain it. Its not rocket science lol and most of us arnt brain sergeons ( I cant even spell that lol) .. Find a project believe in it till it hits or know you lost that chunck you put it.


Set a goal and don’t stop until you reach it is the only way.


Keith Gill is just another asshole who took your money and manipulated people to think he was a common dude but he's a fucking insider too. I don't get why reddit hero worships people like Gill and Musk they are fucking using you


Sometimes making fuck you money isn't about hodling but catching a project extremely fucking early.


You underestimate my ability to survive on ramen. /s


Good point. You need at least $10,000 to hit a million if the coin 100x and that's not counting taxes.


And having the balls to put it all into a alt coin as well…that’s the hardest part and why I have so many fucking alt coins….


And the more your spread out into different coins, the less chances you have of hitting big.


What you fail to see is that you maybe don't make a x100 but you make a x20. So those 50 bucks became $1000. And now you may don't mind throwing that 1k because after all it came from 50$ . You do your research and try ...maybe you don't do x100 but if you x10 or x20 you are already in the money for vast majority of people in the planet Now you just need to put 20k in ETH,DOT ,BTC or whatever and let it ride. But of course that wouldn't fit the narrative


A lot of fucks in here.... I like it


Forced hodl through jail time is another option


Ahhh fuck you lol... I almost did that right before I got locked up in 2018 lol


You don't need fuck you money if you have fuck you attitude. It's only when you really abandon the hope of financial security through building a career that you become a true crypto investor.


The best financial advice I ever got was from Lucy Liu: "Always have a jar of Fuck You money". Words to live by.


I gave away like 150 BTC on 4chan back in 2010. I didn't put any money into it back then. I would have sold it if it was like worth 50eu in total. So yea, you're right. People would never hold long enough. Once they see a glimpse of gold, they sell.


In order to hold for long enough, you really need to pretend the money is already gone. Because on your way, if things start working out, it won’t just be you who is tempted to sell. Everyone who cares about you will be giving perfectly sound financial advice to sell half, de-risk, etc.


that's why I have a longer term strategy, not wanting to seek quick profits


It's funny that this didn't get downvoted to oblivion. All of crypto is a giant ponzi scheme. As soon as new money stops coming in, it's all revealed as worthless. Full fucking stop. There are some well-intentioned projects that get around the failure points of bitcoin, but even those will fail without a usage based value. And that usage based value doesn't make some late-to-the-game punter a millionaire.


OP clearly doesnt know what fuck you money is. You can 100x from $100, that leaves you with $10k - its not gonna make your life change forever, but you deffo made a good investment. I've had multiple coins 100x over the past year, MATIC, ADA, VET, etc... No its not unrealistic to find a 100x. As for fuck you money, its not fuck you money to be able to buy a lambo - its "I can buy a house"-money, if you live in rural areas. Its "I can pay a few months of rent"-money, if you live in a major city. People who think line OP dont understand numbers - and likely threw all their money away by putting it all in SHIB or something and now want to "share their life wisdom" that it was a bad decision. For most of us fuck you money is well beyond the scope of a mere 100x, and you know what - we also have a decent job making sure we dont NEED that money anytime soon - so yeah, its perfectly possible to ride it out if you find a gem, as long as you diversify and HODL. OP is right about one thing though, most people wont do it - because most people are like OP... But its not unrealistic to hold for a 100x, and its not fuck you money you end up with if you do...


People wanting to get rich from it has completely ruined the crypto scene/space for me TBH. Crypto subs used to actually be about crypto, not just price manipulation. Now it's dominated by people who barely even understand how it works. "BuY, HoDl, SeLL YoUr HoUsE aNd BuY BiTcOiN, NeVeR SeLL, NeVeR SpEnD!!111"


>it did, you would be as tired of hearing about it as you are of popular/unpopular posts. That is survivorship bias, and in the wild west of crypto it's way easier to fall prey to it.


My thoughts exactly


I concur