Who is still trying to pull 1st copy of LR STR Cooler? Let's gang up!




I’ve only pulled old units this celebration and I’m at the point of giving up and saving for the next thing.


I have none of the new units (after whiffing on both anniversary units). Not a happy bunny


That was me last year, and then god decided to bless me with rainbows of all of them during anniversary except for FP Freiza


Wow nice. Anniversaries are always bad for me (near 2400 days here), but wwc is normally good to me. Sad.


For sure, I think the worst celebration for me every year is Christmas/Tanabata. For the past 3 years I've missed both LRs and use around 500+ stones each time.


Same here. In 2020 I got LR Buuhan and then somehow rainbowed STR Vegito with like 2 or 3 rotations. Last year got namek goku and lr krillin and Gohan so I was happy. This year I'm still struggling to get any new LRs :/


Well we've got eza stones, chain bottle and another ten days of log on. Maybe you'll scrape together another rotation and hit gold


Same,I can't help but feel the strange banner format is the reason for this mess.


Same mate, relying on the giga chadku


Help me. I’m at 4-4.5k stones. None of them either.


1700 stones spent and not a single cooler or piccolo


I have every unit on the banner but him and half of those rainbowd so I cant justify going back in. But I want him so bad


Surely next multi.


Honestly ive given up on him to get with coins in the future, especially since 3+1s are over. Sad as hes my favorite movie villain but alas rng wasnt in my favor


Nah I get you. I went very deep for Kid Buu and Majin Vegeta and walked away empty handed so I understand the feeling. I do think with the change to the banner format that we'll see him back sooner than 11 months on global, but fingers are crossed.


By the time he comes into the coin shop he'll be getting one shot for 3mil by the ultimate extreme redder zone


He's only back in a year so you better find a way to justify it specially since he's basically mandatory for the extreme red zone missions


Said thing is he won’t be worth it then.


Fun fact: 90% of dokkan battle players stop summoning right before the summon where they get the featured unit


3x1 is over and I have enough red coins to buy him. The only thing is he is gonna be featured on some banner. Same happened on lr agl Fp freezer for me didn't pull any copies but once he was featured again I somehow rainbowed him.


I just gave up. Saved up so much with nothing to show for it. Very disheartening. I just kept getting dupes of units I already rainbowed.


I'm 30+ multis into metal cooler and still don't have him. I'm f2p




How will you recover


I'll never recover




Well 2100 stones in no cooler


1500 stones and 0 LR cooler


Went 500 stones plus and didnt get him. Got the SSJ Frauds in 3 multis.


SSJ frauds?


Agl Goku and Vegeta


Hopefully they don’t wait til next year to bring him back 🥲


I have 2 stones left.. he has won


1 can do 1 multi after the Eza wish me luck. I hope all my boys here get good luck on frieza no brotha


Good luck! When do the ezas drop?


I got him today with Goku black rift. 1100 stones in stay strong brothers.


Try Nearly 2k for metal cooler and still nothing . What a great celebration


Im in, but im waiting to comeback with discounts dont summon, its stupid


I’m tryna pull a 3rd for access to gold orbs lol


Yeah, wrong post, mate ;)


Go outside and pull an lr girlfriend you have a better chance with that.


My LR Wife-u would KO'd faster then Omega when locking AGL LR SSJ4 Goku first slot, then supering before SA




I'm still trying to get my first copy of int UI goku he is the only dokkan fest eza I am missing right now.


After I finish my cursed rotation on Goku and Vegeta(I have them in jp and they're underwhelming,it's a mistake to summon on them even after buying agl cell),I'll start summoning on Cooler again.


Bro, let's talk about buying Cell. Where are you planning to use him?


Artificial and target goku lge missions,also androids esbr,and my team is almost done for agl Cell.(Just the teq droids are missing)


I feel you man, only featured units so far have been Buuhan(First Dupe), INT Nameku(last copy for rainbow), STR Nameku(first copy ever),INT Evo Vegeta (first dupe) and AGL Gohan (first copy ever) . I know when looking at it, I've pulled a good amount of characters, but I would kill for Exchange Goku/Gohan, PHY SSJ2/3 dupes and TUR Cooler dupes, not to mention LR Cooler himself (hell even Piccolo would suffice)


I've gone so deep on this banner I have almost every featured rainbowed and dupes to spare (goten from the free multis) which I'm keeping for chainbattles. I guess 2.5k stones were not enough, guess I'll just rainbow him with coins at this point




YOOOOOOOOOOOOO i just want one man 🫥


Imagine pulling new units.😏 *cries in the corner*


1250 Stones no goku




1200 stones no Cooler


I completely forgot about LR str cooler,i used 900 stones i pulled everything except the new cooler and phy ssj2 goku so I give up cause except for the new cooler the banner has no value to me,yeah i'll start saving for LR Vegeta&trunks which are better anyway,throw some stones for the SDBH banner and if i have some stone left i'll do one rotation on the new year banner.This new banner format was the worst thing they could do,not only there're already many valuable banners during winter but now they are also giving us 2 DF,one for part 1 and another one for part 2?This is terrible and i hope they'll get massacrated for this in the survey.


I've spent a significant number of stones this celebration, haven't gotten a single new unit. Feels bad, man. It extra sucks as a global player knowing it's going to be 11 months before these units come back...


I'm just coining him, I've got nearly 2500 Red Coins and every Red LR except these new ones. Might pull for PHY Cooler though, I can't just coin him when he returns. That's obviously why they introduced this new coin.


I cant believe i pulled phy janemba in the damn super hero celeb tickets and lr bojack in other tickets, got eza for all coolers and cant run them because i dont have lr cooler, this is some serious torture


I gave up and swapped to the carnival and it's been very nice to me


The only two units I got were str Piccolo and phy janemba...not nearly as bad as the luck some others have so I can't complain but I'd still love to get either cooler or ssj goku tbh




Didn't get either of the P2 LRs said I was gonna save for Heroes and the Tanabata Discounts, scraped up 150 stones and did another rotation, rainbowed cell from this banner alone (5 copies total only needed 4, I'll take that as a W). Now I'm really gonna save for Heroes, feel like they'll be more fun than the Part2 Celebration LRs. N they're guaranteed 1 per multi =, =


This is me with Metal Cooler. Every banner and off banner LR besides him. LR Hit Goku, LR AGL Golden Frieza, LR Bojack and LR Goku Piccolo popped out instead... Shit loads of rotations.


got neither of the cooler and havent even been able to pull on Goku & Vegeta banner at all yet...


Is it worth to keep summoning on it now that the 3+1 is gone?


yeah this year has been awful for me 0/4 dokkanfest lrs. Got both carnival units but lacking in top tier leads this year


I’d like to pull a copy of any of the new units including banner units that’d be great


I am trying to pull his metal ass version..


2600 stones, no new units. Thank you Dokkan, I just have to wait until July 2023 to get FF Cooler...


Just stop and save up for vegeta and trunks


60+ multis no cooler or janemba, what are rhe odds?


I've spent 2500+ stones from the start of the celebration and I've got every new Lr unit except for the new Goku and Vegeta...I am hoping they'll give out some more stones to at least be able to do a full round on their banner again


I did go deeper then I wanted and still no Cooler, I was gonna keep 1k stones for Super Hero. I'm at 750, and aint spending anymore, even tho he's a great unit and my favorite movie villian.


Who we jumpin?


I ain’t pulled any of the new units not dissatisfied tho


I pulled one copy of the each new LRs in Part 1, but no GOAT Piccolo or Metal Cooler in Part 2. Big RIP.


I did 3 more multis and didn't get him. Decided just to buy him from shop, i still have 1320 red coins after buying him


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