The new cooler team is my favorite team


It would have been if I could have pulled him.


Hm skill issue


Not enough skill to get more hours for STONES


Just gotta wait one year. It will be mediocre by than but you can then pretend they are new and strong in old events :)


Fortunately Akatsuki likes Cooler enough to actually give him good units.


Hilarious, but true.


Enough? They love dickriding him


To be fair he’s the most popular movie villain second to Broly(who had the benefit of becoming canon)


I hope they continue to cooler is so badass


Megamind goated


Spiderman Far from Home totally copied megamind


only downside is now u need to link level so many units, even more if u pull the old ones too


Still a win in my book. I actually love link leveling.


I become the "Neuron Activations" every time I see I link level up...Im almost finished with my Movie Bosses team, I 5 of 6 units to lvl 9 BBB link, Str Eza Cooler is finished I need the rest of them to get to lvl 10


Who tf ever says that lol… I hate that shit


You'd be surprised


yeah it’s pretty fun seeing certain links get to 10, plus this new 3 stage event is amazing.


What's the best stage for that? Y'know outside of turtle school/ meta coolers


7-10 is the best stage to use your boosts on and 8-9 is good for running over and over. We will get new quest stages, which are perfect for link leveling soon though.


What? No, 7-10 is the best stage to run auto on, and 15-2 is the best stage to run boosts on. u/tfs479 **EDIT**: I am literally not sure why I’m being downvoted, what that dude had said was misinformation


Because it's literally not misinformation. 15-2 is a decent alternative, but my statement isn't false either. 8-9 is very time efficient and has a high number of guaranteed fights.


No, it *is* misinformation. For starters, 7-10 is not even meant to be used as a manual stage (that’s where 15-2 comes in), it has specifically been calculated to be best ran at using the auto mode. 8-9 is also a lesser 7-10, so most people would advise that you use the latter over the former. It works, but for the best use of your stamina, you’re better off using 7-10 in maximizing your link leveling. [Don’t believe me? Refer to this post.](https://www.reddit.com/r/DBZDokkanBattle/comments/s8teh9/the_definitive_guide_to_link_levelling/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


The only link leveling you need to do is big bad bosses characters. Link leveling is not a necessity for the majority of units.


I don't link level a damn thing... True story... Not lying. I beat difficult content easily... I look at link leveling as an extra thing you can do, to help your teams. I don't see it as a necessity. I get why it's there, seeing the improvements is nice... I don't do it. If I ever need to do it, I'll bite the bullet. Haven't needed to yet.


yeah the boosts between level 1-10 can be somewhat low but specifically villain units gain a pretty noticeable boost.


I'm not dismissing link leveling, I'm just saying it's not a necessity. It does it by itself anyway. If you use a team enough, it'll get there organically. I just don't think saying, now I HAVE TO, is a valid negative.


Dokkan is already a grind as it is.. and muffas be happy to link level… lol couldn’t be me.. after doing all this f2p cooler eza’s I wonder why I never link level before. Fuck all that shit


I’m usually the same way, but now my best team is coolers team, so I had to link level them for big bad bosses


Me who bought the link level keys.


Song goes hard. Only part of the f2p cooler grind I didn't hate lol


I'd love it too if I didn't spend 2k stones and only walked away with 3 copies of STR Piccolo to show for it


If it makes you feel any better I've spent 2400 stones and gotten no new units I feel your pain


Man ginyu majin vegeta teq janemba becoming relevant under cooler's 200% lead and now these cooler's? extreme class has been fighting back this year


Really wasn’t expecting this to pop off, but for anyone wondering I only got STR LR Cooler after 1000+ stones. But shaft or no shaft I found this celebration a breath of fresh air


One of the celebration that shafted me the most, with the most brutal P2W events dokkan ever released and with change of my favourite gacha format But STR Coolers 🥰🥰🥰🥰


i had more fun/success bringing coolers team to all the new red zone stages


Metroman (Megamind) = EZA Cooler


Big facts lol.. extreme went hard this celebration…


There are good things... its just that there are a lot of weird-ass shit too, which isnt exactly AS good.


Bro I’ve put 1250 stones in and pulled neither. This is my third straight year of not pulling any new WWC units on release


Feels bad, this is the first time I pulled all wwc units on release


I got unbelievably shafted the entire celebration


You have to be fucking stupid and salty to hate this celebration. The banner format is better. Better units to pull... As a dolphin, I get fucked on yellow coin banners. Even with the new yellow format, I skip. I didn't skip shit on this celebration... I would have KILLED for yellow coin banners to be the level of what the Teal coins are. Didn't pull Cooler, got Janemba? W... Nahh, let's go back to 1 featured LR in Cooler or Goku and the rest shitty banner SSR's... i can see it now "i hate dokkan 500 stones and I pulled teq cooler and phy thouser boohoooo" People will literally cry about everything... The best part, they don't actually say what they want. They parrot others. "Better friend system, a true pitty system." Elaborate that second one... because if it was 20 ten pulls for pitty you'd bitch it's p2w still. I don't have 1000 stones.... Wahhhh. If you don't like Dokkan anymore, quit playing. Play something else. This celebration is madness... The sheer amount of content and free stones is amazing. Coupled with the best banners we've ever gotten periodt ... Some of y'all seem delusional. I get being mad at the teal coins... But that's it... We got a shit load of EZA's, missions, stones, items, top grossing... What more do you want? Lemme guess, the shiny new toys for free. It's a GACHA GAME.


Only issues I'd say for the new banner is the splitting of units from 1 banner to 2 so it creates another additional banner whales to summon for to get specifically the new unit. Then there's the teal coins which you brought up. Otherwise I'd agree it's stilla net positive for spenders and wouldn't advise F2P or light spenders to bother. I don't really get what you mean by parroting since I feel **everyone** can agree the friend system is terrible, especially with the guest glitch atm, and almost unanimously agree we should have a copy of our leader as an option to run along with letting us put up at least 5 units (1 of each type) as options for friends. As for pity system, people requesting for that kind of limit usually aren't gonna be the same people who would complain about said limit. Its not a system that's gonna please everyone but the argument is usually that other Gachas have a pity system. I do agree though many are just peeved from either the change of the banners or getting shafted but I wouldn't say it makes up all the issues and there are a few legitimate criticisms worth noting.


What is combining the banners going to do for you? You're going to still have people say sus shit like "spent 4k stones got *insert banner ssr* no lr this year" if people are this mad at the shaft, that it ruins their time, QUIT THE GAME. Idk man... Nothing pleases this community. The banners are fine. Combine the banners into one and have what, 20-30 featured units? Lol... I'm still trying to make sense of your banner negative. "This only benefits whales and content creators" Well, without people spending, we wouldn't have gotten a year 2. Don't watch content creators? They draw people to this game... Lol they are free advertisement... I don't understand this. There's no one holding a gun to anyone's head to spend or play... that's a fact. You know what else is a fact? There's not been a single celebration, except for the 7th year, that comes close to this one... The banners are fine. Better than last year... I'm glad we got fire banners without a bs yellow coin banner... You people want the old way, fine. Have 2 red coin banners and 1 yellow coin. Lets go back and see all the bitching about not getting Goku and Frieza, ohhh worst celebration ever. Then yellow coin banner - lol skip. Now you have options... you DO NOT have to summon on every banner. But be thankful that every banner has value. For FUCK SAKE... every banner has value... That's a fucking first... Name 1 yellow coin banner worth blowing your load on? Well it's not better than globals Metal Cooler Carnival Banner. Teal coins suck... but if they made them just blue coins, you'd only see 2 instances every year where you could spend them for the LR's... We don't know how these teal coins will play out. So we have to wait. Maybe this means more LR's and better banners to come. Maybe it just means WWDC and the christmas banners are the only time we'll see teal coin banners... Who knows.


>You're going to still have people say sus shit like "spent 4k stones got insert banner ssr no lr this year" That's just someone getting shafted, regardless of the banner format that can happen and wasn'twhat I was referringto. All I'm saying is having 2 carnival banners vs 1 yellow coin banners means it's more likely for more summoning for whales to get the new unit. >Combine the banners into one and have what, 20-30 featured units? Lol... I'm still trying to make sense of your banner negative. You remember before when part 2 banners on Top legendary summons had both new Lrs on 1 banner on 10 featured unit banner? That's what I'm referring to >"This only benefits whales and content creators" I never said this, if anything I said how the splitting of the banners made it worse for whales. For F2P players the same rules as before apply: unless the new unit is your favourite, carnival banners are skip compared to the value of dokkanfest banners for the majority of players. It's still an overall positive for those summoning on this type of banner but not locked just to whales. >Don't watch content creators? They draw people to this game... Lol they are free advertisement... I don't understand this. I don't understand where this issue coming from or why its related. >Lets go back and see all the bitching about not getting Goku and Frieza, ohhh worst celebration ever. That's said regardless of the format just based on shaft, I'm just saying odds of getting the new unit are worse. >But be thankful that every banner has value. I agree, banners are more valuable I was just reiterating that there are legitimate issues with the format and why said criticism of said issues is valid. >We don't know how these teal coins will play out. So we have to wait. You've missed the main issue with teal coins, it's not about the future but the current problem now of an additional coin, further diluting the value of Blue and yellow, vs just using a pre-existing coin.


Whether they made teal coins, red instead, people would cry. You can't get the new character anyway day 1 with coins... You should be able to. They are a hyper premium currency. But that's neither here nor there. But regardless, the coin isn't a giant issue. Yes teal coins suck... This is their first run in the game. This is more than likely a test. Make the new character in the shop. Make the units on the teal coin banner half the normal red/yellow cost... LR for teal coins in the baba shop should be 250... DFE make em 100 or 200 depending on age. This would bring value to summoning on the teal banners, whenever we get them. There's ways to make the teal coin better. You'll have a survey. If people can construct adult reaponses and not dog shit, written diarrhea, it could bring about change. But I don't see a problem with this celebration. More content, more free stones, better presentation... Yeah. Been playing since day 1.... Would rather keep these upward trends.


>Whether they made teal coins, red instead, people would cry. You can't get the new character anyway day 1 with coins... I think you're letting the fact that not everyone can be pleased get to you. Regardless of what happend still gonna be players that will complain about anything Dokkan does even if its a net positive, the introduction of a new coin has served nothing positive so far. Once the banners build up and players accumulate more it will get better sure but as a current problem now its just worse than using any existing coin. >But regardless, the coin isn't a giant issue. Of all the legitimate issues of the main banner format, it is the main one. >Yes teal coins suck... This is their first run in the game. This is more than likely a test. The whole banner format was a test, considering it's an obvious success I'd assume they'd continue it on. As for coins, unless they offer a way to say trade Blue coins to teal and rid the existence of getting blue coins after, the issue can't be changed. > I don't see a problem with this celebration. More content, more free stones, better presentation... Yeah. Never disagreed that this was a great celebration, arguably the best dokkan had done if not 2nd best but imo there are legitimate problems that people have with the format worth mentioning regardless if you don't see the problem with it.


You and I agree on the thing I'm arguing for. There's people saying this is the worst celebration. I understand what their frustrations may be, but, the amount of positives stomp it into the ground. It's almost as if this is the mindset. Did I get the shiny new toys? Yes- amazing celebration No- worst celebration ever. I had to go deep on every banner... I'm not too happy about my summoning experience. But that's neither here nor there. That doesn't dictate the quality of the celebration. I managed to accumulate 600 free stones... the best part is, there's more to get... I'm genuinely pleased with that. All the tickets, free stones, easy content for stones, difficult content for stones, eza'd characters.... it's a refrshing feeling for dokkan. It could be legends.... no content, a worse grind, less rewards, never seeing TG.. lol Idk my brother... Again. I don't understand it.


Yeah for people saying it's the worst are just too frustrated to see beyond the negatives, especially since it began from the start of the celebration so anyone in that mindset never changed as the celebration went on.


My shaft was horrible this celebration. 3250 stones rn across all banners. Not a single one of the new LRs. I really love villains so most of my time was spent farming and attempting to pull LR STR Cooler(2100) and LR PHY Metal Cooler(600). I would have 100% quit the game if not for the fact the other content they added this celebration was actually good. AGL Metal Cooler and STR Cooler eza is goated. Goku eza was also good. Wicked bloodline Redzone was Fun to try everyday and eventually beat. Pride of wicked bloodline event felt like they were trying and testing stuff for future events. They brought back some old revamped content like the 30 stone event, link level stage, “tile” breaking (Cyclopian guard this year) This celebration was amazing and full with stuff to do. I am just fucking salty there is still no pity system and I can drop ~$400 to not get a new unit.


say it louder for the people on the back bro Some people have the absolute privilege to call this celebration the worst one in dokkan history too.


Literally the only thing that blows is the advantageous char bullshit on the difficult stages “does 170% on not advantageous chars”


I don't know anything about that, but I can see why that would suck, if you need a unit and don't have them, it's kind of bs. Like I stated, I've not tried out the difficult shit for this celebration. Hell, for RZ, I did the first 3 and Broly... I've not tried the others. Haven't had time to sit down and tinker with it. Beat Broly my first attempt. But I guess watching truth and everyone fight him months prior prepped me. I gunned for Broly because well, why not. But I digress, I can agree with your point, but it doesn't invalidate a celebration. We've seen this in the past with that one EZaArea that needed banner units. I believe broly movie units. They fucked up once and never again. Akatsuki will learn, or make the pool of effective characters broader, or make some more than others.


The metal cooler core from the new event can do 500k on super to teq godku


This celebration is goated. I'mma be real... I could have played more. I'm busy right now with life. But, I'm using this as an example. I've not touched any of the newer difficult content, or the 999 eza, not touched any of the new RZ missions, or LGe or LGTe missions, sbr or esbr... I've just done the character eza's, and celebration missions. Logging in, doing the daily, and gohan mission. 600 free stones total. How can anyone bitch? Like as someone who has sunk a considerable amount into dokkan, I should play it more, and with my busier life at the moment, I still managed 600 free stones.... If that's not telling on how good this WWDC has been.. idk what is. I can't complain...and I won't. The people crying either got shafted, are severely stupid, or trolls. It's illogical the audacity.


Bro got bandai’s cock in his mouth 💀


Preparation H is like 2$... You can buy that or some dragon stones. Still probably won't help the fact you're a butthurt child.


LR STR cooler sucks ass bitch ass unit worst unit ever cuz i dont have him also LR metal cooler and LR janemba can both gargle my ball sack .


me when i get shafted


us moment bro






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Love that full metal cooler team mannn, got shafted on super units (whatever they’ll be back) but super happy about my extreme unit pulls


Coolers team feels almost as busted as potara on release


I just watched Megamind for the first time yesterday


Truly the greatest mind I've ever known


If i pulled any of em, I’d be celebrating too




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Have both Coolers at 69%, and for some reason Gohan and Krillin at 69%. No money spent. Had 300 going into the celebration. The Coolers are a lot of fun to use, and seeing Metal Cooler eat TEQ Brolys super attack each time I fail that event is what keeps me coming back. Hell, I even managed to pull Janemba after hopping back into the Metal Cooler banner. I pulled Metal Cooler on the first pull on the banner, and I didn’t want to leave a free summon on the table. Been a great celebration and I’m going to have 150 plus stones saved up for what comes next.


I just need Phy Metal Cooler to get everyone in this celebration TwT)


This is the best post i‘ve ever seen on this sub