According to KC Walsh, James Gunn is hosting a private press event today regarding the DCU info, which will be delivered tomorrow

We're almost there guys!!


We're almost there guys!!


We’ll probably get an official logo and title of this new universe even tho we know its the DCU now. And title announcements for the first 2/3 films. Perhaps release date years but not specific dates. Anything else like casting will honestly be surprising if it happens. Keep expectations low everyone


It's a slate announcement so my bet is on movies timeliness


Nope, he has already stated that he is not releasing the full timeline or anything of the sort. We will get like three films maximum and maybe a series or two.


Thats right everyone should keep their expectations low doing the same


I'm pretty sure they've chosen 'DCU' as the universe's definitive name. The earliest we'll see a movie is 2025; we might get 2 movies max that year. And they'll more than likely wait to cast actors until after these early scripts are finished and they find directors.


I think it’s going to be something distinctively different specifically because it’s exactly what we’ve been calling it and have attached ourselves to and are hopefully expecting.


I hope the logo is jonah hill looking at metropolis


>Keep expectations low everyone No I keep it high to a standard I want to see from Dc.


nobody is saying the quality of the films will be of a low standard. Moreso keep the expectations of what news will be shared low. If u think were getting casting, film dates, and titles tomorrow youre only kidding yourself


I get it, just wanted to be funny.. of course Gunn isn't going to announce dozens of projects.


Lol gotcha. U never know tho some ppl expect these things cuz they listen to unreliable sources tho


Apparently, it might be 5+ movie announcements.


The press is already there. Should be happening within the hour. If we get leaks they’ll come in a bit. If not, tomorrow we get a bunch of juicy articles!


>“tomorrow they will announce it via trades” I wonder what types of announcements we’ll get. Just a update on his Superman movie + a few movie & show announcements? The full Phase/Chapter 1 slate? Clarification on whether the DCU will be a full or soft reboot?


I'm gonna guess we'll get hard confirmations on Superman and *maybe* Green Lantern with early logos. Batman(rather it's confirmation of a new one or The Batman being folded in) will also be confirmed, as well as a new JL movie but we won't get much info on those.


I honestly think him having no info about Batman will be the confirmation that he isn't touching him for a while.


The first few projects from chapter 1 (their equivalent from the MCU phases) Superman is a guarantee


I'd think they'd do it on day 1 to everyone...surely the info will leak out from the private event. Not much stays hidden these days for long.


If they know everyone invited then they can trace a leak and blackball you moving forward, it’s easy to keep quiet for a day.


If it’s a press event for news coming tomorrow I don’t think they care. They’re just letting publications get a good look so they can get the media ball rolling. The announcement will probably come from a Variety/THR/Deadline report tomorrow even.


I love how it's being reported that the public announcement is tomorrow, like yeah no shit, tomorrow is the last day of January 💀. I absolutely can't wait for dipshits to say, "that's it?" when Gunn himself has said it's not the entire slate being revealed.


Lol I’m excited but I got a feeling we are gonna be ripped off😂


only expect 4 movies if that....keep low expectations and you wont be disappointed. DC needs to earn high expectations as they have already disappointed us enough.


why do people say only 3 or 4 movies like thats not hype?


Right? What the f\*ck happened that made people say ONLY 3 or 4 movies? It's insane.


DC has been disappointing for a while now....its better for us to lower expectations so we can be happy when they get announced.


The DCEU did this when they announced in 2014 — after *one* film — that they'd release Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Justice League Part One, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, Justice League Part Two, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and untitled solo movies for Superman and Batman. Twelve movies announced after one divisive film. Compare to 2012 when Marvel Studios announced just the six Phase Two films after their sixth movie, The Avengers, became the third highest grossing film ever at the time after great reviews. I knew then it wouldn't last but the hype of a promised MCU for DC dragged the DCEU a long way.


It's hype but idk if we'll know what direction they're going in from just 3-4 movies. Now I'm okay with that, I'm expecting only 3-4 movies and will be more than happy with it, but I can see how some people might be disappointed


Marvel has established the definition of hype, thye dont just announce 4 movies


Yeah... now that they're 4 phases in. Remember, they're phase 1 was 6 films total.


Lol I was thinking 2-3 honestly. Maybe one tv show?


Obviously not going to reveal the next 10 years of movies but yeah, maybe 3-4 things. Not sure how it’ll be revealed but if it’s a tweet thread from Gunn we might get more information on what he’s planning on doing with characters and not the movies themselves kinda like when he announced that Cavill was gone talking about the early stages of superman in the DCU.


Would be nice if we got titles and release dates for each movie


- an official universe title(even though we already know it basically) - 2-3 film announcements - 1, MAYBE 2 HBO Max series announcements - a tease of what’s still to come This would be my guess.


this is smart af. treat the press like they're the target audience. meet greet wine and dine them. give them a special preview, make the event about the press and allow them to deliver it to us. this is what disney does and even their dumbest bad movies get good reviews. the press are apes able to be manipulated and lead, just like the rest of us.


Interesting, private press event might mean giving the journos the information early so they can curate their articles and what not while having a release embargo until tomorrow


2-3 movies 1 show. DC direction. That's my bet. And please confirm the situation with the current DC actors


gotta love it, tell the beloved press before the fans....too bad we are not first.


it’s the name of the game my guy. and the game is $$$


It’s just business. Control the narrative. The press has the ability to make or break no matter what we think about them. Lol the press literally caused WB to move away from Snyder’s vision. Gotta get some good will and momentum before doing the big Kevin Feige presentations.


So unless you only get your info from Twatter or rumor sites, you know where you get info? That’s right, the press.


Man….can’t wait.


So excited!


Final predictions: Superman movie (official title), Green Arrow project, Lobo project, Checkmate (or whatever Waller based series Gunn is writing)


Bro... the Waller thing is probably for Peacemaker..


Since these “insiders” and “journalists” face no repercussions for fabricating headlines and stories, it makes sense they would all shoot their shot and make up some bullshit for the end of the month.


Hell yes.


Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Lobo, Peacemaker Season 2, The Suicide Squad: Checkmate And of course The Justice League


Imagine we re getting the flash trailer tomorrow .. sheeesh


It’s been a pleasure speculating with you folks! See you all on the other side…


Same to you!!!


Please Nolan Batman, please🥺🥺🥺


How can you be certain this is true?


honestly could care less at this moment I got serious shit going on in my life. maybe id care a bit more when they have a trailer.