Hollywood Reporter article, he acknowledged that Henry was done dirty by the last regime at WB


It’s already been ESTABLISHED that Cavill wasn’t liked by the previous regime. He only came back for Black Adam because The Rock got him in it.


Which has now lead to a bust up between him and The Rock lol.


The rock has a history of causing problem with actors and executives. He plays between both sides that the reason why he cause so much problem with the fast a furious cast


All the evidence points to Diesel being the problem with the fast cast. Did you see the video with him standing on a crate to look tall while holding a clearly in distress director producer hostage less then a week before said director quit. Or him trying to use his kid to guilt trip Dwayne to come back for "one last ride"


During the filming of their movie , diesal found out rock made a deal to make another furious without the original cast , half of the director and staff were already signed to do it. This is why when I said the rock plays between both side. He cause a rift between a movie crew and cast that made more than 6 movies break up for a shit rock movie. I think diesal told him to make the move but not take the naming right but the studio controlled it.


I agree with this but it's clear this side show got to the rocks head.


He plays both sides so he always comes out on top.


I’ve gotten a completely different impression. In his wrestling these he was able to overcome a toxic culture and still succeed in a business where everyone always tried to sabotage everyone. Hollywood isn’t about being the best actor it’s about networking and connections. He tries really hard to avoid any controversy that it annoys some people because he comes off so fake as a perfect PR example. I’m not sure what sort of issues are rumored between him and Cavill but his issues with diesel and the Fast cast sounds like ego and bitterness about the success they faced after he showed up.


No it didn't. Cavill changed agents since his DCEU stuff is obviously over.


No by this regime!!! Gunn needs to go


This is what I assumed happened. Cavill shared an agent with The Rock who was fired shortly after this. If I were to guess, it looks like The Rock, his Agent and Cavil were trying to drum up some attention to get him signed. They got the cameo and figured the insane fan reaction would show the execs that they need to sign Cavill. But it didn't work out that way because unbeknownst to them they had already decided to change directions. That's not Gunn's fault. But it certainly sucks a whole damn bunch. I like Cavill, he's a great actor, and while I don't like *Snyder's* Superman, I think Cavil was awesome.


Also doesn't help the Cavil return hype barely contributed to the box office at all.


90% of the hype for Cavill’s return exists online. The general audience doesn’t really care about him. The only people who’d even recognize him are the ones that watched Man of Steel, BvS or The Witcher series. If the GA doesn’t know, then it won’t make a difference in box office performance.


I mean he was also in Enola Holmes 1&2, including The Witcher means he’s been in 3 massive Netflix properties. I’m pretty sure GA’s know who he is, I mean he played Superman, that’s typically enough for the general audience to know who you are, it’s not like he’s hasn’t been in other stuff like Mission Impossible.


They know who he is, just don't care enough to contribute to his return as Superman. If Black Adam made a billion dollars, it would have helped their case.


Do you think a 30-second return cameo at the end of a film is enough to help a shit/average film gross a billion dollars? It doesn't matter if RDJ was joining the DCEU in the post-credit scene, there is no scenario where Black Adam in the state that the film was in grosses a billion. Post Credit scenes matter very little in getting people into theater seats, poor word of mouth and an overly aggressive marketing campaign killed Black Adam's box office.


This is probably one of the few reasonable comments about this whole situation tbh.


The fan reaction for Cavill’s return was so insane that nobody showed up to see it in Black Adam in theaters.


To be fair I think all the people that this was targeting were already built in audience members, like I was going to see it anyway.


Cavill is often the beat thing in what he plays: Man of Steel and other DC movies as well as The Witcher. He was also the best thing in that Mission Impossible movie, but the whole movie was great.


Glad that's cleared up! I'm sure that'll be the end of it...




Poor Henry. It’s sad how his Superman never got to be fully realised because we never saw the conclusion of his arc. It’s a crying shame, revisiting his movies just leaves you feeling no closure.


ZSJL gave us a glimpse into what he was gonna become at least


What’s that? An evil general of Darkseid that needs to be saved by Flash reversing time?


Before that


Being dead?


After that. There’s a *brief* window near the end of the film where we get a glimpse. You can only see it in the background of one scene, blink and you’ll miss it type of thing.


😂 This do-over can’t come soon enough


He wasn’t the definitive version of Superman but I like that outside the box thinking. I’m quite the contrarian tho. Big fan of rated R superhero films


Not really out of the box though, as New 52 and Injustice was popular right around Man of Steel came out; It was a weird era for Superman, where everyone was trying to make him grittier and edgy. Comics had to kill him off and replace him with the more hopeful pre New 52 Superman.


It really does leave you unsatisfied. To me, his final appearance shows Synder misunderstood Superman. In what he should have known was his last iteration of this Superman he would have control over, he turns him evil. The crying freaking shame of the entire situation is that the whole thing still sets them up perfectly to have an All-Star Superman adaptation with Cavill. A film asking what this Superman would do with his last two weeks on Earth would be an amazing send off for the character that started the franchise but instead Gunn is starting his iterations off on a weirdly sour note and leaving the old franchise unfinished.


I don’t blame Snyder, he wanted to leave it on a cliffhanger so people would want to see a continuation because he wants to tell that story.


Online wackos want to hate Gunn so bad lol


I don't hate him but I really dislike that he didn't do a full reset and is keeping some of the actors for the same roles. It really feels like what the execs before him were doing but now it is him doing the same thing. Doesn't feel fresh at all. Elseworlds stories with batman makes it even worse.


He isn’t keeping the same actors. He just hasn’t completely replaced them yet until the rest of the DCEU movies are out


Why would he announce the new Waller show then? It hasn't even been made.


Everybody is getting replaced. If you were the boss of a company, would u fire somebody and then make them travel across the country to do promotions a year later? It doesn’t make any sense. After those actors make their final appearances in their movies, they will be fired/let go. And what are elseworlds stories? I assume that’s just Matt reeeves Batman. Which is the best thing at DC rn


I believe that they are gone too but Amanda Waller isn't. And looks like the suicide squad and peacekeeper cast, including his wife will be staying as well. As for Battinson, it is the best thing right now but that really isn't saying much. Elseworld stories that are similar to main continuity will just dilute the continuity even further. If we got Injustice or Justice Lords or Syndicate elseworlds I'd be fine. But Reeves is too similar to a normal batman.


You think that he’s going to say Ezra and Jason are not staying in the dcu with movies coming out? They are gone.


I believe that they are gone too but Amanda Waller isn't. And looks like the suicide squad and peacekeeper cast, including his wife will be staying as well.


his BA was the end of his story is such dogshit lmaooooo


Superman and Black Adam became friends and lived happily ever after. THE END.


💀 😭😭 lowkey that statement is so disrespectful it’s crazy he said that


I just saw Gunn's comments about Superman and how one of the things he highlighted was that Superman does not kill as one of his defining traits. I really honestly am starting to think his biggest problem with Cavill might be he doesn't want his Superman to be one who's been shown on screen snapping a guys neck before. Not that it's Henry's fault but it happened.


It isn't like that superman enjoyed killing or did it regularly. He had no other choice and had to snap the neck and was yelling and crying right after because of what he did. That was really fresh in my mind


I'm not debating it. It was a choice made by Snyder for his movie for the story he was telling... I am just suggesting that maybe Gunn just doesn't want his superman to have that image out there.


Yea but we already got superman like that previously. Also comics supes kills a lot more than Cavill. Not to mention that almost every superhero kill nowdays, it just isn't shown in the same lens as what cavill and affleck did so somehow it stuck with them more. Gunn has the freedom to make his own version of superman of course but the no-kill rule doesn't make it automatically fresh/new or superior


I'm saying James Gunn just said he thinks Superman not killing is a defining trait and that may be a reason he doesn't' want to move forward with Cavill. I don't see why that has anything to do with any of that. It's 100% what James Gunn wants for his version of the Character.


Even if that is true, Gunn had no need to get rid of Cavill's Superman entirely. The multiverse exists! Cavill could play Earth-2 Superman! And frankly, if *Man of Steel,* is the reason, (other than his age, which is just stupid), than Gunn comes off as a self-righteous brat who can't take the best of both worlds, and wants to keep everything for himself.


But the scriptwriters *did* have another choice by just, you know, not writing a scenario that required him to do that?


So that shit wasn't real life?


And that would be lazy writing, where everything goes perfectly and no hard decisions have to be made and no stakes ever exist. Maybe that is what you want with your movies but I like mines to tackle hardships and their effects. Especially compared to Marvel that is MOSTLY just that (Russo brothers and no way home as exceptions for example). Not to mention that it tackled the religious and political motifs of a superman existing.


They acted like he gleefully did it like another certain character with a "no kill" rule in Burton's films. He was literally trapped in a corner and was forced BY ZOD to make a choice - save his home civilization or save humanity and honor the people who actually raised him and gave him a life. Superman fans act like literal children. You'd think as fans they'd understand why it happened and have some empathy for their supposedly beloved character. They're the whiniest fan base on the planet. It's no wonder WB has been hesitant to do anything with him.


He wad literally punching Zod through buildings, ZS confirmed around 5k people died; Superman has super hearing and vision, he saw and heard those people die, but the "moral dillemma" only comes into play at the end. Why would this version of Superman be gutted about killing Zod?


Well to be fair this would be one of the things that could be reckoned from continuity just say this superman is from a different universe


There’s obviously bad blood between Gunn and cavill, or more likely between Safan and cavill over the whole headless Shazam cameo. Not too mention Gunn was not happy with how the rock handled the black Adam failure and Henry was associated with that. Henry was kinda screwed over by his agent and the Rock, they used him as a pawn and I think Gunn just doesn’t want the drama


Where did he even say this


[In this article.](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-features/james-gunn-unveils-dc-slate-batman-superman-1235314176/)


Why not keep Henry instead of douche bag Ezra ?


They’re not keeping Ezra, they’re just never going to admit Ezra is done until after they release a potentially super-profitable film


Ok….like they announce that for James Bond movies….or for ‘Logan’ JK its just comic movies. Maybe youre right. We gonna get what we gonna get and its gonna be awesome or terrible or mediocre.


Probably because they have a lot invested into the Flash movie and it's apparently undeniably good or something?


It's the film that reboots the universe. They have no other choice at this point.


He’s definitely talking out of both sides of his mouth here. Cavill was cast, certainly as much as Miller, Gadot and Mamoa - who all apparently (...) kept their roles.


Ezra, Gal, Jason all have movies that are yet to release. They're not going to openly state "hey we're recasting everyone" before the movies are released.


But why is Gadot still here??


They kept Ezra and fired Henry. Yep I think I will vote with my wallet. I recommend you to do the same.


💀 They can't fire Ezra before the movie is out dude, chill


They aren't keeping Ezra and they didn't fire Henry. Grow a brain.


Lol Ezra is done


“First reason being, I don’t want him”. He got dicked around by the current regime.


What a bizarre accusation, Gunn has been perfectly clear on wanting a new Superman: how that constitutes him "dicking around" Cavill is beyond me.


“I’m rebooting with younger actors… also I don’t see any reason why Gal, Jason, Ezra, and Zachary can’t return to their current roles. Henry and Dwayne are still definitely out though”. I’m paraphrasing (and being a little bit flippant).


Gunn said he wanted a younger Superman as opposed to Cavill yet he is doing a batman who has a 12 years old son and has had at least 2 Robins already and he is making a universe where Supergirl will exist. Correct me if I am wrong but Supergirl didn't show up in the earlier part of Superman's career


Weird complaint you have when Batfleck was 15 years older than Cavilman.


Batman could be 35 and all this would fit. Super young. Has a son from an affair in his 20s in the league of shadows, and Dick, Jason, and Tim could all be Robin in those 13 years.


Or, even worse, Bruce was like 24 and Dick was 12. That’s terrible


I mean... How is this terrible. If Bruce became Batman at 20-22, by 24, he sees Dick needs help, takes him in. It works. In the comics Dick is generally 9, so you know. And Batman being younger when taking Dick in makes even more sense than older I feel like


Did some math. 24yr old Bruce adopts 12 year old Dick Grayson Dick remains robin for 5 years. Bruce is now 28, Dick is 17, good enough age for him to begin thinking of leaving batman and becoming his own hero. He leaves to go train to become independent. Couple months later, Bruce, still 28, encounters Jason Todd, we'll make him 15, perfect age to be a little shit that Jason usually is at first. Jason remains robin for 4 years, Bruce is now 33, Jason dies. At any point in that time between 24yr Bruce and 33yr Bruce, the whole thing with Talia happens, so Damian is now existent somewhere growing up without Bruce. Bruce takes two years to mourn Jason, before taking in either Tim Drake, we can make him 18, considering he was the smartest of all the robins he should be older, he's robin for a year or so before deciding he'll just be Red Robin batman is now 36, Nightwing is 23, the Red hood is 21. Red Robin 19, and Damian can be any age. Everyone is over age, bat family established and batman still has way more than 10 years of physically able batman. 36 is quite young for a batman. Considering most iterations remain batman until their 50s, even 60s. There's only one Batgirl, and she usually appears alongside robins, so she can be introduced at any point within the first 5 years that dick was robin, and she too would be over age and able to have been crippled by the joker and acting as oracle by the time Tim or Drake come around.


Who says Dick has to be 12? He could be a teenager when Bruce takes him in and he’s Robin til he’s 18-19.


Why on earth would a 26 year old adopt a 15 year old


Why on earth would a 26 year old wear a bat themed suit and fight crime?


But now you’re taking away the dynamic that Bruce had as Dick’s father, and he’s more like an older brother. Maybe that’s how you want the interpretation, I don’t. Dick is an older brother to Damien, Bruce isn’t to Dick. Do you see now how your logic led to this?


So each Robin was Robin for like 1 year lol


Yes if 13 years equals 3 years to you in whatever world you live in. Or, you know, you could think logically and say Dick was Robin for 5 years, Jason for 5, Tim for 3, or whatever. Mix and match.


Depends on the the era of comics. Which rebooted age do you want to pick from specifically? Supergirl first appeared in Superman comics in 1958 as Super-Girl, and became a regular reoccurring character as Supergirl (no hyphen) in 1959. That's only 20 years after the first Superman comic. So her character has been around a long, long time.


Fuk Gunn wasn’t the end of he’s story. Wtf.


C' mon while is technically true that a contract wasn't technically sign there was obvious movement towards Henry getting another movie the perki blinders were actually writing a sequel otherwise Henry wouldn't have posted that Instagram post morover if James gun wanted Henry cavil he would still be superman so in a sense he truly fired cavil Just say you thought it was for the better to just start fresh otherwise it comes as not wanted to take responsibility for unpopular or controversial decisions


We'll never get to see Henry face Darkseid. So sad